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  1. I kind of agree. I'm old enough to remember when there were buildings along Vine Street where the Findlay Playground is now. Vine Street really isn't the place for a park. There should be buildings there.
  2. On page 45-46 of that HCB report is the request from Model to demolish a 3 story building on Campbell Alley (1725 Elm Street, Rear). The wall along the alley is sinking and needs underpinning, however the interior framing was structurally stabilized about 10 years ago and it was re-roofed at that time too. this building should not be demolished. If the HCB allows this, they are just a rubber stamp.
  3. anyone have dating app recommendations?
  4. They serve balut at Quan Happa https://www.quanhapa.com/ delish
  5. I have a friend who owns a building to the east of that church, and he has not sold. The Port Authority tried to take the property a few months ago, and he fought them off.
  6. ^Except I've tried and they are sold out of the $40 passes, and have a waiting list. Who's gonna commit to leaving before 6am every day?!!?
  7. It seem like all of a sudden there are lots of Asian tourists in Cincinnati. Is this just my imagination? Is this a nationwide phenomenon?
  8. BTW, the Taft Stadium is moving really quickly. I saw bleacher/grandstands going up yesterday and masonry construction for the locker rooms etc moving quickly too.
  9. In this new proposal there is an island only in the block between Elm and Race, and there is a crosswalk mid-block at Pleasant Street. I like this one block. The rest of the design is too much like it is now. Left turns from westbound Liberty traffic south onto Republic Street should be eliminated with an island
  10. The theater is awesome, but it also has tons of problems: it has no rear stage and no room to expand, there are structural issues, plumbing issues and most of all, not enough room to fit all the stuff that would be needed in a modern theater. I'm not sure what the solution is, but I really liked it when they played movies in there. That worked.
  11. It is amazing how much broken glass is all over the city. There are also stray screws from construction sites, but mostly broken glass everywhere. It is hard to avoid getting flats.
  12. OK, I listened to the audio, and Schiff says thanks for calling, we'll refer this to the FBI and get back with you, which is just what he should have said.
  13. Trump’s Cabinet Is Increasingly Bare https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2019-04-08/donald-trump-s-cabinet-is-increasingly-bare
  14. ^any subsidized housing will have these issues. The building next to me is owned by Model Mgt and the tenants play loud music and throw diapers out their windows. I don't think you can blame OTRCH.
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