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  1. can someone draw a map of what this would look like?
  2. So since the city gave the 15 million to the fourth & race tower, what is their new plan to get a new convention hotel or getting millennium to rebuild or update? are they still pushing this hard? any news or ideas? This whole mess is making me so angry that millennium is just dragging their feet and all of us down with them.
  3. I have not noticed any work start, have you guys noticed the upgrades starting?
  4. Any idea what uc is doing to help lower the crime rates since they said they would do more about it? Where did they place the new cameras and lights?
  5. So one of the radio shows is saying the economic study of the ROI would only come about if all parts of the project were completed, not just the downtown portion. Any truth to this? Why would they be spreading this?
  6. Thanks for clarifying that for me, I only caught the end of the meeting.
  7. I can't believe that Cranley went from a figure of $50,000 a day to $100,000 a day being spent on constriction of the streetcar. I highly question the veracity of his statements. Where is he getting these facts that he keeps using?
  8. Please also ask what the cost difference would be if they continued building the streetcar while debating and how much we would still be spending each day that we put it on hold. and what additional costs that would incur if we paused it instead of letting it continue during the wait for a second opinion. i think this is a important question to have answered before we pause the project. so we can hopefully bring this project in at or under budget like it would if it wasn't toyed with.
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