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  1. You see - I saw the same dark colors on east side and thought "rich" and "traveler" and "businessman"... not "conservative".. More likely to be out of the area or out of the country than in some other areas, merely based on demographics = more likely to have been exposed prior to virus being evident in Ohio...
  2. It's been published that key restaurant (Cheesecake) and retail chains (H&M) are telling landlords they aren't paying rent due to the virus shutdown. Probably just a smart business move to strengthen for more time offline, even if unseemly or ultimatley unnecessary.
  3. All on-site passenger parking now free at CLE for time being they announced. Crazy
  4. Shouldn't we be more concerned about THIS killer illness?: 5 more Cuyahoga County residents die from flu-related illnesses, bringing season total to 28 https://www.cleveland19.com/2020/03/21/more-cuyahoga-county-residents-die-flu-related-illnesses-bringing-season-total/
  5. Thanks, Dewine: From channel 19 - re: the most well known restaurant in town: sickening... Restaurant owners worry about bankruptcy “Who will be standing when this is over and there’s a lot of questions and I don’t know if they are being addressed to us as individuals." https://www.cleveland19.com/2020/03/22/restaurant-owners-worry-about-bankruptcy/
  6. I now know how much all of you must hate the President - as Mike Dewine now occupies that spot for me. Job killer. Business killer. There had to be some middle ground - and being such a gent by allowing takeout is not it. Dewine says he is trying to reduce the # of (virus) deaths - but is he also concerned about the deaths of jobs, businesses, and likely some suicides or accidental deaths of depressed folks caught up in this mess if it goes on for a more than a bit?
  7. You must not work in the restaurant, bar, or retail arena or care about any business owner or employee of one... If the government heavy-hands this kind of "close restaurants and retail" decision it will be devastating to a huge # of businesses and their employees. These types of businesses should at least be able to choose their own fate, which will already be difficult (see: Nighttown, Fire, etc... have voluntarily closed) And have I missed a curfew or other declaration not to be out of house? This shaming by high and might types of people exercising their right to be out of home is out of control... For every one of "them" there is one of me... in the last 24 hours, I've been to 3 restaurants, 2 grocery stores, a warehouse club, a gas station, a convenience store, and about 10 retail stores, both local and national. I've also continually sanitized and wiped and washed and minded every reasonable safety suggestion far more than I have ever done. And I have been TOO close no one other than my spouse - and close in a limited way to a few servers or clerks. And I will keep doing this - this is MY choice and should be. If others want to stay home,they can and should. Note: restaurants and stores I freqhent were generally probably 60-80% of the normal crowd I'd expect. Nothing "normal" but nothing empty, either. .
  8. .........Or multiple state and local governments + national - headed by both Republicans and Democrats - could simply have chosen NOT to mandate immediate, radical, job-killing decisions on crowds and travel that caused businesses and organizations to take actions will cripple far more people than any virus - both directly (Broadway performers Disney World employees, etc...) and indirectly (theater district parking attendants, Orlando fast food restaurants, etc ...). I am already counting the days until the almost certain, closure of the NYC retail store in which my recent college grad daughter already struggles to make a living... which will have been driven fully by Cuomo/DeBlasio's knee-jerk moves and this unreal media hysteria. At least she has mom and dad to pay her bills - everyone not quite as lucky. Cuomo/DeBlasio should be required to make every worker and business whole if they felt their moves were the only way to curb the virus. Same for Dewine in Ohio. (Note: Currently typing this from my Chicago business trip - a group meeting of Americans, Mexicans, Canadians, happening in spite of all else going on - and in place of a cancelled, 60K person trade show. 2 days together in cramped quarters .. after several of us spent a full day on the now-deserted Amazon Seattle campus 2 illness-gestating weeks ago. Haven't felt better...)
  9. And just like that... Jekyll's in Chagrin Falls to Close and Reopen This Summer as Cedar Creek Grill-Style Eatery Douglas Trattner Mar 9, 2020 20:58 PM https://www.clevescene.com/scene-and-heard/archives/2020/03/09/jekylls-in-chagrin-falls-to-close-and-reopen-this-summer-as-cedar-creek-grill-style-eatery?media=AMP+HTML&__twitter_impression=true
  10. Also interesting... since Lindeys is owned by the founders of Bravo - the 15 year old Bravo at Eton is dark in recent days with a plain door sign saying "As of 3/7 this facility is temporarily closed". Odd wording - and no mention of issues,, remodeling, closure, corona, etc... Still on corp website...
  11. Interesting... Lindey's (not sure if the fine dining version or "lake house") was going to previously go in the former Raintree/Grove Hill space, even going before the planning commissison/arch board for approval about year ago.
  12. Columbus gets 2nd airline and 3rd daily route this Summer non-stop to Seattle - while CLE continues with limited, seasonal service? I went to SEA last week from CLE for one of my 4 or 5 annual visits (for last 20 years....) - and each direction took 8-10 hours with connection. This just isn't ok for CLE. What will it take for CLE to get year-round service to Seattle on Delta or Alaska? Delta adds 2 Seattle routes, including to American’s Dallas/Fort Worth hub ThePointsGuy.com Edward Russell Yesterday "Atlanta-based Delta will add flights between Seattle (SEA) and both Columbus, Ohio (CMH) and Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) on June 8, according to Cirium schedules. Both routes will be flown with Airbus A220-100 jets." https://thepointsguy-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/thepointsguy.com/news/delta-adds-seattle-routes-dallas-fort-worth/amp/?amp_js_v=a3&amp_gsa=1&usqp=mq331AQCKAE%3D#aoh=15830913931737&amp_ct=1583091406200&referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From %1%24s&ampshare=https%3A%2F%2Fthepointsguy.com%2Fnews%2Fdelta-adds-seattle-routes-dallas-fort-worth%2F
  13. Too bad. Great idea..... on the main drag in Pittsburgh where it started. This was the wrong end of W 25th, unfortunately. Cleveland way behind in the food hall game others cities are well into..
  14. New Crocker Park 2/20 brochure on their website shows the area's first (that we know of) Amazon store - one of their "4 -star" locations (all products 4 star rating or higher...). Wouldn't be surprised to see an Amazon Books store (their other non-food store concept) end up on east side.
  15. Nope - Kona originally going where Goma was going - where construction walls remain - on main park area - right next to the poorly executed/side-entranced/party room in front = dead to the street RED is...
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