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  1. jwulsin

    Cincinnati: Crime & Safety Discussion

    Stats are reported at the district level... not sure if there's an easy way if you want to just look at one small subset of a district: https://www.cincinnati-oh.gov/police/crime-statistics1/
  2. I agree with your point, and if I had to choose between Phase 2 of the streetcar or the MLK interchange, I'd probably choose Phase 2 of Streetcar... but that does not mean that the MLK interchange wasn't also worth pursuing. As has been pointed out, it was from a separate pot of money and we should push for infrastructure upgrades wherever they make sense. I'm annoyed with some of design decisions around the MLK interchange, but I do think the improved connectivity will help the area, including both Walnut Hills and the area around MLK/Reading. The intersection of MLK/Reading might be seeing some of the most investment of any intersection in Cincinnati when you consider all four corners are being worked on with large scale developments.
  3. ^Lots of little hotels make for a more dynamic and interesting downtown. Way better than just a few massive hotels.
  4. In the parking inventory (see pages 48-52) https://www.dropbox.com/s/697esb9bb9p3ghg/FCC West End Stadium.pdf?dl=0) they are including a lot of CBD garages that are within a 3/4 mile (15-minute walk) radius. Even if/when new garages are built closer to the stadium, there will still be the case that "most" of the parking options will be in the CBD just by virtue of there already being so many garages there. Not sure how many people will be willing to walk from the Macy's garage (1600 spaces) up to the stadium... but people will figure it out. If you don't want to spend a lot of money and don't mind walking, then you have lots of options within a 10-15 minute walk.
  5. Hmmm... I've never seen the inside. But a simple 1-floor renovation is so much easier to manage, even it it requires structural replacement to walls/roofs/floors. Just so much simpler than, say, the flatiron building across the street. That intersection is absolutely pedestrian hostile, and so I hope the city looks at re-configuring it to slow traffic down. Even in a car, I find the intersection rather scary since cars coming up the hill don't have to stop. Adding curb bumpouts at all the corners and making the western portion of Dorchester 1-way westbound could simplify and shrink the intersection. Add a stop-sign for the traffic coming up Sycamore hill and the whole intersection will feel much safer. I'm not a civil engineer, but here's a rough sketch of how I could see the intersection get cleaned up.
  6. Agreed. The commercial building directly to its north had a for sale sign recently. Would be great to see that get a tenant as well.
  7. For all projects with qualified rehab expenses above $200k, you have to get a CPA to sign and certify the expenses. It is not an easy process and - in my experience - there aren't many CPAs willing to do it. You'd have to get a CPA willing to commit fraud if you want to under-report.
  8. A couple of buildings up on Mohawk will be renovated into six apartments. The owners are recipients of the latest round of historic tax credits:
  9. 3CDC and OTR Community Housing received historic tax credits for two buildings on Vine St:
  10. The flat iron building at the corner of Sycamore/Auburn just received historic tax credits:
  11. Latest round of tax credit recipients have been announced... and here are all of the winners from the southwest region:
  12. MLS already has Toyota Stadium (Dallas) and Toyota Park (Chicago). Might as well add a Toyota Field to complete the trifecta.
  13. I thought her pierogi place was a walk-up window. Do they have indoor seating as well? When do they open?
  14. jwulsin

    MLS: General News & Discussion

    ^Lol. Yep... and you didn't even mention their brand new stadium...which few cities will ever be able to pull off (multi-team, great location, retractable roof).
  15. The residential parking permit for OTR is being rolled out for the southern half (south of Liberty) starting January 1. Here are details showing which blocks will have metered parking and which will be reserved for residential permits: https://www.cincinnati-oh.gov/dote/news/city-begins-accepting-applications-for-otr-parking-permits-dec-17/