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  1. Would this include the Rideshare pickup area? I find that's an important "front door" impression when visiting other cities. Cleveland's rideshare is well located, but it could definitely help to make it feel more permanent.
  2. ML11

    Columbus Crew Discussion

    One scary piece of random speculation surrounding the Haslams... Jimmy and Dee own the Cleveland Browns as we all know. We also know that the Browns are already getting the ball rolling on a negotiation for a future stadium in Cleveland. There are several examples around the league (Atlanta, Seattle, New England, etc.) of MLS teams playing in the same facility as their owners' NFL team, and it's a pretty attractive business model for those owners. In this particular case, it could even help the owners get additional public funding by doubling the number of active dates for a future stadium. Again it's pretty baseless speculation, but I do think it's enough to provide the Haslams with leverage over Columbus in new-Crew stadium negotiations. And if things don't get off to a great start, or if there's a major hitch in getting a new Crew stadium, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Cleveland scenario floated.
  3. ML11

    Columbus Crew Discussion

    At a minimum, I hope the new regime can get the Crew's games back on a TV network that people actually watch!
  4. ML11

    Columbus Crew Discussion

    Awesome (unconfirmed) news for a Friday! Let's hope the Haslams are willing to invest in the team. If done properly, I could see a wave of support with the grassroots energized, and the wider market being more willing to support an owner not named Precourt. Thrilled for Crew fans!
  5. Any way to tell where on West 73rd this is? The entire east side of the street is potentially re-developable... Edit Update: the Sixmo Architects site lists Battery Park as one of their recent projects, so it's possible this is just the plot that has already been cleared north of Battery Park Blvd?
  6. Agree that the design is pretty meh, and the developer doesn't have a great track record (see: recent rent strike at its property in Beechwood.) I'm skeptical that Edison Phase I or II will be in great shape in ~10 years. I'd still rather have something in this location than what's there (or not there) right now.
  7. Lakewood or Shaker seem like the easiest solutions based on your criteria - dense enough to be walkable (though it varies depending on exact location), but without the hassles of having to stress over picking the right school. If you're set on buying, just make sure you're accounting for HIGH property taxes in several areas (Shaker and Cleveland Heights especially.)
  8. Good to see more development fill in south of Breakwater for Phase II, but I'm majorly bummed about that Hawken news.
  9. ML11

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Odd attempted troll job. I'll never understand why there's a segment of the population who feels the need to lash out at soccer. Why so threatened/offended that some people enjoy following the sport? As for the ratings, there are plenty of reasonable explanations for why ratings were down from 2014.
  10. There's no real event space at JACK. At many casinos there is a theater or ballroom venue of some kind that's used for concerts, comedians, boxing, etc. That's not really needed in Cleveland, with so many downtown entertainment options surrounding the casino, but the main positive to a casino venue from a local's perspective is that casinos often pay fees up-front to different acts, which can help attract shows that wouldn't be willing to come to town otherwise.
  11. It will be good to have something open and operating in that space. The concept seems very similar to the recently (re)opened Battery Park Pub that's 50 yards down the street, but hopefully there's enough traffic to keep both places going.
  12. My $0.02, but don't waste precious vacation time on unnecessary extra travel. You could spend a year in Italy and not come close to seeing everything...stick to that if you can. Love to see a cheap non-stop Sarasota flight from CLE, and the flight times are positioned well for a long-weekend trip. Tons of Ohioans on the gulf coast, so I imagine/hope that flight will be popular. As an aside, I still wish the Indians had found a way to move their Spring Training home to Sarasota instead of exurban Phoenix. It would be an annual trip for me in FLA.
  13. KeyBank maybe. For the rest of these businesses, there is plenty of space available down Lorain Ave :)
  14. Agreed, I thought it was supposed to be year-round from the start, but good to see an official commitment. WOW dropping service over the winter was also expected I believe? They seem to operate pretty unconventionally, and I'd definitely choose IcelandAir if I had to pick one of them. If we can't get a flight into a major European hub for now, maybe Norwegian Air could be targeted? They are in a lot of east coast airports, but seem pretty light in the midwest other than Chicago.
  15. Amazing that some people can see an event like last night's City Stages in Hingetown and think that they want *less* of that in their neighborhood.