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  1. Wow. Tough crowd lol. I get that you guys are obsessed with height, but come on... 1) Market Tower is clearly alive and well, and in the capable hands of NBBJ and Wood/Schiff. That alone is GREAT news 2) These slides may reveal the latest direction of the project, which was no doubt motivated by economic reality, but they're not by any means final public/publicity renderings, or exactly what the details of the end product will end up being 3) Everyone tripping over themselves to trash the design as "ugly" are premature and also look pretty immature IMO. Maybe you simply don't like contemporary architecture (fine), but you should at least understand the amount of hours that it takes being poured into this day and night by a whole team of people working hard to make a project of this scale happen 4) Toddguy[/member] re: the "embrace the market" slide, those are clearly inspiration/precedent images of other work the designers were looking at, everything else is consistent and is the actual project
  2. Have to say that "Luxe Belle" is just about the worst possible name for this I could think of
  3. Hm I wonder why you like those numbers better? Hm I wonder. Maybe because they're not 8 years out of date?
  4. Walker has such an attitude with anyone who dares to comment at CU anymore it's unbelievable. No wonder practically all discussion over there has totally died...
  5. This is probably not the right thread for this, and isn't a direct response to troeros[/member]'s concerns but I've generally found that people from Cincinnati and Cleveland are much more preoccupied with crime, real or perceived, than anyone I've ever met from Columbus and I'm not sure why
  6. That rendering is very old. I think Biz1st just used it because they had it on file, which is misleading and confusing You can see the exact same image here in a post from February 2017 - https://www.urbanohio.com/forum/index.php/topic,2473.msg838352.html#msg838352
  7. And finally, the 711 project which is close to its final appearance from the outside, and I think looks pretty great
  8. One block south the Moxy Hotel is up to its 8th floor out of 10. And metal framing has started to go on for the exterior walls
  9. Meanwhile across the street I'm very excited for the new UDF to open. There's really no easy convenience store in the neighborhood without it. And they're almost done now, signs are up and they were installing the coffee machines today. In addition to the High St entrance there's one in the back on Pearl with some parking available
  10. Took some pics out during lunch today... At the Pizzuti project, foundation walls are done, and steel is on site. This should start going up pretty quickly now
  11. No 53k is the entire building. And of that only 30k is exhibit space...
  12. Here's both versions of the main 12 story building, with the latest design iteration on top,
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