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  1. You could argue that Grandview Yard will be similar. Cost is the main reason it can't be built closer into the city, they can get the same feel for a few $100K less than a similar house would cost in a Grandview.
  2. Maybe we should shoot for Chicago first; on the second part you're reaching. I'd say the "good enough" folks would be aiming to stay on par with similar cities(Indy, Nashville and Austins of the world) instead of breaking the norm. I personally expect a lot from builders when creating infill. It better fit it's surroundings or improve them(when it's feasible). Also give us good quality finishes that are going to add to the fabric of our community for the next 25-50-75 years.
  3. To me it's both a "good enough" issue on this project and more so that it doesn't fit with it's surroundings. I got put through the ringer for saying that High Point was fine because it fit in with its surroundings, especially now with the LC buildings finished. The "good enough" problem is my issue with most of Kaufman's developments throughout the city, yes a project is complete, but does it fit? And will it stand the test of time. Most of the time in my opinion on their projects and this one by Edwards that answer is no.
  4. Price is two lanes max! It's not happening and for good damn reason. Also literally nobody said they want SN to look like Hilliard, I hate that area to be honest. Like I said unless you're invested, you have zero room to complain to the commission and need to stay right here on this forum, especially if you don't live there. I was hardly worried about the traffic but more about the 15 story building that was a half block off High Street that would look like the death star. They could've went back to the drawing board and came up with a compromise but again they decided to publicly pout because they didn't get their way, too damn bad.
  5. I hear you as well and am all for density, however you're VERY incorrect when you say it was High & Price because it did not touch High in any way. Price is a very narrow street and could not accommodate such a project, now you could argue Hubbard Park Place is in a similar situation but it just flat out is not. There were several issues at play here and honestly I think any other developer would've worked a lot harder than Kaufman did to resolve them. They wanted their piece de resistance and that was that, Hubbard Park Place is a prime example of fitting in without ruining the neighborhood. The Price project would have completely transformed both of those blocks in the worst way possible. And also outside of Gravity, go look at the quality of Kaufmans projects, would you want 80 on the Commons in your backyard? I understand that this was some what of a missed opportunity and potentially to the economy of the area. But don't act like this project alone would've reversed the course of the housing shortage because that's just ridiculous. The Price & 2nd project is on the developer; they could've done a much better job listening and compromising rather than pouting into a corner when they didn't get their way. To get back on topic, the good thing about this project is it's not in a similar neighborhood at all. Although there are owners there, the renters far surpass their numbers. However everyone better not complain when this thing looks like Uncommon and all of those original buildings have nothing wrong with them outside of the old gas station.
  6. It was not on High & Price this project would be along those lines. Some projects just aren't right for the neighborhood and you should be ashamed of yourself if you go tell people what they need IF you're not a property owner in the neighborhood. If you are then have at it, as you should. I supported the revocation of the Price project because I wanted to support my neighbors as I knew they would support me. And if you actually talk to them, you would understand that they are all for more development within reason. But if you yourself are not actually invested in the neighborhood then respectfully keep your opinions out of those meetings.
  7. Roughly the same amount of time to build Hubbard Park Place, so no not crazy at all.
  8. Bernie, is making a strong push into the tech world. Including ways that I'm not sure have been made public yet so I will refrain, but keep an eye on his start-up in particular.
  9. It can be done from a car, trust me haha.. but they used to do it monthly, which was very popular content for them and 4 months is a third of the year so that is a long time and a lot of things have happened since.
  10. They do new project announcements and some follow-ups; I think what the OP is referring to is the "Construction Round-Up" segments which they haven't done since November.
  11. They also had planned this for a portion of south campus behind the western portion of gateway all the way to Neil. It was a rumor 3-4 years ago that was circulating, I think Google was the main focus at that time.
  12. I would correlate this with Tequilla Cowboy choosing Polaris versus the Arena District. People live and go to places in the city other than Short North and the Arena District, I know it may come as a shock. Easton itself is a destination for a lot of Ohians who don't live in Columbus.
  13. I agree that corridor has potential to be the diverse neighborhood that so many in Columbus are clamoring for(at least on this board).
  14. My question to you is when is the last time you've been to these cities? On the ground there is as much going on in Columbus as there is the others mentioned and this I know for a fact and have seen firsthand. The issue that you're not addressing and that I've addressed before is the labor shortage. You have to realize that while Columbus is growing, so is Cleveland, Cincinnati, Indy and Pittsburgh. There is one project that has sourced from outside Central Ohio to build and that's Moxy in the Short North(they're out of Baltimore). Also a lot of people forget about the 12 story Canopy hotel building.
  15. Schiff is their partner in many of these developments. My assumption is there are a lot of ghost investors around Columbus and out of town/state involved. Also Wood has cornered the market on the Short North and own a TON of properties so they're no slouch on their own.
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