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  1. Strange, because these are all already built and sold last year.
  2. Confirmation that Saucy will be opening in Pinecrest next year: https://www.crainscleveland.com/jeremy-nobile-blog/saucy-brew-works-open-brewpubs-detroit-and-clevelands-pinecrest-development-2020
  3. The Jimmy John's closures were all of the ones owned by that particular franchisee, nothing to do with the company as a whole.
  4. This reminds me of the Opry Mills outlet mall in Nashville. While not downtown, its still in the middle of a major metro, instead of being built on the far outskirts. It also has a large entertainment component, and has non-outlet stores mixed in. They also tie it in with the Grand Ole Opry, which is right next door. I wonder if this one can do something similar and capitalize on proximity to the Rock Hall. Its obviously a greater distance than Opry Mills and The Grand Ole Opry, but maybe run a shuttle for tourists, or have a Rock Line trolley that loops up to downtown too.
  5. I sure hope this comes to pass in this form. The area is in dire need of downsizing retail space, and also adding new multifamily. Other than Van Aken, I don't think we've seen any new apartments built in the east inner ring this century. To answer the questions raised above, its my understanding, and it looks from the picture that the garage will stay. They just finished up a bunch of rehab work in the garage recently, particularly around the floor joints and columns. The talk about adding floors would make the building better add up with the existing garage floors, which are currently not all matched up directly with entrances on shopping levels. From the photo, the existing garage entrance from Cedar next to Applebee's is still shown, and those store spaces are pretty deep.
  6. A large percentage (majority?) of electricity in Ohio comes from coal still. Although you can certainly have your own solar at home, or sign up for one of the renewable only electric programs through Nopec to make your electric car more green. Though that would still require you to charge at home only.
  7. They're in Cleveland Hts around Coventry. It seems to be an older community. When I worked at the bank in CH I had alot of older customers who would only allow me to wait on them, since I could do their transactions in Russian. Beachwood unsurprisingly has alot of Russian Jews. Now that I work for South Euclid, I've learned there are also alot of Russians there, both Jew and Gentile, particularly around Cedar Center, and in the northeast towards Highland Hts. The more recent Russian immigrants, and thus the most outwardly Russian, seem to be the ones in the Mayfield Hts area.
  8. Why can't we have both types of retail downtown? The customers for this are not the same customers for the shops that have been popping up on Euclid. Mr and Mrs Soccer Parent from Mentor probably won't come into the city of Cleveland to spend their money (and generate sales tax) by paying to park and walk down Euclid to shop. Those stores are geared towards people living, working, and staying in downtown already. But, the Mentorites might drive down to spend their money at an outlet mall that is a much shorter drive that it is to Aurora. And after their shopping, maybe they'll head up into downtown proper and have dinner at a restaurant unlike any they'll find in Lake County.
  9. Its really not that large of an area compared to the total amount of vacant land around there. Only 10-12 acres out of 150 acres of city owned land there. From the picture in KJP's post above, the site is the top of the far left of the highlighted area.
  10. I had no idea about those apartments. Some of them can definitely use some work, and I hope they get it before they are too far gone, but some of them look (at least from streetview) to be in fantastic shape. Devon House in particular, just south of Kenmore, is gorgeous and looks straight out of Shaker.
  11. I think its because when Cleveland was at its largest population, it was in 6th place. It wasn't as large when it was the 5th city.
  12. The one's I have been seeing are good, though working for South Euclid, I speak mostly on what is going on in that city. Foreclosure/bank/sheriff sales are all down dramatically. Most of the arms length sales now (and for the last couple of years) are either from older/elderly homeowners either downsizing or passing away, or people selling off their rental properties. People who moved but were unable to sell their houses after the recession, and thus rented them out instead, have been selling. Other people who bought houses on the cheap as investment properties at the same time are also selling, now that prices have increased so much. The vast majority of these houses have sold to owner occupants, usually millennials and young families, or to rehabbers who flip them. Some, but not many sell to other investors who continue to rent them out. This is starting to have an effect on the rental market though. We are on track this year to have 6% less total rental units this year compared to last year, which is consistent with the annual decreases we had in the last two years since I started tracking it. Meanwhile, units which remain rentals have been seeing more investment, and rising rents. We know the same thing has been happening in Lakewood, and I'm sure its being seen in other inner suburbs as well. This is one reason why I don't think there will be any slowdown in demand for all of the new apartments being built, particularly in Cleveland. The rental market is shrinking elsewhere.
  13. Whatever is proposed to be constructed there, it can't possibly be worse than what's currently there.
  14. Great! I love the design of this building. I'd been hoping it wasn't dead.
  15. I feel pretty good about this with Jeff Applebaum being involved. Lets bring it in on time and under budget again.
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