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  1. I heard about BoA adding CLE locations, too, but the new one I have seen in Mayfield Hts appears to be nothing more than an indoor set of ATMs for deposits and withdrawals, not a branch.. Wonder if that is their method of expansion. Odd.
  2. Bob Stark is sitting across the aisle from me on my Newark-Cleveland flight. Oh, the things I should ask him.... BTW, he's wearing a "Stark Enterprises" cap and is sitting in Economy Plus (to save some coin for NuCLEus?)
  3. Playhouse Square has done a good job of touting themselves as the nation's "second largest performing arts CENTER" (not "district") - or largest outside of NYC (#1 being Lincoln Center, not Broadway... since they carefully say center not disteict) - by loosely calling everything in PHS, 8 theaters or whatever, even unconnected theaters like the Hanna, part of the "center.." - and this is measured in total # of seats, nothing else. With that said they pretty much own that title though I know are you performing arts center in Dallas states they are. number two Also playhouse Square does currently lead the nation in number of season tickets sold to their Broadway series (46,000?) - meaning shows now playing minimum of three weeks to ensure that all season ticket holders plus individual ticket buyers can be accommodated. cities like Denver also have strong ticket bases while cities like Indianapolis or even Columbus, while boomtowns in so many ways, can hardly muster 5000-10000 subscribers most years, "Hamilton" years eexcepted, meaning some years they get Bway shows 1 or 2 years later years later than Cleveland, if at all. However in other cities like Chicago and Los Angeles and San Francisco and DC shows do often play 1, 2, 3 month runs - or even years - and you're not part of distinct Broadway series so they attract for more people but those cities are huge and after that tear it's pretty much Cleveland that has shows for the longest and first when possible
  4. A Chuy's Mexican restaurant is still on track for that spot based on the last Orange Village docs I saw. It does appear that Cooper's Hawk, next door, has been a big, early success...
  5. The Shinola "Shaker Heights" store was listed on the Shinola website as recently as last week when I was checking to see if opening date noted (nope)... - b but definitely is gone now. Does this mean no Cleveland store at all OR a move to Pinecrest or another location? Store was announced 3.5 years ago. When talking to team at Columbus Shinola store last Fall they knew about Van Aken delay and internal company talk seemed to blame that on RMS/Van Aken.
  6. Their Instagram has pics and notes "rebranding" so TBD.
  7. First off, the key shopping centers in the Cleveland market draw from the larger Cleveland/Akron/Canton area - which is 1+MM larger in population than annexed "Columbus"... Based on that population Cleveland is far worse off in upscale retail of the kind I think is being referred to here. With that said... This retail junkie thinks a few things are at play here.. Columbus is younger and growing - a plus to retailers. It may have several key shopping areas, but Easton is the main event... Easton (Steiner) had a blank slate of outer ring land to work with and essentially created the lifestyle (upscale, outdoor) center as the country now knows it - and they are relentless in trying to draw new retailers that normally would not think "Columbus"... boxing well above its (otherwise) retail weight. Easton is also a huge draw to the many convention visitors as well as those attending state events (something Columbus reaps the huge rewards app state capital) - while Polaris (the area) had another big tract of land to build the mall, IKEA (which would have been in CLE earlier/at all had the EPA not thwarted Brooklyn suburb plans), Top Golf and more - all 15 mins from Easton. Both areas serve different purposes but would say the areas directly compete for the same retailers... The complement or have additional outlets. "Cleveland" on the other hand, though a larger market and with the 3 major sports teams, etc... is an older market, not growing much. While much of the Cleveland eastern suburbs have the kind of demographics ($$$) that retailers love - Cleveland also has the peculiar position of having what has to be about the largest # of major lifestyle centers (4) of pretty much any city in the country (LA-aside, perhaps...) -Legacy Village, Eton, Pinecrest (all run by local developers who haven't hit the big time like Steiner did with Easton can = don't have the weight or will to convince retailers they have to be in their centers..) + Crocker Park (the most Easton like of the bunch, but the second choice for retailers seeking the east side demographics, 45 mins away). Add in Beachwood Place, still in holding as a new owner takes control of former GGP properties -and instead of the Columbus scenario of two major shopping areas - Easton and Polaris (and maybe Tuttle as a weak 3rd... - you have 5 in CLE (Eton, Pinecrest, Legacy, Crocker, Beachwood) + a major local mall in Strongsville's SouthPark + big local draws at Summit Mall in Akron and Belden Village in Canton. Long story short, if Cleveland had ONE major lifestyle center/mall like Easton - didn't have the east/west/Akron/Canton segementation that it has, and had decelopers who knew how to lease like Steiner - it would be a huge draw/powerhouse... But the available land and the retail market is too fragmented and too already-announced (With that said, retailers/restaurants like Shake Shack and LL Bean have in recent years opened their first Ohio stores in CLE - while Restoration Hardware Gallery, True Foods Kitchen and others (despite being in plans for Pinecrest and Beachwood Place in recent years) will open in Columbus first.) And so it goes... (Note: J. Crew IS exercising its right to relocate to Pinecrest after 22 years at Beachwood Place - as noted above and Eton IS planning to expand to the west.... past Trader Joe's...)
  8. I think it's fair to say that, if reopening, Coastsl Taco will be a Lindey's Lake Bar. For for those who don't know about or haven't been to the aforementioned Lindey's Lake House in Beachwood (the slightly more upscale version of this new mini chain from Bravo/Brio founder (and local) Rick Doody) - it's connected to his Cedar Creek Grille, is beautifully designed, has delicious food (cracker crust pizzas, fried chicken, super salads) - and it's quite the place to be among a certain crowd.. FEB should be so lucky.
  9. I don't live in Ohio City - only a restaurant and market visitor - but am as frustrated as any non-resident could be in the fact the media is already blaring "Shooting in popular Ohio City across from the West Side Market" - even though it was likely, before even hearing facts (which now seem to support) that this was a non-random incident among acquaintances. This sensationalism doesn't help anybody. Like it or not - It's incidents like the random "elderly visitors from Minnesota robbed and beaten on way back from dinner" from several weeks ago that might be harder to shake from some people's memories. That is not, say, the norm in Strongsville, etc...no matter what polite blotter news gets posted on suburban crime threads.
  10. Such broad, broad strokes, aren't they? No wonder you hate Republicans I'd you believe every one feels this way... Even though many probably share similar views with many Democrats. To these points and more - this Republican says: Rape is bad. Rapists are bad...Kavanaugh did himself no favors when testifying - and SNL killed him last night, BTW - but do we KNOW he's a rapist - yet? The (alleged) victim did very well and was persuasive. I believe that happened to her. Let's see how the investigation pans out. Of course, if the investigation is inconclusive or doesn't support what you want it to, then all you Democrats will be satisfied and accept the findings, right? I know I will, either way. (And as a - gasp - Pro Choice Republican I don't want him on the bench any more than you all do...) Guns - Guns are bad. Don't know why anybody would want one or need one. They should be outlawed, simply put. Charge for use in a crime should be severe. Global warming - guilty as charged... I don't care. Healthcare - yes, everyone should have access to affordable health care - even national healthcare. Insurance companies, the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare providers should be out in line by the government. Costs are crazy. They are the reason. Russia - have never cared to listen to what happened. Uninterested. Don't know. Don't care.
  11. I've shopped at the original Amazon Go store... and loved it. To me, the NO WAIT angle was what differed from a cost-saving self-checkout lane. There is no comparison. You just walk out on your own schedule. (Notes - there is a designated employee on hand to ID check anyone walking into the beer/alcohol section of store. There are numerous employees all around store, prepping food and watching over... It isn't devoid of staff.)
  12. EXACTLY the same question many would have asked during sex-stained, Oval Office, blue dress times... Remember those heady days? Or does that not count cuz that was a Democrat? Asking for a friend...
  13. If I still posted here I'd say: "Van Aken way behind schedule. Shinola rep confirmed directly to me that they have pushed back planned 2018 opening due to delays and are now planning on opening 'in Cleveland' sometime in 2019 from originally announced 2017. A big miss for Van Aken - which has not publicly commented yet on the extended timing... Shinola may have a pop up store for 2018 somewhere in CLE he said. Will Shinola bail for Pinecrest or ? due to Van Aken lack of progress? Will others?" Back to lurking...
  14. Not sure how "The Trump Presidency" has any place on a site that states the below on its home page - it seems far more off-topic than a guy writing a restaurant review in a development forum (which'll get your post cut in 10 seconds.. while this subject has 600 pages of ofyen-inflammatory opinions): "Welcome to UrbanOhio.com - This is an awesome, free site for all to learn about the wonderful urban areas of the state of Ohio." (Is "Trump" some urban Dayton neighborhood I don't know about?) - but must admit.. it's a good read. The desperate, "stick it to those gun-totin' racism-normalizin', wall-buildin' Republicans" tone of soooooooo many posts.. as well as the sheer number of posts by angry, seemingly inconsolable posters - is, well, hard to look away from. Hey, I'm no Trump fan. The guy shouldn't be President. (And haven't voted for this or any Republican in probably 25 years... ). But I also am not worked up about the *fair-and-square* results of the 2016 election.. And, frankly, the joy this Trump thread brings me in seeing so many squirming posters spewing their overtly liberal venom makes me wish for 6.5 years more of "TTP". Keep up the good work, boyz. (Oh. And that's MY opinion... Happy to own it.. Opposite opinions are welcomed here, right?)
  15. Yep, they're ones to listen to... The indoctrinating cult of cults: http://nationalpost.com/holy-post/pope-francis-says-about-8000-pedophiles-are-members-of-catholic-clergy-including-bishops-and-cardinals
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