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  1. For mayor, we have a non-partisan primary, then a one on one election in November 2021, right? So the question is, will there be someone to the right of Sittenfeld and Mann who will run in the primary
  2. "Super Duper Missile" Announcement
  3. When I was at UC in the 1980's every Friday at 5pm a student organization would bring a keg into the DAAP courtyard and students and faculty would have drinks together. There was a donation jar to cover costs. It was called the Beer Blast. No one cared if you were under 21 or whatever.. it was harmless. University put an end to it eventually.
  4. I can't believe they just paved right over Wielert's biergarten. I guess it was just a yard, but seems sacrilegious.
  5. I think as a kid I went to a store that looked just like that at 7132 Hamilton Avenue, where the Kroger is now.
  6. ^It is a cruel experiment for the prisoners, (similar to the Princess Cruise Ship passengers) but should help shed light on spread and case fatality rate
  7. Interesting ... So at Elkton 73% of the prison population tested positive. That's 1,828 cases and 6 died = 0.3% fatality rate... if I am doing the math right. And I understand, this is ongoing and more may die.
  8. The high numbers in the Ohio prisons are because they are in close quarters (similar to the cruise ship) have tested everyone in the facilities. No COVID-19 deaths have occurred in Ohio prisons yet... which implies that it is not nearly as lethal as previously thought https://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2020/04/20/838943211/73-of-inmates-at-an-ohio-prison-test-positive-for-coronavirus
  9. On some streets in OTR, there are locust trees that were planted in the early 90's and they look awesome. They are hardy, with thin trunks and long branches, and the tiny leaves blow away easily in the fall. Seems like the perfect urban tree.
  10. We need a leader. Instead we get ...
  11. I listened to a long interview today with a doctor who works on vaccines. He said that the mutations would not stop immunity development If interested, google ZDoggMD and Dr. Paul Offit
  12. It is a very powerful drug and has side effects. I have a friend who took it years ago before travelling to Madagascar and it triggered a nervous breakdown
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