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  1. Damn, that an awesome addition to add some flare to the Columbus skyline.
  2. I guess we can to two differing opinions on the comment. I thought there was no point to say it sucks due to a Cleveland building being the same name. If there was no cruel intent thats fine, and no downvote needed and ill take it back, but seems odd that a restaurant name would spark that much angst.
  3. Time for cleveland construction to rehab it back to life! Their work is the Best
  4. I wish they would re light them. I know there was a plan to do so a few years ago but prob budget problems
  5. I like the design. The riverfront/boardwalk energey will be great. Now we just need to build up the west bank more and extend the boardwalk more.
  6. Love it. The river interaction once completed will be awesome. Lets get that other Phase 3 part started ASAP!
  7. Its all temporary and for cost savings as we get through this mess. Once Playhouse, offices, and new apartments open. it will get back to normal.
  8. Ahh forgot about that. Thats a big one to get redone and I believe the steps are being made to progress on that one
  9. There’s not many rehabs left
  10. The conclusions being reached in this thread are something else.
  11. Whatever fits your narrative. Lets wait and see
  12. Hmmm.. https://www.crainscleveland.com/real-estate/cheaper-cities-including-cleveland-stand-gain-work-home-shuffle
  13. Plenty of companies are having their employees returning. I barely know any companies that are going full time wfh now. Sure there may be more opportunities for wfh in the future, but Zoom calls aren't the answer to everything. Also going away from multi-family city living? Id like to see the evidence of that claim. Enjoy that drink by yourself because the city will continue to progress and be more resilient. Growth and development will continue and the potential is at an all time high in the downtown area and neighboring areas. I get the worrying about this, but the city is not going to shut down.
  14. THATS A NUKE! Such a wonderful plan! I would have never though Dream putting a hotel but I love it. Midtown is en fuego!
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