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  1. It makes for longer hikes for those intending to take up pickforks and torches perhaps? That, or they are just looking for a cheap labor pool regardless what region it happens to be in.
  2. Here is a suggestion for some of the walled up space in part of the base(from Margy Waller on Facebook) an immersive visual art gallery. Almost like an indoor blink with changing shows. If we had something like this I'd probably check out every one depending on how it is priced. https://www.artsjournal.com/brightride/2019/01/14/music-makes-art-magic-atelier-des-lumieres/
  3. SleepyLeroy

    Smells of City Living

  4. SleepyLeroy

    Smells of City Living

    I wanted to start a "What does Carthage smell like" blog as i drove to and fro to Evendale for work. Some days it's Flintstones vitamins while others it is freezer burned green peppers.Other days it does have a fruity smell that would incriminate Segram's even though they have been gone for years. It changes slightly every day. I feel sorry for Carthage and the surrounding area. At least the rancid compost go awry smell is gone finally.
  5. SleepyLeroy

    Cincinnati: Random Development and News

    So many projects, and the MACY's building at Fountain Place is set to be Demo'ed! Cant say i will miss it as it seems way to busy and 90's looking for my taste. I wish something huge was set for there but at least what they are proposing is taller than the current building.
  6. They should want to attract carfree people to OTR and downtown as they have a more captive set of residents and consumers. The streetcar makes this possible and is the reason some have moved there already. Taking it away puts more importance on having a car to do any errands and thus all the parking and price negatives of having a car in the city. They should pursue alternative plans to pay for it (if that is what they think the citizens even want) WAY before cutting any service. If they do cut service we should press them on EXACTLY how much money this even saves and is all of that savings going to the Streetcar debt/daily operations or is it going to be sucked away for other programs & sports teams never to be seen agai?
  7. My dream to address some of the above is to find an eccentric benefactor to turn the Crosley building into Cincinnati's version of the St. Louis City Museum. Daytime for kids, night time for adults. Go big on one amazing thing then let it develop naturally from there but keeping the industrial vibe of the neighborhood. Cincinnati has historic, Cincinnati has the old money and affordable areas and fine grain architecture. Make the Camp area the opposite of that with big industrial factory lofts and business for makers and artists and try to keep the new developments within that vibe as much as possible.
  8. Seeing this makes me wonder what the highest point i can drive my car to is in Cincinnati. I remember some great views from the Deaconess and Christ Hospital Garages. Just something odd about that render showing the cars well above the rooftops of the older Court St. Buildings.
  9. SleepyLeroy

    Cincinnati: Random Development and News

    I was also raised Catholic, so the sweeping unpleasantries of an arsonist priest under the rug angle is way more believable. Heck they may have even started the 'riot' story as cover.
  10. SleepyLeroy

    Cincinnati: Random Development and News

    I always heard it burned during the unrest in the late 60's riot's/unrest that swept avondale and other neighborhoods. The priest angle isnt something I've heard but then again i never looked deep into it. Would be interesting to find out what went down.
  11. SleepyLeroy

    Cincinnati: Random Development and News

    CVS Health Corporate? I was just looking thru the 100 list making assumptions but that would be quite ironic. I really do hope that such a company relocates here to an existing old building vs the big open lot next to the former Dennison though just for my own personal amusement.
  12. Maybe it could tour different neighborhoods. Not sure it would do good everywhere, but imagine it at the top of any of the former inclines.
  13. SleepyLeroy

    Nashville Gentrification Madness #3

    Answering the questions brought up by Shel Silverstein. In Nashville this trash can is Where the Sidewalk Ends. Maybe Oscar the grouch has a Nashville summer home?
  14. SleepyLeroy

    Cincinnati: Random Development and News

    Seems to me that it could be turned into a ground level platform for Clicklist parking while still having develop able land above to build an office or housing and still be done before the new Kroger is opened. Seems a waste to use such a desirable city location for one activity only. Sort of how that one person wanted to do a day care at the location of the old Izzy's building on Elm & 8th street. Drive in, load up and drive out, just with groceries instead of kiddies while a number of uses are going on overhead (and providing cash).
  15. SleepyLeroy

    Cincinnati: Random Development and News

    Other side, and utilizing the front half of the existing historic buildings located there. https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2018/08/06/exclusive-boutique-hotel-planned-for-historic-main.html