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  1. It's nice to see folks collaborating creatively to make things like this happen. The Airstream comes from a Columbus-based marketing firm, the parking lot is owned by Urban Sites, HomeMaker's landlord is 3CDC, and the Cincinnati Music Accelerator will provide live music on Sundays. They all worked together with the owners of HomeMakers to make this possible.
  2. That access drive and parking is owned by the City. College Street should be maintained as a public right of way, but it does present a neat opportunity for a hidden little public plaza.
  3. I had a similar thought/concern... are they planning on treating the rock stream like a park that requires ongoing maintenance, or are they expecting it to just sit there and age gracefully? What - if anything - will be done to clean the rocks?
  4. On my way to Fairmount, I took Gest to State, and on the way back I took the upper deck of the Viaduct. I survived, but the Viaduct is definitely not good for biking. Traffic wasn't too bad, so cars could easily pass me... but I was worried one car would pass me and then have the car behind not see me. I think in the future, I'll just take Gest/State route, even though it's quite a bit longer.
  5. Some photos from July 1. The website says the project is on track to finish by end of 2020. It's starting to look really nice and I'm excited to see it completed.
  6. The plaza in front of Langsam Library is getting re-done... does anybody know if there's a new design for the plaza, or are they just rebuilding the previous design? They removed a bunch of fairly mature trees, which always bums me out. I hope there's a good plan for this space because it has a lot of potential if done well. I like how the surrounding buildings create a natural sense of enclosure. Photos from July 1: Aerial photo from March 2019 for comparison:
  7. Ugh... hadn't realized about that bad termination on the west side. Thanks for the info!
  8. Thanks - the Lick Run trail is looking good. They definitely still have work left to be completed, but I think they're on target to finish by end of year.
  9. This is kind of a niche question, and I know it's not exactly the purpose of this thread... but I'm wondering if anybody has biked across Western Hills Viaduct, either on the top or lower level. I'm asking because Google Maps recommends it (the lower level) as the preferred bike route from OTR to Fairmount. Alternatively, I could bike up to Hopple or down to Gest... but those add 1 or 2 miles, respectively. I'm fairly comfortable riding in traffic... but the Western Hills Viaduct seems extremely hostile. There's a sidewalk on the southern side of the upper deck. I usually wouldn't bike on a sidewalk, but that seems like it might be the only reasonably safe way to bike across the Viaduct.
  10. This thread has gone off the rails. Please keep it focused to Northern Kentucky development, please.
  11. ^and the article says they're working on getting a liquor license... which might mean they'll expand to evening/night hours.
  12. Not sure if this is the best thread for this, but there is a motion on Council to make the Black Lives Matter mural on Plum St a permanent pedestrian plaza. I hope this happens as it would be a great symbol for our city to show a commitment to recognizing Black lives and that our streets are for people, not just cars.
  13. ^ and ^^ - thanks for the background. As a non-architect, I'm stunned by how common it is to screw up something as important as the window details (even on large, expensive projects like this). This wasn't some random outfit flipping a foreclosed house.
  14. Turner and Schneider Hall have construction fencing around them with dumpsters full of windows and debris. I can't tell if they're replacing ALL of the windows, or just some of them. In any case, it's not a good sign consiering they aren't yet 20 years old (I think it was finished in 2002). FWIW, KZF was the architect of record. Anybody know what went wrong? Were the windows poorly installed? Or poorly manufactured?
  15. The mixed-used project at 1518 Race, which was previously denied by the HCB due to height/density, was just approved to proceed by the Planning Commission. It will consist of ground level retail (~2,000 sq ft) and 15 apartments. Planning Commission details begin at page 260: https://www.cincinnati-oh.gov/planning/about-city-planning/city-planning-commission/jun-19-2020-packet/ Courier details: https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2020/02/21/otr-apartments-a-waitress-or-bartender-can-afford.html
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