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  1. Have to imagine this site's proximity to the Red Line Greenway will be a big selling point.
  2. I'm in the camp that thinks Hopkins works pretty well as is. I don't travel as often as I once did for work, but I think the convenience of CLE (proximity to downtown, transit options, ease of security, distance to gates) is very strong compared to most airports around the country. I think there's even a better mix of food options than you find at many larger airports. As for destinations, when you look at our peer markets, the difference in air service is pretty limited, and in many cases CLE has better domestic service. STL probably has the best mix of destinations in the peer set, but that is a SW hub. While it's true that airlines finance renovations, that is all passed along to consumers in the form of higher fares. I'd prefer to see CLE focus on keeping fares low and expand destinations as much as possible through low gate fees and other incentives. I don't think adding a huge amount to the debt load for a shiny new terminal is going to convince airlines to add service... they are pretty sophisticated at assessing demand.
  3. 57% increase in Asian population in the city in 8 years? I know it wasn't starting from a big number, but that's a huge increase. Also notable that Cleveland was near the top of the list for cities that have become more diverse in this time frame.
  4. Huge relief that it's staying open, and glad to hear that it's doing so well (which I'd expect given the crowds I see there all the time.) Also nice to see it outperforming other locations throughout the country, although it doesn't take a genius to know that you should never go up against Publix in Florida.
  5. I thought Giant Eagle had a store on the property previously, then shut it down to drive people to the larger store at W117 and I-90, and then actively fought to keep any competing grocers out. At the very least, I hope Lucky's has demonstrated to other grocers (hello Heinens or Trader Joe's?) that there are more than enough customers in the area who want an alternative to Giant Eagle.
  6. Yikes! That would be a big blow... must be some serious mis-management because the Cleveland location is always busy. If it does close, I can only hope that another grocer wants to fill the space.
  7. Would love a Priority Pass lounge at CLE. I have no idea how that company makes money with all the card-holders out there who are opted into it these days, but I guess that's for them to figure out!
  8. It's actually on Cleveland Rowing Foundation land I believe. Bottom line is it will be a great all-season addition to the area.
  9. Stumbled on this grain of info: https://www.golocalprov.com/business/pawtucket-400m-soccer-developers-says-they-are-going-to-baltimore-cleveland "Johnson during the interview said that Fortuitous Partners is also looking at Baltimore, MD; Cleveland, OH; and other cities for their opportunity zone driven sports complex model...Johnson told Consol that the costs of the developments would cost between $100 million and $1 billion." Seems like these guys could add financial muscle to the Cleveland Force crew, though I don't think it's too common in the USL for there to be primary owners/investors with stakes in multiple cities. The proposed project in Pawtucket is mixed-used surrounding a stadium, so at the very least this might point to additional development surrounding a potential stadium in CLE.
  10. From what I remember of the meeting, the 250 number is accurate, though I forgot to grab the total sqft they mentioned. The buildings will feature a number of small-ish units (600-800 square feet), but not micro-units, so I believe the total square footage is wrong. It's possible that 91K is for just 1 of the buildings...
  11. Plans look like a nice upgrade on the existing space, however it's still a disappointment to have lost Hawken. The cynic in me sees a space that may only be used once per week for weddings and other banquets. Hopefully they can find a range of uses for this space, and keep it busy on a more regular basis. Glad we're at least seeing more investment helping to close the gap on Detroit between Ohio City and Gordon Square. Across Detroit from this, there also appears to be some significant remodeling work on the properties between 55th place and 57th St.
  12. Neighborhood meeting last night to discuss proposed apartments to be built on the currently empty swath of land between w 70th and 73rd st. Apparently Marous is selling the land to Columbus-based developers (https://www.avenuepartners.com/), who are planning to build a pair of 4-story apartment buildings on the site. The project would include ~250 market-rate units and underground parking, along with some surface parking and a smaller "clubhouse / pool" facility in the NW corner. It seemed like they had everything in order, though I can't remember what timeline they gave for construction. Additionally, the long-awaited punch-thru street between 70th and 73rd seems ready to go...Matt Zone estimated work would begin on the road by May and complete end of 2020. Sorry for the blurry projector photos, but I snapped a few at the meeting
  13. Anyone have a sense of how hard / expensive it would be to reconfigure the terminal to be able to handle bigger planes? Seems like a no-brainer long-term, though I don't really know how these things work...
  14. It's a great location, but within a few blocks you have what I consider to be the best chicken wings (Good Company), tacos (La Plaza via Terrestrial), pizza (Il Rione), and pint of Guiness (Stone Mad) in all of Cleveland, in addition to many other great options. Location alone won't do it... you have to give people something new or a reason to come back! On a couple trips to Battery Park Pub, they couldn't even manage to stock the bar properly. I had heard the previous restaurant (Graffiti) did OK, but the building owners raised rent and it was no longer worth it for the restaurant owner. The patio is really cool, but I've wondered if they could benefit from opening it up to the neighborhood a bit more... there is currently a tall (and somewhat rickety) wooden fence running around the perimeter, obstructing any views in to / out of the patio. Here's hoping the flyer is misleading, and they bring some new life to that space.
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