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  1. So the main reason trains leave CLE at 3am is because they're part of an extended Chicago to NYC or Chicago to DC route? If the route were just split for CLE to Chicago, would daytime service be feasible or would existing freight traffic on the route prevent that? I love visiting CLE but frustrating my options from Chicago are: 6+ hr drive (if I owned a car), <1 hr flight that can run around $200-300 RT and with any delay time savings are lost, 6.5 hr Megabus, 7+ hr Amtrak that simulates jet lag on the return trip to Chicago. I understand why Chicagoans bypass Ohio cities all together as time and money can be spent going elsewhere.
  2. Glad I found the equivalent of Curbed Cleveland through this forum - well done! I hope the city/county aren't insistent on the Justice Center replacement being on the Weston lots as it would be more devoid of street life relative to a corporate HQ, right?
  3. That's some cleveland.com level clickbait right there! Cleveland media seems to be highly skilled in the copy/paste method on press releases. As a publicly traded company, what else would their press release about a new HQ search say?
  4. Lol the United Bank Building across the street is a "monstrosity" as well that detracts from the West Side Market clock tower, tear it down!! (Side Note: Was talking to someone who recently visited Cleveland and called the WSM a "historic train station turned food market." They were shocked when I informed them it was never train station and was designed that way from the get go.) In all seriousness, I'm glad the developer is matching the height of the United Bank Building. The design combined with the high profile location makes this one of the most exciting upcoming projects in Cleveland.
  5. Agreed - there's no reason the Indians couldn't average 30k a night in a 35k capacity ballpark. Season ticket packages were affordable too - we paid $19/seat lower reserve at 20 games and $36/seat lower box at 20 games in 2017. If I were still living in Cleveland, I would be on the account. Among small and mid-sized markets in MLB this century, the only other sustained success story that comes to mind is the St Louis Cardinals, but they have always been No. 1 in St Louis, even when the NFL was there. One of the worst and laziest takes in Cleveland sports is "DOLAN$ ARE CHEAP, SELL THE TEAM."
  6. Not the best comments on Lindor, but what is Paul Dolan supposed to do, lie to the fan base? I'm amazed at Cleveland fan hypocrisy on treatment of sports owners - they practically worship Jimmy Haslam and Dan Gilbert who are billionaires but have actively sabotaged their franchises with arrogance and ineptitude at management. Dolan family wealth stems from their law firm, which makes them less wealthy than peer MLB owners, and they overpaid for the Indians in 2000 ($320M) relative to the time period. They spiked the team payroll in 2017 and 2018, but the fans didn't show up outside of summer weekend games - even in an AL record 22 game win streak of a 102 win season, they couldn't sell games out! They're likely going to win the AL Central in 2019 and 2020 which means more shots in the crapshoot of October baseball. Management-wise, the Dolan's are very loyal to the baseball people in the organization, who have been ahead of the curve on analytics - you think Comic Sans Dan or Jimmy would have held course with Antonetti and crew following the 2008-12 stretch of mediocrity? The handful of people I've met who have worked for the Indians have raved about how professional and meritocratic the organization is from top to bottom. And let's quit the speculation that they would move the team - the family has deep ties to Northeast Ohio and are very service-oriented in the community.
  7. Wow, who will be left on The Plain Dealer side of the operation? Would they be "offered" equivalent (lower paying) positions on the cleveland.com side? Why hasn't the cleveland.com owner gone with the online paywall approach when other mid-sized and smaller newspapers have? As an ex-pat Clevelander, I rarely check cleveland.com except for a few writers between an unusable website and clickbait tabloid content. When I was home for Christmas, I clicked on a list of "50 Best Bars in Cleveland" thinking it could give me new places to check out. Instead, someone just copied/pasted top 50 bars from Yelp! Cleveland Scene produces more stories of interest to me, and, for local Cleveland sports, I subscribe to The Athletic.
  8. Wasn't this condo project from 2006 planned for that site and cancelled due to the Recession? With the new development closer to the Columbus Rd bridge, hopefully this will be a developed site in the near future?
  9. Merchandise Mart is the comp I was thinking of as well, albeit much larger at 4.2M SF! It even has its own CTA Brown Line stop connected to it along with a second floor food court and first and second floor food/retail options. The remainder of the building contains showrooms and tech offices (directory: http://themart.com/building-directory/).
  10. Ah the same Jeff Jacobs of the group that used to own my Warehouse District apartment building a few years ago... Based on how they maintained our complex, they don't have the money to do one of the buildings in those renderings let alone all of them.
  11. Lol a pedestrian bridge you have to drive to. And you can make a 10 min walk from the science center to Voinovich Park as is. How is this a priority over connecting downtown better with the lakefront or building a multi-modal transit hub at the existing Amtrak stop?
  12. Allstate (competing insurer) does something similar in Chicago - HQ in the northern suburbs but remote office with strategy, actuarial, and some other finance roles in the Merchandise Mart downtown.
  13. Ah, Porco's was one of the best things about my four years living in Cleveland! One time my brother, who was visiting home from college, asked the Porco's server how much rum was in his drink. The answer was 4.5 oz. Painkiller Level 2 was always my go-to drink.
  14. Column: Hyperloop promises a 30-minute trip from Chicago to Cleveland, but multiple challenges ahead http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/columnists/wisniewski/ct-met-hyperloop-getting-around-20180419-story.html Column in today's Chicago Tribune loaded with some interesting quotes containing errors. For example: “At this moment there’s no rail line that’s profitable, they’re all dependent heavily on government subsidies,” [Dirk] Ahlborn [CEO and founder of HyperloopTT] said. “That’s one of the reasons why in most parts of the world the infrastructure is terrible.” Can't the same thing be said about every non-toll highway ever regarding profitability? Has he ever traveled to China, South Korea, Japan, or Europe and ridden HS rail?
  15. Yes, the sign for "Vertical Development Opportunity" was up recently there. With the completion of Worthington Yards, every abandoned building in the Warehouse District is accounted for. Surprised the area has been quiet on new construction opportunity. As someone who lives there, it is soul-crushing to walk through the parking lot craters!
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