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  1. The GOP should lose a massive landslide in the Fall to become an insignificant minority party going forward as it is in California. It is a transactional party at its best.
  2. Nice graph. Unfortunately Park City is not in Ohio.
  3. the dashboard says that Summit county had no new cases today. I wonder why.
  4. @eliehonig: SDNY just announced the Ghislaine Maxwell case - like the original Epstein case - is staffed by the Public Corruption Unit. I worked at SDNY and did sex trafficking cases. They do NOT run out of Public Corruption - unless there is some potential angle against a public official.
  5. I can see him stepping down and pence pardoning him. Then maybe he flies to moscow to live with his bro.
  6. Excellent analysis. The clubbiness is also part of it whether it is the private country clubs or gated communities.
  7. This is a very quiet party. Does it really exist outside of trump? No peep from any of them about trump’s lack of action of Afghanistan. They are all complicit.
  8. audidave

    DC Statehood

    It seems we barely do due to gerrymandering. Looking at the Appropriations committee which Marcy Kaptur from Toledo but also has Cuyahoga county in her weird district is the senior member, four senior members are all retiring. So she could and should be the appropriations chairwomen in January.
  9. Not shocking to me at all. I heard about this about a year ago that the Russians were sending the Taliban high end weapons like sniper guns and night scopes. @EvanMcMullin: The Russian intel service that backed Trump’s 2016 campaign pays the Taliban to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan. In other words, the commander in chief’s foreign backers are killing his soldiers and he hasn’t done a thing about it. What a disgrace. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/26/us/politics/russia-afghanistan-bounties.html?smid=nytcore-ios-share and @Kasparov63: Bingo. This was what first occurred to me as well, to look back at every Trump statement & action re Putin & Russia after he found out the Kremlin was paying for US soldiers to be murdered. Treasonous. https://twitter.com/biannagolodryga/status/1276617927857496064
  10. I wonder why Trump knows so many pedophiles? @maddow: Another Trump era headline for the ages: "Child-Sex Trafficker From Trump Tower Meeting Gets 10-Year Sentence" https://www.courthousenews.com/child-sex-trafficker-from-trump-tower-meeting-gets-10-year-sentence/
  11. I think if it were an easy choice Biden would announce during the July 4th weekend. It is a big choice since the VP likely will be the primary candidate for 2024. It might be more important to keep Val Demings as a leader in the House. I think Kamala aligns fairly well with Biden. She might not be progressive enough for California but I think she is for the USA. The Senate will stay fairly moderate. All the progressive energy will be coming out of the House. I’m thinking it will likely be Pelosi again as Speaker to do the massive governmental overhaul that will need to be done. Harris/Hickenlooper for 2024
  12. Yes i think this is going to strike the boonies of all these states very hard as there is no hospital capacity except in the major cities and many of those are now at capacity. So the people that might need hospitalization are even in trouble. This didn’t have to happen either if there was leadership at the national and/or state level. Since there is none at either in those states, this is what unconcerned public health looks like in the middle of a pandemic, a forest fire. So we’ll probably hit 250k dead by end of October.
  13. audidave

    Ohio Music

    Thought I’d add one of the best bands performing in Cleveland these days. Punch Drunk Tagalongs. Found this video that is a good idea of their sound and range.
  14. This seems pretty odd that Covid is spiking today in Tulsa with over 250 new cases. Hmm i wonder what happened 5 days ago? @maddow: Oh no, Tulsa... https://www.tulsa-health.org/COVID19 https://twitter.com/maddow/status/1275879627618226177/photo/1
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