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  1. I believe this is the old Corbett house which had some great views of the river......
  2. I realize downtown property is very valuable but what would be great here instead of the garage would be a park...with the growing population of downtown, more space will be needed for recreation and with the park bordered by the Wise temple and the Second Presbyterian Church, both beautiful buildings and the Cathedral right across the street would be a great attraction not just for the residents but for visitors as well......develop the area around the park.
  3. That empty office pad from Phase 1 has a floor print of over 24,000 sq ft, so that would be pretty ideal size for a six-story UC Law School. I'm curious if Carter, as the master developer, would rather have UC move in there to complete that phase of the development, or if they'd prefer push the development further west and leave the office pad for something else. The Phase 1 office pad is directly on the streetcar tracks and has visibility from Fort Washington Way. I'm curious which site UC feels is the best fit for them. I'd hate to see that space not built to max height with its corner location along the streetcar (can we come up with a one word name for our streetcar, please?) and visible from FWW. BTW, wasn't the development rights for that space supposed to run out soon on Carter? They ought to call the trolley QUEST QU ...for queen city E ...energy Saving S....System T.....Transit
  4. Is there any information on what restaurant will be located on the top of this development...Building looks great from highway. Agree, more vertical development is needed in Kenwood including a hotel with conference space...
  5. The crane is back up at Kenwood Collection...signals progress and maybe even a finish agenda Hope building looks as good as the renderings when finished.
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