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  1. To build off that initial line, you could extend it directly into Franklinton and the West side of town if you really wanted to think future expansion. Those tracks go right in that direction.... Rail is such a viable option still, and much of our high way corridors as well as existing tracks are positioned well in my opinion...
  2. Also, just think if we could actually get some form of transit/rail set up down by those tracks. It's poised in the perfect position if you think about it. You could have a transit line directly to John Glenn (CMH)!!! So convenient if we could actually get some form of transportation outside of busses a priority in this city... It honestly can't be that hard to gain the right of ways right along the 670 corridor or what not to align this....just my thought though....it's not even that far of a distance.....
  3. All I know is I'm looking forward to my office view the next 2 years. Going to have such a great vantage point to watch the progress!!! (Apologies in advance for the glare on the glass haha)
  4. As much as I like modern architecture with lots of glass, I actually really like the blend of brick and glass on this design. It will compliment the already built "sister" Hilton across the street. I especially like the multi angled glass atrium bump out on the ground floor corner of the building, as well as the large glass protrusion around floor 6 or 7 of the building hovering over the entrance pull up of the convention center. This will definitely make a great statement for what continues to be a growing and improving convention center positioning Columbus to stay competitive for more conventions and make the large hotel room bookings much more convenient for convention planners.......keep that bedroom tax money flowing into our city!!!!
  5. I work across the street from this site, and have noticed the last week or so there has been surveyor equipment at the site. I'm assuming early prep work and specifications for the future construction site!! It's gonna be a great view from my office windows to watch the progression once this begins....
  6. https://www.columbusunderground.com/historic-broad-street-buildings-among-projects-awarded-tax-credits-bw1
  7. Gnoraa

    Is rural Ohio dying?

    A pretty good read and again, comparing and contrasting two very different stories of rural Ohio. https://www.cleveland.com/expo/news/erry-2018/11/b4c48a93342687/a-tale-of-two-economies-mercer.html
  8. Gnoraa

    Is rural Ohio dying?

    Crown Equipment plans massive local expansion, hundreds of new jobs expected Still a strong believer that at least in the case of western Ohio, hard working rural communities surely are not "dying". 563 jobs in Auglaize County is like 5,000+ in one of our 3-C city's......IMO at least. https://www.bizjournals.com/dayton/news/2018/10/29/crown-equipment-plans-massive-localexpansion.html?fbclid=IwAR2SSywhP6182gme08DAecPz98p3vBJDIrwC1dx6SA0y4vK1V6meEL_SxGw
  9. I work down the street from this site, and they've only really cleared out the businesses that were in these buildings. I also think they may have started some early demolition on them (keeping the facades of course) but nothing too major as of yet. I know they have been using the gravel parking lots behind these buildings for a TON if not all of the staging and equipment parts for the Short North Streetscape project, which is wrapping up on phase 2, so I'm wondering if they delayed this project by using the land for all this equipment and vehicles?
  10. I would consider that this is in the early/mid construction phase, this could be said for just about any project in the raw materials construction process. Considering the wall portion is going in front of a huge surface parking lot I don't think it's implying an "off limits" feel. I also anticipate that as they put a more polished/colored finish on the concrete and incorporate the paths and landscaping this will soften it as well. The angle of the picture may be a bit misleading too as to how far back and curved the wall is. Attaching above renderings for reference...
  11. Gnoraa

    Is rural Ohio dying?

    I live in Columbus now, but get back to my hometown of Celina quite often, and I honestly do highly suggest people take a road trip to some of these towns, get out and explore, walk around, check out the shops and parks, that is if you enjoy that sort of thing. Between Celina, St. Mary's, & Wapak there is a lot going on. Even more rural/small like New Bremen, Coldwater, Minster, St. Henry etc.... There is actually pretty awesome micro brew operation that has expanded leaps and bounds in just 2-3 years in little Maria Stein, Ohio, Moeller Brew Barn, their beers are sold all over the state now in stores. They have an awesome tap room that's fun to visit too.
  12. Gnoraa

    Is rural Ohio dying?

    I think there is definitely a trend of declining small towns, however where I grew up seems to be holding up just fine. I grew up in Western Ohio in Mercer County. Mercer County continues to hold a healthy unemployment rate anywhere from 2.6% - 2.9% depending on the monthly reports. I actually believe it's been the lowest county in Ohio for quite a few years at this point. The industry there continues to grow, expand and thrive honestly. 2-3 years ago Ferguson put their first and only distribution operation in Ohio there, after initially passing it up and looking around a bit more, and ultimately deciding to come back and plant roots. Neighboring Auglaize county also has quite the investment with Crown Equipment Corporation. In fact, they just announced a $40 million dollar expansion project adding hundreds of jobs. Celina Tent has grown substantially, even gaining the military contract for Great Britain's armed forces! I could go on and on about companies like this (CAPT, Pax Machine, Reynolds & Reynolds, etc.....) When companies is this area are adding even just 40-80 jobs, this goes a long way in a county that is only 40,000-46,000 people. Again, I'm sure many small towns in Ohio are regressing, but I will say I have observed the opposite in terms of many Western Ohio small communities. They aren't adding population necessarily at 2-7 percent like some cities, but they are holding steady and strong economically. As much as this site focuses solely on the 3-C's, there is actually quite a bit going on in these rural counties that don't get much publication or notice. Just my input and observations though.
  13. Not sure if there is one already so I may have posted in the wrong forum, but perhaps this project should have it's own forum? It's not really "North Market" it is it's own project in the end. Just a thought, but I'm not very tech savvy or know how to make one haha
  14. I know there has been anticipation of any updates on this project, and I'm not sure if this has been posted, but doing a bit of just basic searches, it appears the Schooley Caldwell website, who is designing the tower, has a new rendering I have not previously seen recently posted. The design has changed a bit, and by my count almost appears to be 39-40 stories now? Who knows if this will end up being the final design, but I thought I'd post it here just in case. Looking forward to seeing news about this in the coming months as plans/financing are completed?? https://www.schooleycaldwell.com/market-tower-columbus/
  15. Dropping off my rent today and thought I'd snap a quick progress pic of the Moxy Hotel building. Looks like they are starting the 7th story....I like the floors 6-10 won't be the exact footprint of the block building below it. I also like that this portion is to be glass, not brick, it will add a bit of diversity compared some of the other developments in the area!!