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  1. Ah you beat me to it! The buyer is the same developer who years ago planned to open a kosher grocery in Lyndhurst, where Tesla now is. They ended up cancelling those plans when Seasons was originally announced to go in this building at Oakwood. Great to see they are still bullish on the area and are willing to come back. I would expect we will see renewed interest by the Jewish community in the neighborhoods directly east of Warrensville Center now, especially with the school finally being built on the CH part of Oakwood. There was growth in the area when the school and market were initially announced years ago, but it sort of died off when all of the plans stalled.
  2. Love that view of Church and State down 29th. Also Dexter looks like its going to have a really great presence from the street and new roundabout. I imagine its going to have a good balancing effect with the hospital building across the circle.
  3. I work in the South Euclid (Cleveland suburb) Housing/Building Departments. We are still sending inspectors out. We have staggered shifts right now with only one building and one housing inspector in the office on a given day. We've suspended interior inspections on rentals, and are only doing our vacant building inspections (like POS but only required on vacant homes) if there is a lockbox. We won't meet with anyone at the property. Permit inspections for interior items like hot water tanks and furnaces have the option of having a video/facetime inspection, which the state is now allowing. We are still taking permits and payments online, and thru a drop box (City Hall closed to the public). I wouldn't say business has declined much, if at all. I know there are other municipalities who have cancelled all inspections at this time, and wonder how they are handling things. I imagine its like the wild west out there. We are at least still patrolling the streets and taking complaints.
  4. So I'm not quite sure if it was just your reporting, or coming from them (based on the new renders, looks like from them) ... My original understanding was the entire project renamed as INTRO, but now its looking like the apartments are called INTRO and the entire project is still Market Square. If that's the case, I'd be more than ok with it. INTRO at Market Square would be good placemaking and marketing in my non-professional opinion.
  5. The virtual meetings would be great. We are in the same boat in South Euclid when it comes to them. We are still issuing permits and taking applications though - pretty much business as normal. City Hall has been closed to the public, but we have online services for most everything now, and a drop box set up for when people need to submit originals or can't do it online. I thought Cleveland had online access for things too?
  6. Just as a reminder, here was the view of the Hingetown area just 3 years ago today. What a difference. I wish I still had access to this view!
  7. If they're aiming for a cinema, I hope they're going for something like Silverspot at Pinecrest. That type of setup has been a popular draw there, and would be here too (I would rather see it at FEB like was originally planned, but that seems to be dead now?).
  8. Reading that article, the city came off so poorly in my eyes. Why would other investors want to come to town and work in this city if that's how they can expect to be treated?
  9. I'm so happy this thread is back to being pinned. It was bothering me so much.
  10. This has ended up looking alot larger than I was expecting it to. What a great presence. Also love seeing the new Snavely building in the background too. In just a few short years this has turned into a pretty dense node.
  11. Finally some good demolition. That corner lot is one of the biggest eyesores over there, even a grass lot would be a step up imo. I do wonder though where the rug guy will set up now.
  12. If anything the SW development will be a net addition of parking to downtown. The garages they build there are going to be more than what is there currently, and its going to free up an equal number of spots tied to their current hq that they no longer will be using. A shame people will walk an extra block though...
  13. Suburbanites don't go to Steelyard because it's the exact same stores that are 5 minutes from their homes. Steelyard is geared towards Cleveland residents. Suburbanites (unless they're in Aurora) don't have outlet stores 5 minutes from their homes, and thus would be more likely to come into Cleveland for this.
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