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  1. I'm sure 3CDC will take a good hard look at it. Maybe waiting on Liberty Street Project? Anyone heard anything on that recently? I Agree, that area of Walnut to E 15th and over to Vine is pretty rough. Isn't there some private projects going on E. 15th? How are the buildings moving along at the East 15th and Vine Intersection?
  2. IAGuy39

    Cincinnati: Brent Spence Bridge

    The West Side Bridge is a no-brainer to help re-develop the West Side by direct access to jobs at the airport area. If only we had a prominent West Sider at the top of the administration who fights for our neighborhoods...
  3. IAGuy39

    Smells of City Living

    The worst smell besides chicken and hog confinements has to be a beet sugar processing facility in Wapheton, ND and Quaker Oats in CRapids, IA. Cedar Rapids, whose officially slogan is City of Five Seasons (W,S,S,F + Season of Fun!) is widely called City of Five Smells. You also have in addition to making oatmeal and cereals (crunch berry day smells great but besides that it's bad) also has Corn processing plants surrounding the downtown. https://petergreenberg.com/2008/11/17/dont-go-there-5-stinky-places/
  4. Not trying to give away existing details but on the news release it said: "Rehabilitate existing structure with a mix of commercial and office." Then mentioned it could support 22 stories on top of existing building. I would guess it may be similar to what ucgrady posted
  5. I think rehab the building but they can add up to 22 additional stories on top of the existing building
  6. It's definitely a condo, I made a post awhile back on the Random Dev. thread but totally forget who is developing it, Terra something. It's on their website. I think it is 2 condos and a storefront commercial
  7. No way, people get smoked in Kroger parking lots all the time. My aunt got hit in a Kroger lot like 4 years ago, Kroger and the Police didn’t do anything, and Kroger couldn’t come up with video tape of the incident. Obviously it was a hit and run, the other person was backing out of a spot and backed right into her walking and now she has permanent nerve damage in her jaw, but trust me when I say Kroger and the police didn’t do a thing. This was in Bloomington, IN. I bet bet so many people are killed each year by getting hit in parking lots but nothing is ever said or done about it to keep protected the companies. Would be an interesting investigative journalism piece.
  8. What a great explanation, thanks so much KJP. I wish so much we had more progressive leadership in Ohio, we have so much potential with commuter lines between our great cities. Someday I think we get there, but I don't think much changes in the next few years with our current leadership. Got to keep pushing! Also, I think a commuter rail between Cincy and Dayton would be great. Especially for stops in the middle areas of the metros like Sharonville, West Chester, up through Dayton, etc. There is a lot of interlap and there could be even more if leaders put their collective energy together for a bit to make it more of a priority. In Cincinnati, we get hounded about text messages between council members and and people calling eachother evil, our mayor saying form-based codes are "scary" and people blaiming streetcar operating costs for a $19 million dollar deficit. Money does all the talking to distract from the real issues in our region, and everyone is afraid to tackle the problem for fear of messing up. That's the Trump effect, any bump in the road to substantial change (talking about spending money in a meaningful investment), gets blown out of proportion by the other side who runs the papers and media (Enquirer). I do hope some day we can get past all this
  9. Just FYI they weren't tearing down any historic buildings for this. I'm sure there were historic buildings here but not certain when they were torn down.
  10. KJP, would you be more in favor of commuter rail lines connecting these areas or light rail? Would commuter rail lines would have more potential for additional capacity? I guess I am just not certain the complete difference. For example, is Barta considering commuter rail line between Oakland and San Francisco?
  11. Troy: I didn't mean to say Cincinnati should copy Nashville. Basically, for us to get everything re-developed, we need to create more demand. I don't know where all the demand is coming from currently (people inside the region already mostly, I am assuming). I just thought out loud that it is an opportunity which I have thought for awhile which Cincinnati could capitilize on to help grow more of the music industry, not for necessarily the tourism factor (though that would benefit) but more towards growing it like a start up sector in the city. This is because Cincinnati does have a history of having reputable recording companies with some high profile artists (like James Brown), and add together with our symphony and other performing arts organizations that outpunch their weight per capita, we could easily start some synergy there in the recording industry. Whether that is rock, funk, whatever, we could make some things happen with the infrastructure we have in attracting talent especially considering we have a low cost of living here and things to keep talented artists happy. That said, I agree with your long term view, to really push Cincinnati at the core of OTR/downtown, but we got to add more in terms of jobs and industry to get to that point, at least to get to it quicker, and would add a great layer to our arts organizations.
  12. Nashville is in a massive boom right now and young talent wants to flock there because of the country music scene obviously. It is also a State Capitol, in a warm environment, is progressive for the south, and has endless nightlife options in the core of their city. I think like any business, over time people had continued to improve on it and everything just scaled up around the music scene. I think there are some other fairly strong industries in Nashville and I know Jake knows more about it. With music I am certain the tech scene is starting to become a bigger factor and now they are adding more and more to the scene with Amazon obviously. Talent attracts talent attracts business attracts talent. If you think for a time Cincinnati had some strong recording companies like King Records. Maybe there is some still around? Sometimes, all it takes is one person to grow a business. IMO Cincinnati would be smart to try to attract recording companies to our city core and put some money into it. If we could get a small cluster, work for cheap and work with some companies to help provide affordable housing, you combine that with our arts / symphony, etc., mix in all that together you could start something that could scale up. Our city leaders though are too focused on text messages, keeping corruption alive and well in the police department, and paying off developer buddies while covering their tracks to get any meaningful type of visionary work done.
  13. How tall is this building going to be? Is it about 17-18 stories? I know we've seen a lot of renderings but it makes it hard to see just how tall it is going to be exactly.
  14. I think what I'm most excited about is just the extra activity and also the big 3 projects underway currently: 1. 4th and Race: Activity what has been a hole in the ground and before a lifeless huge parking ramp 2. 4th and Walnut: Beautiful old building in disrepair and mostly all vacant 3. 5th and Walnut: That's a pretty gritty, rundown corner that will get much needed new life and activation Also as you can see at the Renaissance, there is always good activity and decent foot traffic at the bases of hotels. These three are in areas with desperate need so I'm really excited for these to come to life in the next few years.
  15. *Edit: Didn't quote in the article. Referring to the $100 million dollar 4th and Walnut Center which will become Canopy by Hilton and Hilton Garden Inn.* This is a big development and surprised more people aren't talking about this so far. I've been waiting for this project to get funded and this along with the building at Walnut and 5th (Kimpton at $48.3 million) are going to be big time in that area of downtown which is also adding the 4th and Race development ($116 Million). 3 Big Developments on that corridor totaling $264.3 million is going to be great in an area which can be dead after 5 pm.