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  1. Is the roundabout at Dana/Clinton Springs a "mini-roundabout"?
  2. From the HCB packet, "The building will have the appearance of a 2-story building but will remain a strictly commercial building designed for an eating and drinking establishment." and "The building is a 2 story building by appearance, as the interior is a 1 story functional space."
  3. No. They didn't start the pre-development meetings with the city until May 2019 and they didn't submit their building permit application until December 2019 (which still hasn't been approved). Would guess a combination of finalizing the plan, getting approval from the neighborhood, lining up funding, and doing environmental remediation all contributed to the delay.
  4. There were about 7 pickup trucks milling about inside the Anthem site today. I'm expecting work to start this month.
  5. Chili parlor finally coming to OTR. Brand new Cincinnati chili parlor coming to OTR in old Sartre spot
  6. Ozie is a terrible choice. If you can't successfully organize to collect signatures to get on the ballot for school board then I don't want you making policy decisions for the city. PG wont select Alicia if she loses the primary because she'd be a threat to him as a Mayoral candidate. I do expect PG to select a woman and maybe a black woman.
  7. This has zero to do with you suggesting she was buying drugs and how awful of a person you are to even go there.
  8. This is outrageous and you should be ashamed. You have no idea what her circumstances are but jump to drugs? Possibly she was just living above her means? This was almost not worth responding to its so completely out of line.
  9. Oh, now I understand. We absolutely should a build an aquarium.
  10. I don't know what concrete plans may mean, but has absolutely been a part of the long term vision from the start. I do think they've mentioned waiting to be sure this one is successful befor breaking ground on the second tower. https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2016/03/10/50m-condo-towers-planned-for-downtown-cincinnati.html
  11. It's a bad idea. 1) It wasn't gifted by Mussolini. 2) It's not a statue OF Mussolini.
  12. The special prosecutor will somehow make this drag out until October 2021.
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