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  1. Where is the hospitalization chart for today? That was very interesting info
  2. my guess is lack of testing.
  3. you need to be careful on what your wife takes, consult a dr before taking any medicine.
  4. Surpised a guy like you would bank with a company like that.
  5. The guy hates everyone and thinks anyone who is successful and somewhat young got a big inheritance from a famliy member.
  6. I think this was a mistake. Dorsey was the best GM we have had in evaluating talent the new browns have ever had. His biggest mistake was kitchens.
  7. Do the Haslems really have this much cash laying around? I'm not sure of their net worth, but they just spent $150m on the crew and are building a $200m stadium.
  8. The county and the city just played nice at the banks. Maybe this was part of the negotiation.
  9. My hope would be that because they are shutting down, they feel he county will close on the property and because the county is closing on property they are farther along in their planning then the public is aware. This whole thing seems to be moving very quickly compared to other projects. To shut down a hotel with 900 rooms the county must be pretty confident of their plans.
  10. What about 26? When is the building supposed to break ground?
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