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  1. They said that they purchased it (Columbia REI/The Joseph family real estate arm) to prevent any uses that would be detrimental to their other property (currently and for decades now has been the parking lots). They demolished it in order to assemble a ready to go set of land to market to a "fortune 500 company" that would want to lease all the land to build a HQ on. Similar to what they did with the Columbia Square building (formerly the Chiquita HQ). This is the only plan they have for that area. It will stay parking till this magical company comes knocking. I assume this will stay a park until they can convince a favorable Mayor and future council to let them bend even more rules to pave it and give them the alleys they need for their mega block dreams. It isnt over till they sell it all or build something, as they will always look to tear down any building they can snag on that block.
  2. I guess whoever has the key to the locked gate. (AKA not us)
  3. SleepyLeroy

    Nashville Gentrification Madness 2

    I love the Good Trump. Bad Trump houses...or is it Left & Right Trump?
  4. Alrighty then, show me on this map where Cincinnati hurt you?
  5. SleepyLeroy

    Cincinnati: Councilman Chris Smitherman

    'The Majority' is the secret pet name the Mayor has given himself though.......
  6. SleepyLeroy

    Cincinnati: Liberty Street Road Diet

    ^ True on both your accounts, I didnt think of the revenue of the new south side lots being used to fund the project too but good point. Hopefully this was just some out loud talking that got more play than it deserved.
  7. SleepyLeroy

    Cincinnati: Liberty Street Road Diet

    I heard on WVXU the other day that it was mentioned that since the water main was in the way to shrink the south side at the previously thought price why not just shrink from the north side of the street. Just wondering if this went any further than 'thinking out loud' as it seems to bypass all the chances to fix the south side street frontages.
  8. Ugly? Why on rainy days you can check out the view of water draining off that huge lower roof all day long, and from most any window!
  9. ^^^^ All true, my fingers are crossed as well. Biggest worry I was alluding to was the possible parking garage at the corner of Liberty & Central. Would really be nice if that was not on the most prominent corner or if it is that it would be a quality looking thing (if that is possible with a modern parking deck style garage).
  10. I think most people here were for FCC in the West End and were happy to hear they wanted to be a part of the urban core for the same reasons many of us here like being in the urban core. The entertainment options, the feel of the dense built environment, the walkability options, ect. I knew things would need to be torn down to accommodate a large stadium, some of them old but that is what happens when progress happens and a big new neighbor moves in. Where FCC is going off the rails in my opinion is by now adopting a more suburban mindset in all the latest press with their desire to have a large campus under their control and seemingly built to capture and cater to people driving into and out of the neighborhood. Im not wanting to revert back to Fur trappers & Indian Mounds down there but I would also prefer not to have a suburban 'bulldoze it all to make it easier for cars' layout either. I think that most people on this site for URBAN appreciation are more towards that range and are expressing opinions with that as a general guideline. People here still disagree though, and do it quite often but the disagreements are not usually followed by a juvenile 'I guess you would rather have ye olde bell ringers and tinsmiths and town criers who call out the news about how the new horse drawn trams are going to ruin life for all of the citizens who would prefer the status quo of walking thru horse filth in their Sunday best pantaloons' level of rebuttal. All are welcome, everyone sees things differently but people react better when you turn down the intensity and respond in kind vs the level 11 responses to level 2 disagreements. That kind of thing is what trolls do who just want a reaction and not a discussion.
  11. They wrote in to the HCB in opposition to a few recent projects, so I assume they're not going anywhere. I disapprove of their scaffolding, it "towers over the 2-story building next door".
  12. “Money in its proper place is a worthwhile and necessary instrument for a well-rounded life, but when it is projected to the status of a god it becomes a power that corrupts and an instrument of exploitation. When men arrive at the point of making money a god they become more concerned with what they can get out of society than with what they can give to society in terms of service…When men bow down and worship at the shrine of money they are being deprived of their most precious endowment—the possibility of living life in its fullness and its endless beauty.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 1953
  13. SleepyLeroy

    9/11 Legacy Thread

    Was 28 and on the way to my first work related Trade Show at The Javits Center in NYC. Never made it. Our plane got to Atlanta where we were supposed to get the flight up to NY but the ground stop was already underway when we touched down. There were SWAT looking guys in black with guns & dogs running about Hartsfield Airport and the salesguy i was traveling with, who was a frequent business traveler realized how bad it was and called a rental agency vs waiting in line as he figured the airport was a target too. As we got our rental I saw a group of older corporate guys in suits split a car with a bunch of college bros going the same direction. We were all the same briefly. Got back later the next afternoon and a few weeks later even got my luggage which was a big surprise. I missed all the tv at the time and only heard updates on the radio. Binged on it all once it was on the web in later years. Stupidist part was not having a cell phone and calling all the people who I told I was going to a Trade Show in NYC and they assumed that all Trade Shows were at the Trade Center. Lots of quarters were used, parents assumed i was gone and even called Delta whos rep was rightfully freaked out and clueless like we all were on what was going down. The trade show I was going to was looted for any medical related items & food by the city then cleared by bulldozers who crushed all the displays to the side to use Javits as a medical zone for the all the suspected wounded. Hadn't flown on a commercial plane since and had only once before as a child.