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  1. I believe US and Delta are doing a slot swap at LGA & DCA. Delta is taking over LGA from US and vice versa. Hence, I believe Delta will reduce service from CVG-DCA and possibly increase CVG-LGA.
  2. I believe the plan is still have the northern OTR loop go on Henry St., not McMicken which all other maps show. Read my posts from last summer on reasons for that change. I believe Elder and Green are the streets that will be used to tie into the Uptown Spur. There is a good collection of engineers/project managers that have been working on this since Spring '09. Most of the work I was apart of will start this fall with utility relocations. Michael Moore, City Engineering, would be a good person to contact or Fred Craig at Parsons Brinckerhoff.
  3. "21. New-ish streetscaping along Central Parkway that should have taken out an additional lane of traffic to make the median green space even larger." Interesting you mentioned this, as I believe it is currently being looked into by the City transportation department. Came up during streetcar meetings and their plan to relocate the water main located under Central Parkway (in the subway) to streets to the south. I believe they are looking at taking Central Parkway down to 2-lanes each direction.
  4. Thus, killing any competition? CVG will be fine, I believe new carriers will be welcomed once the economy has recovered.
  5. 6.5 Hrs between Cincinnati and Cleveland! Wow, I support this project, but holy cow, this will not be a good alternative to driving. This needs move looking into, see if they can cut down on the travel time. Why would they not use the Transit Center for this? Plenty of parking would be available, streetcar above, right in downtown, and they would only have to put down a little track from the park along Pete Rose to the Transit Center. Seems like a station down at Montgomery Inn would be too far from everything. Plus all the issues with parking and it is doubtful the park system would give up land to a station, further reducing parking.
  6. The Lockland and Arlington Heights projects are stimulus money projects for the most part. I believe the bridge is that wide in order to maintain 3 (skinny) lanes of traffic with no shoulders. So 2 sets of 3 lanes = 4 travel lanes with 2 shoulders. No doubt this will play into the future widening of 75.
  7. In addition to traffic concerns on Findlay, there is a large 138kV buried transmission cable that runs from Charles sub. to Rochelle Sub along Findlay. This also may play a part in the future route up to UC. Luckily the line is under the side walk along Findlay and Vine. Again, the maintenance facility could play in nicely with the Henry St. route. Alot of work to do yet, lots of issues with Freedom Way, Walnut and Main bridges, grade from 3rd to 4th along Walnut and Main, car and track selection, utility relocations. But work is proceeding at a nice pace, regardless of the ballot issue.
  8. All: Look for a potential change in the streetcar route. Looks like the northern loop will use Henry St. instead of McMicken because: 1) Turn from Elm to McMicken is too sharp, would have to take the building on the corner down. The city is trying to avoid any right of way purchases. 2) Maintenance building locations better around Henry. Nothing is set in stone, however, I am very close with the design of the project presently because of employment. I will let you know as it progresses.
  9. ^Not sure that makes any sense? Hardly the contractors fault that this happened. Also, I heard some rumors from Sycamore Twp. that there are a couple options under cosideration, one includes tearing down the office portion and capping the project, the other is stop where it is at and just create a shell. Not sure what this would look like.
  10. More deconstruction will happen on Jefferson as the Rochelle Substation will be expanded. Rochelle St. is approved for vacation west of the power plant. I think around 4 buildings will be taken down.
  11. Does anyone find it odd that the first Keystone building has that green lighting on the HVAC enclosure on the roof? I know its a "Green" (puke) LEED certified building, but come on, it looks tacky.
  12. Well no answer in that response and $2.1m seems a bit high for new sidewalks to me. Am I missing something?
  13. I got to ride one of the new buses on Monday night, I believe it was route 18. "Very Nice!" The bus actually smelled awesome, can't say that often! Seats had more space between them and the back door is now automatic, so it was a little testy for those used to slamming against the old ones.
  14. The article above makes me laugh. All the government/environmental action toward larger, emission controlled power plants and people are installing coal furnaces in their homes. Ha ha, good luck capturing the particulates from those. We're going backward here because the environmentalist argument is backward. In the last 20 years, a minimal amount of coal, baseload plants were built. In fact, none have been built in Ohio, Kentucky or Indiana. Now, gas turbine plants were built in large number because gas was available and due the emerging markets for electricity, they made much more sense economically. Simply fire up a turbine with electricity was needed and then turn it off. So my question is, what is more logical, better control and acceptance of larger coal plants or uncontrolled small "stoves/cars" piping out pollution?
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