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  1. I heard it's going to be a BJ's, not sure though.
  2. I like your use of hodl there lol.
  3. So I just realized I haven't heard anything about midpoint this year. The website hasn't been updated since last year. Has MEMI killed it off?
  4. Overall pretty good news. It's still moving forward and they took out over 100 parking spots.
  5. Cincinnati Bell should sue the city for purposely devaluing the streetcar, therefore devaluing the advertising and branding associated with it instead of pulling out. At this point I think that kind of thing will be the only kick in the ass that will fix things.
  6. I kinda wish they would have put it on the ballot and the city been behind it and put out an ultimatum to voters. Pass this levy or service will be cut outside of the city. That could have mobilized transit users in the rest of the county to get out and vote, and if not it could have given sorta and the city an out to reduce service. As it is we're stuck in the city footing the bill for the whole county, and I still believe that isn't right.
  7. climberguy714

    Cincinnati: Random Development and News

    Yea I've been thinking for a year or two that kenwood might densify more and more over the next decade or so now that most all of the free space is filled in and that tower is finished.
  8. That's how I felt about clay street 6 or 7 yrs ago.
  9. climberguy714

    Cincinnati: Random Development and News

    Then they can rename the area around their HQ, KroBro. No, call it KroHo
  10. Good, hope whoever buys it can increase the density.
  11. Mike Brown and the Bengals can suck it and leave. There is no reason a mediocre half ass sports team should have any say over development of any land whatsoever unless they personally own it!!! Elected officials even entertaining this is complete bullshit.
  12. 5 summers ago when the saints were playing at stargel, we were allitle uncomfortable because we weren't familiar with the area, but never had any issues and went to every home game there of the season.
  13. They are huge among people my age (20-30). You've probably heard Closer, it was in the top 5 from roughly November 2016 to March 2017. That's their most popular song, but I also really like Don't Let Me Down and Something Just Like This. It's basically pop EDM. The rest of their stuff is hit or miss for me. Their only album was a relative failure and they've released a number of songs this year, none of which made it in the top 40. Sick Boy is an ok song, though. It could be that people are tired of hearing them after how popular they were from 2015-2017. The real answer to that question is none, lol.
  14. climberguy714

    Ohio Medical Marijuana

    If this is true I sure hope the state government gets slapped with lawsuits since the law mandates a September start date. They have had 2 yrs to figure this out and have been moving at a snails pace. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.dispatch.com/news/20180528/ohio-in-danger-of-missing-sept-8-deadline-for-medical-marijuana%3Ftemplate%3Dampart&ved=0ahUKEwj3pr6NsbHbAhUqgK0KHcAJAxAQiJQBCCcwAA&usg=AOvVaw033DY9-n13pi5u-2hAtltb&ampcf=1