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  1. Here is the Ferris Wheel on the riverfront in downtown Seattle. [/img]
  2. Hi. Thought I would share one of my hikes up Mailbox Peak Trail just outside Seattle. Loved this hike! I have other Seattle items if people are interested.
  3. September update on riverfront construction in downtown Columbus Ohio. https://youtu.be/sC7nkPgFSWo
  4. My latest visit to a homeless camp in Columbus! https://youtu.be/8Oi1VMSGu-A
  5. Columbus riverfront construction update for July 2015. https://youtu.be/0-YNDc8tBQM
  6. Have you checked out Ridersmate.com yet? I suggest you do!
  7. A 'Bike View' - I 670 Trail - Alum Creek Trail to Cleveland Ave - Columbus Ohio (narration) Starting at the Alum Creek Trail we ride along the I-670 Trail till we find Cleveland Avenue in Columbus Ohio. This video includes narration. Soon to be part of the Ohio to Erie trail - trash and all!
  8. I'm sorry OHSnap but no one else is posting. My intent to to share experiences, some which people will agree with while others they will not. Here is an example why you need a helmet:
  9. Why using a fanny pack can be your best choice to carry stuff when riding.
  10. Benefits of a hydration pack and how to clean it.
  11. Beginners tutorial on Sprints - Cycling
  12. So the handle bar tape came loose and you are looking for an easy way to fix it? What do you use?
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