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  1. If you don't know it's there already, you probably can't afford it.
  2. I actually thought "4th Street Live" in Louisville was a little underwhelming, but maybe I wasn't there at a prime time. Too many bland national chains for my taste, although maybe Cleveland needs a true tourist-trap collection of chain restaurants to take the next step as a destination city?
  3. A Bridge to/from Nowhere Nuevo Mod Mex We'd need at least a few-thousand people living north of the Shoreway for this $8million commitment from the city to begin to make sense. Hopefully the Pace development is further along than it seems from afar...
  4. I hadn't seen this anywhere, but there is an ongoing push to add a Platform (aka Paddle) Tennis facility on Cleveland Rowing Foundation property in the Flats near Merwin's Wharf. Would be a really cool addition to a growing Recreation hub in that area. Details: https://www.cleptf.org/
  5. The "Shortlist" was a sham to keep Amazon on the front page in the largest markets in the country, while trying to squeeze tax concessions from New York and DC-area. While I think it's helpful for Cleveland to work on its pitch to other potential large companies, nothing I've seen in the process tells me that Amazon would actually consider a non Top10 market.
  6. The other thing to consider is that pretty much any property sold for less than $100K within Ohio City, Tremont, and (the majority of) Detroit Shoreway is likely to be renovated in some way that would put the new value well over the median. On my own little street in DS, two dilapidated houses recently sold for just under $100K, and I'm happy to say that there are already crews working on them. As a next step, I really hope the Dark green neighborhoods can start spilling over to create more light green in the surrounding areas.
  7. Interesting map. Would be helpful to see the exact net-migration numbers instead of those arbitrary buckets, and an income filter would be interesting too. Anecdotally, it partially lines up with what I've seen: after college, lots of people spend a few years in the "Big City" (NYC, Chicago, LA, DC, Boston, etc.) before moving elsewhere to settle. Now I've also seen a lot of those people boomerang to Cleveland, but perhaps it's not enough to make up for outflow to sun belt and tech hubs.
  8. I agree I'd like local ownership that is dedicated day-to-day to the club, however the reality is that U.S. Soccer standards mandate a primary owner (min. 35% stake) have a net worth of at least $57 million at the D2 level, and the USL will likely want a lead investor to have significantly more than that. If you look around at other new USL clubs, there is big money behind almost all of them. Not saying it's impossible for some of those local investors you mention, but it does seem like a pretty big chunk for them to take on.
  9. I think it ultimately depends on who the big-money investor will be for this team. (I assume that the Force crew will need more financial backing to join the USL.) Haslam would mean Browns Stadium is more likely. Gilbert could mean a site by the river. Wolsteins could be involved, but not sure what location that would point to.
  10. I know this developer did the Fairmount Creamery project, but does anyone have a list of other projects in/around Cleveland?
  11. Dipping an extremely tentative toe into the Current Events forum, here is where I stand on the likely candidates: Would enthusiastically support: Klobuchar, Hickenlooper Would settle for: Biden, Brown Would be disappointed: Everyone else Like it or not, the path to the presidency still runs through the midwest, and is determined by the kind of voters who voted for both Sherrod Brown and Mike Dewine in 2018. Once IN the White House, I think having an ability to compromise and/or executive experience gives someone the best chance to actually be a good president.
  12. Great to see improved service to the southeast...it looks like weekend getaways to Charleston are finally doable. This time last year it cost $450 RT minimum to visit, including a lengthy layover in either Charlotte or Atlanta. I just hope Allegiant following Frontier into Charleston doesn't saturate the route so neither can survive.
  13. https://www.clevescene.com/scene-and-heard/archives/2019/01/14/good-company-the-plum-crews-plum-like-take-on-a-neighborhood-bar-opens-this-week-in-battery-park New place set to open in the ground floor of The Shoreway building this week. Excited to see what this crew can do with it. One interesting note from the article: "And soon, a new parking lot will be unveiled just steps away, obviating future plaints of ambulatory anguish." I'm guessing this is just the space south of the Shoreway building, but haven't noticed any movement?
  14. Overnight (post-midnight or even earlier in some places) meter parking is no longer allowed throughout much of downtown on the weekends. Additionally, if there is any kind of event at the Q or Progressive Field, large swathes will be closed at random times during the day as well.
  15. The weekend on-street parking policy, which was only instituted last year, basically forces anyone in the area without a monthly garage pass to park in a paid surface lot. I wouldn't be surprised if the policy came directly from the surface lot operators.
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