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  1. Here's the consultant's presentation: http://www.riderta.com/sites/default/files/events/2019-04-16RailCar.pdf The cost estimates used in the Cleveland.com article (not a Plain Dealer article) seem to come from the "total 30-year lifecycle cost" estimates, which I think covers mid-life overhauls.
  2. ^ I've seen this online quite a bit, but I've yet to see a good source on it. Not saying it's not true, but still waiting to see a legit source.
  3. Would they even want to rebuild it with wood though? The Cologne Cathedral's roof was built in the 1800s and they used iron instead of wood (as iron was available by the 19th Century but not in the Middle Ages.) It seems like it'd make more sense to use steel or some metal?
  4. Some exciting things happening in downtown Sandusky this month. On April 27th, the new indoor Marketplace at the Cooke will have a grand opening: https://www.facebook.com/events/2441266766193298/. And the BGSU/Cedar Fair resort school will be breaking ground in a few weeks.
  5. A couple years ago, I did a very rough photoshop job of removing the wires along Mayfield. It would look soooo much better with buried utilities.
  6. That's a ridiculous stance for CRS to take. Little Italy has a very diverse collection of building stock and this is not "disrupting the density, scale, and vernacular style of the neighborhood." This will be getting rid of a few surface parking lots, restoring a few single-family houses, and the two houses that would be demolished aren't exactly noteworthy historic structures.
  7. My only real memory of that place is that it's where I watched game 7 of the 2016 World Series. So, I'm not sad to see it demolished.
  8. Also the 2-story brick building on Prospect that’s home to Nick’s Bar
  9. They're well on their way Playhouse Square Food and Beverage Republic Green Rooster Farms Cibreo Bin 216
  10. The competition from the record store was definitely part of it. They were also concerned about space limitations and the ability to expand in the future if they went to the Tower City site.
  11. A couple years ago, I went out on my bike one night and tried to count how many different types of street lights there were downtown. I took pics of 15 different ones, but I'm sure I missed some others. In other cities they have one style for the entirety of downtown. Downtown Detroit used to be similar to Cleveland in this regard, but they recently replaced all of their downtown street light posts.
  12. No, there's also: Champs, Bath & Body Works, Game Stop, Foot Locker, GNC, Claire's, and maybe a couple more?
  13. 35 is too high for Franklin. In my mind, almost all city streets should be 25 or less.
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