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  1. This is a requirement of the Building Code now. Toilet requirement: 1 per 75 men and 1 per 40 women.
  2. Jimmy Skinner

    The Trump Presidency

    Trump has not fired any of his staff face to face, so this is not Rosenstein getting fired, but RR getting instructions..
  3. Jimmy Skinner

    Pet Peeves!

    Grocery store checkout and the guy in front of you needs some special cigarettes that the cashier can't find.
  4. Jimmy Skinner

    Crazy conspiracy theories

    Washington Times retracts false article on murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich Conservative paper concedes op-ed contained statements ‘that we now believe to be false’ and apologizes to his family https://www.theguardian.com/media/2018/oct/01/seth-rich-washington-times-retracts-false-story-dnc-aide
  5. Jimmy Skinner

    9/11 Legacy Thread

    So I guess I'm a bit older.... I had similar experiences in college during the Challenger explosion and the Fall of the Berlin Wall. I also distinctly remember ... out of college, the night that GHWB started bombing Iraq. Felt very eerie on the streets that night. When the towers were hit, I was at my office and had my first ever cell phone in my shirt pocket that kept vibrating. I was in a stupid meeting about office policy when the secretary came and told us about the first plane. TVs were turned on, but oddly, business continued at my office all day, though everyone was in shock.
  6. Jimmy Skinner

    The Trump Presidency

    In April 2001, Cincinnati had riots. All summer was tense, full of protests and boycott of downtown. The city was severely divided and you could feel the tension when walking down the street. It was not all that different from the divide in the whole country today. That all dissipated on Sept 11th. I also remember that I had my first cell phone that month and the vibration on silent mode, still reminds me of how I felt my heart vibrating in my chest that morning
  7. ^ I just now looked at the HCB packet for 1518 Race, and what is hilarious is the owner of the building to the south is writing to oppose it, when his building is very similar in massing and style. Talk about NIMYs in glass houses throwing rocks. Also, Platte looks like they are almost exactly replicating the design aesthetic that they used at 1218 Race, which was approved last year but has not yet begun construction. https://www.cincinnati-oh.gov/buildings/historic-conservation/historic-conservation-board/september-10-2018-staff-report-and-attachments/
  8. Jimmy Skinner

    The Trump Presidency

    I'm listening to AM radio this morning and not a single mention of the op-ed letter. Had to search all over the Fox website to even find it mentioned.
  9. Jimmy Skinner

    Electric Scooter Sharing

    I saw a Bird yesterday with the head ripped off and just wires dangling out of the top of the stem. Where is the GPS device in these? Is it easily removed? Does the GPS work when the power is removed?
  10. The other event that causes heavy damage is the kickball games. They really ruin the grass.
  11. Jimmy Skinner

    Road Biking in Cleveland?

    I've been bike riding a long time and been a pedestrian (and a car driver) and spend lots of time out and about in the city, and I've never seen a bike actually hit a pedestrian. I agree many bicyclists break the law, but do we really want the police to spend their valuable time ticketing bicyclists when cars are the vehicles that actually kill people daily.
  12. Jimmy Skinner

    Electric Scooter Sharing

    My son rides the Bird scooters a lot (in Cincinnati/OTR). he says there are bunch where people have removed the scanning tag, therefore you can't activate them. He also says it is frustrating to see a Bird is available on his phone and walk to the location, only to find that someone is keeping the Bird in their house or in a courtyard that is inaccessible.
  13. I was with some older family members last week and they were saying stuff about the mold on the streetcar and "other problems"... These are mostly older people who still get their news from the Cincinnati Enquirer (actual paper version) and TV news. It' amazing how much sway the Enquirer still has with these people.
  14. Jimmy Skinner

    The Trump Presidency

    Michael Cohen's Lawyer Says His Client Would Never Accept Pardon From 'Corrupt' Trump https://www.npr.org/2018/08/22/640795902/michael-cohens-lawyer-says-hed-never-accept-a-pardon-from-president-trump
  15. ^St Mary's owns them. I've seen nuns going in there. They must have plans for more housing for the religious like they did across the street