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  1. Generally, I agree and I'd love to see the building maintained. But I also want something substantial built right up to Liberty and Central Parkway. And it's only ~3 stories at the northeast corner. Ideally, it would be integrated into with surrounding buildings that "fill" the entire site.
  2. There's also this website that is specific to The Node: https://www.connectatthenode.com/
  3. From Central Parkway, the parking garage will be completely hidden, so that's good... although it kind of stinks that the view from John St will be a 6-story garage.
  4. I think the 8th St "Reading Garden" could be maintained in some way, even if some version of Options B/C were pursued. I agree that it's a lovely urban oasis, and I think it would be even more special if the development on Walnut happened. Versions B and C both have entrances to the library along Walnut (as well as the existing entrances on Vine), so that might be sufficient. If an entrance along 8th is necessary, it could be directly to the side of the Garden, or potentially there could be an entrance "through" the garden. The design would have to be sensitive to the garden, to not destroy what makes it feel special... but I think a good landscape architect could pull it off.
  5. Do you mean "Tortilleria Garcia", that has locations in College Hill and Springdale? https://tortilleriagarcia.us/
  6. Yeah - on the wall facing 6th St, it used to have lettering saying "Court Sports / Fitness Club", which you can see in old streetview photos: https://www.google.com/maps/@39.102059,-84.5165279,3a,77.3y,34.68h,116.74t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1shdLeXcwnRVW0Ai65Yrn1AQ!2e0!5s20120901T000000!7i13312!8i6656 Anybody have photos of the inside of that building?
  7. CRC held a series of meetings throughout November and December. The gist of it is that there isn't a lot of money available for any improvements, but there's hope that funding will become available soon-ish. So it seems like it's still in an wait-and-hold period.
  8. 4EG is up on the 4th floor of the Globe Building... but I'm not sure if anybody has leased the 2nd floor where People's Liberty had their offices.
  9. At the corner of Vine and Calhoun*/Taft, today there is a big pile-driver / drill ... presumably doing geotechnical analysis for a foundation/structure. Hopefully this is more positive indication that the proposed Millhaus project (230-unit apartment building, 150-key hotel, 380-space parking garage) is moving forward: https://city-egov2.cincinnati-oh.gov/Webtop/ws/council/public/child/Blob/55139.pdf?rpp=-10&w=doc_no%3D'201901821'&m=1 *While UC is looking at changing some names, I'd love to see Calhoun renamed to just Taft. I don't have any particular political motivation (apparently the Calhoun name pre-dates the pro-slavery senator John Calhoun from South Carolina), but I hate when streets change names for only a few blocks (don't even get me started on the Jefferson-Nixon-Goodman quagmire). Calhoun is only 5-blocks long. Why not just continue the Taft name for those 5 blocks?
  10. OTR Community Council presentation by Joe Hansbauer, of Findlay Market.
  11. I think you're just trying to be funny, but this is misleading. Jeff Pastor has not indicated in any way that he wants McMicken to be named after himself.
  12. You're confusing the lot to the south of Elder which was awarded to CMHA and Urban Sites via the City's RFP. See red outline in attached image. The lots to the north of Elder are owned by Model Group and is where the new County/FCC garage is proposed. As @mcmicken pointed out, the lots span Logan St, so there's a big question of if/how the garage design would handle that. See blue outline in attached image.
  13. Chris Wetterich is reporting that a tentative deal has been struck between the County and FCC to build two garages. 850 spaces at the stadium site and 300 spaces at Findlay Market.
  14. That was a typo (copy-and-past mistake) on my part. It is planned to be 166 apartments.
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