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  1. It was considered in the music hall renovation proposal but was cut. The lot is privately owned. The owner could be convinced of something for the right price of course. But while Disney Hall needed a restaurant because it's fairly isolated from others, Music Hall is surrounded by them. They felt it was an unnecessary expense & unneeded.
  2. Water & sewer are definitely between the tracks. There are some Cincinnati bell manholes within inches of the track Slab, but all duke electric manholes seem to be at least several feet away. Haven't paid attention to duke gas fixtures.
  3. Ovation should be redone as dense mid-low residential with a few mid rise, wide floor plan office buildings between 4th & 5th. A smaller denser version of Denver's Stapleton. Is it as sexy as Ovation? No. But it brings in wealth & economic stability into NKY's core in a walkable way (Not a high rise that has no street presence a la Southshore). Plus, our region can only have so many high rise office buildings. Vacancy downtown is still high and rents are low. Covington is mostly empty.
  4. Very exciting! Also, in Newport news (pun intended), the school board is going to sell the elementary school at 4th & Monmouth, half a block from the levee, half a block from the new levee apartment project, and across the street from Towne properties Monmouth row project that has just finished. The project, hopefully conversion plus addition for residential could be another residential boost to downtown Newport. VERY exciting for Newport. Also, a New Mexican restaurant just opened at the levee and got good reviews. Next up, Newport needs to buy into Red Bike, ASAP with a station at the levee. Would be a great connection.
  5. I live at 12th & race & work downtown. Have been here for 4 years. I certainly haven't noticed a massive out of the ordinary increase this year. Taste was bad, but honestly, taste is bad every year. There are often small fights & robberies surrounding it. I never go. And, saying the media is whitewashing it is false. There were at least a dozen news reports on the taste violence. I overheard a suburbanite talking about how dangerous downtown was now and how "joe deters son isn't even safe". Doesn't sound like hiding the crime to me. The homicide yesterday was of someone with a sizable rap sheet. It's very tragic, and that it was so public is very troublesome, but it's also a fact that being involved in violent criminal activity dramatically reduces your life expectancy. Having lived here for a number of years it's a constant ebb & flow, but the macro direction is slowly less crime each year. If anything, I think downtown south of 7th & OTR have gotten so much better that the crime has moved to the one gap, 7th to CP as a space to hide. It's not that it's more crime, just all the previously scattered crime has moved to that area. Remember last summer when half a dozen people got jumped on main & sycamore around 2 am over two weeks? It was crazy & bad. Now that area is a bit safer.
  6. Cincinnati's CompStat crime statistics are in the following link. http://www.cincinnati-oh.gov/police/linkservid/6D6109F8-B712-4B5A-B8E43F449797638D/showMeta/0/ Homicides are up quite a bit, however if you've been following them you know it's been almost entirely a very small subset of people involved in these shootings. Nearly all are people with criminal backgrounds. And I think 90% have been African American. It's crazy and tragic, but it's gonna take a long time to break that cycle of urban black on black violence. Rape is up slightly but there are debates as to whether it's that women are feeling more empowered to report rapes than in the past, as compared with an actual increase in rape. Either way, that's the second low point on the overall city report. After those two, most other violent crime and property crime categories are down double digits compared to the 3 year average. That all with no recruit class since 2008 and quite a bit less officers than just 2-3 years ago. (City estimates 30-40 retire a year) In district 1 nearly every crime is down significantly compared to the 3 year average. Central business section has had a horrible 2014 compared to 2013 for property crimes, but is still below the 3 year average.
  7. I agree completely. But Cranley has made it clear he won't allow new bike lanes. Small minded
  8. Is that rendering the senior home being built at Mad Anthony & Knowlton or the additional apartment building being built at roughly 1518 Knowlton? EDIT: based on google street view it's clear that's the apartment building at 1518 knowlton. Looks the same as Gantry so I'm guessing the LLC who owns that land is actually just them.
  9. Which building is this exactly? Address? EDIT: never mind- 1733 Vine street. Bought by 3CDC in December of 2012
  10. This statement is inherently anti multi-family/pro-single family. Just because you can get a small house with a yard & porch for cheaper doesn't mean it's better. A ton of people don't want a yard they have to maintain. Or a porch they have to refinish, etc. Urban living is a choice because not everyone wants a single family house. Hell- we need more high quality multi families. If this person moves from Indian hill to Hyde Park and spends money in the city I'm thrilled. I don't care if they bought their 2000 square foot high end finishes condo for 700k or $1 million.
  11. Ya- I give frischs another try once every couple years and it's almost always disgusting.
  12. It's a massive one, with a 3 story garage (one level underground), a 4 story apartment building and then 2 story townhomes facin. Euclid (large building behind them). It's a smart design to allow for density but not impose upon Euclid, but it's success will come down to quality of materials.
  13. I generally agree with PAlexanders post. Also, both Laure & Seelbach had adds playing on radio attacking them on the Buzz, the Whiz, and a country radio station. Plus a mail piece that went city wide attacking them too. If you're not campaigning hard to fight against those things you're in trouble.
  14. Could someone mock up that intersection with the dunnhumby building (~160 feet tall), 4th & race building (~360 feet tall) a macys high rise estimated at ~200 feet tall (isn't that about the cap for that building?) and a high rise replacing Saks at about 300 feet tall (25 story plus larger lower floors). Sounds amazing!
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