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  1. Hogan rips RNC for shielding Trump from primary challenge The Maryland governor, weighing a White House bid...accused the Republican National Committee of going to extraordinary lengths to shield the president from a primary.. Trump has also rolled out a 2020 campaign organization that incorporates the RNC and his campaign into a single entity, with the reelection campaign and committee merging their field and fundraising programs into a joint entity known as Trump Victory. Traditionally, a presidential reelection committee has worked side-by-side with the national party committee but not overtaken it. https://www.politico.com/story/2019/02/21/larry-hogan-2020-trump-1179635
  2. They are ticketing today for the OTR parking permit. At least 50% of the cars parked on Republic Street got a $50 ticket in the last hour.
  3. “North Korean policy was to escalate the crisis of war to justify nuclear weapons,” .. ...“President Trump fell into this trap,” as seen in his rhetoric at the United Nations, where he proclaimed “the major possibility of war.” That was “a major strategic mistake,” the culmination of “a strategy that led the international community to fear nuclear war exactly as Kim wanted.” “If the U.S. is trying to achieve denuclearization, it will require North Korea to discard its nuclear weapons,” But that’s not going to happen for one basic reason: “If they take out nuclear weapons, what else do they have? Nothing.” In short, Kim made a chump of Trump from the beginning, and that is not likely to change next week. -Thae Yong Ho, North Korean diplomat, second-ranking person in Pyongyang’s London embassy who defected in 2016 https://www.thedailybeast.com/a-north-korean-defector-shows-how-kim-makes-a-chump-of-trump/
  4. Anyone on this forum doing Crossfit? If so, have you had any injuries? I started 6 months ago and it really works for me. I'm over 50 and had never really gone to a gym before. I'm starting to feel toned for the first time in my life. I need to be in a class setting for a hard workout. I'm too tempted to quit or go easy if I am alone in a weight room.
  5. As a pedestrian and bicyclist, this is why I hate tinted windows. I cannot tell if the person sees me or not. sometimes all I see is their glowing phone screen through the tint
  6. Reducing the crossing width is critical. And slowing down the cars. I cross it daily and feel it is only a matter of time before I become a statistic. The cars race through, trying to beat the lights going both east and west, and pay no attention to pedestrians or bikes crossing north to south.
  7. This last sentence is confusing in the Enquirer today: Two developments slated to be built by the stadium have been scaled back to one development at Wade Street and Central Parkway. It will take advantage of two lager houses below, the remnants of a brewery. Above that, at street level, would be retail space and on top of that office space.
  8. Canada's largest cryptocurrency exchange is unable to access millions in digital currency following the sudden death of its founder. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-47123371
  9. A friend of mine owns a building just a hundred yards north of this and the Land Bank has been trying to take it from him, saying it is a nuisance ... They just started the action against him in the past few months since FCC announced the location....
  10. ^yeah, I don't think they've started to enforce the parking stickers yet. Haven't seen a single ticket. Also, I think they plan on installing meters on 12th and south side of Liberty, but neither has been done, so parking is still free there without a sticker.
  11. Kroger parking garage set to open Feb 18th Kroger Store to open in September
  12. I agree that the Main / Central Parkway intersection is dangerous. It already has a very high number of pedestrians crossing there and the Enquirer even wrote an article about a guy in a wheelchair that got hit by a car in this intersection twice. https://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/2018/11/20/dear-drivers-stop-running-into-man/1423666002/ Also agree that the sidewalk in front of the Salvation Army is almost impassable it is so narrow
  13. As someone who never really cared for Pelosi, I definitely think her image has improved through her first weeks back as Speaker.
  14. RE: Julian Castro: have we ever had a person who is an identical twin as president?
  15. Sounds good. $15 per linear foot 2,000 miles 5,280 feet per mile = $45 million and be done with it.
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