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  1. I am hearing that United is further reducing its footprint at Hopkins. CLE will no longer be a base for regional jets. Sounded like they won't originate or terminate (stay parked overnight) at CLE anymore and a reduction of ground crew hours.
  2. YABO713's post led me to this site from DCA (Downtown Cleveland Alliance), http://junipercre.maps.arcgis.com/apps/Cascade/index.html?appid=3d80977bb16f4125be9e0cffb808874b . Nice summary of downtown!
  3. Maybe national retail chains just need more surface parking downtown before committing.
  4. Offer them their own "smile" island. Iconic and visible from space! Think Dubai.
  5. Fascinating map. Any idea what is causing all the light in North Dakota?
  6. If I recall, the City Stars were promoted and the new league had minimum stadium capacity requirements. CSU was too small and they ended up playing in Bedford. So getting promoted ended up being the beginning of the end.
  7. https://www.ohio.com/akron/sports/university-of-akron/university-of-akron-football-zips-wanted-to-stay-and-play-in-nebraska-but-could-not-work-out-the-logistics-payment-in-limbo Looks like it was lack of hotel rooms for Akron. :o
  8. If CLE does get a new team I think a good name could be Sixth City Foresters or the Cleveland Foresters.
  9. Interesting article about a potential aerial tram at Disney World. Cleveland is even mentioned. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/travel/attractions/the-daily-disney/os-bz-disney-world-gondolas-cable-cars-plans-20170418-story,amp.html
  10. ^They do, and that is part of the problem, there is no atmosphere in the 'burbs and while they encourage tailgating there is also a strict no alcohol policy. Look to FC Cincinnati for some best practices, urban stadium, close to bars. Obviously, FC Cincinnati is a higher level of soccer, but I could see Cleveland being a little higher profile than it is.
  11. I consider myself an avid soccer fan and I had no idea Cleveland had a team. I thought the City Stars were the last team to call Cleveland home. Congrats! I think they need to play in or near Ohio City and capitalize on the brewery and generation X scene, imho.
  12. Nice article. I think the whole outlet mall needs to go away from that location. Horrible idea. Believe me I hate that render but I think outlets could be good, but only if the design fits the location. Monolithic structures are anathema to coastal access. Now I've been lots of coastal places where retail adds a great deal of vibrancy. A retail/family entertainment district like Broadway at the Beach or Barefoot Landing (both in Myrtle Beach) would be awesome for Cleveland. I have been to both of those and they are great. My concern is during the cold months when there is an icy wind blowing off the frozen or almost frozen lake. Perhaps a modification of that "look" with colonnades that have windows or panels that open when weather is more hospitable?
  13. No one is saying get rid of transit on public square. I think most of us are in agreement of the busses running around the square not through it. I don't see how that undermines Public Square or is treating transit like a red-headed stepchild. Terminal Tower/Tower City is the unmistakable hub for the trains so as long as the bus stops are next to or in Tower City it makes the system that much more efficient.
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