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  1. thebillshark

    US Economy: News & Discussion

    I just do not buy “creative class” theory. Who are these supposedly elite-Olympic-athlete-level corporate employees that will toil way happily in NYC but would not come to Columbus OH for any amount of money? If they are “superstars” aren’t they spending most of their time at work instead of taking advantage of restaurants, nightlife etc.? Especially if you’re talking about engineers (who tend to be more introverted from my experience) and not fashion designers? I suppose there’s a threshold of cosmopolitan-ality to meet, but I have a hard time believing that most mid-sized cities in the US are below it. I saw a tweet that mentioned parts of Long Island City are in the new federally designated “Opportunity Zones.” Are the HQ2 sites simply places where Amazon can maximize their real estate investment?
  2. thebillshark

    US Economy: News & Discussion

    Amazon not really doing an HQ2. More like an HQ2a and HQ2b? Choosing Long Island City neighborhood of Queens NYC and Crystal City VA across from Washington DC: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/05/technology/amazon-second-headquarters-split.amp.html?smid=nytcore-ios-share#click=https://t.co/Rh59izh7cV The HQ2 was always such a weird concept (a second headquarters equal to the first? 50k new jobs from thin air?) that I was skeptical they’d go through with it as advertised. Meanwhile by going to these gilded coastal enclaves they’re not doing anything to help their image as an extractive company for flyover country...
  3. thebillshark

    Electric Scooter Sharing

    Great article about the history of the Segway company up to present day scooter sharing with a Cincinnati reference to boot: https://www.cnn.com/2018/10/30/tech/segway-history/index.html
  4. thebillshark

    Cincinnati Beer / Alcohol News

    I’m a fan of a new beer Sam Adams has out called “Sam ‘76”
  5. thebillshark

    Ohio's 1st Congressional District

    Being “from” OH-1 is a meaningless concept because it is a gerrymandered, disjointed, non sensical shape lacking geographical or cultural cohesion. Have any House seats in the entire state changed party hands since the redistricting after the last census almost ten years ago? This is democracy?
  6. This spat is blue bloods vs. blue bloods so should be interesting how it turns out. If FCC just waited a year for the IRS site in Covington to open up they would have had things a lot easier!
  7. Drivers prefer using the streetcar lane on that block of Elm because they don’t like driving on the cobblestone. So if this was done northbound cars would probably merge back over to the streetcar lane almost immediately after the intersection (but the streetcar would have an easier time turning at the light, provided no cars were stopped ahead of it at a red light waiting to go straight on 12th towards CP.)
  8. To me reliability and on time performance is the key to everything. There’s a lot to do to repair a soiled reputation in this regard. I’d be interested to see the number of streetcar-hours of service per month between this year and last to see if we ran more streetcars more often a year ago. I know they have been in the shop a lot this year and we have even dropped below our minimum service targets for streetcars in service a few times. Anecdotal and no doubt a bureaucratic impossibility, but I probably would have ridden the streetcar x10 times more when I lived downtown if they allowed dogs. I was up on the fourth floor so any chance to combine another errand with dog walking was great for me and I ended up patronizing dog friendly businesses.
  9. Bonus points for connecting it to the Liberty Street subway station
  10. That’s just now on the market? I thought that was completed a while ago (I posted an Instagram pic of it in June 2017 assuming it was completed & occupied. Had flower boxes and everything)
  11. thebillshark

    Opportunity Zones

    Areas of interest/potential/ongoing development in the Cincinnati Opportunity Zones: -FC Cincinnati stadium and surroundings -the Banks -lot south of Convention Center being eyed for new hotel -Skyhouse Cincinnati site -US Bank Arena -Casino & big triangle lot -downtown south of Fifth Street (includes PNC aka Central Trust Tower recently proposed for renovation, Carew Tower, Western and Southern land) -Queensgate -MLK interchange area/“innovation corridor” -most of Over the Rhine. Left out are some portions north of McMicken and also west of Ravine that could use some help -bizarrely the historic part of the West End is left out despite its high poverty rate
  12. They got what they need for the stadium. The only thing I don’t understand why they didn’t get is the cell phone tower lot facing Central Parkway. Maybe the owner is holding out for too high a price. The two buildings along Central Parkway to the south of Galena Alley that aren’t included, “Mozart Garage” (whose sign is in FCC colors) and an office building, have both been recently rehabbed and are in great shape. Maybe someday upper stories could be added to those structures
  13. How on earth is this still undecided with the groundbreaking so soon?
  14. Great news! I was really surprised to read that this building is 73% vacant.
  15. Historic tax credits are by far the best way to support economic development in this state. Historic renovation is likely to involve small and local contractors. The buildings are likely to be supported by existing infrastructure instead of requiring new roads and sewers and parking lots, so it’s very efficient for government budgets. Historic buildings are more likely to host locally owned small businesses once renovated as well. This program should have been quadrupled in size, yesterday.