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    Name your top 5 cities...

    Top 5 US Cities 1. NYC 2. Pittsburgh 3 Cincinnati 4. Charleston SC 5. Albuquerque Top international 1. Rome 2. Sienna 3. Wuppertal 4. Cologne 5. Dusseldorf
  2. It looks primed for someone to ramp their car right into the square.
  3. I disagree. I think this has a very open and appealing feel, I bet it would be an attractive and busy area, I also assume at least part of the ground level would be some form of retail or restaurant. I don't understand the necessity for a street wall. The Kroger building does just that and it's supremely univiting, same with the base of the Terrace Plaza, which is so beloved on this forum.
  4. Not sure I would include the already affluent area where Edgecliff is as part of the area in reference. That part of the neighborhood hasn't really had many of the same issues as the business district on McMillan. Just my opinion there. But as far as the business district, it has definitely improved, just at a pace that is far slower than what I would like, and at this rate it will be another 10 years before it's a healthy and vibrant area, if not longer.
  5. MLS has higher attendance numbers than NBA and NHL so I don't know what you mean by not major league. https://www.statista.com/statistics/207458/per-game-attendance-of-major-us-sports-leagues/
  6. That place is the best!!! Did the business close??
  7. Tearing that church down would be a tragedy.
  8. I'm still a little salty that the OG Greater's building was torn down. In my home town a building caught fire and the facade was preserved with open windows and a courtyard inside. It does a lot to preserve the streetwall and add to the appeal of variable height without having to invest in a new structure. Too late now tho.
  9. You see I thought architects loved this stuff!
  10. I'll never understand the argument against height. I'm sure that many in the past would have loved to build up, but that was before elevators were invented so it was a bit prohibitive.
  11. Terrible project. I hope it doesn't come to fruition.
  12. That's a pretty ridiculous and unenforceable law. There are probably thousands of buildings in the city that already have boards, and good luck tracking down the owners for compliance. It's also just silly to think someone who is boarding up an old building is going to invest in something as expensive as polycarbonate when more often than not they use whats at hand. Doors, sheet metal, plastic, etc.
  13. I agree, I think the only justification would be if they had begun construction prior to VTICA.
  14. Is that Louisville in the picture?