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  1. ^truly a cult. Everything is just perfect because he surely has the common white man’s best interest in heart. He is a bazillionaire and therefore is just guiding the US with the care and amazingly efficient leadership any cranky small business owner would because he cares so much. Golfing is his needed exercise and just happens to be at his own resorts because he feels most comfortable there. Anyone that has a mean thing to say about him is just jealous. He works with dictators because that is the way to quickly get things done. As long as he says he puts america first, he must mean it. The coastal liberal elites are just trying to stir things up to prevent the glorious policies of der leader to make him look bad. The coastal elites are the real problem since they have all the money and yet still rely on George Soros to do mischievous things throughout Europe and want to destroy america with their socialist policies. How did i do Ram or Ev?
  2. I don’t see the quid pro quo for their kids. Anyways, the article does mention it is Kerry’s step son that had access to billions from the Heinz family fortune. Hunter joined him in the company. China is so vast i don’t see getting Hunter to meet with random Chinese businessmen is that big of a deal. The chamber of commerce in any US city would approve. Anyways, try again. This is not a quid pro quo.
  3. Healthcare is obviously a big thorny issue. People want what they want. Then they want it cheap and all encompassing. I feel that for-profit health insurance gives insurance companies a very bad look. I would not be opposed to a candidate saying to get rid of all for-profit health insurance companies. I would allow time for those for-profit companies to change their stripes. The logic of this is that what people don’t see behind the scenes is the electronic payment systems with Hipaa rules in place still need to be maintained. A lot of what insurance companies do is quickly and efficiently pay bills. They are also verifying that are not overpaying. When medicare pays bills. It blindly pays because it is is hamstrung to pay within a certain deadline and it must assume the bill they receive are correct. Therefore there are billions of dollars that are going out fraudulently to various fly by night doctors offices and likely regular doctors if they can game the system. To do M4A, the backend systems will need to be massively improved to not bankrupt the country. I personally prefer what I’ve heard from Klobuchar. Dropping the Medicare age to 55 to allow the boomers to retire that are only working for healthcare benefits. That would likely open up positions for younger people to move into. I believe she wants to also work at improving Obamacare.
  4. A last thought tonight about quid pro quo. If the prez only committed quid pro quo with Ukraine on only the meeting in the white house for an announced investigation of the Bidens. That alone would be impeachable. It might not rise to the level of getting any Republicans to move on impeachment. Extortion of aid to help in fighting the russians moves this up several notches.
  5. I’d agree with that. We don’t know that the whistleblower knew that the aid was on hold. He just knew that the president was asking for a personal quid pro quo. That in itself was reason to launch the impeachment inquiry. So it wasn’t until late October did we all realize this was extortion.
  6. Quid pro quo is all we knew really through September and most of October. It is diplomats that are spouting that term. The diplomats did not have the full picture. They only had pieces. Several knew aid was being held but didn’t know why. Once the impeachment inquiry started the pieces started coming together and it seemed silly to call this the diplomatic latin version. It was time to update it to extortion. I consider extortion to essentially be a form of bribery.
  7. ^He obviously is going with the snarky NY Post viewpoint. The problem is the facts have changed. The Ukrainians did know as early as May that aid was being withheld. The assertion that they had no idea is not correct.
  8. EV and Ram and the rest of the deplorables just want the entertainment of the “drama” that the GOP is insisting there will be if Hunter Biden and the whistleblower are brought in. That would be a win for the Republicans since Hunter has not been charged with anything. They would love to grandstand all day long accusing him of being a criminal. The Biden thing is hearsay from a corrupt Ukrainian politicians that Guiliani has bought and pushed with the alt-right. The crime is extortion by the president. Holding aid for Ukraine that Congress has approved so that the president of Ukraine will give him a personal political favor of issuing a statement against Hunter so that there will be egg on Joe Biden’s face and possibly not be the Democratic candidate for president.
  9. Gym jordan seems upset. He talks reaLLY LOUD! He must be making sense when he talks real loud for the deplorables. All the Republican henchmen want to get is the name of the person that blew the whistle on this scheme so that trump can ruin that person’s life with non-stop twitter postings. If he gets cruel enough no one else will ever think of being a whistleblower against trump. That is why it is imperative since he has much more corruption to commit. Why not go through normal channels of FBI if they want to look at Biden’s kid? Why go through Rudy, Sondland, Perry, and Mcilvaney? How is that not shady?!?
  10. My friend said he got that part. I think many people get that part. Joe Biden got it and only told him “i hope you know what you’re doing.” According to Rudy he was being paid $600,000/yr in Ukraine. Considering that he would be overseas which should double a salary and theoretically giving some direction to some part of the organization that doesn’t seem like an outlandish amount of money. The point for me is the president is going after a single American citizen because he is his opponent’s son. When this president has 2 sons and a daughter that are running around the globe making int’l deals because of their last name it is highly hypocritical. Jared obviously is using his connections in the administration for policy to get gigantic loans from Arab countries for his empire. Explain how that isn’t cronyism and illegal.
  11. I recall Giuliani going on Fox in May yapping about the Bidens and Ukraine. It was mystifying. Apparently it was a “thing” in right wing echo chamber or became one through the summer. A trump voter friend wanted my take on it when the story broke open in August(?) about Hunter. He is a low info voter. I told him it was complete crap. Point being that this was a long play by trump, Giuliani, and manafort to twist the russian meddling to Ukrainian meddling. Who would that benefit? Russia, trump, and manafort and Ukrainian oligarchs including one that is sitting in austria, firtash, that is somehow still waiting for the US to extradite him, but for some odd reason the DOJ won’t.
  12. Its hard to say what will happen. Peak’s modus operandi was buying resorts and improving snowmaking systems. They did build new lodges in order to reduce maintenance costs. Vail buys resorts with an eye towards benefiting the skier experience. They focus on improving and adding lifts. Since the snowmaking systems are fairly solid throughout Peak resorts, i expect the focus to be on lifts which is absolutely needed.
  13. So no sighting of trump since he was whisked away for an ‘unplanned physical’ at Walter Reed hospital. It would seem that Scavino is controlling his twitter account. The messaging is too consistent and there are retweets of his son Eric which i don’t follow trump but it would seem out of character. With the White House propaganda person saying everything is perfectly fine and it is awful not to believe her and the fact that they put a “lid” on today’s events at 9am, I’d say he is likely still there. Its interesting that the media is playing along with the charade since there are Hipaa laws involved even for el presidumbo. I doubt fox news would be so considerate if Obama had even a sneeze. I don’t know if he went into a rage when he found out that he lost another Governor’s race that he helped campaign for or maybe more likely he found out from his lawyers that next week’s impeachment testimony is going to be way more brutal than this week’s testimony as all sorts of eyewitnesses will be testifying and even his Ambassador that was running the scheme is now on the hook. Also he has Giuliani threatening him if Giuliani gets thrown under the bus. Alexa, buy all the popcorn.
  14. ^My gut feeling is each community will go its separate ways. Brecksville and Independence to Parma. The northern suburbs to Cleveland and Maple Heights and Valley View to Bedford.
  15. So Giuliani is next on deck for indictments/trial/conviction. It is thought that he will be indicted for FARA violations at the minimum. It is also thought that the tag team of Lev and Igor were under FISA scrutiny in having their phones tapped. Who knows what communications they picked up of Rudy since he was hanging out with them all the time and also perhaps the communications directly with the president. So now that they are indicted how long has a FISA been going on against Rudy? How many phone calls have they picked up with Trump with various Fox news personalities?? Will Hannity be next? Will there be RICO charges against Fox since the Ukraine conspiracy scandal is being coordinated via their cable channel?
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