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  1. The article started out well enough, then went off the rails at the end. "Brickhaus Partners' 95 Lake, located near Edgewater Park, is one of the closest "for sale" projects to downtown." How did Brickhaus get in an article about for-sale units downtown? Besides that, there's a bunch of new construction townhome and single family homes for-sale closer to downtown than this.
  2. Concern over athletics is often just a strawman to continue the status quo for discriminating against transgender people. I wouldn't put Yabo in that category, but that is usually the subtext to this question. I won't pretend to know the right way to handle issues with trans women in athletics. No (safe) amount of hormone therapy for a transitioning female will make it a level playing field. And it's impossible to have equal protection laws while also requiring dangerous or expensive therapy for trans women to compete with birth-born women.
  3. ^ The unabated property tax is based on the assessed value of the underlying land. The assessed amount should reset based on the selling price of the plaza. Harbor Pay paid $5.85 million for basically just the land so I'd argue the land tax should be higher than what is being paid now (land + existing plaza), but who knows how the county makes up the assessment. It'll probably end up being lower.
  4. The city is taking 10 acres for the police headquarters. I wonder if they had the sense to offer that land to S-W to keep them in the city.
  5. Lamenting the R&D move to Brecksville is fine, but It stands to reason the Scranton Averell properties were never seriously in contention for landing Sherwin Williams. Nothing in their generations of history shows they have any interest in selling or developing their properties in Cleveland.
  6. The City Club project is on the Euclid side, so any surveying on the Prospect side is interesting.
  7. I can't see Drummond not opting out of his last year, even if it means taking less money on the open market. Unless the Cavs think they can extend him long term, I agree it seems like a waste.
  8. What would Sherwin Williams do without the heightened profile that Atlanta would bring? Maybe someday they'll become a household name from little ol' CLE.
  9. I don't get that. 7 acres of downtown real estate could accommodate millions of square feet of structure without breaking a sweat. It's a massive amount of space. The Jacobs lot alone is about 50,000 sq ft. You could build the entire 1 million sq ft HQ on just the Jacobs lot with a 25 story building. Why do they need that much space unless they are expecting significant growth downtown as well? Unless they plan to just fill in the entire superblock with low rise buildings and pointless plazas.
  10. Thanks for taking on that chore for the rest of us. Did he say anything interesting? One of Jarboe's tweets said Jackson expects most of the growth to happen in Brecksville facility. That would be a bunch of crap if true.
  11. ^ Look on the previous page. ASPhotoman posted a picture from a PDF that SW published showing the Jacobs lot as part of their HQ. It's not just speculation.
  12. If Sherwin-Williams hopes to start this summer (according to their FAQ) we might see massings by March, then renderings in June. You don't get this far in the process without an idea of programming on each site. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a concept massing from Vocon sooner than later For comparison we got massings from Stark for nuCLEus in the fall 2014 to get conceptual approval from the planning commission, then actual renderings in January 2015 for design approval.
  13. I've found the coordinated leaks pretty interesting. When KJP didn't bite on the source feeding him the Breckville story, it went to a WKYC reporter. Not to say the story isn't true (I have no idea), but the back and forth on the various R&D locations stinks of negotiation tactics. The HQ complex should be more employees than the original HQ+R&D site so I guess it is still a plus for Cleveland. But can't help but swallow the bitter pill. Hopefully developing the riverfront wasn't a once in a lifetime opportunity.
  14. One more missing that is under construction. * Snavely phase 3 at 2615 Detroit Ave., 79 apartments over retail, plus renovation of the adjacent Painters Union building. https://www.crainscleveland.com/real-estate/quarters-next-step-looms
  15. These are now under construction * The Avian on Scranton Peninsula. Note, this is listed as new construction on the map. It's a renovation. * Grosvenor Place in Tremont * Electric Gardens in Tremont There's also a bunch missing. In particular around Battery Park. * Zion Church renovation into Apartments by Brickhaus Development https://www.cleveland.com/realestate-news/2017/05/tremonts_zion_church_150-years.html * West 19th and Freeman Ave -- Started construction last year. Project is well underway 29 townhomes south of the animal clinic by Knez, "West Nineteen" https://www.knez.net/neighborhoods/west-nineteen-7076 * Battery Park Lofts, 82 unit apartment building at 1250 W. 75th St. completed 2018 * Park Place Lofts, 41 unit apartment building at W. 74th and Father Frascati, proposed 2017 but not under construction yet http://planning.city.cleveland.oh.us/designreview/drcagenda/2017/06232017/ * Avenue Partners at Battery Park, 258 units total in 2 apartment buildings at 1275 W. 73rd St., proposed 2020 but not under construction yet https://www.crainscleveland.com/real-estate/four-story-apartments-proposed-battery-park https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2020/01/two-more-apartment-buildings-coming-to.html
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