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  1. When the Chipotle building and lots behind this project get filled in it's going to look VERY dense from 670.
  2. I've thought about the future of offices a ton during this whole thing and I think this is the resolution. There will be a lot of people who will ask for and be granted the ability to work from home here and into the future. I think companies have seen that it can work and save them a ton of money. On the other hand I think you will see companies that have to be in the office keep the demand flat to a slight increase as they try to space their workforce out at least in the near term.
  3. Most is all purpose cleaner, so yes an effective disinfectant.
  4. Every gym I’ve ever been in has cleaning stations setup in multiple areas. The only thing would be the “breath transmission” that you mentioned. Even then I think health freaks would be willing to take that risk.
  5. I've been in an airport since this has gone down, I think air travel will come back quicker than most believe. Also have been in Savannah for most of this quarantine, this weekend had several more people out exploring than in weeks past. Bars are serving to-go so people are just walking around taking in the sites. Granted it's still down probably 65% and a unique situation but still. Casinos & Concert Venues are going to take the brunt of this over the next few months. Restaurant's & hotel's will see a slight tick back by July & August. Most people have booked & paid for vacations already, don't see everyone cancelling. We have friends that run a vacation rental business in SC, they've only lost 10% and most were during spring break aka the peak. I would expect DeWine to announce gyms will fall in line with restaurants on the 21st or the following Monday some time this week.
  6. A lot of those support retailers such as the TJ Maxx/Homegoods/Marshalls group, etc. A lot of those have closed until very recently which is probably why you saw the decline for the time being. As those begin to open back up I was assume you'll see both numbers go down.
  7. I don’t think that’s inaccurate or impossible. Ohio will begin to try and start achieving “Phase 1” results May 1 which will still include a shelter in place of sort. But “Phase 2” coming in June I think is realistic.
  8. I think you answered your own question.
  9. If the numbers reported were presented like Acton & DeWine did earlier this week these numbers are from days ago. And for God's sake we are not reopening tomorrow, the government has said May 1st, unless the state can prove they have started to accomplish the items in Phase 1, then they are welcome to proceed into that phase earlier than May 1st. I would guess there's between 5-10 states that will actually take them up on that move.
  10. It was a bad year and yes I believe anything over 60k is residual deaths is considered a bad year for the flu. But by no means was our health system overwhelmed by the flu, probably not since 1918. However the first thing I did was ask all of those people about this, many said they were preparing as if this were to be double that(which has since proved to be everyones reasoning). However with the distancing many systems across the country have said they are not expecting that and many don't believe they will see a peak because of the preparedness and awareness that came from it. To me that's great but we need to stay the course for the next two weeks, continue getting supplies in place and be ready to go by the time flu and covid rolls back around in 6-10 months. It's also reassuring to hear that considering the folks I've talked to on the west coast work for Kaiser, who is a notoriously stringent and bad system to work for nationally.
  11. I would like to see your numbers on this, I have several friends that are nurses, PA's and physicians in ER's across the state and country that would argue your point.
  12. I love how the general consensus here makes it seem like we are open for business today. That is not the case at all and won't be the case even in Ohio. Ohio can probably be in stage 3 a lot earlier than most, but at the absolute earliest it's going to be July, maybe June. I really would like to see Dr. Acton get a better handle of the numbers and report them accurately. They got called out earlier in the week for reporting 50 deaths in 24hrs which was not the case. Now it may come out today that indeed that happened but the chart reported 5 with 50 residual deaths and they need to start communicating it in that way because as we know the deaths lag. If they don't get a handle on how this is best reported and we are slow about how we open that will create unrest.
  13. Owned by a Chinese company, be careful how much you read into this story. Smithfield has several more plants than this in the Carolinas and Virginia. *Also this was operating as an essential business and the governor of SD would not have shut it down regardless.
  14. My guess on that is because the south of Italy which was not hard hit at first is beginning to see it's rise in cases. That was reported in Bloomberg I believe last week or the week before. Northern Italy has started to see their cases ease up a bit after the absolute disaster that they've lived through.
  15. Not necessarily, I'm in my early 30's and had a friend pass away from pneumonia contracted in late January. I had several friends and family(more than 30 in total) around my age with severe symptoms similar to COVID that were told they had an upper respiratory infection. There was no testing and no word that this could possibly be COVID. One was in Scotland in early January. Now they're saying it's been identified the West Coast cases came from China and the NYC/East Coast(which seem more severe) came from Europe. This is all starting to come together and makes sense as to why the WC seems to be less severe than the EC. Now it's all about what caused it to mutate so bad in Europe versus Asia; my assumption would be diet and lifestyle. We need those antibodies and quick.
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