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  1. Yeah that’s the proposed but I’m curious if design review and planning will voice an opinion for some retail.
  2. Who says there won’t be these restaurants? If the demand is there, more will come. Also curious to see if there will be restaurants in first floor of residential as an option.
  3. The landbridge and transit hub are game changers. The demand will come when those are done.
  4. SW wants to consolidate the facilities, not spread them out so I don't think this plan is feasible. Also I don't find tech jobs as dire in Cleveland as some. I'd be curious to see what company is also struggling. I've done a lot of research for companies in the area and their career needs and tech jobs are usually minimal. It might just be SW is experiencing exponential growth and constantly having needs currently with said growth. It may be also they are having trouble hiring tech jobs at this current point, but not sure how feasible that is. Also that recruiter is awful haha. This article states that there is plenty of room for growth. https://www.news5cleveland.com/news/local-news/cleveland-metro/report-theres-a-tech-talent-surge-in-cleveland That being said, I just reached out to some recruiter contacts to see their thoughts. Will report back once I hear more.
  5. GCP, Mccormack, maybe the Port, Developers, High ranking officials of other companies probably with Cleveland pride hopefully.
  6. Once those surface lots are gone with the SW new HQ hopefully, damn thats a fine looking city.
  7. Hopefully SW sees the writing on the wall and that Jackson is gone soon so won't matter.
  8. Maybe a new R&D on the Scranton Peninsula and the HQ on PS would be ideal?
  9. Midtown is a good fit for several mid rise buildings in between UC and downtown.
  10. It always good to have high hopes for a big tower, but a few mid rise new buildings can have just as important of an effect on the city.
  11. The pedestrian activity this building will bring to that area, can’t wait.
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