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  1. would make a great cuckoo clock (perhaps incorporating some digital tech features.)
  2. disagree with this. Look up country club plaza in KC. It’s a straight shot south down Main Street from their existing line. Softball on a tee for them to connect to that
  3. ^i wonder if they’re thinking a taller building might cast a shadow on the pool area
  4. I’ve walked past that building 100 times and never once thought that the little driveway (which seems more like a courtyard with the windows of three buildings facing it) interrupted the rhythm of that street in any way, in fact I’ve never thought about at all before this conversation. Doesn’t rise to the level of something that needs to be “fixed” by tearing the building down in my opinion.
  5. This looks like an unnecessary project at best to me. -the existing building that’s there is great urbanism. Doors and balconies that are very intimate with the narrow street. -I don’t understand why the the HCB packet material says the existing building can only be a single family home when it looks like it’s set up as a multi family unit -this discussion should be moved to the 3cdc thread since it is part of the Willkommen project. If it wasn’t part of that project, which is providing a net gain of affordable housing units, people would probably be fighting this
  6. actually you could spend more than $59 million on a renovation and still come out ahead because at the end you’d have a asset worth more than a vacant lot
  7. the library garden is on the vine street side of the north building. This is on the walnut street side of the south building. This is where the raised bed with ivy is (and the parking lot) by the streetcar stop
  8. $59 million seems like a lot to get back to a vacant lot. What if they sunk that much into renovation into apartments and built the hotel on the lot to the south? (Apartment conversion could be difficult because of many factors but could $59 million make it work?)
  9. City kids toss football a lot, even if not playing a full blown game. Informal baseball is rare, although I remember hearing the sounds from aluminum bats from organized games on Dyer field in the west end a lot from when I lived on Klotter. The Reds fund helped upgrade that field
  10. ^articles like that almost always overstate the significance of whatever has been actually accomplished
  11. Whoa https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2019/12/23/cincinnati-bell-to-be-acquired-for-2-6.html?iana=hpmvp_cinci_news_headline
  12. that’s not the way this stadium project has been operating so far. Every step of this project has been an ultimatum on a deadline.
  13. ^None of what you said is actually a response to what I said. I’d love to see a parking garage near Findlay Market but I think blocking off Logan St. is a bad idea.
  14. Blocking off Logan with an above ground garage would be a bad outcome. With all the billionaires and tax money involved in this we should be getting better outcomes. a better outcome would be an underground garage underneath Logan leaving it intact with infill development above. You know, adding more people and businesses in Over the Rhine. a better outcome would be building the garage just across Central Parkway from the market in this giant empty gravel lot and leaving the street grid intact.
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