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  1. Which sets up the joke.....How does a Cranley Donor cross the road?
  2. Not positive but i think they still use barges to get material delivered so any new location site may be limited.
  3. Don't forget the Czech's! They love their Pierogis (But apparently not Spell check as it keeps trying to turn it to 'GROUPIES'). I dated a girl from a czech family up in Massillon Oh. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pierogi When will the Kabob carts hit Cincinnati? Or Khlav Kalash?
  4. Whoever parked their car there is going to be surprised that they restripped and put that new sign up since they parked. There is even still a meter at that spot which i guess will be removed (hopefully after they leave)
  5. Or maybe these folk? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buffalo_Wings_%26_Rings
  6. Not sure what is on the top floor, but if they don't build a penthouse like this and put glass windows behind the signs they are missing out. I'm sure it is full of boring stuff like AC units and elevator motors, but i'd gladly live among that stuff rent free in order to keep an eye on things for them. https://www.nytimes.com/slideshow/2010/10/20/garden/21WHOss.html
  7. It took me a minute but i got it. Long live the wiremobile!!
  8. ^ Would be cool to see what a combination Soccer stadium/Ballet facility would look like too. I bet Austin (or insert current hip city here) isn't building one of those!
  9. I read that only as 'Ballet wants FCC to pay for it to move'. I didn't realize that they didn't own their building either, and since it is physically connected to the one being demolished it will be an interesting and delicate process to keep them in the same spot I assume.
  10. ^ Since Friday it dropped to 45% of that! ?
  11. ^^ Pretty sure I saw on the Demo plan that there was a note that specifically said 'demo and fill Old Lager Cellars' but i hope that doesn't mean what it sounds like, Would be sad if they wasted a potential feature like that. FCC Underground in the historic Lion Brewery tunnels would be a killer pregame spot.
  12. Bars are also not designed to be seen with the lights at that brightness. Turn on the lights in most after work non sports bar and you would probably be horrified at what you see. Sadly there isnt an add disco ball reflections everywhere button but it would be like this 99% of the time i bet.
  13. They said that they purchased it (Columbia REI/The Joseph family real estate arm) to prevent any uses that would be detrimental to their other property (currently and for decades now has been the parking lots). They demolished it in order to assemble a ready to go set of land to market to a "fortune 500 company" that would want to lease all the land to build a HQ on. Similar to what they did with the Columbia Square building (formerly the Chiquita HQ). This is the only plan they have for that area. It will stay parking till this magical company comes knocking. I assume this will stay a park until they can convince a favorable Mayor and future council to let them bend even more rules to pave it and give them the alleys they need for their mega block dreams. It isnt over till they sell it all or build something, as they will always look to tear down any building they can snag on that block.
  14. I guess whoever has the key to the locked gate. (AKA not us)