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  1. Mini storage? I know they're building a Goddard School there but I don't remember seeing mini storage, what part? The alley's and streets are for the new neighborhoods that are being built with Wagenbrenner.
  2. Look at Lane Ave and look here, from what I've heard they forced Giant Eagle out with ridiculous prices and those concepts not quite taking off. Not sure how true any of that is but it was a rumor when they closed. I would guess that both of the former 7-Eleven's as property would sell in the $1-1.5 range with no business included. Which means they would be asking much more for them to still be around. I really hate to see holdout's in such prime locations.
  3. I agree that the name is silly, but I really like the building overall.
  4. This whole project has turned into a major bust, just sell it so that someone with more passion can redevelop the block.
  5. It wouldn't be there under the original plan, but it seems as though that ship has sailed for some unknown reason.
  6. It's amazing what the redevelopment of the UDF site did for the Short North in terms of visual appeal. Very underrated project in my opinion. I agree but would add in the Brunner & Donatos buildings
  7. There is a Hilton commitment posted on Elford's site and mentioned on this site. I wouldn't lose hope for that project just yet.
  8. I am a pretty vocal hater of Kauffman but they've finally got one right!
  9. #1 - Thank you very much for posting, my job took me south so I haven't been back in over a month. #2 - The building quality on that project(which has taken two years+ to get to this point) is probably because of financing and budget for labor. It's not a big name developer doing that project so their pockets aren't as deep. Look at Kaufman at 600 Goodale as prime example. I will admit they have improved but that is what I judge their quality on. That being said #3 - You can ALWAYS expect good things and a fast build from Elford. That is part of their core values so pay attention to that where you can. Look at the UDF project for a prime example of what I'm talking about.
  10. wpcc88

    Hurricane Maria

    Ummm they tried, the local government stepped in and didn't let them despite what many major networks reported. I know which way you lean but on this one you're way out of line. The mayor of San Juan closed down the port and wouldn't let supplies come in and then went on smear campaign in my opinion against the whole mainland government.
  11. The Neil side was much deeper, probably close to 7(I made the mistake of jumping in that side as a freshman).
  12. Interesting. Maybe we could get things moving before the end of the year.... Andy Mills makes things happen, I'm taking this project a lot more seriously now that he's on board. Also I trust his guidance overall a lot more than Arshot, this building will be built right and to last.
  13. It will look no different than the Marriott right down the street; the rendering looks like it was just screen shot from an 3D render.
  14. An updated rendering: Yikes. This is a terrible rendering. I appreciate some of the light elements and such that they are trying to introduce but I really hope it meshes better than real life than this awful rendering suggests. My guess is it will face 315 so the lighting will be used to "advertise" the hotel. But overall it just looks like a hotel, wasn't really expecting something amazing.