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  1. I'm pretty sure that the childcare center is a Sweet Kiddles. It's a flexible childcare center and is a local company. https://www.sweetkiddles.com/
  2. The roof of the parking garage is very plain in the rendering. I think someone said it may be the exposed parking garage roof and that the residents would have to look at the cars below. I think that its blank like that for a reason. I believe that another building is going to go there. My guess is a luxury hotel. It says in the PDF above that there will a be a luxury hotel on site. I think it will be built on this spot above the parking deck. But, it will happen only if they sign a brand, and they will give them the opportunity to have input on its design. Just a guess but you never know.
  3. I agree with the time and infrastructure factors. But there has to be some spaces in Tower City, The Old Arcade and The Galleria that are close to move in ready.
  4. Instead of covering up the empty storefronts with signs, they should fill them. This is a great opportunity to bring in some "Pop-up" stores. It would be a good market test for some national retailers. And it would add some more life to the street.
  5. Nothing has been announced yet in the old Giant Eagle. They just went to the planning commission and said there's room for 5 stores and 3 restaurants. Some will face Applebee's and some will face Royalton Rd.
  6. The Paciugo also closed in SouthPark Mall so maybe there were some other issues.
  7. Here's something Heinen's just sent out to rewards card members. http://www.heinens.com/downtown/?mobile_redirect=false
  8. More good news for downtown! Compass Self Storage stakes out downtown Cleveland buildings for 700-unit warehouse facility A rendering shows the Compass Self Storage plan for converting three old office and warehouse buildings in downtown Cleveland into a 700-unit self-storage complex. Company representatives presented plans for the project to a city design-review committee on Thursday. The developer and architect still are working through some details with the city's planning staff, but the facility could open in mid- to late summer. http://www.cleveland.com/business/index.ssf/2013/12/compass_self_storage_stakes_ou.html#incart_river_default
  9. It was announced a couple weeks ago that House of Hoops was going to open in SouthPark Mall in Strongsville. No word on Tower City, but it seems like at this point they are only opening up one in each market the size of Cleveland.
  10. I actually thought it was called "w xyz" because aloft is a w branded hotel.
  11. I remember that, I was in The Avengers too! I was part of the gala!
  12. I seriously doubt that the Hard Rock will fix the sign. It probably will have to be moved anyway when Phase II starts on the casino. Personally, I'd like to see them mount that big guitar above the door. I think it would look really cool and you'd see it for quite a distance. If Dan wants it to look like a mini Times Square, then I'm sure he'd love to see all of that neon above the door.
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