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  1. @KJP is the Twinsburg Amazon center counted in the 6? I understand that one to be at least the same size as this one, if not larger. Just from viewing on Google maps, it is labeled Amazon-CLE5
  2. With a big chunk of Erieview set to turn into apartments (and not apparently a hotel?), I'm less bothered by the downsizing in square footage. Still a loss for Erieview though since those floors weren't slated to be converted.
  3. That's unfortunate. It was just updated recently as part of the shopping center redo, wasn't it? Very surprised at the Chapel Hill location closing - though only because I thought all of the anchor stores had already closed there. Both Chapel Hill and Ashtabula mall will be joining Richmond pretty soon. Just a coincidence its the same slumlord ownership?
  4. What a long and bloody road up to this point. I'm glad to see the developers stuck with it though instead of saying F this. I almost just said its a great looking design that will fit in nicely with the neighborhood, but that's not true. Its a great looking design that will look almost out of place with many current neighborhood properties. Hopefully this construction, along with the reno of the three neighboring houses as part of the project, will be push the neighborhood along and push the cheap vinyl out to Chesterland.
  5. I don't understand why dropping the through lane wasn't considered at the time they proposed closing the ramp. They had it closed for months during the Shoreway construction and it seemed to work fine. I lived off that exit at the time and it was much less stressful getting on the highway while the entire thing was under construction just for that reason. Three lanes coming from the west, one exits off to 25th, two continue on and are joined by the one coming on from 28th bringing it back to three. Seems simple.
  6. They sure are moving fast now (Finally!). Saturday that house was still there. I usually don't like demos when we have so much vacant land as is, but removing a SFH for something like this is surely something that can be repeated.
  7. ^ That's a new build in Columbus? That's lovely, looks like something straight out of Cleveland Hts or along Rockefeller Park. Let's call up that developer and recruit them for some infill here. There's a vacant lot next to the Monticello on Carnegie where that would look great.
  8. Downtown businesses might not even end up at a disadvantage to their suburban counterparts from this. I haven't gone out today, but I've heard anecdotally of things moving to suburban centers like Beachwood Place, Mentor Mall, and Oakwood Commons. I didn't hear if it happened, but there was alot of talk of "Steelyards at 9" going around last night. To bring this sort of back on topic to development, there was also talk in the crowds last night of burning down the Justice Center so it can finally push them forward to building a new one that isn't a death trap. No one wanted to risk the lives of the prisoners though.
  9. Business insurance covers for loss of inventory in these situations too. So enough of THAT crap.
  10. Downtown will recover. Stores will reopen, businesses will rebuild. Standard business insurance covers losses from damages from rioting - fire, looting, vandalism. Downtown and Cleveland are resilient. Stores/restaurants that do shut will be replaced. I want to point out too that some businesses (W6th and W9th) were open and serving protesters even late into the day.
  11. They have no stake in society because society has given up and puts no stake in them. Years of peaceful protests have gone ignored. "A riot is the language of the unheard". Your hear us now. I was downtown the the entire day yesterday. From the rally and march from the Free Stamp, up until the curfew was enacted and the mass arrests began. No, I did not partake in any violence, vandalism, or looting, but I witnessed it firsthand. The people who were there until the end were not just "thugs" or "outside agitators" as I have seen them being labeled. The people who were there were rightfully angry. They were angry at being ignored, and they were angry at being silenced. I witnessed time after time again peaceful protesters turned on by the police with aggression. The first time I was tear gassed yesterday we were well away from any of the "action". We were standing in front of the old courthouse, people were watching, catching their breath, drinking water, taking a break. There was no agitation going on in our area until the police on the roof of the justice center started shooting gas at us. What happened after that? People became angry. I'm not saying everyone there was good (what do looting Barley House for bottles of liquor and beer accomplish?), but not everyone who was there was bad. The anger that lead to the rioting and the shops being smashed was absolutely legitimate and should be recognized as such. Edit: Property can be replaced. Lives can not.
  12. I believe the grocery store there was last a Tops - that's how long its been empty. I hope the first phase along with the apartments has something planned for the vacant retail out parcels along Warrensville. If those are left empty there, then yeah it would still be a cancerous eyesore. But it's such a massive property, I can understand the need for phases. Great to see it moving along. We are pretty excited for it across the street in South Euclid. I'm hoping it will appear to alot of students at the colleges nearby and take some demand away from SFHs as rentals so we can continue our trend of rentals turning into owner occupied homes.
  13. ^ I really like what Mr. Weiner had to say about his decision to say - "If I were in Independence, I would feel like I was anywhere. But downtown I know I'm in Cleveland and enjoy the vibe here." Independence, Beachwood, Westlake... they're all interchangeable nowheres. Downtown is somewhere.
  14. The building on the corner there, 2220 where Spaces use to be, just went thru a fantastic rehab a couple of years ago. I forget who the developer was, but he did a fantastic job restoring it and reactivating the retail spaces. The building to the right, 2206, is not in terrible shape, but definitely does not look the best with the functionally windowless first floor. It has apartments, and a pretty well known babershop attended by some big names (so I'm told) and a recording studio. I don't think there is anything wrong with the building and uses as it currently is, but it definitely could use a storefront reno. Hopefully more development nearby spurs the owners to try and keep up.
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