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  1. Care to elaborate? What part of Elmwood Place do you think has such a great business district?
  2. Agreed. Though I wish there were a Sartre/Rhinegeist system of pneumatic tubes connecting Washington Park to the Vine St restaurants for insta-delivery I've very excited for the Somerset space on E McMicken. Looks like a gorgeous design with the glass "conservatory" roof and two outdoor spaces: the smaller courtyard next to the big mural, and the larger "event lawn". I wonder if they intend to make the space available for weddings and private events. They don't have any kitchen equipment in the kitchen/back bar, but they do specify a location for accommodating a food truck.
  3. If bars with patios and mariachi bands are dorky, sign me up as a certified dork! "La Ofrenda will also have a patio, and Trevino hopes to bring traveling mariachi bands to serenade patrons in the warmer months."
  4. The process for getting a Planned Development approved (or expanded) requires approval by both the planning commission and city council. That’s why this is different than in the case of just one building changing hands and a new owner choosing to not renew leases (which happens all the time). The additional oversight here is precisely because these larger Planned Developments have significant public impact (infrastructure dollars, impact on surrounding community, etc).
  5. ^that’s going to be a massive project. Just seeing the elevations along Taft, it shows how large that block is. I don’t think of that block as being on a hill, but since it’s so large, it does end up with quite a bit of height change from its highest to lowest points.
  6. Same. Might win the prize for shortest street in Cincinnati. Can’t be much more than 40’!
  7. A lot of applications that go before the HCB only include elevations, with no 3D renderings. I don't blame 3CDC or City Parks for making this the extent of their design... you can see a few other views of the 3D model on page 14: https://www.cincinnati-oh.gov/buildings/historic-conservation/historic-conservation-board/april-22-2019-staff-report-and-attachments/ I was bummed when I saw the tents come down recently because it was really nice to have the shade in the summer. I'm really glad that they're installing a permanent roof. Will be a great, long-term addition to the park.
  8. ^That's cool. I never went to Whispering Beard, but some fun groups have played there. Will be fun to see those bands down at Smale.
  9. They could have signed a sales contract a long time ago.
  10. Agreed. Very curious about the design. The article says that design will begin this fall and take about a year. 180,000 sq ft, $86 million, 24 classrooms, and 230 offices... that means it's going to be a pretty big and substantial building. Definitely curious to see which architects they go with and what kind of form the building takes. Just as a point of comparison to the new Lindner College of Business building (225,000 sq ft, $120 million), this new one will be 80% the size with 70% the budget.
  11. The whole point of the project should be to slow traffic to make this less of a highway. I think this "compromise" proposal will only make cars drive faster due to the wider lanes, and removal of on-street parking along almost all of the southern curb (Elm to Sycamore). Hell, I'd prefer a "just add bumpouts" proposal (cheaper and could get narrower pedestrian crossings) over this 6-lane compromise With the new proposal, would the water main still have to be moved? The PDF shows the water main near the southern curb. I wonder if that's part of why they are keeping the lane widths wider than necessary, to keep the water main in the southern-most lane.
  12. Three large projects have been approved to move forward, which will have a big impact on the area around Clifton Ave and Probasco. https://www.uc.edu/news/articles/2019/04/n20828709.html Clifton Court Hall - A new 180,000 square-foot classroom building will be planned where two modular structures currently stand at the intersection of Clifton Avenue and Clifton Court Drive, just north of the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP). Probasco Auditorium and classrooms - An adaptive reuse project by UC Planning, Design + Construction will transform the interior of the vacant Second Church of Christ Scientist at the corner of Clifton Avenue and Probasco Street into an auditorium space seating more than 330. It will also house classroom space, and it’s anticipated that the $8.5 million project will be ready for use in Fall 2021. DAAP Studio Annex - Graduate students in fine arts and art education in the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning will soon have studio and working space adjacent to campus in the form of the DAAP Studio Annex, a one-story structured frame clad in steel located on one acre at 425 Riddle Road (across Clifton Avenue from DAAP’s college location). There are no designs of the Clifton Court Hall yet. "Probasco Auditorium" will be beautiful, especially if they're able to restore the large stained glass windows as the rendering suggest. I'm not a huge fan of the metal box design of the DAAP Studio Annex, but I'm most interested/curious to see how it will face the streets. The rendering doesn't make it clear how it will be situated relative to MLK/Riddle/Clifton/Probasco. I sure wish UC would use this as an opportunity to pressure DOTE to make the MLK/Clifton intersection less pedestrian hostile.
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