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  1. Looks like this will be a smaller Amazon Distribution site for van deliveries.
  2. quotes are due a week from Monday! Cleveland Construction is the GC on this one.
  3. It really is a masterpiece. I think it gets overlooked because it is off the beaten path and the glass mosaics on the side walls don't let light in behind them, so the detail can be hard to see without a flashlight. I try to take all out of town guests here when I'm trying to show them how nice Cleveland is.
  4. Really great interactive article about the NYC subway map. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/12/02/nyregion/nyc-subway-map.html
  5. Not sure. I've only seen the civil plans, not the architectural plans.
  6. I saw lots of action this week involving future projects in Hough. 75 Chester - The current Jehovah's Witness church is being redeveloped on the NE corner of Chester and 75th Kenmore Commons apartments - on Wade Park Ave close to 88th Ansel Hough Residences - On the southwest corner of Hough and Ansel
  7. Plans are moving forward to renovate the Murch Auditorium and the Smith Environmental Courtyard. All lectures will be relocated from Murch this Spring and quotes are being requested from contractors.
  8. Rumors are that this is an Amazon development. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me because it is so close to the distribution center though. Anyone close to this project?
  9. I thought City Architecture was planning on moving to the Saint Clair Library across the street.
  10. This will be a magnet for birds. Gonna need a team to pick them up each morning. Looks beautiful though.
  11. If you meant just west of the Transaction Realty building, that is going to be a parking lot. The contractor is installing underground detention.
  12. I loved the charm of the Barking Spider. The place was tiny with doors that opened to the patio during summers and that little wood burning stove in the winter. I'll always miss it. I was holding out hope that someday Jenna, (the previous proprietor) would come back after her child got a little older. I feel like Dave will respect the history but might be too ambitious for my taste. In all honesty though, anything more than a clean up will be too ambitious.
  13. I drove y this lot today......they are clearing trees out of it No Indiana bat restrictions because of urban area?
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