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  1. I wonder if the Mueller report will be in the Trump presidential library. That and all his tweets. It should be the most spectacular presidential library ever.
  2. The Democrats are meeting on Monday to discuss impeachment. I think the judicial, oversight, and intelligence committee chairmen will be letting the subpoenas fly. If they have to call for impeachment to get the redacted grand jury detail from Mueller report they will. According to Louise Mensch sources, there could be a dozen indictments unsealed in a couple weeks. That will change the political landscape especially, if it is the trump family that gets indicted.
  3. I think the new GOP is a Russian friendly party. They have no problem getting help from them as they will project that the Democrats would be happy to get help from the Russians as well. That could be true of Bernie but he’s not a real Dem just like Trump is not a real Republican. Russians played both sides in the election. Besides helping promote Maga groups on facebook and ads for trump targeting certain groups in battleground states, they also pushed negative Hillary ads also targeted at different races to suppress voting, whether it was by bringing up Bernie angst of the primary or old comments Hilary made about certain black guys to make her seem racist. So if those people voted for Jill Stein instead that is what Trump needed. If those people chose not to vote that also supported trump. China, Russia, India, Japan, Iran, and whatever other country can now start using bots and promoting ads on facebook to get the aging baby boomer generation to vote how they want them to. I’d say it helps to have Fox spouting the same diatribe. Which brings this to coordination. Fox news, the GOP, Russia, NRA, all the various right wing news internet outlets were coordinating their propaganda. We’d see it here when someone would post obviously fake or false story and we would see the link to some shady site but within days Fox would be pushing the same stupid thing like the uranium 1 thing. I feel that the impeachment must go forward. Put the onus on the Senate republicans to listen to the facts debate the facts and ultimately vote for or against him staying in office. This is a gamble for the Dems as the Senate looks vulnerable to be taken over in 2020. Do they want to rock the boat or be the constitutional advocates by doing what is right? It probably comes down to Schumer deciding if he wants to take that chance.
  4. Good point. If one looks at Fox news, they are pretty simplistic viewpoints that constantly reconfirm calcified beliefs of the viewers. Never have to say their sorry for new findings or new reporting as they will deflect or avoid discussing anything that goes against messaging. Witness the Ilhan Omar brouhaha this past week. All that story was about was defining her how they want to define her which is a caricature. There wasn’t much to that story yet they were able to spend almost two weeks tut tutting her and getting all huffed up over comments that were not clear what she was saying. Oh but Fox knew exactly what she was saying. They avoid spending any time on fleshing out views that counter their narrative. Fox has helped create a community of zombified crazy uncles that get to hear the party line that focuses on us vs them. Fox news in 3 words = Sanctimonious blabbering patriotically.
  5. When i had to drive to work in Solon or Mayfield Heights i would contemplate all the horsepower of all the cars that are sitting idling in rush hour traffic on 271 and 480 in miles long backups. The people with the 450hp-500+hp engine sitting next to me are going just as fast as my car. Multiply the amount of capital sitting idle throughput the US and it really is disturbing. The more expensive car is not getting you more freedom. It just typically means you have to live further away to justify/afford that more expensive vehicle.
  6. This is a classic snippet of videos when Faux news tells the truth about 45. @nowthisnews: What if Fox News covered Trump the way it covered Obama? It would look like this https://twitter.com/nowthisnews/status/1118228314257350657/video/1
  7. ^My speculation is that obviously something isn’t quite right. Likely Stark is spread a bit thin between his projects(515 and Nucleus) and the Falls is pushing him for some progress that was likely quietly negotiated for to build those when the Front street update was complete. Its pretty much complete. Hard to put much focus on this project when having an active build going and still working on an even bigger more tenuous project for financing and approvals.
  8. ^^^Meanwhile el presidente gets to continue to spew hate and whatever else he would like to lie about and the Republicans look on approvingly at least publicly so. We are at a strange time in history where we have a party in stockholm syndrome. Trump knows it. Putin knows it. McConnell knows it. I wonder how much kompromat there is out there on all these Senators and Congressional leaders to simply follow along. Will Trump create a big controversy on Thursday to help distract from the Mueller report? I don’t know how many more ways trump can be defined as an awful human and still keep the GOP smugly content that he’s their bad human so its totally legal and totally cool. I expect to hear 10 million times on Thursday: “Trump obstructed justice but he’s allowed to because no laws were broken.” The problem with that statement is the Special Counsel was not necessarily looking for criminal acts. It was looking for acts of espionage. When they shook the tree of the trump campaign a whole lot of russians and pro-russian agents fell out. That is where Congress gets to decide if this is damning to the process of a fair and free election by proactively working with foreign entities to help your campaign.
  9. I’ve heard people privy to the discussion with the city of Cuyahoga Falls and the school district that the Starks project is dead to them as long as Starks continues to ask for a 30 year abatement for his tower(s)!on front st. I’m shocked he would have the audacity to ask for that long of an abatement. But i suppose opportunists feel the need to ask and sometimes you’ll actually receive. Maybe its too easy of a sell for a 15yr so he’s pushing for other things by asking for 30 and then try to get other concessions from the city once that is shot down. So we’ll see.
  10. ^I suppose it is similar. The thing that hurt the valley development was the Portage Path bridge being rebuilt over the Cuyahoga 10-15yrs ago. It seemed to take 3-4 years for that to complete. Any momentum the valley had was halted for 6-8 years. In the next month or so there is a plan to be revealed to get a CVSR train station stop by Liberty Commons. It is the Merriman Valley small business plan to push the city and other organizations metro rta/metro parks/ Summit county/city of Akron to try to make it come to fruition.
  11. Let’s git rid of these foreigners!!! https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/politics/immigration/2019/04/15/ice-deports-gonzalez-spouse-u-s-soldier-killed-afghanistan/3477332002/
  12. ^^A lot of handwringing about a freshman Congresswoman. I’ll again make the comparison to King of Iowa. Nobody is considering him a leader and he’s been re-elected many times. I don’t particularly consider her a leader either. She is a voice in the Congress. I have no problem leaving it up to the people of Minnesota to decide if they want to re-elect her again. Just because trump makes a stupid twitter statement that she is Pelosi’s leader doesn’t make it so.
  13. I haven’t been following this stupid story at all with Omar. The obvious thing going on here is partisan politics. Since the Democrats went after the white nationalist King in Iowa, the GOP is going after Omar in oddly a very racist way because instead of just race, she also wears a burka. It makes great theater on Fox news to go after the freshman Congresswomen. If whatever it was she said was uttered by a white Kansas man, it would not make the papers. But since she is fairly unique in that she is of Somali descent she is watched under a microscope. I wish the GOP felt so concerned about the racists in their midst. Also that was a 10 year old article about Somalia. I highly doubt Omar has any kind of “agenda” against Christians or dog whistling to Somalia. I don’t think Somalia ever had many Christians in the first place. There have been so many wars in the past 70 years that displacement is going to happen somewhere along the line in the horn of Africa. Also, that part of the world is very tribal and its probably the thing that erases tribal loyalty if one is more focused on a supreme being than a tribal leader. Or you better pray in the same way as your tribal leader.
  14. ^Not sure Page was charged because he is an idiot. Back in 2014-2015 I recall a case of 2 Russians being expelled from the US. Carter Page was not listed by name at the time in regards to this case. From your favorite source: https://nypost.com/2015/01/26/3-russians-charged-in-spy-plot-in-nyc/ the above details are a bit lurid because the FBI captured conversations of the Russian agents because Carter Page agreed to give them a binder that had a microphone implanted in it to “prove” he wasn’t working with the Russians and not get charged. The 2 Russians were kicked out of the USA and 2 years later Carter Page was on Trump’s campaign. Needless to say Carter Page was a person of interest to the FBI before Trump ran for office.
  15. ^Carter page is an absolute twit. There was no “incitement of violence” by the DNC. Unless incitement of violence is pointing out that a person acts in a treasonous manner by working with the KGB/FSB.
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