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  1. Great to see improved service to the southeast...it looks like weekend getaways to Charleston are finally doable. This time last year it cost $450 RT minimum to visit, including a lengthy layover in either Charlotte or Atlanta. I just hope Allegiant following Frontier into Charleston doesn't saturate the route so neither can survive.
  2. https://www.clevescene.com/scene-and-heard/archives/2019/01/14/good-company-the-plum-crews-plum-like-take-on-a-neighborhood-bar-opens-this-week-in-battery-park New place set to open in the ground floor of The Shoreway building this week. Excited to see what this crew can do with it. One interesting note from the article: "And soon, a new parking lot will be unveiled just steps away, obviating future plaints of ambulatory anguish." I'm guessing this is just the space south of the Shoreway building, but haven't noticed any movement?
  3. ML11

    Cleveland parking discussion

    Overnight (post-midnight or even earlier in some places) meter parking is no longer allowed throughout much of downtown on the weekends. Additionally, if there is any kind of event at the Q or Progressive Field, large swathes will be closed at random times during the day as well.
  4. ML11

    Cleveland parking discussion

    The weekend on-street parking policy, which was only instituted last year, basically forces anyone in the area without a monthly garage pass to park in a paid surface lot. I wouldn't be surprised if the policy came directly from the surface lot operators.
  5. I'm fine with Shake Shack moving in, even though I'd go Hecks Express if looking for a quick Burger. Speaking of fast-casual burgers, I wonder why B Spot never expanded to a public-facing downtown location?
  6. I'm not sure if that's $30mil excess from Income Tax alone, but at a 2.5% rate, that indicates $1.2billion in taxable earnings above whatever was budgeted, which would translate to a significant number of New Jobs in the city and/or New Residents.
  7. Nice catch. Interested to see what those 9 destinations are, and how many will be year-round vs. seasonal. (You'd think winter seasonal would be launched by now?) A lot of good info at the bottom of that article, including a note of how average airfare to Boston has dropped 40% since 2013 due to increased competition...another sign that the loss of the hub has helped many consumers in the long-run.
  8. I'm by no means an architect, but agree that the design of this building (and many, many other new-builds on the near-west-side and throughout the country) is disappointing. I assume the aluminum siding is significantly cheaper than a more traditional material, but I can't imagine we'll be thrilled with these aluminum-clad designs in 20 years. That being said, I'm excited to have another big residence here, and will gladly accept this in place of a dusty parking lot.
  9. I have reluctantly accepted Mayor Jackson as the "lesser of evils" in recent years, but I'm disgusted by this series of events, and think it should result in his resignation. Hopefully the drumbeat gets a little louder among those that actually have a microphone in the city, though I'm not holding my breath.
  10. I don't remember seeing this posted anywhere, but I recently noticed an interesting sale on Detroit Ave... The small (and fairly decrepit) building on Detroit and W 69th, which currently houses Subway and Georgio's Pizza, was sold in October for $320K. The buyer is listed as PWF GORDON SQ LLC on the County site, and a quick Google search links it back to an agent at CRE firm Marcus & Millichap. While $5 subs and hot-and-ready pizzas have their place, it would be great to replace this building, and the ugly parking lot that fronts Detroit Ave, with something new to extend the pedestrian-friendly retail west toward Lake Ave.
  11. Would this include the Rideshare pickup area? I find that's an important "front door" impression when visiting other cities. Cleveland's rideshare is well located, but it could definitely help to make it feel more permanent.
  12. ML11

    Columbus Crew Discussion

    One scary piece of random speculation surrounding the Haslams... Jimmy and Dee own the Cleveland Browns as we all know. We also know that the Browns are already getting the ball rolling on a negotiation for a future stadium in Cleveland. There are several examples around the league (Atlanta, Seattle, New England, etc.) of MLS teams playing in the same facility as their owners' NFL team, and it's a pretty attractive business model for those owners. In this particular case, it could even help the owners get additional public funding by doubling the number of active dates for a future stadium. Again it's pretty baseless speculation, but I do think it's enough to provide the Haslams with leverage over Columbus in new-Crew stadium negotiations. And if things don't get off to a great start, or if there's a major hitch in getting a new Crew stadium, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Cleveland scenario floated.
  13. ML11

    Columbus Crew Discussion

    At a minimum, I hope the new regime can get the Crew's games back on a TV network that people actually watch!
  14. ML11

    Columbus Crew Discussion

    Awesome (unconfirmed) news for a Friday! Let's hope the Haslams are willing to invest in the team. If done properly, I could see a wave of support with the grassroots energized, and the wider market being more willing to support an owner not named Precourt. Thrilled for Crew fans!
  15. Any way to tell where on West 73rd this is? The entire east side of the street is potentially re-developable... Edit Update: the Sixmo Architects site lists Battery Park as one of their recent projects, so it's possible this is just the plot that has already been cleared north of Battery Park Blvd?