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  1. Cleveland Cliffs, in terms of revenue, is a third the size of AK Steel. This is a small fish with giant profits taking over a big fish with small profit margin. This will catapult Cleveland Cliffs well into Fortune 500 list.
  2. Scrolling through the downtown Cleveland alliance website and their new “build it” icon I came across this graphic. 1 million square feet of office space? Seems suitable for a certain large downtown company?
  3. https://www.crainscleveland.com/real-estate/poor-air-service-hobbles-sherwin-williams-hq-bid A lot of hot air, hopefully.
  4. If Cleveland gets an influx of illegal, or foreign and/or dirty money it too can have a skyline like Miami.
  5. https://www.planetizen.com/blogs/105942-tale-two-estimates
  6. The towers are dated and not financially salvageable at this point. Metro is hemorrhaging money keeping them open. Boutros is doing wonders for Metro. Beginning next year employees and their families will not pay a dime for any health service beyond their monthly healthcare premium.
  7. Interesting data I came across today. Circular Area Profiles has a cool function where one can determine the population from a particular city at a desired radius. Comparing Youngstown and Columbus from the city center and Youngstown remains larger at a 50 mile radius. Youngstown- 2,579,888 and Columbus - 2,425,855. Obviously with Columbus's explosive growth and Youngstown's continued decline these numbers will be quickly flipped, but are interesting nonetheless.
  8. If you look at the five year county estimates, which are stated to be more accurate than 1 year estimates, I think there will be a large revision upwards come 2020. Adding the recent 5 year estimates of counties in Cleveland MSA paints a much rosier picture. Here’s to hoping!
  9. Akron at 30 miles- 2,581,877 50 miles- 3,923,886 Those are huge numbers. Obviously this calls for a huge INTERNATIONAL airport for northern Ohio to be built north of the city with cool maglev connections so people in all 4 major areas of NEO could expediently arrive and depart the airport.
  10. So Cleveland gets a large reduction because of the lake. It would be interesting to see the data for Cleveland if the center was moved 5-10 miles south towards Akron. I would imagine numbers would be much higher and separate it from the other Ohio cities.
  11. According to Jones Lang Lasalle new Cleveland 2018 Skyline Report, One Cleveland Center is ten percent vacant. https://www.us.jll.com/content/dam/jll-com/documents/pdf/research/americas/us/JLL-2018-Cleveland-Skyline-report.pdf
  12. August numbers published: Cleveland 27k jobs year over year gain. Cleveland-Akron-Canton 35k jobs gained. http://ohiolmi.com/asp/CES/CES_GET.asp
  13. Hoping these numbers do not get revised downward in the coming months, but as of now Cleveland is having its most robust job expansion in seven years. It is also the best performing metro in Ohio as of June 2018. https://www.bls.gov/regions/midwest/oh_cleveland_msa.htm
  14. DEPACincy[/member] The 1-year estimates are wildly inconsistent if you trend them from year to year for the past 6 or so years. The 5 year estimates show a steady rise in bachelor degrees in that age cohort for Cleveland. Not as large a number as Columbus likely, but growth no doubt.
  15. I think workplace flows from county to county is a good indicator of regional connectivity and reliance. From the most recent 2009-2013 County-to-County workplace flow here are some key data points: Montgomery county (Dayton) to Hamilton County (Cincy) 2,780 workers Hamilton County to Montgomery County 1,469 workers Summit County (Akron) to Cuyahoga County (Cleveland) 36,200 workers Cuyahoga County to Summit County 16,505 workers As you can clearly see from the above data based on simple commuting patterns Cleveland and Akron are interconnected and should be considered in the same MSA. In fact, Summit would be the third highest county for workers to commute to Cuyahoga County behind Lake and Lorain. https://www.census.gov/data/tables/time-series/demo/commuting/commuting-flows.html
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