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  1. Neighborhood meeting last night to discuss proposed apartments to be built on the currently empty swath of land between w 70th and 73rd st. Apparently Marous is selling the land to Columbus-based developers (https://www.avenuepartners.com/), who are planning to build a pair of 4-story apartment buildings on the site. The project would include ~250 market-rate units and underground parking, along with some surface parking and a smaller "clubhouse / pool" facility in the NW corner. It seemed like they had everything in order, though I can't remember what timeline they gave for construction. Additionally, the long-awaited punch-thru street between 70th and 73rd seems ready to go...Matt Zone estimated work would begin on the road by May and complete end of 2020. Sorry for the blurry projector photos, but I snapped a few at the meeting
  2. Anyone have a sense of how hard / expensive it would be to reconfigure the terminal to be able to handle bigger planes? Seems like a no-brainer long-term, though I don't really know how these things work...
  3. It's a great location, but within a few blocks you have what I consider to be the best chicken wings (Good Company), tacos (La Plaza via Terrestrial), pizza (Il Rione), and pint of Guiness (Stone Mad) in all of Cleveland, in addition to many other great options. Location alone won't do it... you have to give people something new or a reason to come back! On a couple trips to Battery Park Pub, they couldn't even manage to stock the bar properly. I had heard the previous restaurant (Graffiti) did OK, but the building owners raised rent and it was no longer worth it for the restaurant owner. The patio is really cool, but I've wondered if they could benefit from opening it up to the neighborhood a bit more... there is currently a tall (and somewhat rickety) wooden fence running around the perimeter, obstructing any views in to / out of the patio. Here's hoping the flyer is misleading, and they bring some new life to that space.
  4. Yikes, the name and font don't inspire much hope.
  5. Gilbert selling off his casinos to become eligible to buy the Detroit Tigers?
  6. I didn't get the sense that the sponsors necessarily agreed with suggestions that the industry should stick... it's possible they were being polite publicly to avoid derailing the original workshop into an industry vs. luxury housing debate. One mentioned that a developer (with existing ties to neighborhood) has already assembled land down West 78th street that could be a first phase of new residential. The northern-most part of the site - where there is existing industry - would be zoned to allow for taller buildings going up to the railroad tracks. I don't think we're talking Gold Coast height necessarily, but the folks I talked to realized that more residents were needed in the vicinity to help make retail feasible and transform the Lake/Detroit intersection. It would likely be years away, but it seemed like things have started to move.
  7. I stopped by the Open House for this effort and I thought it was pretty promising. I'd recommend any UO readers attend the final presentation / Open House on Friday. Among the ideas that seemed to have consensus: - Maximize density surrounding the Lake / Detroit intersection, while also improving pedestrian crossings there - Improve connectivity within the neighborhoods via cut-through streets or paths... currently difficult to access Lake Park from nearby streets for example, and limited access from north side of Lake (around 78th St Studios) to Battery Park / Edgewater Hill.
  8. Now we sit back and wait for the local media to pick up this list with its positive story and promote it, right? (Maybe / hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised.)
  9. So the County is the only viable alternative to build on the Jacobs lot in the next 10-20 years...even if they are not formally competing with Sherwin, they give Jacobs a bit of leverage in any negotiations.
  10. While NRP's building quality is questionable, they do have a track record of getting things built and leased quickly. Something of decent scale is needed to jump-start the area, and I think this is probably good enough (though not spectacular by any means.) Hopefully if they get this up and running in the next few years, it will get the ball rolling on other developments on Scranton.
  11. The prices should be the same, and if they don't have something specific in stock at one of the stores, they have always called the other 2 locations to see what's available in my experience. The main difference between the stores is that Lakewood and Chagrin have more sports equipment (ski, team sports, etc.) while downtown is almost exclusively apparel + some outdoor accessories.
  12. While I agree that the airport could be managed better, and that the Port would be a good candidate to do so, I think "2nd worst in its class" is a little harsh. I have consistently decent experiences at CLE, and think the general "Woe is CLE" attitude in this region probably bleeds into these survey results.
  13. Jimmy is notorious for saying different things to different people in the NFL world, so not a huge surprise to hear that.
  14. Interesting that the pilot area includes the swathe of Detroit with the notorious Burger King, Happy's Pizza, Gas Station and accompanying parking lots. Can the code be used to impact existing properties?
  15. My feeling on any "bridge" to the lakefront is that we have to go "All-In" with an ambitious plan for it to have a real impact. Otherwise it will likely be a boondoggle.
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