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  1. The streetcar had a crash yesterday with a cement truck at 13th and Race. The paramedics came and took a passenger away, the truck driver was cited, and the streetcar resumed service pretty quickly.
  2. Yeah, those maps show a stream cutting right through this site. cool. I assume the stream was buried when Reading Road was built into downtown.
  3. From the ballet parking lot, looking west. Construction happening on a Sunday, 7 days a week
  4. Showing stone basement and sub-basement walls along Sycamore. This intersection is interesting because it is a low point with no natural drainage. I guess before the streets were built and before the Central Parkway/Ohio Erie Canal, that this was a valley that drained down the direction of Eggleston, through this site which is now being excavated.
  5. I am one of them too. I'm a democrat who has on rare occasions voted for local republicans who understand how cities work. I like that Bloomberg understands cities, but any of the dems running will have my vote in November. None of them are perfect, but they are all decent IMO.
  6. ^Trump can be petty, vindictive all day long, and the optics work, but Nancy does it once and she and her party has lost all credibility.
  7. I've used a couple of the dating apps mentioned and do not think they were a scam at all. I got good dates from Bumble, Tinder and Match and had no problem cancelling subscriptions and did not get fake love interest adverts.
  8. The building code requires a second exit when either the occupant load is over 49 people or the travel distance to get out exceeds 75'. the occupant load is approximately figured at one person per 100 SF. Changing the use of the space or adding partitions would require a permit and a drawing by an architect/engineer.
  9. I heard he set fire in three separate places. A**hole.
  10. I like Chris Seelbach ...but this is the stupidest motion I have ever heard of. I love that statue and the history behind it. In no way does the sculpture celebrate Mussolini.
  11. It is so easy to be a Bloomberg supporter... No endless emails asking for donations. In fact there is no Donate button on his campaign page anywhere.
  12. I have some pictures from 1987 on slides. They were vacant and I was taking pictures of severe cracks in the brickwork caused by hillside movement... huge stress cracks. The owner at the time was Stanley Broadnax I believe. The city steps went up the wall as seen in the picture, then turned right between the two buildings.. up to Dorchester. It was cool, but they were not salvageable by then. .. and obviously those cool balconies were not there anymore
  13. You can also find pneumatic rail designs from the 19th century. Not all ideas successfully come to fruition. Some have fundamental flaws that make them impractical ... even if the theory works.
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