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  1. I don't 100% disagree, but there is still plenty of space for those opportunities. When I moved to Columbus in 2006 downtown in a way looked bombed out with all the flat parking lots. There have been 40 of those lots since then from campus to Nationwide that have been infilled along High. There have been 10 of those infilled along High in downtown proper. I would argue that we've added several big developments from a sqft standpoint despite there being a lack of overall height.
  2. Mehhh, honestly one of my least favorite cities and I love country music.
  3. That strip has always intrigued me as well, businesses seem to struggle at that bar. I think it needs a complete overhaul, a lot of brownfield closer into the interstate though. That again could easily be bumped to the other side as there is a ton of industrial in that corridor. I would think hotels and a mixed use development would be successful here due to it's proximity to the Villages on the southside. I would think a re-imagined version of Lennox would be appropriate and successful here.
  4. The comment section on CU's facebook page is what drew me to finally comment on here, because those people are out in full force(despite some of them living in far exurbs). The best comment in my opinion was someone pointing out the river renovations that added a ton more greenspace to the inner city. This is in retrospect taking a VERY small sliver of our greenspace away. Mentioning restaurants makes me think that they will make the park even more popular and this development a win-win for all.
  5. I should've tamed my language just a little, but I was speaking of the core neighborhoods in Columbus both now and into the future. It is a safe bet that at minimum the households living in Short North, German Village and Downtown for the most part are all six figure earners, whether it's individuals or couples. While not the super rich it does mean more tax dollars for the city, even more so than true high net worth individuals. But in context even they bring in more dollars for the city via property taxes, restaurants, services, etc. This is a very unique situation but I think the core of the park is not going to be at risk was my main point. The dog park for example could easily be relocated.
  6. Agreed, Columbus knows what it has and it's something very unique, no way that the city would break up their "greenbelt" along the river for apartments, they've invested too much and I think they understand what it means for quality of life in the city. And a good quality of life means more residents to collect taxes on moving forward and high net worth ones at that!
  7. West Virginia is your best bet, Mad River is good but not great.
  8. It would've been even better had Schottenstein gone through with their plan to connect the White Castle site and the stadium. Despite the Crew getting what they wanted Schottenstein still could've completed about 75% of what they wanted to do though, but that's to be expected out of them! I've edited this twice to fix my percentage and add the picture. Why the hell did they cancel this!? It could've been 100% completed even with the stadium, really disappointing!
  9. That little stretch from Ackerman to Broadway will look pretty tall with the Kroger redevelopment done. All of the hotels, the Caterbury, Riverside and Ohio Health’s HQ. Really makes me wish that OSU had built Covelli closer to the highway. It would’ve made Broadway to downtown feel like one continuous stretch of urban development. My guess is we see Kohl’s gone/redeveloped within the next 2-3 years. I would hate to lose that store though, so hopefully they’re part of the plan!
  10. I might have missed it but what’s everyone’s issue with the Luxe Bell building outside of the name?
  11. I think it would be awesome for them to slap a 10-12 story building right in the middle of all this(the lot directly to the east by BBR) with more of the same. However I think it’ll end up being parking.
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