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  1. Only FYI, but I believe I read 309 Vine is 95% leased. Still, all good stuff, you add the Ingalls Building Hotel, and a few others on 4th, and it will be really good to add all these new developments.
  2. I belive the policy works like this: $29 Million in property taxes 1,000 houses valued at $1,000 pay $29 = $.029 per house 5 houses get rehabbed and tax abated, $29 Million in Property Taxes, still pay same tax on old value 1,000 houses valued at $1,000 pay $29 = $.029 per house New Construction = 500 houses, if no tax abatement 1,500 houses pay $29 = $.0193 per house ----- General Case in Cincinnati: Say # of houses don't change, 1,000 houses still valued at $1,000 pay $29, 50 houses "run out of abatement", their value goes up previous to value before rehab to $2,000 -> 50 houses then now have a higher value than previous, they take more of a percentage of the taxes So the 950 Houses with Value still = $1,000 will now pay $.02762 The 50 Houses with Value Now = $2,000 will now pay $.05524 Total = $29
  3. I don't believe the city will actually see any new net monies when other properties roll off tax abatements, since it is set in stone what the number is. The only thing which will happen is that existing property owners who are paying the tax will start paying less since it gets redistributed to meet the millage rate. Someone can correct me if I am wrong.
  4. Yes, great news!! Also adding to this is the 4th and Race project, and the other projects on that 4th Street Corridor, really starting to fill in now!
  5. We live in Hyde Park close to St Mary's it is I believe, and they have a massive AC Unit behind their building. It literally is the loudest AC Unit on earth, and made sense why the hosues selling directly across the street are cheap compared to rest of Hyde Park. I think there is a continuous hum in the urban core that you don't even notice since it is constantly there, would be weird if everyone turned them off all at once or if all the power went out, how quiet it would be. I think you get a glimpse of that a little bit when you are in the middle of Wash Park.
  6. Good question. I would guess that they believe it will work well (pretty obvious with the investment they are making!), but secondly on other developers, believe that they may be playing wait and see how this one does. That is what I am most excited about, if this does really well, it may touch off some more developments by other developers in downtown with low dedicated parking!
  7. Thank you, that's great news. What about these buildings on the 1700 block of Vine. Didn't some of them win some tax credits and does anyone know if anything is going on with them? https://www.google.com/maps/@39.1155865,-84.5165582,3a,75y,230.86h,95.33t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s79725Ev2NLUjWKeKgrEsIg!2e0!7i16384!8i8192
  8. I am really interested to see how Evanston will change in the next 5 years. There are some big housing projects on Woodburn it seems. This is one of those areas of Cincy where it really blows your mind how much the neighborhood changes so quickly.
  9. Is there currently a lot of activity going on at the 5 points corner in Northern Liberties development wise? I don't get around there very often anymore to check it out.
  10. I am sure similar to Columbus in some areas but in Cincinnati a huge chunk of the city starting in Northern Parts of OTR to the West End, going up to areas of Avondale and Walnut Hills around the MLK interchange, really huge swaths of the city are pretty bombed out from deindustriliazation and white flight. I always kind of wondered if all the buildings were occupied (not even counting demolished buildings), what would the population of the city be and how that would affect the densities. I think I read sometime that Walnut Hills used to have like 25,000 people in the neighborhood and now it is more like 7,000 people. The good news is these areas are slowly but surely bouncing back, excited to see what the 2020 census shows in these neighborhoods in regards to how they are bouncing back population wise.
  11. Just some off the cuff numbers but looks like the Poste or "Firehouse Row" as it was previously called is added 91 one or studio units and 33 x 2 bedroom units so potential for 160 or so new residents. Paramount Square project is added 44 market rate apartments or say maybe 60 residents. So these two projects are adding 220 or so new residents at Market Rates which should help businesses in the area when they are open. I also think there is more going on than just those two proejcts in the area.
  12. The new Firehouse Row Apartments and the work going on on East McMillan will probably add a lot of residents with decent amount of disposable income. Does anyone know how many units all the projects going on in Walnut Hills proper will add? Sorry being lazy in case anyone had the numbers more readily available.
  13. Good deal this is getting built but just kind of funny to me they advise them as "towers" at only 4 stories! Probably a tower for Montgomery compared to the rest but not a tower in my mind!
  14. I would guess this moves quickly. They will pull together a plan for the full development, build the new convention center hotel on the currently owned lot, demolish the Millenium, expand the convention center there and build another hotel on top
  15. This will be really nice for EWH. Curious how it all plays out and when it will finish. Will be nice when the new development is done and also the full project is finished.
  16. I look at this overall as a win, maybe it delays the new convention hotel a bit. Sorry, I am pretty dumb about this project and planning, would the Lot 3CDC was working on still probably be a hotel when all is said and done? Or would that more likely be part of the convention center expansion?
  17. Awesome photo, I was just thinking, Carew could use a nice upgrade. Maybe it's one of the next inline for a full makeover, after they do the work on the PNC Tower and maybe that company will be the ones that do Carew too.
  18. I just don't understand how they made the brick addition to the entrance so bad, why didn't they add windows or make it glass, would have been better than blank brick walls? Also, this has taken soooooooooo long, hard to understand that, will be what, 4 years since construction started when finished?
  19. Love me some new infill! They didn't show the new infill on ***Vine, probably for a future installment? Also, love the density in these buildings. Am I reading correct that 70% of units will be low income units?
  20. Hopefully it moves quick and that new building will look nice on the skyline and driving in from 75/71 to FWW. This would be the first new construction offices downtown they said since GE Building and before the Great America Tower, so hopefully this is the start of even more movement of office construction. Also, very cool they seem to be moving forward with the development as well on Lot 24, we may be having a construction fury at the Banks by middle next year, would be great to see.
  21. No offense Troeros but I think you worry way too much. This isn't anything new which has been going on for years. Very unfortunate, very very sad, no doubt about any of that. But, this isn't giong to turn people away from visiting and spending money in the city, maybe some people who hadn't been already but what is the city missing then?
  22. Not certain if you are being serious or not but they are doing a massive $100 million renovation so they are probably closing most the stores to re-do everything, I bet it will be better than ever when they are finished.
  23. *Just to clarify, Muz's is closed and has been for quite some time. It looks like on that project Ramundos and Ruthai would not be affected.
  24. ^Yes overall should be a good project when they get to it, those commercial fronts are old and tired and maybe the vacuum shop would want to open again somewhere else on the square. Do you remember what that bar was called? I went in there a couple times, it probably was 5 years ago, and it was so dingy and old but I can't remember the name
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