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  1. When key, anchor retailers leave because of this continued issue - which won't be easy to fix for all the reasons we know - it will be hard to see them relocating locally. They will simply leave Cleveland as the largest metro without __________ (fill in the blank with major retailer's name).
  2. Its a shame that Sam Allard and crew at Scene write such inflammatory pieces. They deserve all comments thrown their way and - as per the norm - radicals like those have no tolerance for opposing opinions.
  3. After I found out they get cooked food in bulk and reheat it in microwaves vs actually making from scratch or even grilling things like chicken... i lost interest in them ever completing.
  4. Watching video of Geiger's downtown literally being cleaned out by looters. Unreal. Terrible events this week tbat could have been avoided. This is another one.
  5. Tragic, by any measure... But how many million under-reported full recoveries?
  6. I'm not a mask fan - but I AM carrying one with me when out... I AM happily wearing one in either stores that require them to enter (Menard's, Costco) - and do feel better with one on where the majority of people seem to be wearing them or where quarters are tight. I also sometimes take it off where it social distance-wise makes sense, as is my At the same, when I am wearing a mask it is for me and me alone. Those concerned about the virus should 1) not go out 2) wear a mask for their protection, not mine. My health is not their responsibility, mask or not. Unlike most of you, it seems, I have been out and about regularly for months, but safely. Again, my right. The difference in who is doing what with masks or distancing at Whole Foods vs Lowe's vs Nordstrom vs Amish businesses.. and Cleveland eastern suburbs vs Akron or Canton vs Cleveland western suburbs, etc.. is fascinating. Even by race there seem to be some great differences, as well as in couples... In some stores or locations it is 90% masks. In some it is 90% NO masks. Oh, and nobody was out in restaurants this past weekend, with or without masks. Relstively nobody. Had them all to ourselves Sat, Sun, and Monday. Weird online menus, blocked off tables, plastic silverware, plastic cups, etc. Now will carry around own salt and pepper grinders + sweetener. Can't say the same about the packed Hone Depot, Lowe's, Marshall's etc.
  7. Rose was a watered down M in what never stopped looking like the old Applebee's it was. On the other hand, M in Chagrin Falls is a restaurant which is constantly packed. Strange how "CAP" missed twice on this Solon spot.
  8. (Apparently) Add J. Alexander's/Lyndhurst Grill to the closed east suburban chain restaurant group. Ouch! This was a 2-3x a month for 20 years kind of place for us. Had been watching the crowds dwindle a bit in recent years. Still "mostly full" most days we dined recently but rarely a wait, etc. Seemed a bit off and apparently it was. Not sure whats going to be left. CLE isn't alone in closings of many types of restaurants but so many now gone - doesn't bode well for the future. No matter how you feel about chains, this isn't a good thing as for how CLE is viewed by potential entrants into the market.
  9. Rough Winter/Spring for Eastern suburbs restaurants between virus and competition: Brio at Legacy, Bravo at Eton (the company that owns both may close all or most of their 99 restaurants) and Bahama Breeze all closed March-April after 16-17 years - just as Fleming's at Eton did last Summer. Add to that Abuelo's (12ish years) at Harvard Park and City Works and Next Door at Pinecrest (16ish months each) which closed late 2019/early 2020 and there are some major vacancies. And we will see what happens upcoming... Related (to city not suburbs... CLE mentioned): As Restaurants Remain Shuttered, American Cities Fear the Future Restaurants have become the economic lifeblood for many cities. The coronavirus threatens to take away more than just delicious food. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/07/us/coronavirus-restaurants-closings.html
  10. Casper mattress, Athleta (presumably moving from Beachwood Place) Fabletics (June 15) all opening soon at Pinecrest - along with this place, The Last Page, which was originally slated for this same space next to RED that Dante's GOMA was going to take before picking up to go to the former Chinato space downtown. Celeb/TV DC chef Spike Mendelsohn may or may not have something to do with this now - he was attached/visited space back during initial plans in 2018. The Last Page/job: https://culinaryagents.com/jobs/203058-Executive-Chef Saucy Brew Works presumably still opening, too.. - originally April - but we will see...
  11. Northbrook Court in a Beachwoody area of Chicago is doing this right now - same owners as Beachwood Place. https://www.omniplan.com/work/projects/northbrook.html
  12. Good news,, Bill.. Phew! Does appear Nordstrom rumors were rumors per published list of closing stores. Now, Broookfield Properties needs to get its act in gear and remake Beachwood Place.
  13. So.. Nordstrom announced this week that they are closing 16 of their full line department stores. If you believe some posted rumors, one of them may be the store at Beachwood Place.... which surely suffers by perceived mall issues plus, especially, being a more costly to run old, 3 floor store - some 70K sqaure feet larger than the 2 floor stores they have built for a decade or more in most new markets. I hope not true - as that is a bad sign forcCLE retail overall- and could be a huge blow to Beachwood Place and easily could hasten the departure of Saks and others - if not the mall itself. Nordstrom dept stores in Richmond, Annapolis, Hartford and a Dallas store noted in media as on closing list - which I assume we may see today.
  14. Cheesecake chose not to pay rent early on as many big chains also did - whether actually cash-strapped or just cautious. Note: Cheesecake Legacy Village was the #1 in sales in country in this chain of 250+ restaurants last week - over $150K in carryout and delivery sales for the week. That's huge.
  15. And on the flip side just went to Cheesecake Factory Legacy Village for carryout - right across from the likely shuttered Brio - and there were probably 20 cars waiting for food - and was told they were #1 current Cheesecake (out of around 250) in eastern US and #3 in country. Surprisingly busy.
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