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  1. Might be big news. Trumpster is wholly bought by ruskies. Who would’ve thought? @EricaJong: BREAKING: A Whistleblower told the FBI that Trump’s Deutsche Bank loans were backed by Russian state-owned bank,VTB Bank.VTB was proposed lender for Trump Tower Moscow and allegedly funded the Rosneft Deal. New docs show deep ties between Deutsche & VTB.
  2. Sadly we will be at the same point we were at February 25th on May 1. We have a bunch of covid-19 cases in Ohio and we don’t entirely know where they are. Hopefully we can keep getting testing ramped up by then. I’d feel better if we can get 10,000 tests a day in Ohio.
  3. ^^There was no article or link that i saw on Kush. What I’m wondering is how much is that dork involved in this fiasco. I know he was trying to do something through his and his brother’s web company Oscar to handle checkups i think for covid testing in February. Now i would be very curious if he and his brother are involved in the “ebay” aspect of the purchasing of PPE. Say Jared is able to give his brother, who owns various websites and made hundreds of millions, a heads up on what the fed purchases are. His brother buys a day or two ahead and posts the same items on the particular website. A worse scenario is that Jared’s brother is actually running the clearinghouse/ebay site that governments are bidding up items.
  4. ^^SARS and MERS are the corresponding viruses to this. Those were contained. This is bad because of all the asymptomatic people plus how long people are shedding the virus.
  5. ^Absolutely correct. What has also happened is the Governors have all pulled together doing an end round the prez and coordinating a response. California decided to take advantage of being the 5th largest GDP and get their own masks. They will get 150 million n95 masks every month now. Between what is happening with Battelle and now California that should resolve the n95 mask issue. All these massive supply issues will be resolved by governors. The feds dropped the ball and the states know they are on their own. I expect testing will be actually ramped up soon because of governors. Not the crap the vp says that there are 27 million test kits out there yet only 1 million people have been tested.
  6. ^Fair enough. Even an incredibly hard headed and dumb president would’ve done something by the end of February. He didn’t start until what March 12? He still was worried about his “numbers” in a cruise ship in California would’ve allowed more possible deaths. He still barely acted trying to keep the testing low.
  7. ^You are way too nice ti trump. Bill Gates wrote a book about this didn’t he? Obama’s white house warned about this. Hell trump felt that ebola was going to be Obama’s waterloo. It was obvious to me by mid-late January that the virus was a gamechanger by watching the videos from China. People were collapsing on the streets. Even as a minor exercise to just be lightly prepared by late January we could’ve gotten geared up but trump sent over to china almost all the federal stockpile of PPE. The critical factors to this were that it was novel, it took a long time to incubate, and there are many people that are asymptomatic. Oh and its fairly deadly. That is exactly what people in epidemiology have been looking for to sound the alarms.
  8. Agreed. That was the reason that the Obama White house team did those gaming procedures with trumps team. There are a series of steps to take once you realize there is an epidemic in the world. Hell i remember hearing about it in late December early January that there was a novel virus. I guarantee that if they had followed the playbook that the US would not be out $2-5 trillion and counting Perhaps only $200-400 billion.
  9. Another country with trials of the hydroxychloroquine elixir suspending them. Yesterday i noted Sweden had stopped. Now France: @joshgerstein: French hospital halts hydroxychloroquine treatment study due to cardiac side effects https://twitter.com/Nice_Matin/status/1247420738958774272
  10. I think they now understand where the high risk locations are for Covid-19. I would think we should be able to test 2-3 people once or twice a week in prisons, nursing homes, ERs, senior care facilities, etc going forward. I think they need to test flight attendants and EMTs biweekly going forward. Probably test everyone that comes into the emergency room before doctors see a patient. That still is a lot of testing that needs to continue daily to keep this under control. Perhaps use the temperature sensor map to help locate hot spots and actively random test on those locations. If a large hotzone shows up in a county, quarantine the county for two weeks. This shouldn’t happen that the whole US shuts down the economy because a president is only focused only on trying to win a future election and not the perfect storm pandemic that he thinks is just a flu until its not a flu.
  11. Some news from the burgh. This sounds like it goes beyond a serology test. https://www.post-gazette.com/news/health/2020/04/05/Immunity-test-could-help-end-the-lock-down-covid-19-blood-test-upmc/stories/202004040002
  12. I’ve been waiting for an airline to pipe up about their infected employees. Finally American did. Much bigger than i thought it would be. That was always my main concern with flying during a pandemic or epidemic. Think about how many were super carriers. @CNN: 100 American Airlines flight attendants have tested positive for the coronavirus, the union representing flight attendants for the airline says. https://cnn.it/2Xh3d3B
  13. I’m not sure either. He did announce that the US has stockpiled 29 million pills. I think that is the only thing the US has stockpiled under trump. I highly doubt that the pills were donated. That would be interesting for an oversight committee to review how the US happened to get however many pills as he probably is lying about the quantity.
  14. News breaking about trump family owning stock in a French pharmaceutical company that happens to make everyone’s favorite malaria drug: @atrupar: “Trump himself has a small personal financial interest in Sanofi, the French drugmaker that makes Plaquenil, the brand-name version of hydroxychloroquine.” https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/06/us/politics/coronavirus-trump-malaria-drug.html
  15. It seems that the only reason that trump started taking the virus seriously is because of the push by these companies as a potential treatment. Its great that he can bother to buy up a 29 million pill stockpile for something unproven. @swingleft: The dark-money group Job Creators Network is pushing Trump to approve an unconfirmed treatment for COVID-19. The group was founded by Home Depot’s Bernie Marcus who spent over $7 million to get Trump elected. Bayer, Novartis and Teva are all members. https://www.wsj.com/articles/conservative-group-pushes-for-fda-approval-of-drug-to-treat-coronavirus-11585229415
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