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  1. The standings are still on the front page along the right side right under the "Follow the Reds" section. This appears to be the mlb.com template for the location of the standings. Unsurprisingly the MLB apparently has complete control of the uniformity of the websites of the member teams.
  2. Based on the Sanborn map from 1917 that can be found for free on the library's website (would post a link but I'm not allowed, not even in quotes.) It looks like any possible renaming of anything resembling a grid to the west would've needed to be renamed prior to that year. From that map you can also see the 29th & 30th were renamed at some point.
  3. Birkla, of Anderson Birkla was the re-developer of the AT580 building on 6th between Main and Walnut. I've been pleased with how that project turned out, but I'm not an architect. At the very least they have recent experience with doing something with a large blank wall of brick.
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