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  1. Very nice! Am I remembering correctly that someone wanted to tear this building down a couple of years ago, sparking a large neighborhood backlash that stopped it? Or am I recalling another building there.
  2. Well KJP, that's all certainly very encouraging. This project seems to be progressing quite quickly. I'm holding out hope that the office componant will be a relocation from outside the region...
  3. Going through Tower City a couple of times last night to/from the Blue Line, it was kinda surreal that here I was in a mall, with the normal amount of foot traffic you would be seeing in any suburban mall, and yet just about every storefront was empty. The trains certainly generate the foot traffic in that place. I'm sure with whatever new form it takes on, some retail will be able to survive if its the right mix and amount.
  4. I do find it interesting that train ridership is more or less flat, while bus ridership crashes. I forget when the all the cuts have been, but were there routes discontinued last year? I'd be interested in seeing numbers which took the decrease in service into account.
  5. Main entrance right up to the street. Should help add some life to the area. Very nice.
  6. ^ All around generally good news in there. I was very happy to see the vacancy rates in Lee-Harvard/Lee-Seville while there was hardly any demolition in those neighborhoods. All of the other neighborhoods had declining vacancy rates, but also massive demolitions to get rid of the vacant homes. I think those stats point to those neighborhoods certainly having stabilized, and probably even growing again. That would be great for the city, but also great from a regional perspective to have those neighborhoods rebounding. That would help put a stop to the spread of blight and decline to the southeast suburbs, especially with Maple, Garfield, and Warrensville starting to turn back around.
  7. Just saw on their Facebook - Joy Machines Bike Shop will be moving from W25th to 2605 Detroit (right across the street from Quarter).
  8. It's a shame they couldn't move elsewhere in the city. They seem like they would be a good fit along the Opportunity Corridor. While its good for the region as a whole - more efficient space, room to expand, and the opportunity for new productive use of the old facilities - it's not necessarily good for the City of Cleveland to lose that many employees. It can be a negative tax wise for the city even if the building converts to housing with an equivalent amount of new residents moving to the city paying an equivalent amount of income taxes to the city. Residents overall require more services to be provided than commercial employees. I believe this will be a better use of the space and better for W25th, but the businesses relocating outside of the city could become a problem. Is the parking they use across 25th part of the Market Square project?
  9. While I love seeing a local business growing and expanding (hopefully more jobs too), the neighborhood has changed so much around them. Manufacturing just isn't the highest and best use for that land anymore. It's a shame to hear their deal to move elsewhere in the city fell through. Perhaps something can be done to spruce up their exteriors a bit so its not such a long stretch of more-or-less blank walls.
  10. I would be very interested to know which census tracts lost population due to abandonment vs due to smaller household sizes. I'm not too familiar with the west side, but the east suburbs have been losing population for awhile, but they are for the most part not being abandoned. There just has been no real addition of housing units until recently. Its the same houses with now just the parents living in them. The only way to actively combat population decline while household sizes shrinks is to add more and more density. The long game would be waiting for the parents to leave those houses, and them to open up on the market for a new family to move in, which would take decades.
  11. Is it just a matter of the site size that the Mayfield Station building is still missing the entire SW corner even three stories up now?
  12. I recall discussion of them looking downtown for the HQ expansion. Shame that didn't pan out, but good for the region none the less. It's sure nice seeing all these local companies announcing four digit job expansions lately.
  13. Wow, alot of awesome midtown news today. Regarding the potential Cleveland Foundation relocation to Midtown - why that specific site? If they want to locate in Midtown, there are numerous other vacant lots, including along Euclid, available for new construction. There is even one directly across 66th currently owned by the Cleveland Landbank. Why locate on the Dunham Tavern campus? The Landbank site gives all of the same benefits, without removing contiguous greenspace.
  14. Heard a presentation yesterday from Randy Ruttenberg of Fairmount Properties. He said there will be two new big named retailers announced soon to open at Pinecrest. Earlier he mentioned Urban Outfitters opening a store here soon (not sure if that is one of the two, or in addition to them). He also said their biggest competitor for stores is not Beachwood Place, Eton, or Legacy, but Van Aken. I thought that was pretty nice to hear, and probably bodes well for Van Aken. In addition to the townhomes plan for the north of the site, which has been sold off to another developer to start on, they have two more large pads to develop. They may include more retail, but most likely will be mostly residential, which has out performed expectations, and not so much office, which has under performed.
  15. That I'm not sure, other than its near the new park which is also complete other than a few minor tweaks which still need to be made once the weather turns.
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