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  1. Who said anything about incentives?
  2. According to the data from the City of Cincinnati's Open Data portal the estimated construction cost from building permits for Walnut Hills for the years 2016 to 2018 are: 2016 - $37M 2017 - $22M 2018 - $26M Seems like a whole heck of a lot more than "nothing."
  3. That's a fair enough point. My overarching argument - that something has happened in East Walnut Hills/Walnut Hills - still stands. Pace aside, there are new homes, renovated homes, new apartments, and renovated apartments.
  4. Wrong. There are 18 new single family homes on Cleinveiw alone, not to mention the myriad of rehabbed single family homes being sold. There are at least 3 singe family homes being rehabbed on Burdett Ave alone. The Port Authority has built at least four new modular homes with more coming. Windsor school redevelopment added 42 new apartments. They built new construction apartments on the same site adding 48 more new apartments. The Edgecliff building alone has had at least 30 condominiums that have been rehabbed and sold in the last two years. Could more be happening between Gilbert and Reading? Absolutely. But Firehouse row will completely change that area soon. Anthem site, as mentioned, will add three phases of new apartments, retail, and townhomes. To say nothing has happened is a farce.
  5. According to the latest Planning Commission Packet the duo of Uptown Rental Properties and North American Properties want to develop a 3 building, 202-unit residential property with 231 parking spaces in a structured parking garage (beneath the buildings) in the area bounded by Eden, Donahue, Bellevue, and University Avenues.
  6. Pretty sure their main gripe about Town Center is that there is the very likely possibility it gets torn down in the near future and they're back to having to find a new place to park.
  7. brian korte

    Cincinnati: Liberty Street Road Diet

    Jeuch told Council that the burden of paying for moving a water main that wouldn't have had to get moved if not for this project shouldn't fall on ratepayers. Which is nonsense because that's exactly who should be paying to move water mains regardless of the project - and oh, taxpayers are all ratepayers in some way (directly or indirectly through rent). Jeuch is a joke.
  8. brian korte

    Cincinnati: Liberty Street Road Diet

    They could redirect CAP dollars.
  9. Shadeau didn't die because of competition. It died because of the arrogance and incompetence of the new owner, sadly.
  10. brian korte

    Cincinnati's Homeless Population

    The latter.
  11. brian korte

    Cincinnati City Council

    Yes, but. Right now I think the average voter only votes for 4.5 candidates in a 9x... if it is fair to assume something similar would happen in a 5x - say they vote for 2.5 - then the number of votes needed to be in top 5 decreases as well.
  12. brian korte

    Cincinnati City Council

    Even with staggered terms there will still be a "bottom half." Similarly, in the 9x Democrats endorse 9, Republicans endorse 2-3, Charter endorsed 2-3, and Dems get top spots with Republicans filling in at the bottom. So you got 4x or 5x in staggered terms, well Dems are still only endorsing 4/5, Republicans can endorse 2-3 (or, maybe 5!), and still have the same chance to take the last spot in each election, giving them 2 spots on Council like they have now.
  13. Exterior modifications include paint and tuckpointing. It was not low income housing; just low-end market rate housing.
  14. https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2018/06/28/dead-or-alive-did-city-official-s-cocktail-party.html John Juech should be fired for discussion confidential economic development projects at a cocktail party.
  15. brian korte

    Cincinnati City Council

    Fighting a lawsuit is not a waste of taxpayer resources. The taxpayers pay for budgeted city solicitors already. There won't be any *new* money spent to defend this law.