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  1. That's pretty bizarre they don't have any pics of the inside.
  2. Are there any groups currently working towards expansion of the street car or advocating for light rail? I'm tired of waiting to see if it is going to happen (especially with all the Republicans in charge) and would like to volunteer or do something to help. It's been long enough of a break since the streetcar fight, are we ready to work for more?
  3. I'm guessing that's if you don't have any student loans, there is literally no way me and my wife could afford that and I consider us middle class.
  4. I'm a little confused about the drama associated with the news of this today. Isn't the law for eviction that you have to give 30 days notice and that's pretty much it? Don't know why fc Cincinnati doing it is any different than any other landlord, unless I'm missing something. Is it typical that landlords have to pay to relocate their tenants if they want to change the building to a different use or demolish?
  5. Lol or it can be both, just like it and Newport were to some degree in the distant past.
  6. That's exactly what I thought of when I saw that rendering!
  7. God, I forgot Dewine won. I would like to be surprised but can guess he well not help in improving Ohio transit at all.
  8. I remember there were some fans that walked from rheingeist down to stargel for saints games when they were there.
  9. Has there been any news on the Crosley? My wife works for a major area roofer and said they are bidding for repairs on it right now.
  10. My friend used to hang out at kaldi's and still misses it. I think you might be generalizing about vine in 2012. I feel like it was only taste of Belgium, Venice on vine, the indian/african nicnac store (cant remember the name) and senate then and literally nothing else...me and him used to take pictures of all of the abandoned storefronts and graffiti back then.
  11. If only it was part of their master plan to help fund a line using the subway tunnel with a stop right next to the stadium and then going through Clifton up to serve oakley/hyde park/mason/west chester since I remember reading most of the fans are from those areas...
  12. If so I hope the next is a brick and mortar empanadas aqui! I like that we're getting more late night/street food options in the city, but am curious if there is really much of a market for it here. I remember going to the nom nom night market a couple times a few years back and was disappointed it wasn't hopping. For events like blink or what used to be mpmf this stuff would have been perfect. I worry it won't last, but hey gomez is still going strong...
  13. I heard it's going to be a BJ's, not sure though.
  14. So I just realized I haven't heard anything about midpoint this year. The website hasn't been updated since last year. Has MEMI killed it off?
  15. Overall pretty good news. It's still moving forward and they took out over 100 parking spots.
  16. Cincinnati Bell should sue the city for purposely devaluing the streetcar, therefore devaluing the advertising and branding associated with it instead of pulling out. At this point I think that kind of thing will be the only kick in the ass that will fix things.
  17. I kinda wish they would have put it on the ballot and the city been behind it and put out an ultimatum to voters. Pass this levy or service will be cut outside of the city. That could have mobilized transit users in the rest of the county to get out and vote, and if not it could have given sorta and the city an out to reduce service. As it is we're stuck in the city footing the bill for the whole county, and I still believe that isn't right.
  18. Yea I've been thinking for a year or two that kenwood might densify more and more over the next decade or so now that most all of the free space is filled in and that tower is finished.
  19. Then they can rename the area around their HQ, KroBro. No, call it KroHo
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