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  1. Metro will have one crane. Should be erected in the next few weeks. Four cranes are - lumen, church+state, metro, and the slow-build drury in Orange.
  2. The Indians social media operator(s) are always on point. Edit: just realized this isn’t from a sanctioned Indians account. But still... they sure slay on Instagram!
  3. Sorry if I’m missing something, but are there renderings for this NRP project? Is it part of the overall Thunderbird development?
  4. We are still on schedule. There were some weather days early on, but it’s in good shape. The concrete podium is “slow” work, but once the crane gets on site and the structure starts being erected, it’ll go much quicker.
  5. Not saying you you aren’t correct, but I’ve been close to this project for 8 months now, and have yet to hear “google” in any capacity.
  6. I can do it. It’s pretty easy using Excel and Microsoft Power BI. I’ll try to work on it in my spare time.
  7. I’ve heard that the beacon had some non-union subcontracts involved, albeit a majority were union.
  8. In a market that’s as busy as it is, I don’t know that the gap is that significant between open shop and prevailing wage right now.
  9. I’ve heard that they’re pushing for the whole thing.
  10. All I know is that the current phase of development does not include the Curtis Block.
  11. Which part? The Curtis block isn’t part of this project.
  12. So, for those that have a subscription, there’s an article in today’s Crains that discusses Ford’s vacant properties in Brookpark (or is that Cleveland?) and Walton Hills. The gist of the story is that there’s a potential buyer for BOTH properties, and it would be a “game changer” for the region’s economy. The product profile or potential company isn’t identified, but wondering if anyone has any insight? Very curious as to who the user is and what it could be. https://www.crainscleveland.com/real-estate/ford-driving-sale-huge-northeast-ohio-sites
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