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  1. You’ve been misinformed, then. The master plans show no indication of this occurring. Main campus is slated to continue growing, while the community hospitals will only grow depending on population.
  2. Whether in Avon or downtown Cleveland, the function of the building itself is a “bed tower” and not a tower in how we would typically think of things.
  3. Klingaling87

    Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

    Looks like allegiant stopped their flight from CLE to New Orleans. Went to book it yesterday and it’s no longer there. I took it back in February and it was full, so kind of surprised.
  4. I agree. It’s all about the healing environment. HGA designs hospitals all over the US, and are very in tune with the current design trends in healthcare. We may not like it from an urban perspective, but it’s about the patients and their families.
  5. Groundbreaking to commence in April....A crane should be on site by mid to late summer. Assuming financing closes in March, yes.
  6. It's a steel building with slab on metal deck.
  7. I wonder if there are supports under the crane on the other floors of the garage. That is a lot of weight to support. Yes, there is. When we were looking at the project, the crane needed to be re-shored all of the way down the garage to the basement slab.
  8. Turner, Walsh and Arbor looked at the project. Welty was never involved.
  9. It was that crane. You'll be able to see 515 from 77
  10. For $3.5M, I can't imagine the new HQ being that much of a presence.
  11. Just CLE. Crowne Plaza has a new(er) marketing strategy aimed at young travelers and work-life rooms, so the rebrand will be focused towards that.
  12. Klingaling87

    Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

    Yes. WOW is also starting a 4x weekly flight to Iceland