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  1. Yeah it’s not like there is a Lakefront development plan moving forward or anything by FES
  2. Literally I think this is the best possible outcome. Scranton about to blow up and the warehouse district lots. Canal basin park coming soon. Wow!!!’
  3. That was already mentioned before for R&D facility though so will be ruled out
  4. Garrett had a late takedown on Rudolph and sat on him then Rudolph escalated it then Garrett escalated it. I don’t like Rudolph either and he deserves a game.
  5. My bad, gotcha now. I agree with that. Officials lost control of game. Kitchens should have taken starters out as well.
  6. And now OJ is now defending Garrett. The fact that most ex players aren’t defending Garrett tells me how the players association will feel with his future suspension.
  7. It was more likely than not a roughing the passer. The nfl always wants to protect their QBs. So if a guy shoves you to the ground late you go after him with minimal success and then the guy basically hits you in the head with the equivalent of a baseball bat then it’s on you mostly and not the person who escalated it more? Rudolph isn’t innocent but garret has no defense here. I’d like to see everyone in this forum just take a helmet to the head with zero protections from an athletic specimen like Garrett and just take their lumps and move on. Last night just showed how kitchens has zero control of his team. Even Randall last night was head hunting. I don’t want the browns to stoop to the old Steelers levels of play.
  8. Was Rudolph innocent, no. However, it all started with Garrett with a late hit on Rudolph at the end of the game where this was not needed. This ticked off Rudolph to try to pull Garrett’s helmet off and then Garett went insane. Both weren’t in the right but Garett could have seriously injured Rudolph and I still can’t believe he did what he did.
  9. I believe K&D was trying to get tax credits for this property. Bummer residential won’t work but that’s what the non SW surface lots will be for. I’ll be happy that the garage is getting redone and the old steakhouse will finally be opened up as something else with this announcement.
  10. If it truly on the river. My canal road easy drive to the flats for work just took a drastic turn for the better.
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