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  1. Maybe in some cases but my hunch is there is an induced demand caused by free fares that captures many people who don’t even use cabs or Uber or Lyft or wouldn’t otherwise be using them for a particular trip if they would be taking the trip at all.
  2. Not exactly- I mean talking about the importance of the free part. Free fares increasing streetcar/circulator ridership by tens of thousands really hasn’t been anticipated by us or discussed by Citylab et al or even a focus of Jarrett Walker.
  3. I think you’re right and this is something that wasn’t even part of transit experts’ discussion of the pros and cons of streetcar systems 10 or even 5 years ago. Free fares have major impact for an urban circulator
  4. Cincinnati should do away with CC-A zoning altogether. I can’t think of a single area of the city where it would it would be desirable.
  5. If Hamilton County is involved in this project too, what are the odds they can keep their eye on the ball for 180 Walnut and the rest of the Banks at the same time? (Spoiler: IMO not very good)
  6. Agreed. Big problems and long delays are possible if/when they try to demolish the Millennium. What you suggest is both the path of least resistance, least traumatic to the urban fabric, and could provide the most benefit.
  7. They’re both bad options but If I had to pick expanding over 6th and and expanding over Elm I’d choose 6th. With 6th you’d be taking basically the end of the street at the edge of downtown in an area with existing structures hostile to street activity whereas with Elm you’d be taking the middle of a street in what otherwise could be a walkable active corridor especially if the Millennium was replaced with something that addressed the street better.
  8. As I recall the plan was to sink Elm Street into a trench and build the convention center on top of it. Would be bad for street life and pedestrians and enlarge the psychological and physical barrier the convention center creates across the western half of downtown
  9. Seems more likely they will go through with this terrible plan now.
  10. If the Reds could somehow sweep this upcoming 4 game series against the Cubs they’d be right back in a 4-way race for the NL Central division title.
  11. Was about to do an urbanist freak-out over this too but then I thought that 90 spots isn’t really that much for a building of this size and square footage. Could this be considered parking-lite?
  12. One year the e sports arena needs an 8k 200 ft video monitor and the next year everyone shows up with augmented reality goggles and doesn’t need it anymore. Hamilton County taxpayers beware!
  13. Like the idea, but isn’t there a risk that the format or requirements of such an arena could change overnight? (I think I remember at UC that they put Ethernet ports along each table in the physics classrooms only to be rendered obsolete by WiFi not long afterwards. Guess the power outlets are still useful though)
  14. Does MEMI still have to do fundraising for the construction costs of the music venue? Will the donors that helped with the Music Hall renovation help with this?
  15. -thread is getting off topic -completely pointless for Rheingeist to merge with Madtree -Madtree not dying -one X factor threat for microbrews is this hard seltzer stuff like White Claw. Exploding in popularity this summer. Not much craft to it so there’s little opportunity for microbreweries to differentiate themselves making their own seltzer brands
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