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  1. Per online rankings found, Key Tower still #34 in country in height - with almost everything taller being in NYC, Chicago and a few other top 5-6 population metros. And was ranked somewhat higher until all the recent supertall build in NYC, etc.
  2. Having worked with Amazon for 20 years now in Seattle it's interesting to see the progression of their downtown office space. From random spaces where they could get them, to space in the tallest building in Seattle, to finally the consolidation in the South Lake Union/SLU area, where they probably have 15 or 20 buildings now generally ranging from 6-7 stories up to a few 20-30+ stories. Each building has a restaurant or two on the first floor, from local places to chains, from fast food to sit down, including a few that are Amazon only. However there's a little retail in the immediate SLU area that is almost all Amazon... mostly food... what is not retail is often lobbies to buildings but there is very little dead space, and parking garages are below most buildings. There is little traditional greenspace or open areas, but multi-tiered plazas, landscaped walkways, and pocket parks are often between the buildings. Oh, and those domes you've prob seen... Other than a huge escalation in rents, the one big knock on the area has been that the sidewalks roll up at 6 or 7 p.m. and restaurants have been going out of business nearby because there's no dinner business to be had and rents likely aren't cheap.. This is a problem Cleveland wishes it had given the high concentration of morning and midday business that is being done in this SLU area. Another plus of this development is many people I work with at Amazon live within view of the building they work in, generating lots of demand for nearby apartments and fewer cars.
  3. It's (another) BJ's Brewhouse. Prior to this, there was serious talk with the Chuy's Tex-Mex chain for the spot - so expect to see them end up somewhere in the area soon. (Good - because I drove 5 hrs roundtrip to Columbus a few weeks ago specifically for their *fajitas*)
  4. Not everyone shops on price... Far from it. Weekly, my wife and I shop Whole Foods, and Heinen's for our main food purchases, Target (since in there anyway for non-food stuff) for a few bottles and boxed products and Trader Joe's and Costco also 2-4x a month. We buy different things in each store based on assortment and preference or convenience, but very little is bought at one store over another based on cost. Not saying we don't and wouldn't, but would assume we are not alone.
  5. As noted above, Saucy got a "Pinecrest" business name registered with state months ago. At the same time it would seem, if going to this space, that City Works knew its fate pretty early on after opening
  6. Supposed to open Nov 1st...... 2018. Then April 1 2019. This is still a mom and pop 3 unit mini-chain and guessing they don't have the drill down. They also don't understand social media or how to build a buzz.
  7. Yes, RH next-gen in CLE would be similar to that one but a new build more like 40K square feet. And yes restaurants are a big part of this they are even retrofitting earlier versions of these mansions with restaurants like Denver. Note: The Manhattan store will do $100MM business this year I've read. Restoration hardware large stores defy logic in the current retail age but are doing big business so they are building six or seven a year they say now expanding their original plans. Some of the earliest versions of this they put in old buildings, but the new construction are generally what they're doing in mid-sized cities. They've recently opened in Kansas City planned for Pittsburgh opening in Columbus soon just open in Minneapolis - ending Boston in Chicago for instance they taking over classic old buildings. One of these stores was originally in the plans for the Beachwood Place exterior/Richmond expansion that didn't happen, and was in early leasing plans for Pinecrest. An old restoration store is give or take 10K square feet as comparison. Here's the restaurant/galley in Minneapolis as an example of what to expect: https://bringmethenews.com/.amp/minnesota-lifestyle/gallery-restoration-hardwares-new-edina-showroom-is-a-rich-persons-playground
  8. Yes. $2.5MM land purchase. Appears they just broke ground.
  9. Interesting east suburban restaurant shakeup this week and in recent weeks. - Pinecrest's decent (nothing better) City Works is closing today after just 16 months. Great side patio. Never clicked there - while nearby Pinstripes, Firebirds, and Cooper's Hawk are hard to get into many nights. Note: "Saucy Brew Works Pinecrest" registered that business name a few months ago - along with already announced Independence location. Might we see them in that beer-ready spot soon? BJs Brewhouse also building next to Cooper's Hawk. - Legacy's mediocre Granite City closed this week - as this chain has other closings and lawsuits in past weeks. Could a Restoration Hardware next-gen mansion (orig planned for Beachwood Place and toying with Pinecrest) end up in that space+others? Maybe... - Harvard/271 - Abuelos Mexican closed after a dozen years in recent weeks. Other good-ish places busy. Bad places not. BTW - Jonathon Sawyer's new place in Van Aken was exceptional last weekend in extra-soft opening...
  10. TSA Pre-Check signup WAS in lower level of CLE baggage in past - former Sheraton check-in area - as I signed up there 2015. For folks who travel often (me: 60-70 flts/yr) it's a necessity and huge hassle saver at any airport. Have signed daughter and wife up, too, for their security screening ease several times a year.
  11. The pickup area was SO much better in the central/former location across bridge - no matter how temporary feeling. It beat standing out on an island in the middle of the road, as in prior years, no matter how relatively close to the terminal. The current location leads the bus users past the outdoor smoking area, which is always a great thing, and is considerably further from the United concourse where so many travelers begin are starting/ending their trip. But whatever ..
  12. The Beachwood planning commission can approve zoning changes that would allow further development, including taller buildings and residential, on the Beachwood Place property. The city is fully in support, some residents are skeptical but willing to listen it appears provided there is a firm plan and transparency. If there isn't such a clear plan and transparency then I can see residents fighting this and it's going to a public vote ultimately. Brookfield, who owns the mall, is also redeveloping a higher-end property in a Beachwood-similar Chicago suburb. Here is a story about that that definitely has some clues as to what could happen at Beachwood Place including restaurants surrounding a lawn as is being built - as well as sentiments from a municipality that does not want to see their Neiman-Marcus anchored mall go further downhill.. https://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/northbrook/ct-nbs-northbrook-court-redevelopment-approved-tl-0620-story.html
  13. As one who sells tens of millions of $ in goods a year to Amazon, the surprise of their "low" pricing is that they normally are matching other, competitive, market-share-seeking retailers on price. If left to their own devices, Amazon would prefer to sell a $50 retail item for $50. But in trying to out-Amazon Amazon, other retailers drop their retails and Amazo matches per corporate policy. In the future you will see more manufacturers giving Amazon some products that are different than what other retailers will have access to (or vice versa), to avoid the race to lowest retail.
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