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  1. Is their money not green & legal? Spend it here, then GTFO. That's the whole point, having CLE make money and being showcased, yet you advocated that assassinating Trump would be ''altruistic violence''. Does your ''altruistic violence'' apply to delegates, visitors to the Convention, and other innocent bystanders that may get caught up in it? After the Dallas domestic terror attack, Cleveland may see all kinds of your ''altruistic violence''. Careful what you wish for.
  2. I can't remember where I heard it or read it, someone once said or wrote that the fastest way to turn white people against gun rights is when black people start legally arming themselves. Definitely gave me a chuckle. We'll see how this plays out. Well so far its played out with 4 dead police officers in Dallas tonight. Wonder if you'll be chuckling during the RNC in Cleveland this month.
  3. Is their money not green & legal? Spend it here, then GTFO. After what just happened in Dallas tonight, I wouldn't go near downtown Cleveland for the RNC.
  4. Had to do a double-take here...you're promoting CLE pointers to RNC visitors-delegates?
  5. I'd love to read more about it if you would kindly provide a source. It doesn't matter all that much except in that you implied that the Avon campus is place frequented by many foreigners for specialized care, so the locals need to adjust to having "Asians" in their community. I don't believe that's true, I think most that come here spend their time at the main campus. It's only tangentially important in that it's possible that many of the people involved in the incident were coming across their first Muslim in traditional clothing. If nothing else, if your claim is true, perhaps the Cleveland Clinic should reconsider sending foreigners to receive healthcare at locations in communities with residents that have specifically moved there to be as far away from any diversity as possible. Didn't state foreigners go there for specialize care; maybe his doctor is there. This is all you can come up with? However, this is the western suburbs of Cleveland and the west side has lots of Arabs aka Asians. Perhaps the CC should just close its Avon facility because a hotel clerk made a call about a guy in Arab get up. That's the way things are going these days. You assume as well the clerk lives in Avon to escape diversity. Maybe the clerk has anxiety issues; she can certainly apply for disability so she doesn't have to work anymore, like 9 million other Americans. Sounds like a good deal to me. I'm sure you're inner-ring suburb is more diverse now as well. First it was those abandoning the urban core (finger pointing from someone living in a suburb); now Avon residents are there to escape diversity (finger pointing from someone living in a suburb). And so what if they are? People can live where they want. Not everyone is as cosmopolitan as you living in your inner-ring suburb. Enjoy. Please keep debating the type of facility CC has in Avon...lol.
  6. But when they first approach the car or individual they don't know about their criminal history do they? So I don't see why criminal history is being brought up. Cops don't know who or what they encounter during a traffic, responding to call etc. Let the investigations take place. The Justice Dept has the Louisiana case and I think the reckless Minnesota Gov. has turned the matter up there over to the Feds as well. The community leaders, politicians, prosecutors, the President, need to let the investigations take place instead of inflaming these situations. UPDATE: So far, at least 3 Dallas Transit Police Officers killed at protest related to the Louisiana death of a black man during an arrest. Thanks to President Obama, MN Gov. Healey, Baltimore City Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby, the media, on down to the UO posters here for inflaming these situations without waiting for the investigations to be completed. I wouldn't go near downtown Cleveland during the RNC.
  7. Yes, and considering that the Millennials were basically absent from cities during their childhood and safely ensconced in the suburbs, it is great to see young children (the future) exposed to the urban environment as opposed to the suburban malls the Millennials grew up in.
  8. Sources, please. C'mon...sources...read up my friend. He was being treated for a heart condition at the CC; why is that hard to believe? I mean, people from all over the world visit the CC for heart conditions, many from Asia, where this guy is from. That's why he's here. Anyway, does it matter why he's here? The incident would have happened if he were going to the CC or Cedar Point. Who cares why he's here.
  9. Kasich only seems "reasonable" in a room with Trump, Cruz and Huckabee. Outside of this, he is the GOP poster child. Tax breaks for corporate interests and "balancing" the budget by pushing down expenses to counties and cities. The flipside is we are living through a period of MASSIVE job growth and population influx thanks to these tax breaks! :roll: In Ohio, MASSIVE job and population growth? Hmm...est. population growth in Ohio 2010-2015: 57,000. That's not MASSIVE.
  10. That was a major point of building the HealthLine....spurring development along Euclid Avenue. Great building, glad it's being brought back to life in a residential development.
  11. It's my understanding that this Asian gentleman is from a country that kills homosexuals (natives) and jails foreign homosexuals. Two lesbians holding hands in public: 3 months. Drunk British dude: 6 months...on and on. Of course they won't kill foreigners, too much international attention but this guy got tons of international attention from this minor incident in Avon OH. Why is no one asking the liberal media manipulating this incident to question this guy about the repression in his own homeland; gays, women (chattel property); non-existent other faiths? Executions, stoning women to death, throwing gays off rooftops. Wiping out all other cultures. This isn't the year 800, it's 2016 and this is going on. We do business with these countries, including this guy's homeland. Where is Obama and Hillary on this guy's homeland's human rights? Obama, well we know why and Hillary, well it's not PC. Are there any videos of the people on the ground or on rooftops as they were about to be killed by this man's repressive government or council of mullahs? This guy is holding news conferences, CNN, worldwide media and we're all supposed to beat ourselves up by this unfortunate incident while he goes home to participate in a society ruled by Sharia Law that kill gays and shackles women, among only a few of its charming aspects. The clerk made a false report; the cops responded accordingly (it's a lose-lose for them; do nothing and something happens). Ohio gets the stereotype of not being ''diverse''...so tired of hearing that b.s. No wonder the world thinks America is weak, self-centered and is way too sensitive about everything. Bottom line with this guy; sorry about that. Sh*t happens. Get over it. Btw, especially you ladies, try wearing some of your outfits in his country; why doesn't he have to conform to dressing ''western'' while he's in the U.S.? He's on TV pointing to a picture of Jesus ''same thing Jesus wore...'' and all you guilt ridden white liberals are lapping all this media nonsense up...lol. Wonder how a case of mistaken identity goes over his country? Highly doubt any of us would be on the news there complaining about ill treatment. What country is he from? I hope it's not Saudi Arabia. Maybe because none of that matter since this incident happened in the United States and we're supposed to have higher standards here. We do have higher standards here. But making this an international news story because some hotel clerk at a Fairfield Inn in Ohio made a call on him and the police responded accordingly is ridiculous. Turns out the man was not pledging allegiance to ISIS as the clerk reported. The clerk may face charges. Who knows. Apology to this man is sufficient. Making international headlines out this is ridiculous. Please consider the lack of sympathy or understanding the laws of this man's country show towards women, gays, other faiths, compared to what happened at the Fairfield Inn in Ohio is absurd. Does it make it OK? No. The party responsible for this, the hotel clerk, will be dealt with accordingly. She's been fired for starters.
  12. We're making a lot of assumptions about who this guy is and what he was doing in Northeast Ohio. He was in Avon for treatment at the Cleveland Clinic, why do you think I stated the CC earlier? He's Asian according to Hts121 definition.
  13. But that's why we don't do that in this country. We are America and have the freedom to dress as we like, no matter your race or religion. So don't let the customs of another country dictate how we act, because I'm sure there are some countries where sprayed orange skin and a toupee would not be tolerated either. We are a tolerant country. This incident stemmed from a hotel clerk/family members making erroneous 911 calls about this guy in Arab get-up. Police responded to a serious subject from a 911 call. They did there job. Clerk apparently was upset by this guy's appearance...and this is national/worldwide news? Apologies all around; clerk has been fired, Prosecutor investigating charges against clerk. Otherwise, case closed unless, of course, prosecutor presses charges against the clerk.
  14. It's not legal to kill others in the U.S. or the other misplaced examples you cited. It is legal in this man's country to kill or imprison gays...it's called Sharia Law. It's highly unpleasant. So, yes, if you are a citizen of a country where this type of repression legally occurs, it does reflect on the citizens as a whole. They support and live by it. Reality is difficult for you I guess. Womens' Rights?...LOL. Try having a gay rights march in Iran, Saudia Arabia, Emirites, hell, even, Russia. Not sure why you don't get this.
  15. $18 million will doom a lot more than that -- including many businesses who depend on access to inner-city labor. Where are Democrats Sen. Sherrod Brown and Rep. Marcia Fudge on transit generally and transit funding in particular?
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