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  1. 100%, hell its even far out for some of their suburbs. This development is a bike ride(for some) from downtown.
  2. I think we're fully underestimating the impact of this project. It is so unique to have an opportunity like this so close to the urban core. I'm not expecting the Whitewater Center in Charlotte, but at the end of the day it could be very close(minus the multi-million whitewater channel).
  3. Gemini Place has seen the most growth overall. If you could go back 5 years and look at that road versus now it’s like night and day.
  4. Allegiant flights to some areas like Savannah/HHI continued later into the year this year vs last. Have to think that had a big impact on the numbers.
  5. My main point is it results in the “finished” product looking cheap. There are materials out there that would eliminate this and the fact that they don’t utilize them is inexcusable. We will never know about IBEW but judging from their past work I would be hard pressed to believe that they would’ve delivered on such an intricate build.
  6. This is my biggest issue with Kaufman and honestly one of many why I was against them in the IBEW project. They NEVER pay attention to the details, 600 Goodale is a prime example of this and they've done nothing to show that they've changed. Until they do I will never be for them building in an established neighborhood.
  7. A little late to this but to me there shouldn't be too many NIMBYs in this area like the Kaufman project. This is also actually on High Street versus that project which was not. This is a high renter area outside of condos on Clark, but those don't have a yard as is, so I'm not sure why they would complain. In general 3 of 4 sides are either commercial or rentals, so I doubt the NIMBYs win this fight, especially with the changes to the on-street design.
  8. Coleman isn't a courthouse and if it stems back before 9/11 then look at OKC. No government building will ever have street interaction or a restaurant, simple as that.
  9. They do that nationwide for security purposes. Post 9/11 the Celebrezze Federal Building on E 9th in Cleveland had concrete construction barriers up to the side walk for years until they retrofitted it.
  10. With them being tied into Amazon I wouldn’t be surprised if they did take that risk. The Indy one is essentially in their Short North, but not necessarily centrally located to ALL of their downtown population. And their transportation is no better than Columbus’. I think it would be smart to be built in the RiverSouth area because you would attract GV, OTE or even Bexley. Short North would still have the option of there or UA. To get somewhat back on topic I love the idea of this DGX. I had read somewhere that some cities were banning Dollar Generals and the like from urban areas and food deserts. Love that they have these as an option.
  11. My argument would be to look at the populations of SN/VV/HW, German Village, OTE & now Franklinton. Add those in with downtown because technically SN is our "Midtown" and we have a population that far exceeds the 30k mark.
  12. Since when? I’ve never seen/heard this announced officially or as a rumor.
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