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  1. Interesting article. It calls out specifically connecting Cleveland to Cincinnati. That is potentially great news, but are you saying it would require the state to fund the route expansion? If so that makes it DOA.
  2. Litt's article suggested that the developer works with the Metroparks/Rotary for a high quality design facing the Greenway, which IMO is a reasonable ask. I wonder if this will end up a townhome project. The article says there is a 30 foot drop-off to the bottom of the hill. That's a substantial amount of fill and retaining for potentially 60-70 townhomes. And the developer would have to pre-sell a bunch of them before starting construction. It would make more sense as an apartment building with below grade parking.
  3. All of Duck Island went through rezoning last year to match the master plan that was put together a few years.
  4. Is something lost in translation with that Bloomberg article? It references balloon framing multiple times, so it can't be a typo. There's no way all of these apartment buildings were built with balloon framing.
  5. https://www.cleveland.com/expo/life-and-culture/g66l-2019/02/fce93c41331623/cleveland-heights-deserves-better-than-joyless-top-of-hill-design-steven-litt.html
  6. That's true. Shaker Square is a good space, as-is. I was questioning whether it was worth creating more green space by closing the street. And if the city was willing to go through the effort, I'd rather see more density here than more grass.
  7. If they go through the trouble of closing Shaker Blvd, I'd rather see that space filled in with 2 or 3 story buildings flanking RTA. Then you'd have retail on both sides of the street all around the new circle. Better than more pointless green space.
  8. Agreed. The dental school turned out worse than expected. I thought we were done with the brutalist bunkers but here we are. No you aren't wrong. Add in the new cancer center, hotel, and parking garages. This area is a haphazard mess of pedestrian unfriendly buildings.
  9. I find it funny Litt thinks the design is too bulky and dense for the site. 275 apartments on 4 acres is too dense? The site plan is great, even if the design is somewhat bland.
  10. And Crain's coverage of Knez's meeting with the city. https://www.crainscleveland.com/real-estate/downtown-shoreway-housing-plans-are-delayed
  11. lol @ Budish calling the FBI raid a political move.
  12. No, the flaps are part of the design. https://media.apts247.info/2a/2a57991cf2ca4856bb1379cf3ca07d20/galleries/community/exteriors/exterior-render.jpg https://www.thebeaconcleveland.com/gridmedia/img/slide1.jpg
  13. Knez's proposal wasn't well received based on the design review notes. I don't feel the number of units is the problem, but the jagged/offset layout, which makes the whole thing feel busy and uninviting. http://planning.city.cleveland.oh.us/designreview/brd/detailDR.php?ID=3096&CASE=DF 2019-010
  14. Don't expect Amazon to open non-warehouse or data center jobs here any time soon. https://www.bizjournals.com/austin/news/2019/02/14/amazon-cancels-plans-to-put-part-of-hq2-in-new.html?ana=e_ae_set1&s=article_du&ed=2019-02-14&u=a%2FUXHJBqHDDWLb4YgPCvlA0dac0c51&t=1550180967&j=86683471
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