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  1. I think nine is MORE than enough, and there should be "At large" members as well. I just can't understand the large council better representation argument. How can other cities, larger and more successful, have smaller councils but somehow it won't work here? I am a city employee, and have attended meetings, only to see a room full of people (at least the ones that show up) sitting around the chamber, not paying a damn bit of attention to anyone else or anything, until it was their turn to speak. Sit nine people at a table and get things done!
  2. It also means that no interior fire attack advised because of dangers posed by the structure.
  3. Seems a little late to be working things out if a site has been picked...unless it hasn't...
  4. When you say "mixed incomes" are you talking about section 8 housing or just cheaper rentals? Just curious
  5. Nice looking rendering...but being a firefighter, I don't see a single sprinkler head in that pic...in a timber frame...interesting.
  6. True, but the Citibank building in Queens was out of place...then look what happened around it. I'm not saying that would happen here, but, it could.
  7. There seems to be so many issues that are correctable with the rail system here in Cleveland. The braking/beeping issue drives me crazy. I have never experienced that issue in other cities like I have here. Is there an estimate of how much money is lost by riders not paying to use the rail system? Would it be feasible to hire booth workers at the turnstiles to combat nonpayment riders? Would it be feasible to take some of the RTA police out of their cars and have them check on the trains? Would it be feasible to automate the trains with stop information(some operators are very difficult to understand IF they even make announcements)? I now other cities have their issues as well, but does RTA leadership go to other cities and look at different systems? My son plays hockey and we travel a lot to Pittsburgh and Buffalo. It's nice to see rail systems that are easy to use (payment machines) and systems that are in downtown areas and in residential areas. I know the state makes obtaining money difficult for rail, but are there avenues that RTA can take to secure federal money, or does the state have to do that? I know this rant is all over the board, but these are just a few things that I wish could be rectified.
  8. I've loved this site from the beginning and I found it by chance back in the day! I was "jdd941" back then and I even contributed a nice fire stations of Cleveland thread. I wish I wouldn't have changed names...not even sure why I did. Anyway, this site is addicting. I love being able to be in "the know" and I'm not even in the know. I also feel like I have friends that I have never met...(showing my age) sort of like pen pals! Happy Thanksgiving to all!
  9. ^ SWEET parking lot! Seriously? I would hope the planning commission would at the VERY least require a parking deck...but even that would be disappointing. I pretty much thought "outlet malls" were out of fashion. Lodi, for example, is just a big empty space with minimal stores left. Who knows? Maybe it will work here...
  10. Hell, make it 12 lanes...you'll still have slow moving texters in the left lane not knowing why they are getting the finger...
  11. ^ That should have been worked out to be a cloverleaf design...not all people traveling through there are familiar with 176...just poorly thought out by ODOT...as usual. Dead Man's curve, using wide swaths of land for every exit and entrance ramp, not capping off highways that run through a city center, despising public transportation...the list goes on and on.
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