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  1. As someone who works at Kroger HQ: I would be SHOCKED if they built a new HQ anytime soon. The grocery business is perilously low-margin and management does not believe in spending a lot on stuff it considers superfluous. I can personally imagine a reskinning happening, but with the super competitive landscape out there for Kroger today, dropping that much cash on a new building feels really unlikely.
  2. In the article, Councilwoman Tamaya Dennard specifically says that it'll be good for the Art Institute to have student housing next door, so I suspect that dormitory style means individual rooms with bathrooms, but communal kitchens and living rooms.
  3. this makes sense, although Northside's rep as Cincy's scruffy loveable artsy/hippie/queer neighborhood was developed over several decades before rising housing prices put an end to that in the past few years. It was a slow, organic process that didn't come from tons of outside investment; it came from individual people buying houses and fixing them up themselves. (Crazy Ladies Bookstore coming into the neighborhood in '79 probably was hugely influential in this process and I still miss it.) it will be interesting to see what happens to CW. I don't know if its intact housing stock is as rich a resource as Northside's was/is.
  4. the former Monro is completely demolished now and they're treating the site... BUT FOR WHAT? I'm wondering if it's related to the 3CDC Court Street project. If they turn it just into parking for those buildings i'm gonna scream
  5. Excellent. Wasn't there supposed to be a companion building in the parking lot across the street?
  6. That's a bummer to hear about Myrtle's. The husband and I went to Branch on Friday to celebrate 12 years of dating. wonderful meal, and it's a really neat space. Thankfully the art deco ceiling tile borders were preserved! The restaurant was packed too and apparently their reservations are quite full for the next several weeks during prime dinner hours. hopefully it adds some more traffic to the area.
  7. Kroger employee here. This rumor sounds off. for public access, this would involve a visitor coming into the Kroger building, going up one flight of stairs or taking an elevator to a second floor, and then they'd have to travel through the half of the second floor that is part of the internal Kroger building garage for a long ways to get to the where the Skywalk would be built. It wouldn't really be more convenient for customers. As for the existence of a Kroger-only Skywalk: the internal garage is where the VIPs of the company park, everyone else parks at the Gateway garage or nearby parking lots. spots in the internal garage are highly coveted, since there's not that many of them. hard to imagine directors and VPs getting excited about giving up their plum parking spots for this. This would not be cheap and would be of limited utility.
  8. oh wow, that's so exciting about Branch. Shoshannah Anderson used to be the co-owner and chef at the great, long-missed Honey before the Littlefield owners recruited her to initially consult on a bar food menu at the Littlefield. She then started working for them full time. It's exciting that now she's the exec chef at a true full-size restaurant again.
  9. Yeah, as I've noted before, immigrant enclaves tend not to cluster in hot neighborhoods like OTR or Northside where the rent is rapidly rising!
  10. lots of drug stores in the CBD, but the closest one to the Findlay area are the Walgreens and CVS on Walnut and 6th. I agree that Findlay does need to be different - and it is - but one store in Findlay being focused on dry goods won't take away from that difference!
  11. Kimpton hotels are so great, some of my fav hotel stays have been at Kimpton hotels. It'll offer an experience similar to 21c, so this will be a really nice addition to downtown.
  12. it'd be a great thing to go into the former Epicurean Mercantile space. I felt bad that they went out of business, but man, their prices were WILD
  13. interesting! what Findlay probably needs the most is a dry goods store / drugstore. Produce, meat, and dairy are pretty well covered, but the selection of stuff like, oh, baking powder / sugar / canned goods / paper towels / tampons / toilet paper is weak and overpriced.
  14. oh, thanks! if memory serves, they were doing 18 floors, yeah? so tenth floor is past the hump!
  15. unfortunate for Findlay, but there's enough going on there that I don't think it's going to inhibit the market's continued growth. and it's exciting for Eli's!
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