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  1. ^ The concrete pour has been the same day they install the conduit, every floor. So if you see the piping being installed during the day, that means the pour will be later in the afternoon.
  2. If anything, the windows look narrower in the updated pics. The conceptual design from April had little detail, but a few of the images showed how the big the windows were going to be (huge).
  3. The Shoreline Phase II next to Quay 55 is back for conceptual design approval. 214 apartments and around 400 new parking spaces. http://planning.city.cleveland.oh.us/designreview/drcagenda/2019/06072019/index.php
  4. Everybody's favorite apartment building is back for design approval. The colors are different and the facade was tweaked for more variety. I like the updated design better, but I kind of miss the all white. The vertical nature of the design get lost in all the dark color. Still looks good, IMO. http://planning.city.cleveland.oh.us/designreview/drcagenda/2019/06072019/index.php
  5. Didn't they fundraise under the auspices the land would remain green space?
  6. ^ Nice idea, but I'd much rather see all that vacant space developed with mixed use right up to the current sidewalk, like E 55th. and Hamlet Ave in Slavic Village:
  7. Nice! I remember townhomes were planned for 4005 Detroit a couple years ago. They were listed on MLS for a second, then disappeared. With all the development nearby I assumed the project would come back much bigger.
  8. Allard gets a lot of hate, but I'd rather have somebody bringing to light how these projects are financed. The other outlets haven't covered it whatsoever. Now if you want to debate the merits of the subsidy I'm all for that.
  9. I was driving up West 25th yesterday behind a semi truck with large John Deere combine on the trailer. Looked brand new. I didn't follow it past Lorain but I assume it was heading to the port. Not really news, just thought it was an unusual site driving through market square.
  10. After reading the link, this was my thought too. I'm glad only 20 of the 250 acres will be set aside for commercial. That stretch of Aurora Road already has quite a lot of new retail. Not sure it needs another strip mall.
  11. The character of all neighborhoods change over time. Even Little Italy, which has become mostly rentals for Case students and UC employees. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it makes me pause when residents oppose development that would put new product on the market.
  12. We're in trouble if stymieing development in Little Italy is the only way to encourage development in Glenville. In a healthy market, a new building in one neighborhood wouldn't preclude development elsewhere. We're finally seeing proposals outside the core neighborhoods, like the Hough-Ansel apartments. Hopefully that continues.
  13. *without clicking the link* Lemme guess. A retail/lifestyle center?
  14. I'm wary of people fighting against new development when they own rental property in the neighborhood.
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