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  1. Given what Covid-19 has done to the legal and office markets - and if Stark is actually a big Benesch client - I suspect that Benesch and its current landlord could easily agree to a lease amendment that would harmonize with a Nucleus build-out.
  2. I live nearby and have watched these buildings slowly go up. The siding is actually Hardie board, not vinyl. Yes, those are lights. No clue why. Maybe because street lights in Italy are often attached to buildings? They sure beat the typical plastic box.
  3. Yes. That's a new build apartment building in Columbus. Here's another. Columbus (and other cities) seem to require a durable build in the city core and leave the vinyl/plastic/asphalt buildings we frequently see in Cleveland to the outer neighborhoods/suburbs. Imagine if we lined our grand old streets with buildings like these....
  4. I guess we can agree to disagree. If you compare Cleveland's infill with other cities (Columbus, for example) I think you will find A LOT more vinyl and plastic panels here.
  5. There's plenty of cheap-looking housing projects on the west side. The Quarter is the exception, not the rule. Cheap-looking housing is Cleveland's forte.
  6. Baker's chairman is now a DC-based lawyer. All back office operations are in One Cleveland Center, under a recently-signed, long-term lease.
  7. Gotta say, the Stark rep's comments about Benesch moving to another city is so laughable it makes me question any of their assertions. Law firms can't pick up sticks and move to another state. An Ohio lawyer generally cannot practice law in another state unless he goes to the considerable time and expense of being admitted to the bar in the new state. Jones Days' New York offices are filled with New York lawyers, not Ohio lawyers. Cleveland firms have offices in other cities not because they've "outgrown" Cleveland and moved their lawyers there, but because other cities (unlike Cleveland) have growing legal markets -- so firms "acquire" local talent in those other markets. And I guarantee, keeping the back-office in Cleveland is cheaper than moving them to first tier city. That's why the few national firms in Cleveland keep their back-offices here.
  8. It is so low rent. It looks like transitional housing for the homeless. Wait, actually transitional housing for the homeless is more attractive...
  9. Knez has done some nice things in the city, but that Nikolai is a turd in the punchbowl.
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