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  1. Maybe I'm prejudiced because I've been robbed there twice.
  2. That site has been an unsalvageable eyesore for 20+ years and is catty-corner from one of the most ghetto gas stations in Cleveland. If someone is willing and able to build a modest brick building that perfectly suits the existing built environment I am all for it. And I would love a walkable Sherwin Williams.
  3. Interesting. It surprises me that the federal government leased.
  4. Never mind. He found some space in an empty garage downtown.
  5. It looks like this to me... http://www.landrex.com/Images/commercial/CommercialNowPre-Selling!ErinRidgeNorthCommercialCenter705937342.jpg
  6. I realize they're still working on the architectural plans, but does anyone else think this looks like a suburban office park; rather than a downtown for a historic suburb?
  7. While we are pondering a replacement and its location, I think one should consider adjacent parking availability. In a post 9-11 world, I can't imagine either a courthouse or a police headquarters with a public parking facility beneath the building.
  8. The courthouse should (and my strong guess is definitely will) be in the downtown core. Downtown is the heart of the county. It's where public transportation converges. It's where the lawyers are, who make a large portion of the tenants in our remaining non-converted office buildings. Lawyers want to walk to court. Judges want to walk to lunch. And of course, lawyers and judges are politically connected. Just because the Justice Center is ugly, doesn't mean its next incarnation will be. Courthouses are a traditional fixture of downtowns, in both large cities and small towns. In fact, I would welcome a well-designed courthouse on Public Square over the long-empty Jacobs lot. Not only would that be a return to the courthouse's original location, I suspect it would dispel many a person's fears about the safety of Public Square.
  9. They are advertising for employees, and say they are "set to open in Spring 2016."
  10. Website's up, which was news to me. http://www3.hilton.com/en/hotels/ohio/hilton-cleveland-downtown-CLEDOHH/index.html
  11. I just hope they can somehow save the mature trees lining W. 25th at that site, which will undoubtedly be replaced with $10 dogwoods.
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