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  1. A post by @aderwent on the Harrison West thread had me thinking, how can we show people that we are going "high" in Columbus. Here is yet another paint creation from me. All the one's with green dots are in progress or approved, the reds are proposed including those for the Scioto Peninsula and the proposed tower finale to Jeffrey Park. Also Crew Stadium and it's "neighborhood."
  2. You're not going to fine much in the way of crabbing in Central Ohio, but everything else is just a short drive away. King's Island(Cincinnati) is closer than Cedar Point, but with the latter you have the gold standard of amusement park's just a little over two hours away in Sandusky. The bonus here is you have Lake Erie and it's islands close, family friendly during the day as there is a lot of history in that area. If you're looking for outdoors you're very close to High Bank Metro Park and Alum Creek State Park. Also Mohican State Park is within an hour for you on the north end of town. Hocking Hills is our hidden gem in central Ohio and it's a little over an hour south starting just below Lancaster and extending close to Athens. You're also very close to some VERY cool cities, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Lexington, Louisville, Indianapolis and Detroit are all within 4 hours drive from Columbus. Also you have the New River Gorge area of West Virginia within that range as well. Chicago and the Indiana Dunes area of Lake Michigan are about 5-6 hours away if that interests you at all. Hope this helps and enjoy your new home, Ohio really is "the heart of it all!"
  3. The two on the left are used for event staging areas and don't really have the structure to support buildings, but would be cool to do food trucks on them or something. The one behind Bar 23 is spec'd to get a condo building or a hotel, there is info on it under the convention center thread I believe. *Edit: The lot behind the "Park Royal Apartments" has been long rumored for redevelopment but it has never happened.
  4. Ok, come up with the money then; $200 million dollars of investment and 500k sqft of office space alone on what could've been a single story Giant Eagle is a positive. And if I don't know what I'm talking about then you REALLY don't have room to complain because you haven't been in Columbus long enough.
  5. I'll second the $200 million is not cheap, considering the Normandy & Neilston apartments just sold last week for $62 million.
  6. *rolls eyes* Casto is one of the oldest commercial real estate firms in the city, I'm calling BS unless their retail arm has fallen on hard times.
  7. This is about a decade too late, the area is vastly misused and could be a hot bed for more hotels in close proximity to downtown and would've gotten the city off the hook for a new stadium for the Crew. I've shared my VERY rough idea of what I would do with the area a couple of times on here. "CL" would be Columbus LIVE! similar to what they have in South Philly and Arlington, TX among others. The yellow highlighted area would be hotels/mixed use areas. The OHC would remain but in a smaller footprint. Parking would be added via two new decks and some remaining flat parking for tailgating purposes. The red outline would be the fairgrounds and relocation of the OHSP to either London, Reynoldsburg where the fire academy is located or a new location TBD. The darker green would be the Crew's new training facility and the light green the main roads throughout.
  8. I've always thought the same, it seemed like it could be an easy flip area, a lot of the homes are owned and rarely come up for sale. It has potential to have a nice commercial strip on Cleveland and would be ideal for a slightly different version of Grandview Yard with offices and other commercial business. North High Brewing and Rogue have already shown this, COTA is also HQ'd in the area as is Rumpke's Columbus division.
  9. Agree on the first part. Been agreeing with/saying the second for years. There is as much if not more going on in Columbus development-wise as in other cities that we most commonly compare ourselves to, ie Nashville, Austin, etc.
  10. There are areas like this in most southern cities surrounding Easton-esque developments. They are got the idea from Easton just ran with it, it was only a matter of time before the original caught up. Also I think it's more likely to happen in Easton versus Polaris because of all the suburban style housing in the Polaris area. I would not rule out a Crosswoods area from going vertical either, there are a ton of flat lots begging to be redeveloped since it is virtually a commercial wasteland. A lot of the hotels in the area are also being renovated thankfully.
  11. Honestly a parking garage would be better than what's there now.
  12. They weren't American ships, I thought one was from Japan and the other from another region, am I wrong?
  13. You could argue that Grandview Yard will be similar. Cost is the main reason it can't be built closer into the city, they can get the same feel for a few $100K less than a similar house would cost in a Grandview.
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