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  1. Regarding the sidewalk width, the original width here was about 11 feet because the road widened to add the turning lane at East 12th. At Heinen's and Yours Truly, the sidewalk width is about 18 feet, so you're left with more passable sidewalk at those locations than you are here.
  2. @CbusTransit Where was that posted at. Looks like a Design Review agenda item, but I don't see any agendas posted.
  3. People often seem to forget that Cleveland's downtown streets were platted in the 1790s--- well before streetcars existed.
  4. Not sure how much time you'll have after getting back from CP, but Hotel Kilbourne also has a nice rooftop bar that is open until 1 hour after sunset. The owners of Kilbourne also own Volstead Bar, which is a small speakeasy cocktail bar just a few blocks away. There's also a gay bar a block south of Kilbourne called Crowbar. Other good spots downtown are Small City Taphouse, Crush Wine Bar, and Barra tacos.
  5. The main reason CSU hasn't started a football program is because of cost. The program would not make enough money to be self-sustaining, so the cost would fall on the student body to subsidize it via an increased athletics fee.
  6. The City's Twitter account said that the interview was conducted by Cleveland.com
  7. "Now you can choose to believe the media, or you can choose to believe me" - Mayor Frank Jackson Sounds like a more toned down version of Trump's Fake News! cries.
  8. Sherwin-Williams Explores Options for a New R&D Facility and a New Global Headquarters CLEVELAND, OHIO, SEPTEMBER 12, 2019 – The Sherwin-Williams Company (NYSE: SHW) today announced it has initiated a process to explore options for a new R&D facility and a new global headquarters. This action comes as a result of the company’s ongoing review of its facilities requirements as it seeks to best meet the current and future needs of its customers and employees.... ...As part of the exploratory process, Sherwin-Williams will consider multiple potential sites, including locations in Cleveland, Northeast Ohio and several other states. Any transition to new facilities is not expected to occur until 2023 at the earliest and would require Board approval.... https://investors.sherwin-williams.com/cs/Satellite?c=Page&childpagename=SWIR%2FSWIRLayout&cid=1385095432733&pagename=SWIRWrapper
  9. I love this idea, and I would love to see it, but it would probably never happen unfortunately, unless it were HEAVILY subsidized. It would be insanely expensive for the Jet Express (or a similar ferry) to run from Cleveland to CP or the Islands, and the price point would be way too high for people to justify spending that long on the boat. Lorain tried doing this, but the service didn't last long because the cost was so high and ridership was so low.
  10. I think electronic meters in individual spaces is the way to (with an app too, of course). 1) Individual meters are much more convenient for people parking and 2) There is technology in meters where a sensor can tell if a car is parked there, which alerts parking enforcement if a car has overstayed its payment period and it also allows to reset the meter back to zero if the car left the space with unexpired time.
  11. I think that's completely incorrect.
  12. What do you mean? Look at all the positive press Cleveland has gotten over the past few years. That's what Destination Cleveland's team is doing. Sure, it's annoying that the stories all start with mistake on the lake or burning river references, but then the stories pivot to being positive!
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