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  1. If anyone can get down to the Jacobs lot, there are currently multiple people at the bore holes taking samples. You could do your best @KJP impression and try to get some info.
  2. It appears that some type of holes have been drilled into the brand new blacktop just finished a few weeks ago on the Jacobs lot. The holes were not there yesterday, but I missed seeing what equipment was being used.
  3. It still does. The Federal Bankruptcy Court is on Public Square. The name itself implies that its the location of public oriented uses.
  4. OCI director Tom McNair has some good examples on his twitter.
  5. Eh, my 140+ year-old home in Ohio City does the same thing. There is a lot of housing stock in this city that has outlived its intended lifespan. It then becomes a question of appropriate maintenance as opposed to construction.
  6. ^^^ The invalid parcel number is almost definitely related to the consolidation of parcels, but the online record system takes a long time to get updated. I have seen parcels that have been consolidated for years still showing the old parcel number online. So whether the consolidation has been finalized or not cannot really be determined from the online records.
  7. Has there been any community push back against this as with the proposed apartments across the street?
  8. Good point!! :-D Moriarty's and a law firm in the Baker Building (who is also the lawyer for Moriarty's) are both suing the owners of the Garfield building for loss of business during construction. I guess construction workers go offsite to drink and/or meet with their attorneys.
  9. Battery Park was capped with clean fill. This creates a barrier between the contaminated soil and the new homes. There are no basements. Everything is on a slab. Plus, every unit is a condo, even the single family homes. The master association actually owns the slab under each unit as a common element. This is intended to prevent individual units from digging down into the contaminated areas. I am not saying the same approach will work for the Scranton Peninsula, but simply that there are options for remediation and mitigation.
  10. ^ The registered agent address for Omni Land Development shown on the Secretary of State's website is the same as Knez Homes' address. It looks like Knez is moving west out of Ohio City and into Detroit-Shoreway.
  11. ^ I believe that the roof was replaced by the City back in 2009. There was an article on Cleveland.com in July 2015 reporting on Pat Conway's goal to renovate the station that mentioned the repairs.
  12. The apartment building (The Heyse) at the corner of West 28th and Fulton also received a tax credit. This is great news, as, in my opinion, it is one of the most unique and architecturally interesting buildings in Ohio City. It will also help to bridge the gap between Hingetown, the West 25th Street Lofts and the rest of Ohio City, and bring some vibrancy to the Fulton, West 28th and Franklin intersection.
  13. Green paint or some type of other green covering has gone up on at least one of the decks in right field. The one above Feller's name and number.
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