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  1. I love Green Rooster Farms in the Hanna Building. https://thedriftwoodgroup.com/restaurants/green-rooster-farms/#menu
  2. I always enjoy a good discussion of neighborhood boundaries, but, before this convo gets cut, we do have a separate thread for that
  3. The megablock in the Warehouse District is the first "Urban Core" overlay district that was passed by City Council a few years ago. You can read the zoning requirements here: http://library.amlegal.com/nxt/gateway.dll/Ohio/cleveland_oh/partthreelandusecode/partiiiblandusecode-zoningcode/titleviizoningcode/chapter348-formdistricts?f=templates$fn=default.htm$3.0$vid=amlegal:cleveland_oh$anc=JD_348.05 I assume they would need to get a variance if they weren't able to abide by any of these. Edit: The link seems to not work. I'll just link to an old tweet of mine that has images of the code:
  4. Obviously, it depends on how it’s designed, but I don’t necessarily dislike that kind of massing there. Fits well with the opposite blocks across St Clair and W 6th
  5. Not related to ward/at-large split, but I went through a couple years ago and researched the city councils of the 100 largest cities in the US and ranked them by city council members per capita. Cleveland ranked 6th in the country as having the largest city council per capita. Full 100: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B16RJdSArUFaT2tva29ZRFdvY1U/view?usp=sharing
  6. I'd love to see BRT on all of RTA's priority corridors, and then some.
  7. Hopefully Moriarty’s comes under new ownership though. With the current owner at the helm, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it closed in the near future.
  8. Looks great. But it bothers me that there are light lines connected to both ends of the A and N, but only one side of the H.
  9. Often times the historic standards for rehabilitation prohibit many of the types of signs that had historically been used.
  10. And @GISguy, to your question from above, it does look like they intend to illuminate the signage on the overhang
  11. The exterior lighting and ground floor signage for the May Co are on the Landmarks Commission agenda this week: http://planning.city.cleveland.oh.us/landmark/agenda/2020/01232020/index.php
  12. It does not include W 25th. If I recall correctly, it goes from E 30th (or maybe the Innerbelt, I forget which), to the river, but includes the west bank north of Detroit, and possibly Lakeview Terrace
  13. Indeed https://www.cleveland.com/life-and-culture/g66l-2019/02/ea4f5aa50a3112/ohio-city-could-score-tallest-timber-frame-building-in-us-in-2021.html
  14. Downtown Sandusky's newest bar opened yesterday afternoon. Noble Crafts joins Noble Axes and Noble Pins as part of the Marketplace at the Cooke complex: https://www.facebook.com/craftssandusky/
  15. Good stuff from @KJP / All Aboard Ohio http://allaboardohio.org/2019/12/16/aao-urges-policymakers-to-look-critically-at-hyperloop-consider-options/
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