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  1. Looks pretty good. It fixes the biggest weakness, the ground floor along the sidewalk.
  2. Any project on that flimsy of grounds is unlikely to happen anyway (or likely get delayed from ongoing litigation). Publishing an article won't change that.
  3. ^ That'd be transformative for that whole area. I'm somewhat anxious about SW will do with all the property they own along the waterfront, where you have the CVSR station and platform.
  4. Sorry I can't quote the whole article. Later in the article there is a comment from Gordon saying the increase is to offset financial challenges from COVID-19.
  5. Too bad Clevelanders never met a tax increase they didn't like. https://www.cleveland.com/news/2020/07/cleveland-schools-voters-could-see-tax-increase-on-november-ballot.html Uh huh, a 10 year tax increase to offset coronavirus issues.
  6. Right. I completely get that. Maybe we need a different mechanism for providing subsidy (if necessary) for the type of development we want to see. Calling the district historic just to make public money available is disingenuous. It also dilutes the importance of real historic districts that have a much higher percentage of contributing buildings.
  7. I get spot-designating historic buildings like Erieview that are good examples of architecture of their time, but designating the entire area as historic makes no sense. You create historic districts when you want to preserve the context of the neighborhood. In this case the context is largely deadspace from parking garages and grass plazas. The type of construction we want to see is contrary to virtually everything in this neighborhood. Does new construction have to continue the mid-century office building aesthetic and siting?
  8. The Guardians name sounds cool and the logo would be awesome, but the backstory is odd. "Guardians of what?" "Guardians... of traffic." "Traffic?" "Right."
  9. The news 5 article has pictures of marketing material. Looks like they are going to try to brand this area as Flats South Bank. And regarding connectivity we've talked before about rebuilding the Eagle Ave bridge, which would connect Scranton Peninsula to this development. That would help both areas a ton.
  10. Probably not the original but here was the version presented to Landmark in early June.
  11. Not what I'd call beautiful but it's a marked improvement from the initial revisions, which were awful. I'll give credit where it's due. Landmark and local design review pushed for many of the changes. Looks good, given where they started.
  12. ^ Reads like fascist propaganda.
  13. Because their partnership was because they thought they could make money selling electric cars, not because of global warming.
  14. Yes, that is directly from their Instagram account. See jam40jeff's post for what Google maps has for that address. Yabo's pic is a former used car lot across the street. Unless Duck Rabbit posted the wrong address, it must be a different project.
  15. Duck Rabbit's Instagram says they are moving to 4160 Lorain, which is on the north side, opposite the pic. That building used to be a dumpy used car lot. I was hoping it would get demo'd and redeveloped.
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