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  1. I wonder if we’ll open up physical auxiliary testing centers or anything like that soon
  2. You have a good point. I was also thinking redeveloping the airport and perhaps some surrounding warehouse type buildings would draw less NIMBY ire than normal. Moving the airport to the Central Valley would be a distance of about 35 miles from Downtown San Jose which would be like putting Cincinnati airport around Springboro. Denver airport is about 18 miles outside the city. But it still might make sense for a rich worldwide hub of technology region like the Bay Area? Don’t know how San Jose airport ranks compared to San Francisco and Oakland airports
  3. Idea to help solve the housing crisis in the bay area: The San Jose international airport is in right in the middle of everything, less than 2 miles from downtown San Jose. Why not move the airport east across the mountains and connect it with a long high speed rail tunnel? You could then build a larger airport and have highway connectivity to other parts of the bay area and other communities in the Central Valley. Then you could redevelop the San Jose airport with high density housing (skyscrapers) and perhaps just as importantly remove the building height restrictions in the surrounding area that were in place to accommodate the airport flight paths.
  4. We went from “zero” cases in Ohio this morning to Ohio State suspending in person classes tonight: https://www.wcpo.com/news/national/coronavirus/ohio-state-suspending-in-person-classes-moving-to-online-instruction-in-wake-of-covid-19
  5. I wish we weren’t losing Wade St. and historic buildings for this. From an urbanist perspective getting these garages right is just as important as getting the stadium itself right, but it seems everything stadium related is going to be approved with little discussion from here on out. Will people be able to walk in the area between the stadium and parking garage on non-game days? That could impact the walkability of the area and the extent that the stadium acts as a barrier in the neighborhood.
  6. This is contrary to the main reason for my somewhat off the wall suggestion of an outlet mall in the first place. I’m saying any one story structure would be easier (less cost and risk) to maintain, renovate/repurpose or even demolish over a time span of decades than a more complex structure. I’m assuming those things would be more difficult to do (perhaps only slightly, but perhaps much more so) for a building suspended over a highway than one on ordinary ground. In the absence of an “Amazon HQ-2” style increase in demand for real estate in downtown Cincinnati, we should consider a simpler structure if the numbers at all pencil out.
  7. From Cleveland: https://www.wkyc.com/mobile/article/news/local/cleveland/developer-released-plans-for-outlet-mall-on-cleveland-lakefront-city-officials-saying-no-thanks/95-8fa1623b-b740-4f34-b3ed-398010d75fe5 I’ve mentioned this before but I think an outlet mall may be a “so crazy it just might work” good use of the Ft Washington Way caps. I say this primarily because any structure built over the highway should be simple and utilitarian in nature, to avoid long term maintenance nightmares. 1 story retail (with street-facing entrances of course, unlike the rendering shown on the article) would fit the bill. Plus you would provide synergies with entertainment at the Banks, possible increase in Hamilton Co. parking garage revenues and nearby jobs for urban core residents. The risk would be how long it would take to recoup the massive up front investment in the caps
  8. The density limits should be removed, yesterday. They are artificially stunting the growth of the city and forcing unpleasant tradeoffs in terms of affordability and the types of projects that can be pursued.
  9. Should do an air gondola that goes from lot 28 at the Banks (just south of music venue) to the new IRS development in Covington. That way you would have a unique attraction that also could serve a transportation function
  10. one minor quibble- the new Mercy West Hospital isn’t in a distant suburb, it’s less than a mile outside the city limits
  11. Off the wall prediction time: I predict the monarchy will exercise their “on paper” political power in some way shape or form on some issue in the future
  12. Sounds like the market will sort it out. Looks like the comment section out there in liberal Seattle is just as bad as anything the old Cincinnati Enquirer comment section ever produced.
  13. They’re opening standalone Macy’s Backstage stores, could downtown get one of those as a consolation prize? Perhaps at in the new 4th and Race building?
  14. The garages immediately north of the convention center hold 1,570 parking spaces, according to this diagram from the FCC stadium PD application documents ( https://www.cincinnati-oh.gov/planning/assets/File/Final Development Plan - Stadium.pdf ) (FCC is counting 840 of them as being available during stadium events.) If the powers that be decide to expand the convention center, they may decide that this amount of parking spaces is irreplaceable, thus ruling out expansion to the north over Sixth and then they will say expanding over Elm Street is the only option. So yet another bad urban design choice would be made based off of parking.
  15. ^i wonder how fast it can go through those pedestrian areas and if it can average a higher speed through them than on a street with mixed vehicle traffic
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