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  1. I just looked at Cleveland Construction website and under the projects section it seems that they have done/are doing plenty of urban high-rise projects ( out of state), maybe I am missing something?
  2. ^I threw up in my mouth a little...
  3. It's sad to see these old photos of Cleveland's East side and to see what was and what has become of it. This photo, E.55 and Woodland area, League park area (even the W. 6th area downtown)...all those beautiful brick buildings and density...gone. Urban destruction via politicians and the riots...the decisions NOT to build a subway system...The landscape of this city would look so much different. I was just at E 55 and Carnegie today taking at fire truck to the shop and was looking at the giant brick building just to the East of that intersection and thinking I hope it isn't doomed to be torn down. So many of these old jewels have been, it's a shame.
  4. Nice! 17 bothers me though, I like even numbers except for 0's and 5's...so let's round that thing up to 20 stories! (just my strange nature)
  5. I wish this would have been the area for the Browns stadium...
  6. On the Jacobs lot? I joke...I remember there being talk of the Wolstein Center going bye bye, would this be a possibility or would CSU have plans for that site?
  7. In a better funded RTA...trains stations would have attendants working in the booths, ticket machines would be more like MTA or CTA (along with turnstiles) and they would get more RTA police out of their cars and into the trains and stations more often.
  8. Trade you the Cavs and the Monsters if you ship the Blue Jackets to Cleveland!
  9. I wish Cleveland would go after an NHL team...I wouldn't feel all that heartbroken if the Cavs had to go away to do so.
  10. Westlake10, the screen name says it all. Suburban mentality. More parking. People simply DO want to ride public transit if it is made into a true transit system. Cleveland's system needs a lot of work (image and service) and hopefully in the near future it will get forward thinking leadership. Many people look at Cleveland RTA as a social service rather than a public transit system (in comparison to CTA, MTA and other services) but the potential is there. Expand service, put rail into populated areas that would use it (Lakewood, RR, Old Brooklyn, Parma, Berea, Euclid and Beachwood to name a few places). Add easier to use ticket kiosks (like NYC) ,have people actually working the booths and get RTA police out their cars and onto the trains once in a while...these things would do a lot for image and service. Would you use public transit then? More parking does nothing for an urban area, walkability does. FEB needs density NOT a sea of parking. Sorry for my disjointed rant.
  11. I can appreciate technicalities!
  12. I have to agree with an earlier poster...Hessler St. in Cleveland! How can you NOT like a street made of wood!?!? Does anyone know if there are other streets around the state that are made of wood? https://clevelandhistorical.org/items/show/829#&gid=1&pid=2
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