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  1. If i were to read more into this new construction, I’d say that they will likely be closing their other location on Clark and Scranton once this opens. That then makes one wonder if there was an entity prodding them to sell that current location.
  2. ^Good regulations are there to keep corporations honest. They obviously have a lot of power and it needs to keep them in check. So a Sears would not need to have the same legal department as a financial institution or a fossil fuel extraction company. I consider it a good that these companies are forced to report what they are doing. Fine if it employs a few more people. Hopefully Steyer ends his folly and gets out of the race by SC. Its bad enough Bloomberg is chopping up the Democratic vote.
  3. The fact that bloomberg did so bad and took so many hits and nobody looked great in the debate combined with the fact that Biden didn’t do bad, could be a pop for Biden in Nevada as the default. I ‘m not sure i understand who mayor pete’s demographics are except middle-aged college educated white people. That is not a big pool of voters in Nevada when that is what everyone on the stage is fighting for. The Amy/Pete feud was good for Biden as was the Bloomberg beat down. If Biden doesn’t get at least 20% in NV he likely is toast.
  4. Its going to be fascinating seeing what happens on Saturday. My gut feel which is obviously meaningless is that Sanders will underperform at around 25%. I think the ranked voting which 77000 people participated in will have significant effects as it is usually older people that vote early. I doubt they are voting for Bernie. The question is how many show up to caucus. Will there be another 80000 to offset the early voting? Bernie will get his 25%, Warren maybe 23% everyone else around 15% including Steyer who could likely get some delegates and allow him to be eligible for the next debate. Don’t we need a widening of the field?
  5. ^I’m very certain those people are solidly in his camp. Evangelists, uneducated or politically gullible(fox fans), and mobsters/grifters/conmen are what make up the trump party. The last batch are the newcomers to the GOP.
  6. I don’t believe most trump polls, especially Rasmussen. However, I can see where a good portion of people of Hispanic background that have been here for generations would vote for trump. To make this seem like a sea change and it is growing is delusional. To me its a data point and they were able to reach and talk to older hispanics via phone lines.
  7. I’m sure that guy in the picture is a paid shill. I’m sure it gives trumpies goosebumps to see the 2-3 people of color in their audience at rallies.
  8. Agreed the bulk of the newly interested Bloomberg voters will not watch debate. I imagine half of them will watch some of it or at least see clips of it. The other bigger angle will be soft trump voters that believe that trump is the greatest, richest guy in the world. It will be made very much a point that Bloomberg is way more successful than trump. Also that trump lies about everything will be pointed out by Bloomberg. Those type of people are always willing to believe rich people apparently as if they never lie. trump can’t sue anyone but i’m sure will make many threats to sue Bloomberg.
  9. Hopefully those 15-20% of people that have watched those commercials and think he sounds good bother to watch the debate tomorrow. Anyone can make a slick commercial. It sounds like it should be a fun debate watching feisty old guys.
  10. ^what is the backstory on this? Why is an Acela train set headed for Colorado? I can’t see this climbing mtns. Or being used for prairies.
  11. ^As a millionaire thug, he knows when to buy people off or threaten people with physical or legal harm. That takes a bit of intelligence.
  12. ^My understanding is that it was to insure that there was plenty of water going through the summer and droughts. The canal is also getting water from various sources and tributaries. There are overflows out of the canal to the river when those points fill with too much water. I imagine it was engineers that decided ‘we always need x amount of water so lets go ahead and divert x amount of water’
  13. Excellent ad. She will make a great HUD Secretary under whoever’s presidency.
  14. That would make sense. The purpose of the Bville dam was diversion of the river to the canal. My understanding is they will be adding a pump to move water to the canal. Since that flow isn’t all that great at the moment they probably felt a need, with the likely lower amount of water going into the canal, that it probably is a good time to address that as well.
  15. ^Obviously there are companies that can never have enough backup electricity plans. The point is the organizations that are part of the microgrid can be charged additional cent or 2 per kwh for the service of clean electricity.
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