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  1. Just seen this today while browsing Ohio.com... interesting indeed http://www.ohio.com/news/local-news/passenger-rail-service-in-akron-could-be-on-track-1.249536
  2. My fave Ohio city (hometown bias, lol). Great pics MayDay
  3. Great pics andrew0816! Thanks for posting. I can remember going down to Lock 2 Park (the one with the waterfalls) when I was little. We used go stare at the waterfalls and then head over to the BBQ joint on Main St (gone now, sat where Canal Park now sits) and my dad would get me and my sis juice boxes before heading home. Ahh... the memories.
  4. Great to see some pics of my hometown. I really, REALLY HATE that tacky FirstMerit sign on First National Tower... WTF!!! I noticed it when I was down there a couple weeks ago. I almost ran off the road from staring at the ugly thing! Desicrating one of my favorite scrapers... shame on FirstMerit... SHAME!!! OK, now that I'm done with my little rant, great pics. :-)
  5. Sorry to hear that Mayday. Hope things work out for you. Beautiful set of pics!
  6. :clap: I can't believe this rediculous saga is finally over. At least the best decision was made, certainly didn't see that coming. It's a relief to know that we're a step closer to getting the CC/MM actually built.
  7. Hard to believe that's Shaker Square in that pic with no mature trees. Great pics, though the last one makes me a little sad. Hard to fathem all the neighborhoods that were lost or disected in the name of "progress".
  8. I went down there with my wife and kids. Had a great time, kids really enjoyed themselves. I couldn't believe all the people that were in Tower City! We got off the Rapid and from there till you got out to Public Square it was pretty much a sea of bodies. I loving experiencing the city during the holidays. Some of my favorite memories are visiting the O'Neils department store in DT Akron when I was a kid. We'd watch the parade, then everyone would file into O'Neils, go up the escalators, and then wait in line to see Santa. Going to the mall at Christmas time just can't beat the memories of being downtown during the holiday season IMO.
  9. I was on the Red Line a few weeks ago and saw the new Juve Center construction; wasn't sure what it was at the time. Love seeing all the projects going up on that side of town.
  10. Excellent slideshow Ytown Steel. It's amazing to think that only 50 years ago, things were pretty good in Youngstown; almost unimaginable how things can change so quickly.
  11. Beautiful pics MayDay. I gotta take me a ride on the Health Line this weekend.
  12. ^ I agree. I'm cautiously optimistic that it will have a positive effect. I hope it will, but not for one second do I think that it will be the end of all or racial tensions in the country. One thing I can say is that as an African-American father, I felt an immense amount of pride knowing that my sons will grow up seeing a black president. Where as to me it still seems like something totally amazing, as much as I try to explain it to them, they don't understand the enormity of this situation... and I like that. To them, he's just a man that is the new president of the U.S., not a black or white or bi-racial man, just Barack Obama. Growing up for them, this will seem to be the norm, which in my view is a step in the right direction.
  13. Nice pics. Love the first shot of Terminal Tower peaking through the tree branches. Oh, and the last one is nice too :-D
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