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  1. Place prints money. I heard after they opened the new location they had all the loans paid off for the new facility in 3 to 6 months.
  2. 3CDC plans on demoing the structure adding retail on the first floor, 2 to 3 floors of office and plan to sell the rights to build residential on top.
  3. i didn't know they were cooking off site now. Explains why the ribs were so dry.
  4. Is it me or have Montgomery Inn really fallen off the past few years?
  5. jmblec2

    The SimCity Thread

    Can you post a video of your city?
  6. Can't they just sell the power to grid? It can operate on its own.
  7. Those are good points. My concern is how does a new developer justify building another 150 to 300 apartments?
  8. I still don't understand why they bought some buildings but didn't buy others. I would think they would want to create the biggest rectangle they could.
  9. What does the rendering of Dan's new building look like?
  10. it will be interesting to see how this whole scooter thing plays out over the next year or 2.
  11. Another thing to consider is if a owner wants to move a team they have to pay the NFL like $200M cash to do so. Will the Browns come up with that that kind of money just to move the team?
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