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  1. The vote won't count and it's all for show for Smitherman to keep getting news cycles out of this story. The Charter is clear that a majority of council has to vote in favor of something in order for it to pass; not a majority of those voting. Therefore, with only four councilmembers even able to vote this thing won't pass. Furthermore, it is a motion, not an ordinance, and a motion carries no legal weight to compel anybody to do anything. Again, it's a show. Smitherman should try to do good work for the city rather than bring down his fellow councilmembers.
  2. How do you find the permit application that shows the 75,000 sqft commercial building info?
  3. New renderings for the Anthem site development are in the back of this packet: https://eastwalnuthills.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/EWHA-April-Assembly-Minutes-2019-Website.pdf New tentative timeline is a December groundbreaking.
  4. There's a new (as of 4/25/2019) permit that has been submitted, though not approved, for the Millenium for alterations - not demolition. Could certainly be to address some of the code violations at the Bronze Ballroom the city hit them with.
  5. That was a joke of a "task force" anyway. That's committee work that can be, and will be, done in committee. Amy already is the chair of the Economic and Growth committee. If she didn't need a "task force" for the streetcar project she "managed" from committee then she doesn't need one for the Millenium. Besides, that's what we have paid, professional economic development staff for.
  6. When DOTE came to speak with the East Walnut Hills Assembly about converting Taft and McMillan to two-way in the neighborhood they specifically said they wouldn't be converting Calhoun and McMillan in near campus because of the number of cars using it. That most of them get on/off the highway is why the rest of McMillan/Taft could get converted.
  7. What's the point of attending that meeting if Council is going to be voting on a motion instructing the administration to follow through with the 5-lane option? What's the point of the city paying DOTE staff to attend this meeting? What a farce.
  8. The Planning Commission will vote on the historic designation, however it goes to City Council whether the Planning Commission approves of the designation or not. If Planning does not approve of the designation then City Council has to muster six votes to affirm the designation. If the Planning Commission does approve of the designation then only five Council members are needed to affirm the designation.
  9. This is by far the best option and plan for a new arena in Cincinnati.
  10. Biggest difference with this project, I believe, is that U-Square was owned by CHURC in search of a developer (I think they had an agreement with Towne that fell through at the downturn?) while Deaconess is already under control of a developer.
  11. New news about the Anthem development from the East Walnut Hills Assembly last night. The Fortus + Neyer + Vandercar triumvirate is no more with Neyer and Vandercar backing out. Fortus is now partner with Indianapolis based Buckingham on the development. The change in development team has also, apparently, led to a potential change in design and use of the development with rumors that Buckingham wants to include far more retail than previously envisioned. There are no new public plans so it is just speculation, and the city hasn't had much contact with the developers either, so this project is still stuck in the mud a little bit and likely won't break ground for some time.
  12. Why should I support an increase to the city's earnings tax for a countywide transportation system? I don't think I can. I would absolutely support an increase in the city's earnings tax if we stopped metro at the city line. Or, for that matter, if we force non-city residents to pay a much, much higher fare.
  13. Ryan is right. Additionally, Charter favors two year terms because they feel like it is their best chance to succeed politically - rather than what might be best for the city - which, frankly, should be anathema to what the Charter Committee stands for.
  14. According to the data from the City of Cincinnati's Open Data portal the estimated construction cost from building permits for Walnut Hills for the years 2016 to 2018 are: 2016 - $37M 2017 - $22M 2018 - $26M Seems like a whole heck of a lot more than "nothing."
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