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  1. Basically slap a coat of paint on and rent it out. For more information, search his name: http://apps.southeuclidcourt.com/record_search.php
  2. After our experience with Realife and Yaron Kandelker, I can't say I'm surprised they're defaulted on that mortgage. Certainly brings my 5% odds of seeing that Realife highrise there down to zero.
  3. Market Square was already a great name for this project. Gives a sense of place and ties it in with the neighborhood. Intro is a big step back.
  4. Wouldn't be surprised if all of this teasing and pictures of the "calm" Stark offices is in preparation of them announcing they're selling that building. After all, it never featured as still being there in the SW plans. I'm sure they have some open office space to move into in Crocker, or in the tower at Eton. Edit: on second thought, didn't they already announce getting space in 200 PS? Maybe this is just them announcing that imminent move.
  5. I just find it so laughable that she is basing the opposition to this project on there being nearly 200 school aged children living in the 300 apartments in phase one. Did I read that right? I don't even think they're proposing enough two bedroom units to make that even remotely possible.
  6. This is an exciting under-reported project. Eden is such a great organization and providing a service for which there is an unfortunate growing need for... and they have some of the nicest people working for them!
  7. Yes, understandable and not a problem. But adding 5mins to every trip for a reason like this is not.
  8. I was worried at first when I saw an address located in Cleveland. Then I reread it and realized right away Westgate is in Fairview Park, which apparently is something the folks at Cleveland.com don't know.
  9. Glad they're back on track. Can someone refresh my memory - are those townhouses in the background of the second picture a part of this project, or something separate?
  10. Those projected land use numbers are interesting. I don't believe the zero vacant parcels for a moment, but looking at the projected decrease in commercial parking is both believable really great news if it plays out. I'm sure alot of that is the loss of lots downtown with SW, but we have also been seeing lots disappearing in the neighborhoods too. OC has seen a huge decrease in surface lots recently, particularly along Detroit.
  11. The size/features certainly don't add up to that price in my opinion. I'm wondering if that space above the garage is a second rentable living space. If so, the price would make sense to me if its for a two unit (though the listing doesn't indicate). Also a great example of houses being rehabbed with nothing going in to add any curb appeal. So many listings I see where the inside is beautifully rehabbed, and yet the exterior and yard still look like a dump. Makes no sense at all to me.
  12. Granted I don't know exactly how the switches work, but I can see this as a side effect of the train operators having to stop and manually switch the tracks each time they are going to go thru that junction. I don't want to say this was down to an operator, but these kinds of accidents are definitely made more possible with the possibility of human error. Automate that switch, and you eliminate the possibility for human error. Also, I can certainly attest that Friday night my Blue Line train had to sit there and wait close to 5mins for the operator to get the verbal authorization to proceed. She was apologizing to us for the delay, but it was embarrassing and just another added on delay. That added 5mins completely takes away any time bonus I have in taking the train downtown instead of driving. If its a night without a major event, and thus cheap/free parking, then I would logically have no reason to even take the train anymore.
  13. Not sure how long they have been playing, but I noticed a tv commercial for 12th and Ave today.
  14. Its really not surprising that its mostly vacant, considering the owners had been planning for a hotel conversion. They wouldn't be marketing towards and leasing up with office users if they were going to be kicking them out for a new use. The hotel market isn't currently as strong as it was in the past, mostly because of the glut of new rooms that have come on line recently, and thus we have a building sitting empty in an otherwise hot corner of town. Also, so nice to have Michelle Jarboe back
  15. Still hoping Sak's off 5th moves in here, instead of staying at drab and dingy Aurora. Interesting that the anchor spaces are planned to be entertainment, instead of other retail.
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