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  1. "The FC Cincinnati stadium development is expanding to the north, with the team taking control of eight more properties between Wade and Bauer streets in the West End. The plan: Build a 1,000-space parking garage there, which would eliminate Wade Street between John Street and Central Avenue, according to a map given to The Enquirer by the team. The garage would be directly north of the stadium."
  2. 56 affordable apartments in 3 low rise buildings coming to Lincoln/Gilbert/Foraker. An $11m investment. $11 million residential development planned in Walnut Hills
  3. The old Myrtle's space will re-open as a new bar concept the first week of December. A new bar will open in the commercial space in The Henry next to Woodburn Brewery. A "high-end fitness" concept will open in the other The Henry commercial space.
  4. There's a mid-rise residential development in the works at Kemper and Francis Lane.
  5. No. He has an over-inflated competitive spirit, especially for politics. He doesn't like to "lose" and he has continually lost to Todd and Denise on this from the beginning. Not his preferred music venue operator, not his preferred lot, tried to kill it with the hilltop nonsense and couldn't. So, he keeps going. Same as we saw and continue to see with the streetcar.
  6. It is 100% a groundhog. We live very close to the Victory/McMillan intersection and there are at least two groundhogs that roam our and our neighbors' backyards.
  7. Reducing the city's earning tax is a bad idea. Asking for only 0.8% is a bad idea. Splitting the new sales tax funding between "infrastructure" and buses is a terrible idea. The only positive if these pass if that the bus system won't completely crumble but this certainly won't be the transit panacea the Chamber et al would like you to think. I'm will not support Issue 22. I'm on the fence about the sales tax simply because we need a functioning bus system.
  8. Sadly Cincinnati is not the only jurisdiction with this ridiculous policy.
  9. They get the abatement on the difference in value. Furthermore, the city's residential property tax abatement program only abates the first $275,000 in increased value (for the majority of abatements). Most property owners will not see an increase in property taxes solely due to property tax abatements. Again, the abatement is only for the increase in value due to the renovation/new construction of a particular parcel so it is as though nothing happened on that particular property in terms of paying property taxes. As has been mentioned though, folks will see a decrease in property taxes when abated properties begin to start paying taxes on the full taxable value. People are just bitching that the $700,000 new build is paying less in property taxes than the $180,000 house that's been there forever. But the taxes on the $180,000 home will not increase just because of an abatement on a new build.
  10. The County's lawyer, Gableman, disagrees with Cranley's assumption about the parking situation and the future development of lots 1, 13, and 25. Remember, Cranley wanted a different venue operator and a different venue location. He lost both battles. So, he's decided to try and sabotage a project because he didn't get his way. Sound familiar?
  11. I know this is off-topic for the Evanston thread, but at least three of the shops in the EWH business district closed because their owners moved out of the city. Myrtles wouldn't have closed if the landlord didn't kick them out though we expect it to reopen as a bar sometime. The hat/clothing shop on the corner was never going to make it. On the other hand Urbana is thriving, Argos has built a soild clientele, the game store is busy most evenings, Branch is a hit, and there will be a new bar in one of the commercial spaces in the newly renovated Henry building (that includes 19 new apartments). A large apartment building currently being rehabbed at the corner of Burdette and Woodburn will add more vibrancy. Not to mention the eventual addition of 150+ apts at the old Anthem site. EWH BD will be fine.
  12. Does anyone have info on when the Lytle Park portion of this project is supposed to be completed and reopened?
  13. Another downtown/Main St apartment building without dedicated parking...
  14. This has already been approved by the East Walnut Hills Assembly (neighborhood council) and they've approved the use of TIF funds to pay for the planning documents. Once planning docs are done and more accurate costs are known a negotiation with the city will ensue to determine how to pay for the conversion itself. City DOTE is on board.
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