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  1. Answering my own question. https://patch.com/ohio/lakewood-oh/view-ward-2-issue-6 According to the author of the article (Shachner, Ward 2 Councilman), the Board was pleased overall with the modifications Solove made to the Barry Buick project design over the past few months. Solove will make some further revisions and return to the March meeting for approval. Sounds like some of the nearby residents expressed concerns on traffic (I assume it's this group of NIMBYs: http://lakewoodobserver.com/read/2019/04/03/orchard-grove-residents-resist-new-developments), but it doesn't appear to be a serious concern. Side note, the Observer opinion piece is hilarious IMO. This guy is concerned, among other things, about what "kind of people" will be living in the apartments, and what sort of threat they could pose to his children and pets. It's Lakewood man, sheesh...
  2. Further update on Wagar Park construction - contractor selected and work still on track to start next month. https://www.cleveland.com/community/2020/02/lakewoods-wagar-park-revitalization-project-set-to-begin-next-month.html
  3. I agree, the design is appealing and as a nearby resident I am thrilled to see something happen with this somewhat barren stretch of Detroit. I would prefer no parking lots fronting Detroit Ave, but ultimately would be totally content if this were approved as-is. I am a little disappointed in the apparent lack of retail space (this is still being called mixed-use), but I understand the market drives this decision and there are definitely some vacant retail spaces nearby.
  4. The Solove Barry Buick project is being presented at the BBS/ABR meeting this Thursday. At one point, I know there was opposition about the amount of parking available and some other typical NIMBY nonsense. Hoping this plan will quell their fears about the lack of parking at least. A lot more surface parking than I expected. Images taken from the meeting agenda: http://www.onelakewood.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/BBSARBAgenda_021320.pdf.
  5. ^ Lakewood raked itself. Good thing we pay so much in taxes.
  6. ^^^ Wagar Park construction work out for bid today, construction to begin in March. https://patch.com/ohio/lakewood-oh/wagar-park-renovation-begins-search-contractor
  7. ^^ Is it just me, or does that elevator core look a little like the Leaning Tower of Pisa?
  8. Submit a "revised proposal that would involve fewer units, or possibly a small number of single family homes"...aka less revenue-generating opportunity and no longer financially viable for the developer. Way to go blockies. Probably not a discussion for this thread, but from an outside perspective I've never understood why or how these "block clubs" are able to have any say in matters like this. I always thought they were for planning block parties.
  9. For those who live in and around the "Hilliard Triangle" neighborhood, I have a small update on Wagar Park. I exchanged a few emails with Michelle Nochta (City Planner), who said she expects to have the project under contract by January, with construction starting soon after. She didn't provide a specific construction timeline, but did say that the work would not be completed by summer 2020. I appreciated her timely and thoughtful responses even when dealing with a grumpy taxpayer (me). https://www.cleveland.com/community/2019/07/lakewood-plans-1-million-wagar-park-renovation-seeks-local-artist-for-social-seating-area.html ^This was the last update on the park, not sure if it was previously posted upthread. This is at least the fifth iteration of a timeline I have heard, and the park is a dump, so I'm glad that things are (hopefully) moving forward.
  10. This decision will be made by the Board. There is no way that where the current CEO resides will have any impact on where the Board believes the next HQ site will be. They are likely considering Brecksville because they are making a strong offer - hopefully downtown Cleveland's is stronger.
  11. Quote from the article: “The city is two decades younger than Cleveland on average...” Haha...what? I seriously doubt there is any large city in the entire country that's on average 20 years older than another large city. Or the world, for that matter.
  12. A few times in this article there is reference to Columbus hitting $1B in apartment sales. Stupid question, but what is meant by "apartment sales"? Does this mean the total value of for-sale units sold annually? Or $1B in rent revenue from rented apartments? I assume this is referring to the city as a whole, not just downtown.
  13. My thought exactly. And pardon my lack of knowledge/awareness, but didn't this building win a $25 million credit a few years ago under whatever historical tax credit program was in place at the time? Did that expire?
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