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  1. This casino has turned into a real problem for the nearby city. They built it right on a city line, causing heavy traffic and criminal over-spill into the nearby city which receives no tax revenue from the casino. Most locals are underwhelmed with the location, and I'm told that the casino is not doing as well as they had hoped.
  2. Still today the Southwyck property sits vacant, nothing but barren pavement and old memories. They did recently repave the roads around the barren Southwyck lot, but it was too little too late. The whole area is suffering, though there have been some new business changes and developments. A nearby vacant hotel was re-purposed into a Senior center: http://www.toledofreepress.com/tag/southwyck-mall/ . The talk of making a sort of open air, outdoor mall were pretty foolish. Nearby there are two other such locations; Fallen Timbers, and Leviscommons. Both locations are frequently rumored to not be doing well, and both have many vacant stores at them. Frankly, our weather is too hostile to make an outdoor mall as viable as other locations further south.
  3. https://www.firstenergycorp.com/content/fecorp/newsroom/news_releases/new-steam-generators-delivered-to-davis-besse-.html Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station - Installing New Steam Generators 2014 AKRON, Ohio, Oct. 21, 2013 -- FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Company (FENOC), a subsidiary of FirstEnergy Corp. (NYSE: FE), announced today that two new steam generators for the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station in Oak Harbor, Ohio, have been delivered safely to the plant. The steam generators – each weighing 470 tons – were off-loaded at the Port of Toledo last week and transported by train to the plant this past weekend. The new steam generators will be installed during Davis-Besse's regularly scheduled refueling outage in spring 2014. As part of Davis-Besse's design, the steam generators function as heat exchangers, producing the superheated steam that is used to drive the turbine generator, which ultimately produces electricity. "Installation of new steam generators supports the continued safe and reliable operations at Davis-Besse," said Ray Lieb, site vice president of Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station. "The new steam generators will help ensure that Davis-Besse remains an integral part of northwest Ohio's economy, and a clean energy source, now and in the future." Fabrication of the new steam generators began in 2009 by The Babcock and Wilcox Company at its facility in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada – the largest commercial nuclear equipment manufacturing facility in North America. Each of the components measures 74 feet in length, 12 feet in diameter and weighs 470 tons. After being completed in Canada, the new steam generators were shipped across Lake Erie to the Port of Toledo via a jumbo transport ship and loaded onto rail cars for their final delivery to Davis-Besse. The steam generators will be stored on-site in a new 18,000 square foot facility until installation in the spring of 2014. FirstEnergy is a diversified energy company headquartered in Akron, Ohio. Its FENOC subsidiary also operates the Beaver Valley Power Station in Shippingport, Pennsylvania, and the Perry Nuclear Power Plant in Perry, Ohio. Follow Davis-Besse on Twitter @DavisBesse. Editor's Note: Photos of the steam generators being delivered by rail to the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station are available on Flickr. http://www.flickr.com/photos/firstenergycorp
  4. Koreana - Korean Food 1423 Bernath Pkwy, Toledo, OH 43615 (419) 867-8080 http://koreanatoledo.com/ Price Per: Est $20 a person or higher Setting: Mostly an adult location, not suitable for young children Happy Hour: YES! Drink specials and more are offered daily. Step away from the same old sushi, and Chinese food and go check out this hidden Toledo gem! Koreana offers a posh location, fresh food made from scratch for every order, and a unique approach to asian food that has countless people hooked. Since the food is prepared from scratch per meal, the cooks can accommodate many allergy concerns and needs. --------- Deet's BBQ - award winning Toledo BBQ. Featuring southern style bbq that has won countless awards. Family owned, with the owner serving as the pit master, there are occasional shortages as everything is made fresh and in limited supply. If you are in the Toledo area, and you love BBQ you can't beat Deet's! This is a local restaurant, and is not a national chain. Where:1385 Conant St, Maumee, OH 43537 Phone: (419) 893-2335 Web: deetsbbq.com Price: Roughly under $10 a meal. Read more: http://www.urbanohio.com/forum2/index.php/topic,28931.0.html#ixzz2ogh0S7sY
  5. One of the companies I work with is beginning work over at Davis-Besse. They will be handling the storage and transport needs for the massive construction taking place in early 2014. The truck used for this delicate job site are really unique. For those not aware as to what Davis-Besse is, it is a nuclear power plan that provides Northwest Ohio with most of areas power. You can check out some of the Press Releases for this project online: https://www.firstenergycorp.com/content/fecorp/newsroom/news_releases/new-steam-generators-delivered-to-davis-besse-.html You can also see some photos from this project on the FirstEnergy Flickr at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/firstenergycorp (the steam generators being delivered is on there if you scroll down) ----- Orbital Transport Staff Begin Training At Davis Besse www.orbitaltransport.com Preparations are underway at Orbital Transport for a monumental project that will begin in January of 2014. As a part of the regular refueling at the Davis Besse Nuclear Power plant, there is a new construction project underway to improve and replace the existing steam generators. For this project there will be an estimated total of 3,000 people on site from many different local and national companies. The construction will run 24 hours a day, for 90 days. Orbital will staff a 20’ container lifter on site 24/7 throughout the duration of the project to manage and perform the logistics of transporting hundreds of 20’ shipping containers filled with parts, tools and supplies for the project. There is great care and attention to detail while working at Davis Besse. To obtain their individual security clearance, Orbital Transport staff assigned to the project must undergo mandatory background screenings, extensive drug testing and then finally an in-depth safety training program. The safety training concludes with supervised testing which requires an 80% or higher grade to pass, with only one retest opportunity allowed. We are proud that every Orbital Transport employee assigned to this project has successfully passed through the meticulous screening and testing process. A combination of Orbital Transport’s trusted reputation, skillful team, unique problem solving capabilities and innovative equipment will help make this project successful. The jobsite poses many demanding challenges and requires precision handling of equipment as it is moved in and out of the controlled area and the radiation area. Orbital Transport is honored to have gained the confidence of the Davis Besse project team to play such a vital role showcasing our unique jobsite container lifting and mobilization capabilities.
  6. Deet's BBQ - award winning Toledo BBQ. Featuring southern style bbq that has won countless awards. Family owned, with the owner serving as the pit master, there are occasional shortages as everything is made fresh and in limited supply. If you are in the Toledo area, and you love BBQ you can't beat Deet's! This is a local restaurant, and is not a national chain. Where:1385 Conant St, Maumee, OH 43537 Phone: (419) 893-2335 Web: www.deetsbbq.com Price: Roughly under $10 a meal.
  7. For those who have missed out on this event, it's worth going to. I've gone to this since I was a child and have since taken my stepchildren back, as well as many friends with their own children. Even as an adult it holds it's own appeal. The food at the Mills is a great bonus, and has never failed to please when we visit.
  8. I never knew about the location in Cinncie! The next time I am in town, I will have to go visit it and grab some photos. I wonder if any of the historical reenactors know of that location, it would make a great background for costumed / themed photos. I've always loved Europe's approach to hiding the undesirable in plain sight.
  9. I wonder how long the property value with last? As a local resident I have seen first hand the increasing problems the area is facing with crime and undesirable elements loitering. At the mall there have been many violent out breaks, and other problems that have cause recent crack downs on youth, and crowds assembling.
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