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  1. Kansas City and Indianapolis are planning or building 800 room convention hotels in their downtown markets. KC is planning a Lowes Hyatt $310 million 20 to 22 story hotel tower and Indy is building I believe 2 hotels in one 38 story Signia Hilton tower. I really hope Cincinnati goes with the Indianapolis format on this project with the height at least. The west end of our skyline really needs something tall and special. But knowing Cincinnati they will propose I'm guessing something on the lines what KC is planning
  2. They just dropped off what looks like another crane base this morning
  3. 600 and Vine building has a garage underground and the Kroger building has 1 level that goes underground
  4. I can't wait for the CRANE ERECTION either lol. I got to get my head out the gutter
  5. I work in this building, and I know for sure the new owners are kicking out every tenant by November 2019. The new owners plan to convert the building from class C office to 12 stories of luxury apartments. Personally I think it's a bad idea , and I would convert the building to class B office imho
  6. I really hope it's taller than 40 stories whatever they put there. Cincinnati tends to build small or 10 to only 20 stories in the last 15 years( Outside of Great American Tower). 3CDC or however needs to think more office Class A or B multiple use tall structures in the CBD
  7. I used to work security at the Kroger HQ. You would be amazed at how many people came into the lobby and thought there was a grocery in the building. It got to the point it was making me upset that people would even think that
  8. I heard from a really good source that the Textile Building has been sold again
  9. Yeah that day they were just fixing the construction fence that fell down due too the wind. Hopefully it starts soon
  10. No construction yet, but the prep works has started today We got some action today
  11. If they put a hotel on this lot (Hopefully 25 to 30 stories) would it be smart to just build some sort of a connection from the hotel to the existing parking garage skywalk to the convention center instead of building a new one. Save some money on the project
  12. Jeff Hirsh of wkrc 12 tweeted that 3CDC expects construction to start in July
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