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  1. Lol the basic coffee is certainly not great, but the red-eye is pretty good IMO. I also love the bagels and recently discovered the Club Sandwich is excellent. I also appreciate that it's one of the longer-tenured businesses in the neighborhood, and one of the few that caters to the full cross-section of the neighborhood. That said, I think the BP Pub space could work well for coffee/breakfast because of that great patio...
  2. Ohio City has Phoenix, Rising Star, Koffee, and Duck Rabbit, plus you could count stands at the WSM, Townhall and Cleveland Bagel. Love Gypsy Beans, but if the area could support it, it would be nice to have a coffee place closer than a 10+ minute walk.
  3. Wonder if the immediate neighborhood would ever be dense enough to support a coffee shop / cafe there instead of cycling through bars.
  4. If the Metroparks were able to add a nice trail/corridor alongside Burke from E 9th to the E55th Marina, it would really add value to this area, which already appears to be picking up from a development perspective. Add that to a completed first leg of the midway a little south of here, and I think it can help revive the whole area east of downtown. In a meeting I recently attended, a Metroparks rep said they "have a plan in place" for such a trail north of the shoreway, though they indicated that there didn't appear to be enough political will from city hall to push it forward at the moment.
  5. There is $150K for initial improvements, mostly surrounding the decrepit rail bridge (though not directly on the bridge, since that is privately owned by N/S). Zone said Lake Ave is slated to be re-paved in 2021 for the section between Detroit and Clifton, but that didn't seem to include any of the elements seen in the presentation. Once they finalize this plan, it will be submitted for approval and then they'll work to secure funding. So it's probably more of a 3-5 year horizon, while fully restoring the bridge will likely take longer.
  6. The meeting was almost exclusively related to re-configuring the street to make it more pedestrian/bike friendly, as well as beginning work to rehab the area around the dilapidated Norfolk Southern rail bridge. The current plan adds green-painted bike lanes (plus a small buffer) on both sides of the street + crosswalks at 78th and 85th. They are taking public feedback at this link: http://cleveland.mindmixer.com/ PDF of Current Proposal here: http://content.mindmixer.com/Live/Projects/cleveland/files/228425/2019-05-29 Lake Ave Public Mtg 2_FINAL-sm.pdf?636947533608830000
  7. Does anyone know how common it is for T50 airports to be operated by a city government vs. an independent entity?
  8. The bigger issue IMO would be threatening the future connection of Edgewater to the Towpath trail via the Whiskey Island connector... unless I have my Flats geography wrong.
  9. Perhaps it will be good news in the long-term if a new developer can come in that has more resources/experience with large projects.
  10. From East 4th and surrounding area, you cross the Nucleus site, the Q and Progressive Field, and then cross Carnegie and under the Innerbelt Bridge... it's doable, but I suspect may be a little long for the average fan. Another reason to embrace the plan for upgrading the western side of Ontario and Huron perhaps. Edit to Add: put another way, there are no natural candidates for being a pre/postgame bar. I don't think FES is a positive example of a well-integrated stadium, but even that feels closer to West 6th than this does to the other side of downtown.
  11. Not what I was hoping for from a site perspective. On the one hand, at least it's not located in Strongsville or Macedonia. But on the other hand, this is pretty isolated and I can't think of what I'd do before/after a game in the vicinity of the stadium.
  12. For example, the convention center in New Orleans (a big-time convention / special event host) is 1km long from one end to the other. I don't think Browns Stadium is an unreasonable distance from the main Convention Center by comparison, assuming a land-bridge can get people back and forth.
  13. I know a nice brownfield about 2 miles down the road... unless there is a thought that this land would be viable for non-industrial use?
  14. The city is working with an architect from Bialosky (firm that designed Edgewater Beach House) to create a master-plan for the stretch of Lake between Detroit and Clifton. There was an initial public meeting to gather input from neighborhood residents last month, and there will be a follow-up meeting sometime in April. It seemed that most of the improvements would be related to streetscape, although I'd assume these improvements would be targeted at attracting additional investment (and residential conversion?) in neighboring blocks.
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