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  1. Beautiful design (as was the last), but I'm interested to hear what the neighborhood finds not to like about it now. Not keeping in neighborhood character by having too many windows and not enough vinyl siding?
  2. That's great news. It was needlessly difficult for me to get a mortgage to buy my condo last year. Everyone wanted to give me money to by a single family home, but only Huntington was willing to write a mortgage for a condo. I can't begin to fathom how much sprawl this has led to. I was adamant I wanted to buy a condo instead of a SFH, but I'm sure there are many people out there who would have bought a condo in a dense neighborhood, who instead ended up in a SFH in the burbs because they were steered that way with the financing.
  3. It's always been interesting to me that Russians primarily congregated in the Beachwood-Mayfield Hts-Cleveland Hts triangle, while Ukrainians primarily settled in Parma. I wonder what started that pattern.
  4. Nice of them to promote transit to reach the popular destinations. That's certainly something we don't see in local stories.
  5. I know there is a Family Dollar right next door, but is there a chance this Kinsman Plaza new construction is for a Dollar General?
  6. Are the riverfront restaurants under construction?
  7. Interesting that finding a use for that lower level space is the issue. I could see an indoor pool being a huge selling point for the project and a good use of that low level space at Westinghouse. While digging into the contaminated soil would be a non-started on that, I could see raising the area for the pool 5-6 feet, thus having it built above the soil. I would imagine the ceilings in that area are more than high enough to do that and still have ample space above. Could put in some skylights, or even a retractable roof for the summer time (likely getting very expensive with that though). *Edit - Sorry, didn't notice this was the Clark-Metro thread when I posted this response. Can a mod move it to the Westinghouse thread, please?
  8. I love mid-century modern office buildings. The Tower at Erieview is one of my favorites in the city. My love is for the aesthetics and profiles of the towers though, not the way they interact with the streets. If this new historic district can help upgrade and fill these buildings, that's the first step in bringing in the new construction. New construction, like wrapping the One Cleveland Center garage, as long as it's done right, can give this area the vibrant streetscape we enjoy in other areas. Everyone wins with that. But yes, terribly ironic that we are fifty years later and can now talk about bringing back the pedestrian interaction that existed previously.
  9. ^ I like the idea of continuing (restoring?) E3rd down to Prospect/Huron. That would finish a good side north-south connection on the west side of downtown, and provide an easy alternative to vehicles being routed around Public Square to get to Ontario.
  10. Work looks to be going on with the dilapidated apartment building next to the DD site too. I've noticed some new windows installed in the west wall. It was in one of the news stories on DD that it was going to be fully rehabbed. That will be great - it is a gorgeous building.
  11. That's a really incredible photo. I had no idea that plant was that big. I'd definitely take what we have now over it. There are better ways to make batteries now than poisoning our people and city. I do wish that brick road was still going through the new Battery Park though. The brick streets and courts in Ohio City are one of my favorite aspects of that neighborhood.
  12. In addition to sounding out to the local officials about keeping SW downtown, maybe the higher ups at SW could use some reminders too. Remind them of all the companies who went the other way, out to the burbs (Eaton, American Greetings, etc) who now have trouble finding talent, and those stuck in the burbs for personal vendettas (cough - Progressive - cough) who have to open downtown outposts for the same reason. Are there any Fortune 500 companies around the country who have moved out of downtown recently? I've only heard of them coming in.
  13. Still a shame they are tearing down that house for this, but I really like that they will have the acoustic practice rooms. Those can be used in marketing not only the building, but the school and Cleveland as a whole to students who are serious about music.
  14. I like it provided both the tan and black are brick, and think its great that they plan to have some actual balconies. Looks like it will fit well with the three story apartments over retail across Detroit. The auto shop surrounded by surface parking will definitely be the off man out.
  15. I'd be more excited about this project if it was coming from anyone else. I mentioned in another thread that I've had Mr. Kandelker in our housing court for two of his properties with long lists of code violations (including many health and safety concerns). While the properties were fixed up satisfactorily in the end, it still took over a year of going through court before they were. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and say maybe its all down to bad local property management, and perhaps he has a better track record with new construction in other cities/countries. If this is a serious plan and moves forward, I can only hope so.
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