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  1. I thought (and was hoping) that you were kidding... until I saw the news release.
  2. Yeah my guess is that they’ll get to a floor every 4-5 days. We were able to accomplish close to that on the Hilton
  3. Can’t say. But the google part is most definitely not true.
  4. FYI - coastal taco did close... it’s going to be Lindy’s steakhouse or something like that.
  5. Yes, we’ll have a tower crane. Like @KJP noted - similar to The Edge.
  6. Financing literally closed two business days ago... what else are you expecting that they announce? There aren’t formal groundbreaking announcements for every project that happens. Trailers will be on site either end of this week/early next and site work will begin in a couple weeks.
  7. Its very soon everyone. HUD closing was delayed a bit but should be happening today. Mobilization should occur in the next couple weeks.
  8. Financing closes tomorrow. Trailers are being brought to site next week. Ground breaking is in the next two weeks.
  9. You’ve been misinformed, then. The master plans show no indication of this occurring. Main campus is slated to continue growing, while the community hospitals will only grow depending on population.
  10. Whether in Avon or downtown Cleveland, the function of the building itself is a “bed tower” and not a tower in how we would typically think of things.
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