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  1. Since when was tear it down a suggestion anyone brought to the table? Great poll....
  2. I hope this works out. I hear the owner of the US Chili bldg. wants to sell the block to build an AutoZone. And sorry Johnny Johnson but I feel like losing the old CWC was a huge loss to the neighborhood.
  3. Yes, that density is necessary, but will never happen if NIMBYs want to keep all the buildings at 3 stories. 5 even and we will never get there.
  4. Thanks for the condescending suggestion, but I've done my research here. I still disagree that this is anything significant beyond some of the elements of the interior, which are gone.
  5. It seems that people are under the false pretense that if the building was designed by SOM it's immediately worthy of architectural fetishism. Do people know SOM also designed the PNC building on 5th?
  6. The irony here is so insane. Whats the point of "preserving" this building if it's going to be turned into a parking garage? I feel like the original architects would be disappointed.
  7. Quebec City has the benefit of also being in French Canada, which gives it the European feel that attracts English Speaking tourists. It's architecture is a factor as well however. Newport benefits from having exceptional homes that are in themselves architectural and design marvels. Though we have beautiful homes and great architecture here, the grandiose nature of Newport is what makes it appealing to visitors.
  8. Ces't La Vie I say. The city's gonna have some smells.
  9. I feel like closing that tunnel is a bad idea, but perhaps there is evidence otherwise.
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