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  1. Just saw on twitter that the Revelation Baptist church just sold to West End Holdings. Is there anything left that hasn't changed hands in the superblock now besides the Ballet and the three big ones along Ezzard Charles (Dist1, Chore Monster & Taft) ? https://www.google.com/maps/place/John+St+%26+W+Liberty+St,+Cincinnati,+OH+45214/@39.1137981,-84.5247625,80a,35y,126.2h,63.11t/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x8841b400dc8532eb:0xc6ebc7ce70936365!8m2!3d39.1134453!4d-84.5243342
  2. One more. This is the Fire HQ that was mentioned in the article above that was also torn down at the same time. I believe there were a few other random buildings on this block too with the one at the south west being a liquor store of some sort. My memory is a bit fuzzy on the things that don't stand out much.
  3. Here is a good overview for those who were not around then. https://www.kaintuckeean.com/2015/03/newport-ky-millennium-freedom-tower-2000.html
  4. Late 90's. Ive got pictures of the Demo somewhere in my photo closet. Had beautiful terracotta at the top and base just like in the postcard above. It was a office building and may have had state offices in it. It was torn down specifically by the Hosea group for the bell/Millenium tower project that turned into what we have now. Initially there was talk of tearing the entire block to the north down too along with the Southgate House/Thompson House so that there would be a clear view and greenspace from the river to this block where the huge space needle tower was suposed to be built. Ahhh the 90's
  5. Well i was half right. The units are side by side and those on the Elevator side are the windowless living room units. http://www.studenthousingmgmt.com/cincinnati/?p=836
  6. I believe if i remember correctly that the weird growth is the elevator shaft and the hall passes those front windows in route to the 'front' and 'rear' apts. The windows are in the hall, the front apt i believe may have no windows in the living room and maybe a small one to the side in a back room. It has been a bit but that part stuck in my head.
  7. Yea, Both of those are gems in their own way, I just hope those at FCC don't let their egos be hurt by having at least ONE neighbor they dont own in their bubble as it relates to the Choremonster building. I think it is cool to have a big industrial sized building next door and wish there were more but i can see someone asking why such an eyesore is blocking the chances of having a clear photo of their shiny new stadium and music hall in the same image.
  8. This looks like the expanding storm front wall in my kid's Fortnite game. Look out Crosley!!!!
  9. To be honest i was expecting PromoWest to build something near the FCC stadium and that all the shadiness about the land expansions and unseen development renders had something to do with that. Maybe it did at some point but they found Newport easier to work with so they jumped ship. I hope they do well there, perhaps this will help the Banks just as much as it being on the Ohio side with the benefit of having perhaps two concerts at once or staggered between the two event centers for even more people in the area. Much more of a win for The Banks than a PromoWest center in the West End.
  10. Seems to me that is MEMI's problem to step up and fix. PromoWest will bring acts in that are new to the area, and saw enough of a demand for those acts that they wanted to come here and provide us a place to see them. Doesn't matter to them whether that was Cincinnati or Covington, but it sure seemed to matter to the people in MEMI.
  11. I know, i was just trying to ruffle some Mt Adams nimbys
  12. Time to start the rumor that this is where the Hiltop Concrete plant is moving so MEMI gets their new concert pavillion.
  13. New to me, but i bet if it is under 2 stories tall it will fly through with nary a peep from the Mt Adams folk who raised a fuss earlier with the various high rise designs. Isnt what was there as the Montgomery Inn banquet center in the 1990's a 75000sf commercial building?
  14. I wish them well, but all i hear after reading your intro is....
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