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  1. There are glass buildings that are 20 years old and still look great. So no. Yes you are missing something. The owner refuses to put any money into rehabbing the building and bringing it up to today's standards.
  2. The owner has time and time again refused to make major renovations to the building. I would be surprised if the current owner would tare the building down and build a new hotel, at a huge cost. So the building would need to be sold. Is there a record of sale? Seems to good to be true.
  3. make the money... then do what you want after, aka open the restaurant after you have a steady stream of money coming in from the chips and can afford for the restaurant to fail. I spoke to a bar owner who owns several successful bars and he was telling me about a new concept. He said i have money now so i do do things that are fun to me and if it fails it doesn't matter.
  4. They will 100% change the branding. I see this as a good sign with the opportunity for new investment. May be the time when hotel/ large arena may be built? The Hard Rock in Cleveland has been killing the competition. I am sure all cincy area casinos were just put on notice.
  5. Rent the cheapest place you can close buy, get comfortable with the job and then reassess your situation in 10 months. the housing market my cool a bit from todays highs too, which would be good for you.
  6. no will not be a connector. they plan on making a 2 story lobby extending the current lobby.
  7. they have stated in the past, first the hotel gets finished, then the park, then they build a new garage and then they build the new tower.
  8. Not likely. As they are currently renovating each floor of their current building. Some information about this came out a few months ago. They are completely overhauling their lobby area.
  9. Place prints money. I heard after they opened the new location they had all the loans paid off for the new facility in 3 to 6 months.
  10. 3CDC plans on demoing the structure adding retail on the first floor, 2 to 3 floors of office and plan to sell the rights to build residential on top.
  11. i didn't know they were cooking off site now. Explains why the ribs were so dry.
  12. Is it me or have Montgomery Inn really fallen off the past few years?
  13. jmblec2

    The SimCity Thread

    Can you post a video of your city?
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