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  1. I just hope they have some great lighting at night. Terminal Tower has set a nice bar locally with that. I'd like to see something that moves and is part of the building itself, instead of just a static display or lighting up the architecture. I've always loved the City of Capitals (second and third towers in the pic) for their light display. The LEDs move so the lights look like water dripping down.
  2. Hmm, not only are they selling condos next door, but now they own the Avenue Tower. I wonder if we will see the apartments sold off again as condos as originally intended, if the new build sells well.
  3. I really love that style of windows. I'm always afraid of cheap windows, particularly on historic buildings. Doesn't look like they went that way though.
  4. From your last pic in particular, it really does - together with the Keith Building - create a lovely framing of Playhouse Square. I'm looking forward to see it complete with lights on the garage portion to complement the lights from the theaters across the street.
  5. This is such a great project, and really a win-win for everyone. The public gains direct access to the lakefront, and the property owners gain protection from the erosion. The erosion has been absolutely insane, even just over the last year.
  6. Isn't this going to be part of the UC3 development (the new name is escaping me currently...)? edit: nevermind I thought this was in the general University Circle thread
  7. Earlier this year I left Shaker where it was in the 80s and when I got to Edgewater it was 67. I was so disappointed! I went for a walk instead of laying out in the sun, and by time I was done the wind switched direction and it was pleasant. What I miss about living right on the lake is the first portion of winter where everyone else gets snow, but it only rains along the lake.
  8. Lake County surprised me at first too, but then I thought about it for a bit. Mentor has largely been built out now, and last I heard the schools have been seeing massive declines in enrollment as the kids age out and the parents stay in the same house. Not many new young families able to move in. The western suburbs have been built out for awhile now, with many residents aging in place. To me, other than maybe Willoughby, they seem more stagnant than most Cuyahoga County suburbs now. Eastern Lake County saw its boom before the recession, and it hasn't started back up again. I grew up in Madison, and just about everyone I knew from school has moved away (many to Cuyahoga County). Just like Mentor, without new homes being built, there are no new kids coming in to replace those who are leaving. Painsville has always been different, but with the present immigration climate, I'm sure the number of kids is shrinking there too.
  9. South Euclid has a landbank that will offer vacant land for below market rates. We also offer tax abatement on new construction - 5 years, 75% for single family homes, and the potential for more on multi-family decided case-by-case by City Council. While its not an official policy, the Housing Department has information and offers review of plans for developers who want to ensure a speedy journey through design, plan, and zoning reviews. Also, not sure if your research is looking at support for rehabs, but through One South Euclid we also offers vacant properties for sale below market rates to developers to be rehabbed and sold to owner occupants. https://www.onesoutheuclid.org/buildgrowthrive/
  10. That's an old plan. It's not moving forward in that form. The city had many objections to it, particularly turning it into a collection of stand alone out-parcels. See the more recent article a few posts up where the mayor describes this Osbourne plan as “incomplete and underwhelming." Last I heard, it's moving along, and there are new plans - that's just not them.
  11. Not bad at all. I can settle for two phases if it keeps the same scale/quality that we've seen from the plans. From an urban and design aspect, I'm glad the apartments are going forward in the first phase. A vacant lot at that corner would be incredibly depressing. From an economic aspect though, I'm disappointed in losing the office building and prospect of new to the region jobs. I do think it speaks volumes for what a turnaround this area (and city in general) has made that the developer of spec office building was able to sign tenants from out of the region. When was the last time that happened here?
  12. My trusted, high level, source says SHW will be moving their HQ to Novosibirsk, with R&D setting up shop in Kemerovo. Lots of skilled engineers, and cheaper wages. Can't give any details as to where my source or info is from, but someone definitely said it and so I say its true. /sarcasm
  13. With a project this massive, couldn't it be likely SHW is working with one set of property owners/designers/developers for the HQ Tower (say Jacobs) and simultaneously another team for the R&D (say Weston)? I would thing too that they have alot of their ideas flashed out, especially after the aborted plans a few years ago, and would also want to move fairly quickly before costs rise. Splitting the project fully in two could ensure each team has enough resources to devote to their respective project, instead of risking becoming bogged down between this and other work.
  14. I prefer trees too, but with the track record the city has with street trees lately, this would just be another stretch of dead saplings year after year after year. At least there are life in the planters.
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