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  1. https://www.bioenterprise.com/2018-midwest-healthcare-growth-capital-report/
  2. I think Cleveland is doing ok when you look at 2018 versus the previous two years. Also a large number of companies receiving investments (second only to Minneapolis)
  3. Anyone know more about this? A $200,000 "revitalization grant" from JobsOhio to the Scranton Development Company. One of only 7 projects that JobsOhio funded in May 2015. jobs-ohio.com/site/assets/files/1796/jobsohio_metrics_may_2015.pdf Did a little digging online and noted that the Scranton Development Company shows an address at 1920 Scranton Rd, Cleveland, OH 44113 - the old warehouse building that sits on the north side of Scranton close to the firehouse. I couldn't find anything else - but thought it was interesting enough to share.
  4. Did anyone else read the feature in today's PD Homes/apartments section on Detroit-Shoreway? It mentioned that a 350-unit development is in the planning stages in the neighborhood at a former industrial site...Could that be near the hulking Westinghouse building that you can see from the Shoreway? Anyone else read that article (no shame in skipping it - the homes section is not where I usually find my news) or hear anything about this.
  5. I moved back to Cleveland from NYC about three years ago (after more than a decade in the city). We lived in Tremont first, and enjoyed our time there. But we didn't feel like the neighborhood has matured to the point where it offers a lot of amenities for families, and it was very difficult to find a home that we could grow into... Fortunately, we ended up on an Ohio City Home Tour and fell in love (OK, I already knew it was a great neighborhood, but my wife had never ventured east of Lakewood before we went to Tremont, and needed some convincing). Lots of big, historic homes at reasonable prices. And if you are within walking distance of some great parks (including a great water park for kids off W.38th), the West Side Market, lots of amazing restaurants, the theaters (and movie theater) in Gordon Square, and Edgewater Park. We live off W.45th, and I go running along the lake all the time with the stroller. We've been here two years, and in that time I've witnessed at least a dozen home rehabs within a 10-block radius of our home, and I suspect that this is the case across the neighborhood. Lots of young families snapping up these houses, and the demand has even led to a well-regarded Charter School opening in the heart of the neighborhood. You won't go wrong with the other neighborhoods you listed, but we're very happy in Ohio City, and there is just enough happening to keep your mind off what you're leaving behind in NYC...
  6. Been reading this forum for a while, but first time posting... Just had to comment on this one...The other day, I found this vision document (see link at bottom of post) from Ohio City Incorporated. As a neighborhood resident, I was pleased to see the TOD focus and the emphasis on remedying some of the neighborhood's obvious issues (Franklin Circle, the overabundance of surface lots fronting W. 25th, etc.). Better yet, I believe this document was presented to the city planning commission last week. So it's a little disappointing to hear that Cleveland Clinic is bulldozing yet more buildings for...wait for it...another surface lot. I know they are a major employer in the region, but their non-profit status obligates them to act in the public interest. And yet another soul-crushing surface lot on one of the city's most promising streets is in nobody's interest but their own. The plan called for a healing garden and on-street development, and the clinic goes ahead and asks for a bulldozer and a surface lot. Nice. http://www.noaca.org/OhioCityVision.pdf
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