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  1. ^^Well he has been their Senator for decades. It isn’t because he has any kind of charisma. He has a machine that he pays a lot money to get himself elected. He whips up the scare. It is hard to whip up scare when he has control and he admits to being the grim reaper and not a whole lot has changed for Kentucky. If anything, I would say that would be the moment to vote him out as he obviously too big for his britches. He has to take a female fighter pilot seriously.
  2. Since El dumbo knows his words and tweets move markets. Look for even more idiotic statements in the days ahead especially with a likely G7 meltdown. He misses his buddy putin. We’re down 500 again on the Dow. Look for more market pullback. If this downward spiral continues, that will force the cabinet to do the 25th amendment. I can see Mnuchin, Ross, and Perry finally being the adults in the cabinet. The Dow might need to go below 20k before they finally act i bet. Even McConnell will allow his wife to do that so it doesn’t wreck his own election.
  3. ^I’m not really following the presidential stupidity much anymore. Is this where el presidumbo got the idea to buy greenland? I understand he has “conversations” with these idiots before he heads to the west wing. It sounds like 80-90% of what he tweets comes from watching Fox. The stupid is on full blast with that network.
  4. ^Its going to have to get a whole lot worse. You need the VP and a majority of cabinet. There are 15 cabinet members and 2 of those are acting. Many of the current cabinet members are hard core sycophants. Perry would be most receptive. Chao would do whatever is advantageous to her husband McConnell which is usually nothing. Who knows what goes on in Carson’s mind. Wilbur Ross would likely have to be shaken awake. It was noted this week a person at pentagon said Pompeo is like a heat seeking missile for trump’s ass. Mnuchin could maybe be a vote but i doubt it as he’s a rich slime ball. Obviously AG Barr thinks everything the prez done is great. Trump is finding out that playing president isn’t all that exciting. The Senate sits there and does nothing and the new House members criticize him for not acting or telling McConnell to move forward on their legislation while also investigating all his obstruction of justice and links to Russians. I think a stroke is the only way he’ll be moved out by the 25th amendment.
  5. ^^This can be mitigated by offering free service or a free zone in downtown Cleveland. The people that do come downtown for various events might feel free transportation is a fair trade off by not having a bus come to their community 4x a day. So waterfront line could be made free while the levy pushes to create a downtown loop.
  6. So i was wondering what my fairly apolitical friends were seeing on the faceb$&k to get them ready to vote for trump again. There are so many disastrous policies, lies, misstatements, corrupt politicians in his cabinet, idiotic statements and his obvious speech impairment that is becoming more pronounced that promote so many opportunities to mock el presidumbo. How could one avoid all the memes that mock the president? Last night i found out as my buddy was giggling while we were drinking some new ipas. Apparently there were some fancy memes going around the internets that were mocking trump for his long ties. Ouch! He then explained the meme to me. Oh what a hoot!! Oddly they didn’t have any memes of shirtless putin holding the tie from behind. Hopefully i don’t have to explain that one to ram.
  7. Wanted to point out that I listened to how Bernie describe where the savings in his plan would come from. He feels the billing systems and insurance companies being the middlemen could be gotten rid of. The problem is one can’t just lock stock and barrel get rid of billing systems as complex as they are. That is often a way to follow treatments and confirm the correct care is being given. It’s how government and insurance companies know what to pay. I would be ok with banning general healthcare insurance from for profit insurance companies. Gap insurance or supplemental healthcare insurance can be for profit.
  8. Obviously no one knows what is in the white house incumbent’s crippled mind. But what we do know is he will do ANYTHING to save himself. We can’t come up with all the scenarios but there are certainly scenarios where he can start a war in particular with Iran. Saudis and Israelis with Bolton are practically begging him to do that. Luckily, Putin is smart enough to know that is a bad idea. He can declare national emergencies against whoever if the authorities start to get close to Ivanka or maybe just exposing his taxes. We don’t know what it takes but everything so far has pointed towards a person with no moral bottom and who has blasted through most every norm the presidency has had.
  9. Ram you are so focused on what Hillary might do that you aren’t seeing ahead. The table is being set to do what they want in regards to immigrants. You are aware they sent an American from Detroit to Iraq where he died. He had been in the country like 35 years. This is soon going to be daily news of immigrants being kicked out and dying in poverty abroad. They can then claim some emergency order and start pushing for more radical things. When does it stop? I guess we found out that mass genocide is finally “too far”. Glad you guys have standards.
  10. ^Love that!! New yawkers can be clever.
  11. Trump had many weird asides in the pa. speech. He talked about how he likes trucks and has since he was 4. He spoke a lot about NY and how poor it is. He said most people there don’t know he’s from NY. Multiple mentions of how NY does not allow pipelines through the state, which i believe would be illegal as part of ICC. I’m guessing he means NY wanted to do a go slow approach to fracking and put in tighter regulations. He was reading the teleprompter but he was clearly bored and tried to spice it up to get the crowd into it. It was standard trumpian with taking credit for anything that has happened in the last 20-30 years in manufacturing and talking to people about economics like he was speaking to 5-7 yr olds and trying to get applause any time he could. Definitely not presidential but if people really wanted a crazy uncle to be president they got it. I’m sure he said even stupider things. I could only stand listening to first 20 minutes.
  12. ^^Thanks KJP. The reason i suspect something is up is this seems to be a well capitalized and shrewd logistics company seeking to double the amount of goods through the port. If it was easy it would’ve been done already. I don’t think they buy into the Cleveland port railroad without having done due diligence on how they can make infrastructure improvements and add trackage rights to their connecting short lines, and understanding how much all that will cost and time-frame to complete it. It seems like something to keep an eye on.
  13. Wanted to get some thoughts on what this might mean for other projects since i thought this was big news. This seemed to be merely a blip last Monday. To me it sounds like they will have to do what KJP suggested with the rail lines in the port which should have positive effects for other rail and Amtrak that comes through Cleveland.
  14. Biden actually did meet in Washington with the students as they were visiting over a year ago pushing for gun legislation. He just didn’t do it in his capacity as VP. So someone that has been a Senator for decades and then a VP for 8 years which is just a glorified senator, confusing in what capacity he spoke to people over a year ago, I don’t think is much of a gaffe. His Houston/Michigan one was bigger but even that sounds like it came talking off the cuff to a couple reporters late on a Sunday in California after likely schmoozing with campaign donors for 4-5 hours. Details are going to be hazy from a person that once got up to the minute information and now doesn’t have to worry about it. Driving on 75 feels like your in Michigan.
  15. A few months ago Starks was pushing to build an apartment tower on top of a parking deck or two in Cuyahoga Falls in the newly redeveloped Front st. I believe he was asking for a 30 year abatement which quickly fell on deaf ears. He completed the updated State road shopping center now Portage Crossings a few years ago. With his wheelhouse really shopping centers I would think these developments would be much more challenging with a different marketing strategy and different construction methods.
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