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  1. https://www.dispatch.com/business/20190213/google-to-go-ahead-with-600-million-data-center-in-new-albany Google to go ahead with $600 million data center in New Albany Google confirmed Wednesday that it plans to develop a $600-million data center in New Albany this year. The project is among $13 billion in investments in data centers and offices that Google plans this year, the company said. Last December, Google affiliate Montauk Innovations said it was considering New Albany for the project in the New Albany International Business Park. Property records show the company has bought 447 acres in Franklin and Licking counties for $54.5 million.
  2. New York Times' 52 Places to Go In 2019 No. 47 Columbus OHIO Is this the American city of the future? "With a revitalized riverfront and booming downtown, Columbus is already one of the nation’s fastest-growing cities. Now, it’s poised to become the model for the future of innovative urban transportation, with self-driving shuttles carrying travelers along the Scioto Mile, which recently completed a massive revitalization, adding 33 acres of riverfront green space for festivals, water sports and outdoor art. (The newly opened National Veterans Memorial and Museum also sits on the Scioto Peninsula.) Among the newest dining options are Veritas, which specializes in small-plate offerings; Service Bar, run by the young chef Avishar Barua, a veteran of New York’s Mission Chinese and WD-50; and in the North Marketneighborhood, veggie-forward Little Eater. The ultracool Short North Arts District offers access to the city’s notable local businesses like the new fashion store Thread and the originalJeni’s ice cream store. But don’t skip Italian Village and German Village neighborhoods, where innovators and dreamers have opened destination shops like Stump Plants and Vernacular and bars like Cosecha." https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/travel/places-to-visit.html?smid=fb-share&fbclid=IwAR2Yk7nz4WHTn-qdw7yi8a5blDslnzBc6jJFpAdlVWWhfcXdenuPTlN_D4w
  3. 10 of the most beautiful places we visited in 2018 "Like its namesake, Columbus is all about exploring. Here are 10 reasons why you should check out Ohio's largest (and often underrated) city." https://www.10best.com/interests/explore/10-of-the-most-beautiful-places-we-visited-in-2018/?fbclid=IwAR29QdBVRpiirJuTLlWlXe9mE5fPC1d4IqVny8v3aUgj2DMxrc_VBiYqZQM
  4. I apologize, I should have emphasized the "adjacent" aspect of this. It is not the Family Dollar site, rather the lot right next to it at 3rd and High. And again, it has not fully been approved to move forward, I think Corso has been busy with other projects too, but I also don't think it's completely dead.https://www.columbusunderground.com/more-details-unveiled-for-new-five-story-short-north-building-we1
  5. I don't mind the design for the proposed Family Dollar site, or what's adjacent to it, the renderings look like a slightly nicer more spruced up Hub with better finishes. Regarding the CashSmart site, I've always been told that might be one of the last lots to go only because supposedly the site will be costly to prepare due to left over underground gas tanks?? I could be wrong on this, but if it's true, I can see why developers have been hesitant to develop quite yet when there was so many other open lots previously, which now have increasingly become filled in over the last 5-9 years.
  6. I have been told by pretty reliable sources, that there are already pretty concrete plans by Wood's companies to redevelop that strip mall, the reality is they are just really busy with other projects at the moment, so I think it is just "waiting in line" on their current project list before getting started. I'm sure we will see something at some point, but it could still be a moment or two. They tend to move quite slow with their construction, however with end product and quality is worth it in my opinion.
  7. To build off that initial line, you could extend it directly into Franklinton and the West side of town if you really wanted to think future expansion. Those tracks go right in that direction.... Rail is such a viable option still, and much of our high way corridors as well as existing tracks are positioned well in my opinion...
  8. Also, just think if we could actually get some form of transit/rail set up down by those tracks. It's poised in the perfect position if you think about it. You could have a transit line directly to John Glenn (CMH)!!! So convenient if we could actually get some form of transportation outside of busses a priority in this city... It honestly can't be that hard to gain the right of ways right along the 670 corridor or what not to align this....just my thought though....it's not even that far of a distance.....
  9. All I know is I'm looking forward to my office view the next 2 years. Going to have such a great vantage point to watch the progress!!! (Apologies in advance for the glare on the glass haha)
  10. As much as I like modern architecture with lots of glass, I actually really like the blend of brick and glass on this design. It will compliment the already built "sister" Hilton across the street. I especially like the multi angled glass atrium bump out on the ground floor corner of the building, as well as the large glass protrusion around floor 6 or 7 of the building hovering over the entrance pull up of the convention center. This will definitely make a great statement for what continues to be a growing and improving convention center positioning Columbus to stay competitive for more conventions and make the large hotel room bookings much more convenient for convention planners.......keep that bedroom tax money flowing into our city!!!!
  11. I work across the street from this site, and have noticed the last week or so there has been surveyor equipment at the site. I'm assuming early prep work and specifications for the future construction site!! It's gonna be a great view from my office windows to watch the progression once this begins....
  12. https://www.columbusunderground.com/historic-broad-street-buildings-among-projects-awarded-tax-credits-bw1
  13. A pretty good read and again, comparing and contrasting two very different stories of rural Ohio. https://www.cleveland.com/expo/news/erry-2018/11/b4c48a93342687/a-tale-of-two-economies-mercer.html
  14. Crown Equipment plans massive local expansion, hundreds of new jobs expected Still a strong believer that at least in the case of western Ohio, hard working rural communities surely are not "dying". 563 jobs in Auglaize County is like 5,000+ in one of our 3-C city's......IMO at least. https://www.bizjournals.com/dayton/news/2018/10/29/crown-equipment-plans-massive-localexpansion.html?fbclid=IwAR2SSywhP6182gme08DAecPz98p3vBJDIrwC1dx6SA0y4vK1V6meEL_SxGw
  15. I work down the street from this site, and they've only really cleared out the businesses that were in these buildings. I also think they may have started some early demolition on them (keeping the facades of course) but nothing too major as of yet. I know they have been using the gravel parking lots behind these buildings for a TON if not all of the staging and equipment parts for the Short North Streetscape project, which is wrapping up on phase 2, so I'm wondering if they delayed this project by using the land for all this equipment and vehicles?
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