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  1. I don't really understand the station locations. Why stay in Ohio City? Who's their target audience? Honestly Ohio City only needs one or two stations in my opinion. Put another in Tremont, and a few downtown (Public Square, Playhouse Square, East 4th/Gateway, and CSU. Possibly warehouse district. I think a university circle network would work great as well. Wade Oval, Uptown/MOCA, Little Italy, Coventry, and Cedar Fairmount.
  2. Cant they just use the massive parking garage across the street that has an underground tunnel connecting to the building?
  3. I haven't noticed any slow zones on the east side portion yet (when it's actually running!). It does sometimes have a long wait at 55th but most of the time the ride is decently fast. I thought the slow zone was removed with the S-Curve project?
  4. Interesting, although nothing that RTA really needs to be concerned about. Aren't the top speeds around 40 to 50mph? Now it really would be rapid transit if RTA could figure out a way for the Red Line to travel 150+ mph!!! :-D
  5. It's current shopping lineup... Encore Women’s Consignment Shop Hungarian Heritage Museum & Gift Shop Rossio Pfister Fine Jewelry
  6. ^ really? The Red Line always appears to be much slower. Maybe its just the slow acceleration, which may be real, or may just be due to being such a short train.
  7. yeah pretty ugly. Doesn't help the rivers image as being dirty.
  8. ^ Chris Ogbonnaya was always solid when we actually used him. Rushing Stats 2013 - 49 att 240 yds 4.9 avg 2011 - 73 att 334 yds 4.6 avg He had some nice long runs as well and was a great receiving option. Sad to see him go. Never really got a good opportunity IMO.
  9. Are they going to do any work on the actual platform? Or atleast clean it up a bit and make it look shiny? Edit: Also will the be demolishing the western entrance? Seems like it would be a good idea to at least keep the stairwell, even if you temporarily close it off.
  10. Where do people think it will extend to? Cleveland Heights, Little Italy, and University Circle kind of act as a wall and block it in.
  11. Chalk that up as another $18.5 million in development spurred by the Healthline!
  12. ^ I agree. I don't see a city target downtown anytime in our near future. The population still has a long way to go. Steelyard makes the chances even worse, although it is a plus since a city target probably wasn't going to happen anyways. Atleast core residents still have a target nearby!
  13. The galleria thread had me thinking... Cleveland really dropped the ball when it came to retail. Tower City and the Galleria both brought national high-end retail chains downtown. Unfortunately Clevelanders decided not to support these shops and the downtown retail scene has yet to recover. If they would have remained, I would imagine downtown would be growing at a much greater pace, and tourism would also be much higher. I would bet that many new shops would have also opened, whether it be in the mall or on the streets. Several stores probably would have also moved out of the malls and onto the streets. It would be interesting to see how different things would be today if these malls didn't fail the way they did. How long till retailers give us another shot? Lets hope this Stark project actually happens and can be the spark downtown needs.
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