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  1. 1. Those two renders don't match up with each other right? Like the Cole Eye Expansion in the top photo isn't depicted in the plan with the New Neurological Institute on bottom. I'm just trying to make sure I'm understanding those pictures. 2. That Cole Expansion continues the Clinic's trend of uninspired architecture. It looks like they just copied and pasted the new Cancer Center building from across the lawn. It makes me wonder if that is more of a massing than an actual design for the building. That Cole render also doesn't seem to match what the Clinic released in the last picture from this press release: https://newsroom.clevelandclinic.org/2019/07/24/cleveland-clinic-to-build-new-neurological-institute-building-expand-cole-eye/
  2. I agree the city shouldn't be sitting on its hands. In my mind the best angle for growth is some focus on vendors selling prepared foods. Across the county there's a trend of developers building food halls where people can select a variety of high-end ready-to-eat food. (In some ways these are just fancy food courts.) These are just attempts to re-create what actually exists at the West SIde Market. Adding some space in the market for seating would be great. And I'm not saying all vendors have to convert to only making prepared food. This just seems like a way to build on the Market's strengths while doing what eaters want.
  3. My issue with this project is that it will make it essentially impossible to move the shoreway away from the shore. I know that's something of a pipedream but it would improve the access to the lake.
  4. @Geowizical did you make that today, since the livestream? I don't know Sketchup but that seems super quick. And helpful!
  5. This looks feasible, something they can actually start building soon. Looks like they aren't holding out for a big corporate tenant. Any info on whether funding is lined up?
  6. Dammit KJP, why do you have to make me sad all the time with these historic photos?
  7. It was reported in May that the Convention Center needed more space for meeting rooms and was looking at converting space in Public Auditorium: https://www.crainscleveland.com/government/convention-center-aims-ease-space-squeeze Seems to me that converting some or all of the "Global Center" from leased space into meeting rooms would be win-win. It could also be good to more closely integrate that building into the Convention Center as a prominent southern entrance to the Convention Center, closer to the heart of downtown than the north-facing entrance on Lakeside. The Med Mart/Global Center idea was probably worth a shot, especially since its development included a new Convention Center which seems to be working well. But it was an outside-the-box idea that doesn't seem to have taken off.
  8. I hope its successful, and its mostly or entirely private money, so I'm in no position to tell them what to do, but I have a couple points of skepticism. 1. It seems like more space than this operation would need. KJP's article notes that the empty retail space in Tower City will be 3 times bigger than Paris's Station F incubator. I don't see how they fill up all that space. 2. Recent changes that seem to have pushed out retail and eating options in Tower City make the incubator space less attractive. I would think that workers in the incubator would like to have those dining and retail options under the same roof. 3. I'm no tech expert, but isn't part of the value of blockchain that its distributed? And therefore you can have people using it and working on it spread throughout the world? So you don't need people centralized like you would if you were manufacturing something physical. It just seems like a technology that is especially non-conducive to agglomeration effects. That being said, I hope it works!
  9. Does anyone know about that CCC&IRR train station in that historic map? I'd never heard of that before.
  10. Do you have a year for that top pic of Carnegie and E22nd? Also, is there *anything* in that picture that is still standing?
  11. I don't see this as a "Rube Goldberg tax abatement tool", but a pretty standard Tax Increment Financing deal. Instead of getting a little tax revenue now, the city is getting more later, based on the increased value of this land.
  12. KJP, is this a graphic by you or from a governmental source? This path for Amtrak would require using a different ROW than the current tracks, correct?
  13. I'm glad this building is getting attention. I always thought it was a shame how many buildings around the cemetery got demolished for Indians parking.
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