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  1. Crain's had an article a couple weeks ago with a quote from developer AltoPartner's CEO saying he expected work to start "within weeks".
  2. Thanks for sharing. I love Chicago.
  3. The site plan and design are great. Thumbs way up.
  4. Here are the totals requested by city. Cincinnati is swinging for the fences. Akron 1 $470,500 Athens 1 $639,520 Cincinnati 14 $20,120,676 Cleveland 6 $6,285,109 Columbus 7 $7,801,000 Cuyahoga Falls 1 $156,727 Dayton 1 $4,133,458 Medina 1 $545,000 Sandusky 1 $1,375,000 St. Clairsville 1 $149,496 Toledo 4 $4,255,251 Warren 1 $675,000
  5. I wonder if it'll jump again before the Beacon crane comes down so we have two in the skyline.
  6. Mendo

    Cleveland Indians Discussion

    Clevinger went 5 innings and gave up 1 run on 3 hits. He had a good outing. It was our bullpen that gave up 10 runs. In hindsight putting Bauer in the bullpen was a bad idea.
  7. ^ Thanks for the info. Cleveland has been talking about form based code for years. If there's any hope in getting something worthwhile out of the monstrosity that is the OC, they better not take 18 months to codify new zoning along this route.
  8. Mendo

    Cleveland Indians Discussion

    I quit reading after a few paragraphs when it became clear it was just another woe is me article about Cleveland sports. Same old tired bullshit. The media sure loves to remind us about past sports failures. Go get 'em Tribe!
  9. I thought the city was looking to rezone the entire corridor. Is that dead?
  10. And besides being unsightly, those uses have ridiculously low job density and will actively discourage high density employment and residential. If they don't like it, too bad.
  11. Thanks for the pics MayDay. I didnt realize there was that much detail in the facade. Hard too see past the grime and plastic sheeting.
  12. The pie in the sky plans floated by Passov showed residential lining Cedar. That would have been fantastic. This is just standard fair suburban retail.
  13. The site plan and density look great (YO to the CLE was right), but the aesthetics of the project are pretty bad - a bunch of disparate materials, colors, and rooflines thrown together haphazardly. Sadly it fits in with the rest of the Edison project which looks cheap.
  14. Mendo

    Cleveland: Historic Photos

    Cool pics. That last pic is every NIMBY's nightmare.