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  1. It comes down to a single fact: the WSM is never the #1 priority of those who set the budgets and policy in City Hall. If you set up a non-profit and have dedicated staff for the market, their #1 job will be to make sure the market functions well, and they will be able to fundraise for it, and they will be able to make changes more easily. Unlike Cleveland City Council and the mayor's office, who have lots of other things to focus on, the board of directors for the WSM would be exclusively focused on the WSM.
  2. I found that book at Half Priced Books in Mayfield Hts a few years ago for like $2.00. It had a lot of cool pics I had never seen before.
  3. Yeah, Chapati is on Chester, there's also one in Uptown. But I agree, it's not that good.
  4. There is Indies in the 5th Street Arcades food court (so good!) and also Bombay Chaat at E 21 and Euclid (also good!).
  5. The end of the Shaker line was like that too. Here's Van Aken from the 50s. The old streetcars used to use the loop turn around at the end, but IIRC, the Breda cars couldn't make that turn radius, so they rebuilt the tracks in the 80s.
  6. There has been talk for years about creating a non-profit to manage the market. It got pretty close once, but the city axed it.
  7. Mark Souther wrote about this. https://marksouther.org/2018/07/04/cleveland-sixth-city/
  8. Hmm. According to Cleveland City Council's webpage, the vacation passed on Emergency on 6/5/2017. But yeah, I just noticed it still shows up as right-of-way on the county auditor site. https://cityofcleveland.legistar.com/LegislationDetail.aspx?ID=3035633&GUID=00AE7EB4-E0BA-4707-90B4-49970C036C0E&Options=ID|Text|&Search=Broome+Court
  9. Regarding the sidewalk width, the original width here was about 11 feet because the road widened to add the turning lane at East 12th. At Heinen's and Yours Truly, the sidewalk width is about 18 feet, so you're left with more passable sidewalk at those locations than you are here.
  10. @CbusTransit Where was that posted at. Looks like a Design Review agenda item, but I don't see any agendas posted.
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