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  1. New Crocker Park 2/20 brochure on their website shows the area's first (that we know of) Amazon store - one of their "4 -star" locations (all products 4 star rating or higher...). Wouldn't be surprised to see an Amazon Books store (their other non-food store concept) end up on east side.
  2. Nope - Kona originally going where Goma was going - where construction walls remain - on main park area - right next to the poorly executed/side-entranced/party room in front = dead to the street RED is...
  3. This is one of the 450 stores they are closing, nationwide.
  4. OK. Beachwood... Assuming H&M Home is located within the new, larger H&M store, which all signs point to, it would seem the front of mall H&M location (from which H&M was probably coaxed with a great deal, to a less visible space) + old Maggiano's space almost have to be earmarked for something especially based on the leaked email upthread... Maggiano's is approx 17,000 sf on two floors and the current H&M is probably the better part of that same size = 30,000+ combined sf. So, is the mall blowing out the front to, say, build a streetscape, but hasn't announced it yet? Is a Dave&Busters or similar moving in? Is a RH/RestorationHardware 35,000 sf mansion being added to the front - similar to the one in past renderings for the Richmond side? What's up???? This like at another Brookfield property? https://www.northbrookcourt.com/en/visit/redevelopment.html
  5. After years of 60-70 avg yearly United flights, l - have had to shift to a mix of airlines in last year or two as United has dropped Milwaukee and Boston flights, among others - dropping to 30 flights and the lowly "Silver" level on United last year = pretty much time to be a free agent. This year alone I have flown on 4 different airlines from CLE and probably a 5th and 6th soon. I miss the one-airline mileage accumulation, easy-to-change flights, and more legroom seats, but getting over it quickly - especially when all travelers are equal, as on Southwest.. Heck, not taking unnecessary flights or circuitous routes to simply make or keep a certain level of frequent flyer status alone is freeing. I now know I hate you United and will choose to avoid you.. (more so after I dump my remaining few hundred thousand miles on a blowout trip, though...)
  6. Cleveland is only #52 in actual "city" population - whereas the CLE/Akron/Canton market it serves is still a top 20 CMSA in population... There should be better air service here, agreed.
  7. DiGeronimo/Brecksville are the villains here and should be treated as such.
  8. Shocked but not surprised about Greenhouse. Unfortunate - but recall there there was some extended family drama/financial fun going on that involved lawyers and lawsuits - that his wife wrote about a few years back on her blog. That easily could have caught up with them. Love Sawyer, but he's also been negative about CLE vs, say, Columbus, so he lost me a bit there - but must say his (sort of) Sawyer's in Shaker Heights is darned good food, though. And he's been a great food celebrity ambassador for city Also, hate seeing two prime E4th spots vacant though. Ouch
  9. True Religion also appears to have closed in Beachwood. Ouch.
  10. My simple math says that about 2%-3% of the US population lives in areas within about 2 hours drive of CLE = 2% of United cards in that area would seem about right.
  11. My company's CEO and IT director live near Columbus but fly out of Cleveland weekly due to the better and cheaper flight options o the nationwide destinations we go to regularly. Unfortunately next week I am being asked to go to Columbus to fly nonstop to Seattle because of course Columbus has that and Cleveland doesn't. Not OK.
  12. In nearly the same mile (600K+), Elite, free tix, etc... circumstance as you... Until miles used or status dropped I'm stuck
  13. And also closed: Hanna Andersson and soon-to-close Papyrus. However, many of the above are either large chain-wide store closures or relocations - so that's part of the story. I absolutely believe a Dave & Busters or similar could be a part of the near term Beachwood Place future as the leaked info seems to indicate tenants taking large front spaces. Also, the leaked email, the recent Beachwood planning discussion, the already banned Rich nation Richmond-facing park and walkway and other Brookfield re-developments (see: Northbrook Court in nice northern Chicago suburbs as a model... outdoor shopping, residential, etc... ) make it clear there is external mall/lot development coming at Beachwoos Place and that Brookfield has a plan even if their silence is worrisome.
  14. Grest info.... but the former "Maggie" space being filled - they mean "Maggiano's" or am I forgetting a store named "Maggie"???
  15. One more coming blow to Beachwood Place: the Papyrus card/gift store is closing all nationwide stores - so the upper level will soon have another vacancy.. Also, the Hanna Andersson kids clothing store recently closed - though appears the Crocker Park location staying open... another not-good sign...
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