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  1. The place is not the issue, bad people are the issue! Bad people are white, black, purple and green. The question I have is what compels anyone to pull out a gun to show how tough they are? The deeper issue is understanding the social economic reasons for this behavior and beginning to address it. I believe this is happening with some very positive improvement in the schools. As second area starts at home and I will not share my thoughts on this as it is too complicated. There also needs to be steeper consequences for ones actions. For instance, in New York, if you are in criminal position of a firearm, its automatically 1 year term. Just ask Plaxico Burress. While Ohio has different firearm laws, there needs to be more effective deterrent. Just a few thoughts on my end.
  2. The good thing is that it is an attractive job for the right coach. Dorsey did not leave the cubbard bare! They do have a QB in my opinion, lot's of draft picks and an unexpected higher first round pick. With the right coach, this team could win 10 games next season.
  3. I could give this report! The news in Cleveland is so bad! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sm5bG6SMBRw
  4. Cleveland needs a few more of these to change the feel of the City from a old to a nice blend. I really like cities that have a good mix of old and new such as Chicago.
  5. Simply put, if Obama did one third of what Trump as done he would have been impeached! Trump even made him prove he was an American citizen. How insulting!
  6. How will they be establishing their corporate headquarters downtown if this is a merger (actually an acquisition) and they are now a combined company?
  7. I have very much enjoyed being able keep up with the progress of my home town and Urban Ohio has provided an excellent way to do so. I enjoy all of the different perspectives and have appreciated learning from all of you. Happy Thanksgiving! Of all the positive things going on in Cleveland these days, what are you most thankful for?
  8. It is so easy to see that the building should be converted to meeting space as part of the convention center. No need for a $150k study, that will take two years to implement.
  9. The Browns are playing today and they still have a third of Cleveland.com covering Ohio State.
  10. I know that many Clevelanders went to Ohio State, but why Cleveland.com dedicate an entire third of the homepage to a college game every week is beyond me! Ohio.com, Cincinnati Enquire does not dedicate that much real-estate to Ohio State. Even look at the Columbus Dispatch and they are not even in the realm of with cleveland.com does for Ohio State. Then I looked at the business section and there is an article that the Cleveland Hopkins monitoring systems are working again. Cleveland deserves much better
  11. There is only one person on the sidewalk so pedestrian traffic is not a problem!
  12. The buildings look fantastic now with the windows going in. Just think of how they will look when the project is complete. The way downtown was heded in the 90's, I could have never imagined such a remarkaable turnaround of this area. While the projects have taken time, several resiliant locals made this happen.
  13. Completely agree with mack34. I've been saying for years that Jackson is a dinosaur and lacks vision. The city has the money to make this happen and is waiting for donations. Seriously??
  14. KJP - I'm glad your sister took the pic given what I have seen from you my friend.
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