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  1. North of I-90 has 4 streets that go under the highway. We just have Clark and the Buhrer pedestrian bridge. Castle and/or Holden would be my choices to...bridge...the gap.
  2. 1st floor of the parking garage could be a SW mega retail store. Every color you could ever imagine!...and t-shirts!
  3. I think there's room enough east of 13th for all sizes of building. I'd love to see an OTR like neighborhood pop up around here with 2-3 story buildings (although they won't have that beautiful Italianate look). Businesses on the 1st floor along the more main roads and possibly at intersections. It can become a very strong and desirable neighborhood as young professionals who love downtown start to settle down and need more room for families. You can still build high rises along St Clair, Superior, and Euclid to continue momentum out of downtown and convert old factories and warehouses into mid size apartments, if demand stays strong. The only way this little area this might be an oddity is if it doesn't expand past it's current borders and gets surrounded by high rises. Even then it may still look ok...
  4. I remember hearing a councilman a few years ago talk about how prideful he was about all the utility poles and wires on Cleveland streets and how it showed how the neighborhood's roots as an urban working class neighborhood. I hope it's not a thought that is shared throughout city council.
  5. I'm like a block away and my kid and I will go to this park for sure. It's just the size of the park and the usage of a small section of the land that I'm disappointed in. You get these kind of opportunities once every 50 years and doing this right could really help this area along.
  6. Trendy design or not, I think it's equally important to point out that this is just lipstick on a pig. A pink squealing desolate stretch of W 25th that spans a whole urban neighborhood.
  7. I think not having any new buildings along west 25th is a mistake. They don't necessarily need to be Metro campus buildings but there certainly doesn't need to be a park that stretches 5 blocks on your major street. Add buildings at the north end of the park on 25th until you get to the main hospital building. There looks to be room for 5 buildings and possibly 2 across the street on that empty lot. That way there can still be a large park in front of the main hospital and equal sized park sections on either side of the "Hospital's driveway".
  8. I think a private park would come across as exclusionary in this day and age but I like the idea. It's a chicken/egg scenario with the population of downtown though in do you build it and they will come or do you wait and build it when the number of families warrant it. I'd hate to have an empty jungle gym in the middle of a neighborhood that consists of empty-nesters and childless millennials but if it brings in families that can afford the price tag of the neighborhood, that'd be awesome! I think we'd all be looking at this area differently if the empty lots and surface lots were filled with the same type of town homes that are there now. A big part of a walkable neighborhood is people in the yards and on the front porches. I love walking down Literary in Tremont past the row houses and down tree lined streets just as much as I love walking down Professor but for much different reasons. Its proximity to downtown makes it walkable to businesses but it's density makes it more like a neighborhood. May be a road diet in that area down Superior makes sense with some bump-outs at crosswalks to add safety and a more intimate feel. I don't know if the number of lanes it has now are necessary for what's planned for that area.
  9. The 2 bridges between this site and the Ohio city retail area are a killer for walkability to an existing entertainment district. Same going east to Tremont with no real direct walkable route. The closer you get to the merger of the railways and highways into downtown, the more islands of land like this you get. I think options like this make sense in this area since it doesn't seem to be too appealing for private investment. It's on a major bus route as well which hopefully will help mobilize these residents.
  10. I love this idea and probably have an almost exact mspaint sketch of it on my PC somewhere in a "dream" folder :). Fixing the industry, rail, and highway dominance of the shorelines in this city would help build upon our unique location and help further separate us from land locked cities.
  11. The walkway down from the old bridge is an interesting addition. I like that the new moat configuration around the large building doesn't go all the way around but If you can't park boats there, it really isn't necessary even with fountains and bridges. I also like that there's some grass in there but that park like area in the middle is just wasted space especially with the new Irish bend park that's going in just walking distance away on the new path. I don't know how much that soccer field will be used either. I always like to see a play ground for kids to foster that "families can live here too" vibe but that may just be the dad in me. If they tighten it up and put some retail on the ground floor, I'd be all for the new look.
  12. The residents/business owners are engaged enough to stand up for what they believe the future of their neighborhood should look like no matter what idea is driving it. That's what its all about to me.
  13. The Market Plaza building with Spectrum, Key Bank, Sherwin Williams just south of the WSM. She mentioned that there are approvals that are needed but they've been told, if all goes well, 8/19. The plans for the TOD that's planned are a few pages back.
  14. Talked to an employee who works in the Market Plaza and they are hearing that the building will be demo'd in Aug 2019, if all gets approved.
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