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  1. So i believe trump has confused the whole topic in his head of taking information from foreign governments. He is so stupid that he thinks that the issue is the quality of information itself. That’s where we are today with his and Republican party obfuscation. Nobody can get on the same page with him. It’s like his 2% NATO membership fee that he has in his mind that the US gets the 2% of their defense budgets. This is why he says he’ll listen to the foreign government’s new info and then determine if he should “call the fbi”. I agree this topic is probably a little more complex than a 4th grader can handle but for the trump foamers it has to really do with accepting anything of value from a foreign government to help advance a campaign. Unbeknownst to trump, the quality of the information does not matter. The point is he’s on the hook with the foreign government which is against the law. This is what Russia historically does but usually not so successfully. This is why trump is cool with russia.
  2. ^^^poor conflating. Steele dossier was a paid for series of memos. That was the campaign doing oppo research and reaching out to understand what Trump has been doing in Russia for the past 30-40 years. So that was NOT the UK government helping Clinton. The guy is a former spy and had a lot of sources still and most of what he sussed out has proved true. Trump actively sought out Russia’s help in multiple ways and multiple meetings with multiple people in his campaign. The trump campaign was and is in bed with Russia. That is why he bends over for putin. The guy needs impeached.
  3. I am curious how Ram and EVD excuse the behavior of el presidente. He looks up to dictators all over the world because they can kill people at the snap of their fingers. Then he has no problem taking information from a foreign government which was the whole point of the Mueller investigation!! He and the white house obstructed so much that mueller could not prove conspiracy. Yesterday he said he would be against the CIA spying on Kim Jong Un. Today he said he would be ok with getting oppo research no matter if it came from Russia or Norway. How is any of this the slightest bit patriotic or considered being a good american? Why do you want a dishonorable person being president?!? This is the most damning and flabbergasting admission from trump. Hopefully they lock up Don Jr for perjury if it comes to that.
  4. Not sure how Kilimnik is being killed by the GRU. He’s an operator of the GRU. If they want to kill him that is fine. It sounds like a false narrative. Very out of the blue. I don’t trust Seth Abramson whatsoever. If its me i say “Finish him!!”
  5. ^I’m waiting for the transcript of the Flynn-Kislayak call. It was supposed to have been released last week but the feds said it wasn’t relevant to this case. Only thing I can think is that it is relevant to another case. It could be Kushner or the prez i’m speculating. Kushner was working on a Russian back channel about this time.
  6. Agreed. I follow AOC on Twitter mainly because of the false narrative i hear from my silly Democrat friends that watch Fox and want to regurgitate their crap. I like her stands for the most part. She doesn’t seem like she is out of touch at all. She just wants to improve the world and get more respect for working people no matter their color or creed.
  7. i think what Pelosi is doing is trying to get a groundswell of support before starting proceedings. Once a certain number of Democrats are ready to go for it, she’ll have the Judiciary committee start the roll call on it. Maybe she wants a unanimous roll call there. Hard to know where the numbers lie. I think it will be a very educational for the American people to see impeachment hearings go through the whole process. As we move forward less Republicans will be scared of trump and being primaried because we will be past their filing dates. So she might get more GOP support besides Amash.
  8. I remember watching the Apprentice and enjoying at least the first season or 2. It was campy fun. It was amusing watching trump make decisions in the board room and try to have some basis to fire someone. When all they really needed to do was suck up to him and he would tilt the outcome. It was also hilarious how serious his family treated the show, like they really were going to bring on the people that won the show to do any real work. The only thing trump is good at is branding and NDAs: Pushing Trump brand and getting people that might say bad things agree not to talk about them. Its hard to say if he’s even good at golf since he cheats so much. Cheats on his wives. Cheats on his taxes. Cheats on his vendors. Lies, lies, lies. Obviously he wouldn’t care about cheating in the election and lying to whoever would listen to him in order to get elected.. Or gaining the help of Russians. I suspect he’ll get help of Saudis as well for 2020.
  9. It depends on the pain level, irritation level, inefficiency of RTA, inefficiency of moving bollards for events, to decide if the city wants to move to “phase 2” of the public square upgrade. I think construction could be done in one year if no utilities need dug up and moved. In my mind its a fairly easy project. Digging down a slope from either direction to the square middle to about 10-12 feet deep. Put pavers down to control the speed. Then create a land-bridge that rises up 3-4 ft over top. RTA could use the entry and exits of Superior in the Square for bus stops. Maybe i’m way off base for the scaling of that. But that seems to be what i recall the design looked like.
  10. ^I would imagine there is great benefit of not forcing cars to go around the square. Driving around the square is quite hectic with all the lane changes, turn lanes, and bus traffic. I would imagine 70% or greater of the car traffic is trying to go through the square without stopping. It would take the chaos out of the square by eliminating them from the traffic weaving that goes on now. I believe the traffic lights are working now as it would be under this plan but there currently are no cars flowing thru Superior so that is an opportunity lost.
  11. ^Sounds a bit convoluted with all the tunnels. I still feel Public Square will be redone in 5 years or so to the underground option of traffic on Superior going beneath the square. It was more of Superior being dropped down and having a couple land bridges arch over. It seemed the most elegant of the 4 options but obviously the most expensive so they did the half measure.
  12. That is a little better. They are just whining and making silly points like “oh, Barr took questions after his talk yesterday and Mueller didn’t. What is he hiding?!?!?” They are not arguing that Mueller did anything wrong. They just said they wish he would have kept his big mouth shut and only let the Attorney General who is about to get impeached do all the talking. They are only angered at the “look” of this because they know it angers the small dude in the white house and he is actively watching that show. Partisan cheerleading at its finest. Also i believe Dersh is friends with Trump. They both partied with under age girls at the time with Epstein. Trump mentions this on Howard Stern that he goes to his parties. Here’s a story on that. You’ll have to read further down that Dersh paid out $900k to keep the Roberts girl’s mouth shut and the case sealed. https://www.miamiherald.com/latest-news/article223315075.html This is how trump works. He has stuff on people via the National Enquirer or wherever in the NY media. He makes them go on tv to spin stories for him.
  13. Some syndicated right wing radio personality is who you choose to quote that has obviously no legal background? Should we start to post op-eds from Howard Stern?! No even slightly serious person is saying that Mueller did anything wrong. It is a big pity party for the right wing media scape that Mueller interrupted their constant trump cheering and threw a wrench in their arguments that Mueller couldn’t say that trump is innocent. Since Mueller didn’t say what they wanted him to say now he’s the bad guy again for trumpies since he didn’t go according to their script. “Boo hoo. Disbar him!!” by the way it is now over 1000 federal attorneys that have read the Mueller report and signed on that agree that trump would be indicted if he were not the president.
  14. Good times in North Korea. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-05-30/north-korea-envoy-executed-over-trump-kim-summit-chosun-reports Now who is Bolton going to have chats with?
  15. People that don’t care that the Russians are influencing the president and the elections are right wing NRA gun toters as they think Russians are with them, right wing evangelicals, racists as they see a pure white Christian nation helping us, and mobsters who are friendly with Russian and Italian mobs. This to me is the despicable group. There are a whole bunch of other Republicans that don’t fit that mold and are just really confused by their echo chamber. They are likely curious to any of the above beliefs.
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