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  1. Haha okay, fair enough. But you get my point. Cleveland is replete with examples of getting the least utility (i.e. parking) out of areas with the highest visibility and value.
  2. ^^^That's a great tenant for that spot. I'm just happy it didn't become another drugstore or mini mart.
  3. It doesn't, hence I am assuming. Glass half empty over here.
  4. In regards to the potential development of the Steve Barry Buick site, Bobby O's recently posted on their Facebook account that they will remain open until "at least July 1." I assume that means this property is no longer changing hands. If so, I am equally disappointed about any potential development falling though as I am about this establishment remaining open...
  5. Maybe I am misreading your comment, but are you implying that something is in the works at this location? I assume you mean the dumpy vacant parking lot on the northeast corner of Franklin and 32nd.
  6. Hmm, interesting take here...thanks Does anyone know if the city/developer settled on the mid-rise concept or the high-rise concept? I would think the mid-rise concept is better suited for this area and market.
  7. ^^^First I've heard of that publication, and wow, quite the peanut gallery of commenters on that website. Makes the cleveland.com comments sections seem boring and PC. Not sure I was able to get a level-headed take on the hospital closure, but certainly an interesting read...
  8. I hope I'm not opening a can of worms by asking this question, but can someone briefly explain the "controversy" behind the Lakewood Hospital closure? I was just moving into the neighborhood when it happened, so I didn't get all caught up in it. My assumption is that the hospital wasn't making money and CCF made a business decision to close it. With Fairview being less than 15 minutes from virtually anywhere in Lakewood I don't really see the problem from that standpoint.
  9. Bobby O's is still open. According to a comment on Facebook, they will remain open through the end of the year, if not longer. I wonder what's going on with the demo timeline.
  10. ^ Bobby O's is one of those places that, for whatever reason, seems to have people there 24/7. The Monday morning after St. Patrick's Day this year (which was on a Saturday), I saw a half dozen or so folks stumble out of Bobby O's still wearing their green attire. I can't say I will be disappointed that this joint will be replaced with (presumably) upscale condos, but to each their own I guess.
  11. Personally, I don't think restaurant patrons should get hung up on that sort of thing, but I'm always baffled when businesses choose to air a politically divisive channel/show. Why give your customers any reason to not like you?
  12. Whatever happened to the Steve Barry land? Did that sale close? I haven't seen a public announcement about it.
  13. Any update on the sale of the Steve Barry land? Per the county's website, it doesn't appear that anything has changed hands yet.
  14. I hope this means Wagar Park is next. The tennis courts are a disaster.
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