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  1. If not Kroger, which I would prefer because I still have brand/state loyalty deep down, but perhaps one of the modified yet smaller 2 story models of Giant Eagle like the one they put in on Main St. in Bexley. As the population grows in this area of town, I think that could be an awesome option perhaps.
  2. I'm pumped for Franklinton, but no offense to that area, they have it "in the bag" at this point. Soooooo much private sector investment and inevitable tax abatement investment that I have zero worries or pity for them. They have a guaranteed beautiful 20 years ahead of them.......but that's just my perspective. Hilltop and Linden still require so much assistance to get a good footing for the future.
  3. Oh I see, I didn't know they already had open air porches at this Casino for smokers. Are the other porches of significant size like 8,000 square feet and include gaming as well?
  4. True, but if I'm reading the information in the article correctly, this "patio" is going to have gaming and slots outside. Likely another beverage/bar station as well. Unless I interpreted that wrong? I'd assume it's also why most Vegas casino's still allow for smoking, at least when I was out there this last summer they still were. I like the idea of an open air patio actually. Caters to what some people want I suppose.
  5. I'm not a smoker, but I will say I feel this is a smart business move on the casino's part. Many of the clientele that a casino attracts are smokers (not trying to be judgmental, just realistic, plus I do enjoy the occasional cigar with my drink haha). This will allow people who would prefer to smoke and spend money on gambling to spend more. I feel, although it's taken a long time, we are getting very close to a hotel or two in the future. One way or another, a hotel will be placed on the large corner lot there at Broad and Georgesville. I also think, especially given the Hollywood theme, a movie theater would do great in this area. There is not one significant movie theater on this side of town, especially since the one and only Regal closed 1-2 years ago. I don't foresee the casino wanting to get involved with a movie theater on their land, as this would detract from their entertainment/purpose, however with the Westland Mall being torn down in the next year, I would think a movie theater in the area and mix used development could be strongly considered. As stalled as this entire area of town has been since the casino was built, I feel this area still has huge potential in the coming years.
  6. Maybe just slap the words "historic" and "bed and breakfast" in the mix and the elitists in this particular bubble of town will warm up to this project? (heavy sarcasm btw)
  7. Man how this overall view is going to change/grow in the coming years. Between filling in these parking lots, some for of Market Tower taking place as well as the new Hilton tower this is going to come to a much more completed look.
  8. Some positive Ohio press..... Reporting an outlook of 33%, Columbus has earned the distinction of being the No. 1 metro area for hiring in the Midwest and No. 2 in the nation. Some 18% of the population works in professional and business services, making that the most popular sector for employment in the city. A hub for small and big businesses alike, the Accelerate Columbus and Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Initiative programs have cultivated an entrepreneurial environment, one that has landed Columbus among the Kauffman Foundation’s top metro areas for startups three years in a row. In addition, jobs growth and downtown office incentives have attracted some of the area’s largest employers, among them JPMorgan Chase and Nationwide. The fastest-growing city in the Midwest, Columbus is a microcosm of a larger employment trend that Stull has observed lately. “Companies are moving to where people are, as opposed to people moving to where companies are,” he says. “The Columbuses, the Pittsburghs, the Baltimores are being able to compete with jobs.” https://www.forbes.com/sites/vickyvalet/2019/12/10/where-the-jobs-will-be-in-2020/#63659b515dec
  9. Gotcha, thanks for clarifying, I read it wrong. My bad, all the "combined" lingo at the start of the article threw me off for a second. Didn't mean to poke the UO Cleveland Bear
  10. So an already fortune 500 company (Cleveland Cliffs) is acquiring AK Steel, which will grow them in size with the merger, but they (Cleveland Cliffs) will still remain and existing fortune 500?
  11. Thank you for clarifying, I didn't realize they didn't own the land. I will say working around/with the rail companies is horrendous. They still have a ton of power and don't budge or coordinate easily with projects. Considering this already oddly shaped piece of property is bound on all sides by rail lines, it's definitely gonna take some creativity in the end to make it happen. I do like how you say a "developer basically playing Sim City" haha seems very spot on lol
  12. I take EVERY proposed project from Schottenstein with a GIGANTIC grain of salt. Of all the developers in town, they are the least reliable in my personal opinion. My guess is they will develop this land someday long down the line, or pawn/sell it off to someone else because they can't get their stuff together to make anything materialize. I will say it is definitely a unique site with some complicated workarounds, however I don't think they are the developer with the skill to make it happen. Again just my opinion, very unreliable and "schotty" track record.
  13. And just before this now is the new Cover MyMeds headquarters rising up. It's finally visible from the highway now as you drive by. When I think what this area looked like just 10 years ago when I moved and lived down here, it's crazy how many more buildings and infill there has been, and only more to come (Chipotle HQ, AC Hotel, Hilton Hotel, Market Tower, etc.....) 670 through this area is being flanked on each side as you drive through, not a bad thing at all IMO.
  14. The thing I like about the Pizzuti property, is mainly it's location. I know much of the initial "buzz" will be more East where CDDC will be building out all the land near the river and museums. You have Casto on the South end of the peninsula, Kauffman with their Gravity on the Northern end and a bunch of NRI owned land in between that inevitably will be developed with time. Pizzuti however starts to push development further West down Broad Street on the other side of 315. That along with Mt. Carmel being torn down in future years and becoming ripe for development as well, I think this area helps propel the momentum more West, which is much needed. I've marked up a map displaying the current standings. (BTW I hate how google earth does not have the updated completed Vets Museum or Dorian park with COSI). I've also marked out in yellow Broad, Sullivant and Souder. I feel Broad will benefit the most obviously from the continual investment going West, however I think there is some trickle down potential for Sullivant to slowly Benefit from Franklinton's cleanup as well. I also think that the parking lots on the North side of Broad across from the current Mt. Carmel site are ripe for future development. Souder acts as such a connector across the river over to Spring street and the future Crew Stadium and Arena District. With Cover My Meds building right off that access road, I only see this street becoming more vital to the area. It will definitely be fun to watch the next 10-20 years as this area really fills in and cleans up.
  15. Such a great photo. Not necessarily the right topic to post this maybe, but this photo should totally be somewhere on the Wikipedia page for Columbus. In fact, the majority of the photos of the Columbus and Short North sub section on Wikipedia are incredibly outdated. I'm not much of a technology guru, but hopefully someone with those skills can make updates at some point.
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