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  1. My gut feeling is the obstruction of justice report is what gets released next week. I would hope that we have another indictment Friday or Fridays coming up. I could see Nunes and Ezra Watnick-Cohen perhaps Sessions being indicted as part of this release. There are still too many people walking around inside and the outside the white house with regards to the Russian part of the investigation for that part to be “done”. It would also be a good test scenario to see how much comes out from Barr.
  2. Perhaps some angled parking underneath units. So some units might have covered parking others might have angled garages. Have a lane going down to access from the Wiley intersection. It would be interesting to see if it could go vertical ala the river south condos in Rocky River and not really even use the frontage on Columbus in order to keep as much in a more natural state.
  3. So I’m thinking that Mueller is going after Manafort pretty hard. Manafort is pretty tightly controlled/owned by the Russians as seen with the millions owed to Oleg Derapaska. They obviously have plenty of compromat on him and the bizarre things he made his wife do. One person that has really not been mentioned too much in all this Russian collusion is Pence. Pence was picked by Manafort. Pence never says a negative thing or bats an eyelash at whatever trump does. Obviously a “team player”. However if the FBI was looking at the 25th amendment in May of 2017 when trump fired Comey, they seemed to get very little interest from Pence. The Pence choice of VP was definitely not an obvious one. Trump probably really wanted Christie. Trump could’ve grabbed a former General or whoever. I would wonder if Mueller has the answer to why Manafort chose Pence or if Mueller is actively pursuing that.
  4. The whole purpose of this declaration is to keep trump in the news. But also to keep the federal government focused on what he’s doing. For trump, in his head, that is a win. It gets the press all worked up on his hysteria. Trumpsters are totally ok with trump stirring this pot because its trump being trump. It gets to own the libs as they guffaw at the amount of hypocrisy. It takes the bad news of russian collusion off the air while the media focuses exasperatedly on the border where the cameras show there is no crisis. It gets Congress to react in combatting his new emergency appropriations and that should take away from any investigations. Trump needs a crisis to stay relevant and to avoid the day to day work of Congress from moving forward.
  5. There are quite a few Amazon locations in Northeast Ohio and growing. As this area is a large trucking hub with yellow formerly roadway and fedex formerly roadway express, plus many other truckjng firms, it might dawn on Amazon that it would be wise to place some serious logistical offices in Northeast Ohio. There has historically been a large workforce with a focus on logistics in the Akron area. I could see an office building in Cleveland someplace maybe in the chagrin Highlands and one in Akron.
  6. I believe this is a very incorrect belief. Essentially you are such a literalist of the constitution to take it that way. Read it another way in switch out emoluments with the word graft. Is it ok for domestic graft? Regardless, foreign dignitaries are flocking to his DC hotel to have meetings and stay there. Emoluments law is being broken both foreign and domestic. It is just one area of many issues this president has.
  7. This is a massive investigation into many different organizations that participated in the fraud to elect trump. It isn’t just Russia and Wikileaks colluding with the Trump campaign. It was also the Mercers and Bannon with Cambridge Analytica. This is what they did with the Brexit vote. Now that might be considered legal to be able to pinpoint various facebook users to either dissuade or persuade them from voting a certain way with bots and ads. However that would be illegal if they were sharing data and coordinating with the trump campaign or Russia. That has yet to be decided. There were also the circumstances where certain oligarchs planes would be at the same airports as trumps plane at various campaign rallies. Or their yachts would be off of Mar-a lago. Coincidences like that aren’t really coincidences. Add in the hundred contacts by the campaign to Russian or pro-Russian Ukrainians and the Trump administration denying the whole time any contact with russians. Why lie if it was above board. Don’t forget the admission from Don jr saying in the midst of the recession that the trump company gets all their money they need from russia when Russia was flush with oil money. Add in the hundreds of russians that have bought his condos in Florida and NY. I don’t see how he could not be considered an oligarch himself.
  8. It occurred to me with with all the Dems running for President there might be a method to the madness. Since trump is obviously in the russian mob’s pocket, there are at least 2 “Dems” that are running that are also Russian-aligned in Gabbard and Sanders. It would seem a good idea for Russian money to be “found” going to the various Democratic candidates in order to taint them. The obvious reason is to make people cynical in that all candidates take russian money so then maybe trump isn't so bad when it comes out in the next few weeks how beholden he is to Russia. By having a slow roll out of candidates it will be easier to see which russian entities are trying to submit money to various candidates. This becomes more time consuming and expensive for russians to keep forking over money to all the various candidates in a “hidden” manner. Therefore patterns will emerge. Trump trusts that he will have dirt on whatever candidate comes forward and use whataboutism to neutralize any competitor.
  9. It was said after breathlessly saying he is going to have paid leave for women.
  10. Yes. Pulling out of a treaty makes the US look bad in that Putin keeps his hands clean. He can just deny that he was violating anything. Now it is the unstable and aggressive US that is wanting to renig on treaties. So another win for Putin. It also helps in that NATO countries aren’t wanting to have the US start placing intermediate nuclear missles all over Europe.
  11. ^Today is indictment Friday. However i don’t think Don Jr gets his papers until next Friday. Reporters were hanging outside Corsi’s place this morning just in case. Mueller needs the Congressional testimony which he won’t get until Tuesday to indict anyone for lying to Congress.
  12. Propaganda press dude of the GOP and the GRU getting owned by AOC @AOC: The Republican Party’s best and brightest is back at it today, I see https://twitter.com/gatewaypundit/status/1090609215545184256
  13. I remember when flip floppers were despised by Republicans. Now the cable tv watching, fast food addicted slob of the white house says this about the wall— @realDonaldTrump: Republicans on the Homeland Security Committee are wasting their time. Democrats, despite all of the evidence, proof and Caravans coming, are not going to give money to build the DESPERATELY needed WALL. I’ve got you covered. Wall is already being built, I don’t expect much help!
  14. In Denver they have “the Source”. That is where Crooked stave has their taproom. There are 13 vendors that also occupy the space. There is a bank branch and many offices for people to rent. Going to their website they have now added a hotel onto the side of it.
  15. ^^^The only person building a wall is Mueller of all the criminals, traitors, and felons that have participated in the Trump campaign. The democrats agree that a new immigration policy is needed. Trump is pushing the false Russian-focused narrative that the whole problem of immigration, drug smuggling, human trafficking will be solved at the border of Mexico. The numbers do not lie. The majority of people come into the country via airplanes. The majority of drugs come in via all ports of entry whether a truck through the border, an airplane from China, or smuggled aboard ships and other boats. The people that live near the border feel there is no problem at the border. The ways to handle immigration with a holistic approach is to look at where and why it starts. That means helping Central America with their economy. That means working closer with Mexico. That means setting a real system of migrant workers to register them and to actually punish the growers and farms that are found to use illegal aliens. No wall needed. That is not open borders. That is sensible immigration policy. Clinton said “build walls where necessary”. To me that does not mean the entire Mexican border. You may have heard it differently though.
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