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  1. We had to go into Geiger's tonight to shut the alarm off... The place was completely cleaned out
  2. I'm actually working today's shift at fire station one downtown... This is making me sick, it's heartbreaking, I feel so sorry for all the businesses I can't believe the destruction. You've seen stuff on TV but I'm at ground level and it is much worse than you can imagine. I hope this total destruction of downtown doesn't stop all projects in their tracks.
  3. Best view of the city by far (IMO) is from the Woodhill area. When I was stationed on that side of town I loved the skyline views at night. I think SW will make that view look impressive.
  4. Don't shoot the messenger here, but I heard an interesting concept which involves both baseball and football stadiums. Down the road, when the inevitable happens, when there will be a call for two new stadiums, it could go like this. A new baseball stadium could be built on the current site of the CSU basketball arena, with fewer seats (30-35K). Then, a domed or retractable football stadium could be built where the baseball stadium currently sits. Having it be domed, or having the ability to close it, would make it usable for many more functions year round. AND, having it in Gateway would put it in the middle of an entertainment area/district, making it more connected to downtown. This would also result in opening up the lakefront for better use. Possible, yes...probable, doubtful.
  5. ^ That could have been an awesome HQ/Hotel tower with R&D one block away...sigh
  6. I actually saw blue, not purple...but then again, I saw the gold and white dress not the blue and black.
  7. ^ Would the $300 million be for the tower, or the tower and the superblock combined?
  8. As I've mentioned before, what is the estimated loss in fares for non payers vs hiring people at the ticket booths? I would think that having people in the booths and turnstiles would almost completely eliminate the free rides AND having someone there would give people on the platforms a sense of security. Also, have they ever thought of revisiting the ticket machines? I really hate the ones RTA uses. The MTA machines in NYC seem so much more simplistic.
  9. I am loving the idea of more condos in downtown instead of apartments, but the "modern" look is just so tiring to me. I wish we could get some builders in Cleveland that do some of the things that DT Columbus has going on, the more traditional and classic Brownstone type style. https://www.trulia.com/p/oh/columbus/230-e-gay-st-g23-columbus-oh-43215--2097062243
  10. I think nine is MORE than enough, and there should be "At large" members as well. I just can't understand the large council better representation argument. How can other cities, larger and more successful, have smaller councils but somehow it won't work here? I am a city employee, and have attended meetings, only to see a room full of people (at least the ones that show up) sitting around the chamber, not paying a damn bit of attention to anyone else or anything, until it was their turn to speak. Sit nine people at a table and get things done!
  11. It also means that no interior fire attack advised because of dangers posed by the structure.
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