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  1. ^ Home rule in theory is great...if a city actually knows how to "rule" itself...
  2. So I ran into a teammate last night in my adult hockey league, both of us being injured we were watching the game. In asking him about his injury I also asked him what he did for a living. Supervisor for R&D at Sherwin Williams! Trying not to pry...ok, actually obviously prying, I asked him about his thoughts on DT vs Brecksville. He just smiled and turned his head and said...no comment. I then said, as long as your not selling your house and moving to Minneapolis! He laughed again. He reverted back to his time returning to work (and this is where I dropped the ball) and said "let me just say I going back to work on the 12th for a reason". Where I dropped the ball was, at first he thought he was going to be off for an extended period due to hamstring surgery reattachment, but then the timeframe got shortened . So did he say the 12th? or 12 weeks? (Which would make it 9 more weeks). It was loud and I couldn't hear him as well as I would have liked. Okay super sleuths, would either of these time frames mean anything for announcements?
  3. Too bad they didn't dig deeper in the first place and cap over the tracks, it seems like an ugly wasteful stretch.
  4. I saw this on the news a few weeks ago and thought it was worth a look (as well as a comment or two from KJP) https://www.cleveland19.com/2019/07/16/hyperloop-cleveland-chicago-minutes-is-track-picking-up-speed-video/
  5. Is this something that Cleveland is lagging in compared to other cities, or is this something that is a newer idea and may be a nice tool to appeal to bringing new businesses into the city? Interesting either way...
  6. No inside information, just a statement. I may have missed the signage if there is any....but I wish there was some signage that jumped out like the ones on Euclid do. There are many people in town this week and it would have been a great opportunity to showcase an upcoming project. I know developers work on tenants and retail prior to a project, but who knows if this kind of event (ASG) may have been a chance to spark interest from outside of the area?
  7. I'm glad they DID put the signage up because to out of towners, this area may have been mistaken for an urban wasteland! Between the signage and the ASG "pop up" bars that I noticed walking with the fam yesterday, downtown is looking pretty alive. I wish there would have been some signage for the Stark and Geis properties (along with other coming soon projects).
  8. And this is why opinions are important. I can understand why you (people) feel this way. I on the other hand feel that building adds pop to the skyline along Euclid, but I feel that the parking structure with its glass adds to the corridor for pedestrian traffic. I think the glass does a nice job of reflecting the lights at street level and makes the place feel more alive.
  9. I tend to agree, La Guardia comes to mind...but maybe the approach and altitudes are different?
  10. It may be, but then again maybe not. It's still being advertised on their website.
  11. I'm going with Lakewood on this one...
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