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  1. Is this something that Cleveland is lagging in compared to other cities, or is this something that is a newer idea and may be a nice tool to appeal to bringing new businesses into the city? Interesting either way...
  2. No inside information, just a statement. I may have missed the signage if there is any....but I wish there was some signage that jumped out like the ones on Euclid do. There are many people in town this week and it would have been a great opportunity to showcase an upcoming project. I know developers work on tenants and retail prior to a project, but who knows if this kind of event (ASG) may have been a chance to spark interest from outside of the area?
  3. I'm glad they DID put the signage up because to out of towners, this area may have been mistaken for an urban wasteland! Between the signage and the ASG "pop up" bars that I noticed walking with the fam yesterday, downtown is looking pretty alive. I wish there would have been some signage for the Stark and Geis properties (along with other coming soon projects).
  4. And this is why opinions are important. I can understand why you (people) feel this way. I on the other hand feel that building adds pop to the skyline along Euclid, but I feel that the parking structure with its glass adds to the corridor for pedestrian traffic. I think the glass does a nice job of reflecting the lights at street level and makes the place feel more alive.
  5. I tend to agree, La Guardia comes to mind...but maybe the approach and altitudes are different?
  6. It may be, but then again maybe not. It's still being advertised on their website.
  7. I'm going with Lakewood on this one...
  8. This isn't making an excuse for over the top action...I haven't read the whole thread, I am just chiming in. I did read one comment that the police are responding like soldiers. Many of today's police actually are/were soldiers, also many of them having served in combat. There have been wars past, but this is the first time that a whole generation has served in combat zones. I think there is an us vs them mentality and it may be hard for many to separate their civilian lives from their military lives. I am not saying this is right or an excuse, just an observation. Secondly, the catch 22 situation that exists now is...people need to listen to what they are told and nothing bad will happen...and I don't trust the police so I'm not listening to what the police tell me to do. Generally, if you listen, nothing bad will happen. Then sprinkle in racism, distrust and false accusations. Working for CFD, I have been on many scenes where start to go bad, the police react, the phones come out and the shouts of police brutality start, when it isn't the case. Then of course there are times that there are over reactions, unneeded provocations and racism. How is this situation solved? There are times when either side may be right and times when either side may be wrong.
  9. It's been a while, but I believe that in the downtown area of Toronto there are townhomes as well.
  10. I agree with the above statement. When I was driving into downtown, I noticed the wavy like pattern that made the building really stick out from the surrounding buildings. Some may like it, some may not, but the fact of the matter is the building IS being built as is and it isn't going to change now. Enjoy it!
  11. When I talk about density, I didn't mean NYC type density, but what Cleveland once had. Yes it is dense in certain areas, but we have definitely lost some very dense areas for various reasons.. (Photos from KJP and Mendo)
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