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  1. So they still have to be approved for all of this correct? The demolition is almost complete, but now they need city approval to move forward?
  2. Yeah, this is only related to the College itself. But you have to think other areas will look to follow suit if this is the stance from the University.
  3. Yeah from the renderings, you can tell that not much is going to be put on that lot.
  4. Whoever it is, I'm hoping there's something in the contract for rennovations/upgrades but probably not likely.
  5. What's disappointing is the fact that the entire north side of the development no longer looks to be flush with MLK like the initial renderings.
  6. Northeast corner. You could say that these renderings would be "shot" from the outbound on-ramp of 71 at MLK
  7. As somebody who grew up in Norwood, there are A LOT of things that need to be changed or fixed first before they make that big of a transition IMO
  8. I apologize for my terrible paint work but adobe creative is not on this computer.... Drove by the corner of Clifton and MLK and noticed that the new DAAP annex is going to be way further back than expected. The have built out the structure already it seems. Really hope that prime corner spot is not going to be all surface parking...
  9. This is getting fun! https://www.bengals.com/news/bengals-comments-on-riverfront-development
  10. Really interested to see how this plays out. Now with the talks of House of Blues possibly coming along with Hard Rock, how many of these venues are going to be competitive?
  11. Back on topic here, snagged a couple photos this afternoon of the Deaconess site.
  12. I was going off of this article late last year. https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2018/09/07/latest-decision-on-how-to-redevelop-mlk-i-71-area.html
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