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  1. I love this idea, and I would love to see it, but it would probably never happen unfortunately, unless it were HEAVILY subsidized. It would be insanely expensive for the Jet Express (or a similar ferry) to run from Cleveland to CP or the Islands, and the price point would be way too high for people to justify spending that long on the boat. Lorain tried doing this, but the service didn't last long because the cost was so high and ridership was so low.
  2. I think electronic meters in individual spaces is the way to (with an app too, of course). 1) Individual meters are much more convenient for people parking and 2) There is technology in meters where a sensor can tell if a car is parked there, which alerts parking enforcement if a car has overstayed its payment period and it also allows to reset the meter back to zero if the car left the space with unexpired time.
  3. I think that's completely incorrect.
  4. What do you mean? Look at all the positive press Cleveland has gotten over the past few years. That's what Destination Cleveland's team is doing. Sure, it's annoying that the stories all start with mistake on the lake or burning river references, but then the stories pivot to being positive!
  5. Almost all articles like this are the result of efforts by Destination Cleveland. But they can’t control how the authors write their stories.
  6. Keep in mind, the new CEO of Cedar Fair has made his offices in Charlotte instead of the Sandusky headquarters location. That being said, he did publicly commit to keeping Cedar Fair's headquarters in Sandusky. Also, Cedar Point is by far their most successful property. The more lucrative part of the amusement industry today is less about the parks themselves, but about the resort experience surrounding the parks. No other Cedar Fair park has as much potential as Cedar Point when it comes to a full resort experience and extended stays.
  7. Sandusky Transit continues to smash last year's ridership numbers
  8. Unfortunately, many people say that same thing, but they are not being sarcastic. I'm glad at least one (and soon two) surface lots on that map are gone now because of the Lumen (and nucleus).
  9. No, Cleveland is not in play to land Amazon, and never was.
  10. Oh, come on. There were many substantive points in Allard's piece that warrant discussion, imo, but Allard's personal upbringing is irrelevant to this discussion.
  11. I thought this was the nuCLEus thread, not the psychoanalyzing of Sam Allard thread.
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