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  1. Post Cranley for sure, and God forbid .....a Mayor Smitherman. Vote Vote Vote people!!!
  2. One of my favorite memories of late night Northside was heading home well after hours and seeing people in full leather gear out front of The Serpent doing mundane things like taking out the trash & sweeping up.
  3. Not going into any of the politics part, but timing wise did anyone even have access to this particular email exchange before Mrs Smitherman passed away? How did the family find out about them prior to the public release or were they just guessing what was going to be in the mails between two council people? Finally why in the world would such a thing be shared with a woman who was so ill in her final days? WTF people?!?
  4. ^ Yep the rest was a settlement to the plaintiff & attorney's fees. Why would they even bother paying the other parts if the plaintiff & attorney admit that they want to drag this along as far as possible and it may rack up 1mill for them. Keep moving the goal line and the "goal" becomes meaningless.
  5. He didn't at first, but specifically came back & apologized. Also said he would pay off his share of the fine today.
  6. Found the attorney. Perhaps since this was already brought to light, this one should have better spent his time working for something that helped the city instead of spending his time working to bring the unrelated conversations public in a partisan attempt to humiliate these council people, and charging the city to do it. Nothing was gained from what happened here and if bringing any alleged illegal backroom deals to light was his intended goal he quit way too early, as there are a few other people that would need that light on them as well. This was just a distraction to give the public a shiny object to focus on while others moved and gave away millions. The same thing happened during the last stadium debate in the 90's, though it was with inperson meetings and not via cell phones. Lessons learned it didnt happen again until the tech blurred the lines and it came out amid this stadium fuss. I dont follow all the candidates but the ones i do, Seelbach included, eventually apologized.
  7. Well....... didnt see that anywhere else. I guess there will be collateral damage to friendly party members when you push so intently to even have conversations between two friends released. I cant stand all the usual twitter/facebots selecting the same quotes right now to "prove' their points. All calling for the members to repay the fines when the attorney and plaintiff could easily do the same. They were not damaged in this in any way. Mistakes were made, lessons on how tech can be used were taught case closed. The powers that be are grasping at straws to make sure their people stay in power and keep the gravy train flowing their way with their annointed candidates. Sad that so many seem to be joining the piling-on with dumb retweets & copy-pasted posts.
  8. He also visited the Enquirer to tell them this, which also seems odd. Kinda like he knows what mom got you for your birthday and he promised not to tell but it is "cool" and hard to keep secret.
  9. MIght not be a remodel, the latest wrap it had on it was blown off in the wind storm we had a few weeks back. Hopefully they do something cool with it but i think it might just get rewrapped.
  10. Yes, but be careful, it will be a Live-Laugh-Love zone after 6
  11. Thanks! That explains why the top looks different from the bottom part too. I guess all those weird reinforcements inside (that i may have once hit in my van) are to hold the extra stories.
  12. I think that was the HQ of Federated Dept Stores and was just office space. Presumably wacky over the top Post Modernist office space ala Mad Men.
  13. That metal is older than i thought. I wonder if there is a premodernized photo of it somewhere? I would have sworn the auditor photo showed it pre-metal, but nope.
  14. The lithko people had a post about it Saturday & Henry Frondorf says they are going to repair and repaint the existing facade and not cover it again. No more prison bars!
  15. May i be the first to suggest that any new landscaped roundabout or other traffic related whatnot be named "Body Snatcher Commons" so that the history may live on.
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