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  1. That development would be awesome, but there's no way... Love their use of the dynamic typography though
  2. I really can't believe houses facing the duck Creek flood wall could sell for that much.
  3. The problem is, as stated this land will become a 1000 space garage. They didn't say it would include mixed uses which would increase density as well, just a garage. If they said it would be a garage wrapped by other uses, I'd be fine. If they said it was going to be a mixed use tower including 1000 spaces that'd be great. But to just build a garage for the stadium, that's bullsh*t. There are garages all over downtown with plenty of space for 25k people for a soccer game. There's no reason for this. Anyone who wants to argue against that is just ignoring the facts. If I go to a game there I will be completely fine to park wherever I can and walk or take the streetcar there just like everyone else should be willing to do.
  4. The quality looks nice but I was disappointed to see when I got the email how much of the seating is going to be club seating. It looked like around half to me if not more. This will drastically reduce affordability of games since they're also limiting the number of seats to 25k. We've had Bailey tickets since the beginning but will be moving to the old ga section due to ticket price increases. Worried to see what it will be in the new stadium.
  5. Oh well that's too bad. It was awesome to just jump on something, hold my phone up to something, boop and then you're off.
  6. I haven't ever ridden a bus here but can you do Google pay currently or is this upgrade going to do that? Went to Portland last month and loved that I could use Google pay for buses and streetcars.
  7. This idea makes me think of this place in Portland me and my wife went to a few weeks ago called cartopia. Should be pretty cool.
  8. That's pretty bizarre they don't have any pics of the inside.
  9. Are there any groups currently working towards expansion of the street car or advocating for light rail? I'm tired of waiting to see if it is going to happen (especially with all the Republicans in charge) and would like to volunteer or do something to help. It's been long enough of a break since the streetcar fight, are we ready to work for more?
  10. I'm guessing that's if you don't have any student loans, there is literally no way me and my wife could afford that and I consider us middle class.
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