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  1. The vast majority of the buildings abandoned by CPS either sit vacant or have been torn down. The buildings that you cite are a statistical anomaly and are greatly outnumbered by schools that have not been sucessfully redeveloped into apartments or any other use. SCPA has unique circumstances due to its location and size which make a redevlopment profitable.
  2. I'd be fine if the building (s) that houses Clifton Natural Foods are demolished for this project since they don't seem to be anything special but hopefully the mansion built by Moerlein is able to be preserved. Obviously the developer would have to scale back their proposal to make this happen.
  3. Seriously? A lot of what you (and others here) are complaining about being demolished is of little architectural significance and would have been called 'junk' by your definitions when it was constructed. Yeah the Schiel School was designed by a prominent architect but what exactly was so great about it other than it was old and designed by a famous guy? It was functionally obsolete for its use and would have never been economically practical to convert to any other uses such as condos or apartments. If it wasn't demolished it would have likely have sat empty just like all of Cincinnati's other vacant school buildings.
  4. Some of the blame has to go with Dusty although I agree that the the lack of clutch hitting was likely the biggest factor in the game. Hope the meltdown for Latos isn't going to have lasting consequences and I partially blame Dusty for not having a shorter hook when it was clear that Latos was not going to survive the inning. Votto looks like he is afaid to swing too hard and I'm concerned that he will turn into Cincinnati's version of Travis Haftner only on a much longer contract.
  5. The media did call Mitt out for being overly agressive, it remains to be seen if they do the same for Biden.
  6. I think when asking who won it depends on what the objective of the debate was from each side and which type of voters they wanted to direct their message to. Ryan needed to show that he had the demeanor for the job and Biden despretely needed to go on the attack after Obama's poor debate performance. Some pundits have said that Ryan did a much better job of communicating to undecided voters/moderates by citing many specifics and appearing presidential by taking a more subdued approach. Biden seemed just angry and rude but that was his objective, to fire up the base. As more conservative than many on these message boards it is my opinion that Ryan handily won the debate but he could have done better. For that matter I was expecting a weaker performance from Biden who is usually quite gaffe prone.
  7. The team that I'm most concerned about the Reds facing in the playoffs is the Giants due to their starting rotation that is perhaps the most solid of any team in recent years. Cain, Bumgarner, Vogelsong rarely have poor starts and Lincecum has gotten a lot better over the course of the season. With the Reds lineup still being anemic for stretches I think the Giants have more potential to beat the Reds that the Nationals, Braves (likely wildcard), or Cards (likely wildcard).
  8. Well on the bright side at least Cincinnati's casino isn't as terrible as Toledo's which looks like a giant suburban movie theatre complex.
  9. So how was it ... were the vendors better than the ones up at Traders World & Treasure Aisles? A few months ago I made it up to Monroe to check out the Flea Markets up there and was extremely disappointed that I wasted my time and gas. Didn't buy anything and what I was interested in was several multiples of what it could be had for on internet auction sites.
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