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  1. I suspect the same. NACTO guide says streets up to 25,000 daily volume can be candidates for 4-to-3 lane road diet conversions. Source: https://nacto.org/publication/urban-street-design-guide/streets/neighborhood-main-street/
  2. Under the 5 lane option, it looks like the water main would be under the sidewalk. I don’t see why that’s so bad, or so much worse than it being under the street, especially since DOTE can control the width of the sidewalk and make it extra wide so no new buildings are built right up next to the water main. But I’m not a civil engineer. It’s too bad. If the city admin was pro pedestrian and pro bike, I’d question them a lot less when they say they can’t do something or something is too expensive.
  3. Single day data points are a poor way to judge this policy.
  4. Yes, should have clarified, the 10’ was from the community approved five lane proposal. Can’t find current width but they may vary. half measures and half a**ing don’t get you half way there. It gets you nowhere or worse. This city loves doing things that way though
  5. The travel lanes have been increased to 11’ from 10’. At Republic the northmost lanes are 20’ (travel+parking) (parking can be accomplished with an 8’ lane so this could be 10’+8’=18’ instead.) This is a recipe for continued race car behavior
  6. thebillshark

    Elon Musk

    Read between the lines on the Boring Company. It’s a de-facto admission that fully automated self driving car technology requires a controlled environment to operate safely
  7. I think Hen of the Wood chips are really good. Kudos to them for starting something new. Uhh... that’s kind of the main goal of a successful business
  8. If no one sees this area in between the ceiling and the roof anyway, I don’t see the point in using wood instead of steel to rebuild.
  9. Dayton has a really strong bicycling community and culture. Probably a part of Huffy and Wright Bros. legacy
  10. At the latest open house at the Woodward DOTE said the cycle track option was unfeasible because of safety concerns. (Didn’t go into much detail)
  11. Yeah, the dilemma is low bridge vs. high bridge. If it’s a high bridge, needs to be a connector down to US 50 on the Ohio side. If it’s a low bridge, needs to be a connector up the hill on the KY side where there would also be a 300 ft elevation difference. Not sure what the pros and cons of each are, especially cost. A high bridge might serve the West Side better because it wouldn’t rely on the winding downhill portion of Anderson Ferry Rd. to connect to the rest of the road network. But then it might be slightly more cumbersome for someone trying to get downtown from the airport or someone using the bridge as an alternate to the Brent Spence. Mt St Joseph might object to the idea, but it could also be tremendously valuable to them almost magically relocating their isolated campus to an exit off of I-275.
  12. There is about a 330 ft elevation difference between US50 and the top of the hill on the Ohio side. I’d do a high bridge from 212 in KY directly to Neeb Road at College of Mt St Joseph. Then I’d build a new mile long connector heading east down towards US50 that would intersect near Fenimore Street. That would still be pretty steep grade, 330/5280=6.25%. Bender Rd would serve as the US50 connector from the west.
  13. That would guarantee people showing up at the wrong place for concerts into perpetuity
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