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  1. Cincinnati public school spends more per child then most better performing schools yet ranks last.
  2. My guess is they figured lot owners would just raise prices to cover the tax.
  3. Other then the non-stop flights we no longer get, is the region better off without delta? Now we have a few low cost carriers and amazon building their hub here.
  4. Don't feed him, he never has anything positive to say about anything.
  5. Does anyone know what is going in at the only un-leased space at phase 1? it is the back corner across from yard house? the space appears to be built out but there is nothing inside. Almost looks like an event space.
  6. Could FF afford a stadium sponsor? How big is the bank?
  7. I wonder with US Bank coming off of the Arena they are going to sponsor the stadium instead....
  8. how much bigger does the convention area need to be to start competing for the larger events?
  9. They are investing quite a bit of money renovating 6 floors. Would seem like a waste if it was just temporary. I wonder if they are still planning to do there new headquarters.
  10. From reading the article and listening to the podcast, it sounds like retail will wrap the entire first floor in retail and office space will be put in the 2nd and 3rd floors. Then at some point down the road a residential tower could be built on top. It is clear they are not tearing down the structure and rebuilding.
  11. The Q? I thought it was called The Gund?
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