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  1. (Tried to post an image from mobile and failed.) Looks great though!
  2. ^It appears that you've shared the wrong link. http://www.cleveland.com/akron/index.ssf/2017/03/summa_health_unveils_rendering.html
  3. While in Cleveland for Christmas, I stopped by Lakewood Park to see the Solstice Steps and take advantage of the beautiful and unseasonably warm weather. Later that night I headed down to the West Bank of the Flats to see the full moon rising over the city.
  4. Despite the wisdom of this statement, who doesn't like to imagine things? I took the tallest building and tried my hand at Sketch Up. Not the easiest task in the world as I would find out.
  5. I think he was referring to family size. When those houses were built, and even when my dad was growing up, each of those single family homes may have held 6-7 people. Those same houses now are probably only holding a family of 2-4.
  6. I tried finding it on Google's cache, Coral Cache, and Archive.org cache. Not sure why it wouldn't have been archived by any of those three.
  7. I'd agree on the Browns, but this could be worse. And how about the Cavs? This is brilliant: http://www.cleveland.com/drinks/index.ssf/2015/02/all_for_one_ale_to_celebrate_c.html#comments
  8. That image Phil Taylor shared is from a set of concept helmets from Deeyung Entertainment. http://imgur.com/a/QaZHX Some cool designs for sure.
  9. My family stayed downtown through the Holiday, so here are some of the pictures I took. We stayed in the new Aloft. I think this area will be nice with all of the new development. I went for a short walk in the Flats and saw a freighter rounding the bend. Look at all those seagulls! I like this picture, but I wish the buildings on the right were a bit cleaner... I should have taken another picture here... The relative size of these pop up stores to the lot in the Warehouse district is depressing. Terminal Tower on a bleak Christmas Eve. Terminal Tower lit up for Christmas And finally, the lights in Playhouse Square.
  10. The Key Tower above the Hilton hotel? I'm pretty sure it is the Terminal Tower, seeing as the Key Tower is right next to the Marriot.
  11. Some of you may have seen the Instagrammer amusemymuse before. Here is a cool video she just released for Palladium boots. www.youtube.com/embed/t2EGXpy0aQo
  12. At 500 ft. this would be the fifth tallest, but it hasn't even been confirmed to be 500 ft.
  13. First floor retail is a must! Seriously though, I'm a student at Michigan (say what you'd like) so my perceptions are based off what I know here on campus. We have an area called the Hill that has several residential buildings and some research buildings surrounding a green space/park called Palmer Commons. Obviously this is not even remotely comparable, but I do know that people are constantly using these courts and it adds the feeling of life to the area (but again, hard to compare a park to a lot.) When I originally posted I just reacted to my distaste for the dome, without realizing that it is seasonal. Having paid more attention now, I see that the courts are surrounded by bushes right now anyway, and obviously courts don't really lend themselves to urban design well. Edit: I'd say that this also shouldn't be controversial at all. It is just an already existing set of tennis courts...
  14. Well, in that case, I have no issue (aside from the branding.) Reading more carefully certainly helps.
  15. ^I agree with KJP. The courts already exist, but when you stick a dome over the top, the courts become separated from the street. At the very least you can no longer see people playing, so it detracts from the liveliness of the area. (Also, First Post!)
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