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  1. Yeah I can't see them snaking around the buildings. How about dropping down below the intersection and popping up on the other side? That would be cool, even if just a fantasy.
  2. It's not just speculative. Shaker gave up site control a while ago for the next phase of the Van Aken District. What doesn't come up in the GIS is whether there's an easement or other agreement to preserve a path for a potential RTA expansion. Edit: The land use overlay in the full GIS app shows something, but I can't tell if this hasn't been updated since consolidating the parcels for Van Aken District or was left purposely for future extension. https://maps.cuyahogacounty.us/html5viewer/?viewer=ccgis&run=SearchByParcelPin&parcelpin=NzM2MDkwMTE=
  3. The more the merrier. There is a lack of proper co-working space as it is. And anything that helps incubate more startups is a good thing.
  4. Agreed it's probably a lot more than the 220 they planned for in 2008. I forgot they leased that much space since then. Thanks for the reminder. https://www.crainscleveland.com/article/20110606/FREE/306069966/cliffs-adds-space-at-downtown-hq
  5. The only article I can find about Cliff's headquarters was from 2008 when they moved to 200 Public Square. At the time they had just 140 HQ employees with plans to add 80 more. https://www.cleveland.com/business/2008/07/clevelandcliffs_moving_headqua.html
  6. AK Steel was #443 in the 2019 list. The combined revenue for the two should put the new company around 340-ish.
  7. These raw material companies don't have massive HQ staff so even if they combine the two, it wouldn't be a massive change. Hopefully the HQ stays in Cleveland of course.
  8. Pic from a month ago on Electric Gardens off of Literary. I need to get a more recent pic. A lot of dirt was moved for this project, most of it just across the street for the next phase of the Towpath.
  9. Foundation work on Grosvenor Place at 7th and Jefferson.
  10. A bunch of single family homes recently finished. I would have taken more pics if I had more time. There are others under construction.
  11. A couple project updates. Townhomes at West 19th and Freeman behind the animal clinic.
  12. ^ Am I missing something? Where is the study? It's just a bunch of speculation with no evidence of anything.
  13. https://lmgtfy.com/?q=lumen+cleveland+number+of+units
  14. I'm tired of this damn story. He's suspended and the Browns have a game on Sunday. Time to move on.
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