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  1. These guys used to be buddies back in their 'terrin' down historic crap' days. Sad to see they have had a falling out. http://buildingcincinnati.blogspot.com/2008/08/centerpiece-of-historic-sedamsville.html
  2. Cranley may have promised a light there, but there is no real need. in an 1/8 mile stretch from that business to Fairbanks (delhi Pike) there are already two lights close together, on a road with no lights for a while after and before. Three lights in a row there would be crazy, and the Speedway across the street seems to be good and they didn't even get a turn lane.
  3. Idiot! Hope he has skills to pay this back over the next few decades, and good work to all who got him for this (allegedly). https://www.wcpo.com/news/local-news/hamilton-county/cincinnati/suspect-arrested-charged-with-arson-in-connection-to-the-historic-jackson-brewery-fire?fbclid=IwAR3ZM3ddHByBydV0b5mfHlHXv4Y8fhUsvURqGXZCfSBSf0LYg2z9nqP1BUU
  4. I can certainly see the complaints happening , but there is way to much humor in complaining that a building blocks your view of other different buildings.
  5. To be fair it is still in progress, once they bring in the "Cars of Elvis" and collection of Liberace pianos it will all tie together.
  6. ^^ I was in the Mini Marts "upper office" for a meeting once when my company was going to make some display fixtures for them and it felt like that office in "Being John Malkovitch" . I swear the ceiling height was like 5'10 or something. I was ducking.
  7. Per WCPO. This house is sold and while it is good to see energy efficiency a 200,000 premium could sure pay a few decades worth of energy bills for a house that size. https://www.wcpo.com/news/transportation-development/move-up-cincinnati/northside-home-buyers-seek-energy-efficient-homes-but-how-does-that-impact-home-prices?fbclid=IwAR0VACB8aytxDW-rPpsesHBFI4RQ5hs68tffG-MbyblmGMw1KiVzdqk68d0
  8. Dang they didn't even ease you into it. From the dull worn exterior to BAM, GREEN KITCHEN MF'ers!!!!
  9. Prohibition, WW1 and the Germans not being the most welcome folk as well as the desire to move to the hills and get more space and air started the exodus that didnt end until recent history.
  10. Not a traditional hanging one but it did say WAREHOUSE in like 2'tall white on black letters. Would not have make it by today's OTR sign regulations i assume
  11. I know your joking but in this case i hope it really is something minimal ala the White Rabbit Cabaret in Indy. Is neon /illuminated an option in OTR? Ive seen the red Bar Logo on 14th and vine so I guess it is.
  12. Thanks for that Bloodbuzz link. I REALLY want to like them, I went to Daap with some of them, they are local guys gone big but i never could get on board. This is a great song however.
  13. I recently had to make a wall mural for a recent store and upon seeing the approval image the manager was appalled that i would include a (what i thought) treasured city mascot on her wall. I was told to remove him: which i did, but rumor is he is still there. Still there small and in the shadows peeking out of one of the windows of the county courthouse watching her. Watching her all the time.
  14. Hope there is a whole back story to this where the guy is hiding from a husband who came hope early.
  15. Here is a pic of how it was more insular along the sides. When some of those buildings on the other side of the streets closed down and were empty in the 90's it was kinda quiet outside compared to inside. Streets were open to load and unload but closed when the market was open, at least when we went on weekends.
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