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  1. Where is the playground planned? Or are they still scouting the best location?
  2. I would imagine a great deal of that growth has been with all of the breweries opening up in the city. I feel that brewing is taking on the roll that manufacturing had (albeit on a smaller scale) in that they can provide decent jobs to folks without the need for extensive education.
  3. I like the new design much more than the original. While my biggest issue with the original was that it looked dated, this one has a contemporary look which I think will fit in much better with the other recent new construction in Tremont. I also think it will blend in much better with the view from the other side of the valley, instead of sticking out like a giant barcode on the hill.
  4. I'm expecting another lawn on that corner so I can't be disappointed. Hopefully they surprise me with a parking garage.
  5. So has the main building been cut down to only 6 stories? That's super disappointing if so.
  6. I think it would be really cool to have the laneway topped with a trellis completely covered in thick vines. That would separate it from the garage, create a cool intimate atmosphere with the greenery, and still leave it open to breezes. Would also catch any light rain drizzles too.
  7. I wonder what sort of order things are going to be built/demolished, keeping in mind how much money they make off of the parking there now. Will they build on the surface lot before tearing down the garage to build on that parcel? With the office tenants lined up though, the may need to demo the garage and start on that one first though. I just don't see Stark taking all of the parking there offline all at the same time.
  8. Spoke with the teams construction manager today. She confirmed that all financing is in place already, and the only things they need to work through are with the approvals. She also said this is all coming from private investors, and no opportunity zone funds, although they will be exploring that for future projects. I am completely forgetting where, but she also told me they recently purchased a vacant lot in the area where they have another new-build apartment project planned.
  9. I am very Familiar with the people behind that proposal. As far as I know, they have never undertaken new construction before, but they are very bullish on OC, and have diverted more or less all of their resources that way. In addition to what you list, they have a number of rehab projects along Lorain as well. While they may not have experience in new construction yet, they definitely have access to money and investors.
  10. That's about a million times better than what my expectations were
  11. That's a very nice project. Forgetting for a moment the bulldozing of Fleet Avenue (hopefully that comes to a stop), I'm really liking whats been happening in this neighborhood. In addition to this, there is another large, 88 unit, new-build apartment building NRP and University Settlement plan on Broadway. They just won funding for it today: https://www.cleveland.com/business/2019/05/eight-area-projects-awarded-ohio-housing-finance-agency-tax-credits-for-affordable-housing.html
  12. Ugh more suburban tract housing. At least half of it is going to be set aside as parkland I guess. The "commercial" area looks like they want a mini lifestyle center, but I'm sure it will turn out as another strip center.
  13. AKA: Not in the evenings, and not on the weekends. Please refer to my last post.
  14. When is that? Every time I've ever been on the Blue Line they announce Tower City as the final stop. If it's during rush hours, that's good for people who live in Shaker and work in the East Bank, but they certainly do not continue on in the evenings or on weekends for people who want to enjoy the amenities there. Those are the times it should definitely continue on, to get people out of their cars an alleviate the gridlock.
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