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  1. People have posted conceptual pics before with the Shoreway converted to a boulevard. The amount of developable land that it would open up is tremendous. Converting it to an at-grade street would be totally worth it, even with the rail lines still there.
  2. I guess you are back from your vacation. March 2 was a lifetime ago. Your stats were misleading even then, and a month later look stupidly shortsighted.
  3. 26% of positive cases in Cuyahoga county are healthcare workers, and that dark red on the east side likely has the highest percentage of healthcare workers in the state. Political affiliation has nothing to do with it. They are infected because they are around infected people all day. https://www.cleveland.com/news/2020/03/26-of-cuyahoga-countys-coronavirus-cases-are-health-care-workers.html
  4. An update on the number of total tested in Ohio: 14,764 https://www.cleveland.com/open/2020/03/14764-people-have-tested-positive-in-ohio-for-coronavirus-gov-mike-dewines-wednesday-march-25-briefing.html
  5. Developing these lots is a once in a lifetime opportunity. As long as they don't give up the farm, there is no reason to vote against the incentives. Regardless of the current economy.
  6. Slap of the wrist for the comments he made about correcting Trump? Or they are getting ready to push him out.
  7. People act like if there were no quarantine orders, things would just continue on like nothing was happening. It's a false choice. The economy was going to tank regardless.
  8. These companies make money when times are good, then bailouts when times are bad. If United is threatening mass layoffs, just give the money directly to the workers.
  9. And just because it makes the transaction feel official, from the county GIS:
  10. Article from Ars Technica on the expansion of testing in the U.S. https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2020/03/america-is-finally-testing-for-coronavirus-in-significant-volumes/?comments=1
  11. That lot is owned by Stark and was part of the deal when they bought the nuCLEus site back in 2014-ish. Pretty sure he put it up for sale a couple years ago. No idea what's happened since.
  12. Funny they decided to use that building for the main picture. There will be units to the north and east blocking the view of downtown and the valley. You already see the 6 or so units to the left (north) of this picture.
  13. Not a whole lot was saved. The entire front facade and most of the second floor was rebuilt. IMO, at that point, they should have rebuilt everything above the foundation from scratch to get rid of the musty, moisture, and fire damaged wood. I don't think they expected to replace this much when the reno started.
  14. Fun fact, look who was one of the 3 assholes that voted against it in 2012.
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