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  1. whoa! That’s almost like a bajillion! The only real math in these reports, is taking the miles between cities, dividing by an arbitrary guesstimated “speed” of the hypothetical hyperloop and coming up with the number of minutes it would take for something (anything) traveling at that speed to travel that distance. Like everyone does on a road trip in a car. Throw in computer renderings and collect the check
  2. Sounds interesting but I think Columbus should just go for broke with a ten mile or more subway tunnel underneath High Street.
  3. this is false. Wade and Bauer are equivalent of any OTR streets you wax ecstatic about. Plenty of them had huge gaping holes before redevelopment started. 1500 block of Race street comes to mind
  4. Zero consideration shown for the urban context of their stadium. Even though a supporters group named “the Innenstadt” helped the fledgling fan base get off the ground
  5. Hey our fans think the urban core is really cool and hip so we’re going to come in and raze a huge chunk of it, k?
  6. Yeah city should hold onto that and consider it part of Wasson Way ROW. Once right of way is broken up it’s darn near impossible to reassemble. Light rail aside it looks like if they sell that parcel then the trail ROW will have a really thin width in that area limiting design options
  7. Or just post a draft of the meeting minutes on the same web page they post the agendas. Very simple the lack of meeting minutes makes it especially hard to follow along on items that come back before the board two or three times with modifications.
  8. that’s the way it is for every meeting. this is a huge flaw in the way HCB publishes information
  9. All gondola proposals will now be fought by the all powerful Big Ferris Wheel lobby
  10. Lot 28 could be the perfect spot for a gondola to Covington: https://cincinnatiideas.com/gondola-at-the-banks/ perhaps the Covington terminal could be further west as part of the IRS infill project
  11. Let’s try this out... FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY at the HERITAGE BANK CENTER
  12. The county should have to explain why they think the city’s interpretation is incorrect. It’s really a math problem about surface parking that should have a yes or no answer. the legal right to develop residential should have nothing to do with vacancy rates in the rest of the neighborhood
  13. Like, what’s the logic behind eliminating residential uses for Lot 24? Surely the city had to provide some reasoning for this change, however flimsy?
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