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  1. Quote from the article: “The city is two decades younger than Cleveland on average...” Haha...what? I seriously doubt there is any large city in the entire country that's on average 20 years older than another large city. Or the world, for that matter.
  2. A few times in this article there is reference to Columbus hitting $1B in apartment sales. Stupid question, but what is meant by "apartment sales"? Does this mean the total value of for-sale units sold annually? Or $1B in rent revenue from rented apartments? I assume this is referring to the city as a whole, not just downtown.
  3. My thought exactly. And pardon my lack of knowledge/awareness, but didn't this building win a $25 million credit a few years ago under whatever historical tax credit program was in place at the time? Did that expire?
  4. The talk of a potential supertall on the Jacobs property or mid-rise campus development on the WHD parking lots is awesome, but honestly I just hope the city doesn't screw this up and is able to keep SHW downtown. I'm sure whatever development will follow will be impactful to the skyline and neighborhood.
  5. The same writer authored an article just a few weeks earlier with the strikingly similar headline 'Cleveland's Proposed $12 Million "Investment" in nuCLEus Looks Like a Plain Old Corporate Handout.' Oh boy.
  6. https://www.clevescene.com/scene-and-heard/archives/2019/05/08/first-look-lindeys-lake-house-in-lakewood-opening-may-13 Lindey's, in the former Jammy Buggars spot on the corner of Detroit and Westwood Ave., opening on May 13.
  7. ^^^Thanks, but my question was specifically around the "dome" that appears to occupy that site for most of the year. Perhaps others don't agree that it needs a facelift and an updated lighting scheme on the interior.
  8. A few weeks back, I went to a Cleveland State lacrosse game (which they won...and side note, it's extremely impressive how well the team has done considering it was only their third season of Division 1 play). Of course, this game was played inside the Krenzler Dome. I have never been inside this facility, and I was pretty underwhelmed by the general appearance, seating, and especially the lighting. I even heard that the conference banned softball games inside the dome. With that said, does the school have any plans to renovate or replace this facility? I have been to other temporary domed fieldhouses that are much nicer and well-lit. It's definitely not a great look for a quality D1 program to be playing all their home games there.
  9. Haha okay, fair enough. But you get my point. Cleveland is replete with examples of getting the least utility (i.e. parking) out of areas with the highest visibility and value.
  10. ^^^That's a great tenant for that spot. I'm just happy it didn't become another drugstore or mini mart.
  11. It doesn't, hence I am assuming. Glass half empty over here.
  12. In regards to the potential development of the Steve Barry Buick site, Bobby O's recently posted on their Facebook account that they will remain open until "at least July 1." I assume that means this property is no longer changing hands. If so, I am equally disappointed about any potential development falling though as I am about this establishment remaining open...
  13. Maybe I am misreading your comment, but are you implying that something is in the works at this location? I assume you mean the dumpy vacant parking lot on the northeast corner of Franklin and 32nd.
  14. Hmm, interesting take here...thanks Does anyone know if the city/developer settled on the mid-rise concept or the high-rise concept? I would think the mid-rise concept is better suited for this area and market.
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