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  1. when did i ever say that? why do you take everything to such an extreme? The data isn't perfect and has flaws from state to state. that is all. In no way did i ever say people aren't dying from covid.
  2. the point still stands. if you have covid and die of a "clear alternate cause" you death is counted as a covid death.
  3. its also important to note, that if you die in a car accident but had covid or have covid, your death is counted as a covid death. Same if i died of cancer or a heart attack but had or have covid, it would be counted as a covid death.
  4. In Ohio how is a positive test counted? if someone who is tested and has anti-bodies indicating that had it in the past, does that count as a positive new case?
  5. why does someone build a spec home like this? Seems like a big risk.
  6. it will be interesting to see how this sells.
  7. updates on the new stadium? would love to see some pictures.
  8. Where is the hospitalization chart for today? That was very interesting info
  9. my guess is lack of testing.
  10. you need to be careful on what your wife takes, consult a dr before taking any medicine.
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