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  1. Bernie, is making a strong push into the tech world. Including ways that I'm not sure have been made public yet so I will refrain, but keep an eye on his start-up in particular.
  2. It can be done from a car, trust me haha.. but they used to do it monthly, which was very popular content for them and 4 months is a third of the year so that is a long time and a lot of things have happened since.
  3. They do new project announcements and some follow-ups; I think what the OP is referring to is the "Construction Round-Up" segments which they haven't done since November.
  4. They also had planned this for a portion of south campus behind the western portion of gateway all the way to Neil. It was a rumor 3-4 years ago that was circulating, I think Google was the main focus at that time.
  5. I would correlate this with Tequilla Cowboy choosing Polaris versus the Arena District. People live and go to places in the city other than Short North and the Arena District, I know it may come as a shock. Easton itself is a destination for a lot of Ohians who don't live in Columbus.
  6. I agree that corridor has potential to be the diverse neighborhood that so many in Columbus are clamoring for(at least on this board).
  7. My question to you is when is the last time you've been to these cities? On the ground there is as much going on in Columbus as there is the others mentioned and this I know for a fact and have seen firsthand. The issue that you're not addressing and that I've addressed before is the labor shortage. You have to realize that while Columbus is growing, so is Cleveland, Cincinnati, Indy and Pittsburgh. There is one project that has sourced from outside Central Ohio to build and that's Moxy in the Short North(they're out of Baltimore). Also a lot of people forget about the 12 story Canopy hotel building.
  8. Schiff is their partner in many of these developments. My assumption is there are a lot of ghost investors around Columbus and out of town/state involved. Also Wood has cornered the market on the Short North and own a TON of properties so they're no slouch on their own.
  9. The land was the biggest issue, if you remember about 4-5 years ago they had the crane doing site prep by literally dropping a cement block on it to compress it and make it suitable for construction. Google what happened in Garfield Heights to find out what can go wrong when developing a former dump.
  10. You're right about the Scioto vs the Olentangy; I just get worked up about the tower talk. We have so much open flat lots that still need infilled and that is why the demand is not there. For every one tower that similar cities(who don't have nearly the size of downtowns that Columbus has outside of Indy) we get two-three mid-rise developments. There are a TON of positive things going on in Columbus that makes up for the lack of towers. Look at the infill in Short North over the past 5-10 years, the infill and new neighborhoods created in River South and Neighborhood Launch, Arena District infill(including Park Street), the "Discovery District", East Main Area Infill, Italian Village & 4th St Corridor, Grandview Yard and now Crossing, Nationwide Childrens/Parsons & Livingston, Campus, Bridge Park, Easton & Polaris. Columbus arguably has more going on than all of those cities and if not more at least on par.
  11. Who gives a sh#t about what people moving to Columbus from NYC and Chicago want. First and foremost they're driving the housing market through the roof, which is great if you own property. Second most people that have moved back or relocated do so because they want cheaper cost of living and a more space. I would love to see where this "huge" demand to see the Olentangy is coming from, because I'm calling BS.
  12. Not sure it's sarcasm(if it was I wouldn't blame you) but yes it is a beauty for CVille
  13. wpcc88

    Opioid Epidemic

    Although DeWine has supposedly spear headed the lawsuits against big pharma, I don't see him being able to close. In fact I think he was at one time or another on their payroll too. Honestly I don't expect much from his time as governor and to be fair I thought the same about the possibilities of Cordray.
  14. They're probably going to use it to replace the bridge in Cincinnati, Cleveland is done and Columbus is within 5 years. Have to focus on Cincinnati now and get that done asap.
  15. You and other liberals literally do the EXACT same thing; that is the glaring issue in this country in my opinion. I like to think I am more middle than far to either side. But both sides do exactly what you mention and it drives me insane. And it has to do with listening rather than assuming, we assume WAY too much in this country. I don't assume you're crazy because we think differently, I read what you and others post before forming my opinions. But we've become so divided because nobody can admit when they're wrong and right because nobody knows really what to believe. Nobody has trust in the government which is why you see the Trumps and AOC's in power. They challenged the status quo and to me that's beautiful because I hate watching documentaries about the 80's and seeing the same people in power then as I do now.
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