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  1. What!? We need to get that fixed. I'm also still waiting on a replacement sign for Alta Crest Lane.
  2. Currently living in Southeast OH. I can say it's also not a generational problem as just today I found a bunch of pull tab Rolling Rock cans in the woods that looked to be from the 70s, as well as a Coke bottle from Parkersburg, WV and a Dr. Pepper bottled in Elyria, OH with 10¢ marked in the glass. Also found a Moerlein bottle fragment in Cincy once, like a pre 80s original.
  3. That house is beautiful, I hope it can be saved. However last time I walked around it, it stunk of pee, and looked worse than it smelled.
  4. I'm confused about the church situation, with the emphasis on "restoring". So does that mean there will be a sculpture studio in a restored church sanctuary? That just doesn't make sense to me.
  5. I was offered a building for free on Linn back in 08. I was 19 and in college and the building was a total gut job if not more so I said no. Kinda wish I could take that back now.
  6. That hotel / park have been moving at a blistering pace. We should see the new headquarters just after the end of the first nuclear winter.
  7. Hopefully better signage codes will be in place to prevent someone slapping a huge neon SUBWAY sign on the front of a historic building like in the above Knoxville image.
  8. The Union Carbide building in NYC, also SOM is slated to be torn down and replaced. I wonder what New York preservationists have to say about that project? It's a stunning building, unlike TPH, which now unfortunately may continue to deteriorate.
  9. Since when was tear it down a suggestion anyone brought to the table? Great poll....
  10. I hope this works out. I hear the owner of the US Chili bldg. wants to sell the block to build an AutoZone. And sorry Johnny Johnson but I feel like losing the old CWC was a huge loss to the neighborhood.
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